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  1. I can see that sports is not a huge subject on these forums but I would like to talk about football with people on this forum. This thread is for the Barclay's Premier League and for the current season which started in August 2018 and ends in May 2019. Up-to-date premier league table: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/table We are over half way through the season and as such we can kind of see where things may end up. I myself am a Tottenham Hotspur (or Spurs) fan. Liverpool and Manchester City are fighting it out at the top however I think the safest bet is Manchester City (or Man City). Here are the most recent results, I will update this after each weekend: Cardiff 1 - 5 Watford West Ham 3 - 1 Fulham Leicester 1 - 4 Crystal Palace Bournemouth 1 - 1 Wolves Newcastle 2 - 0 Huddersfield Burnley 2 - 1 Spurs Arsenal 2 - 0 Southampton Manchester United 0 - 0 Liverpool Couple of pointers this week. My beloved Spurs going 1-0 down to Burnley and then losing 2-1 and knocking our chances of winning the league was a pretty sour one. Manchester United and Liverpool drawing is good for everyone else near the top and bad for both of them involved. With Liverpool chasing the title and Manchester United chasing Champion's League football, they both could have done with the full 3 points. Personally I think Manchester City will win the league and I would genuinely like to see Ole Gunnar Solskjær take the team he has molded into the CL next season but who knows what may happen, he may not even get the job! Also there was the Carabao Cup final between Manchester City and Chelsea at Wembley on Sunday afternoon. It was a goalless draw with neither team managing to find the net. The Chelsea keeper, Kepa, refused to come off when instructed by his manager to swap for the other keeper, Caballero and this caused the manager, Sarri to go absolutely mental. I expect Sarri to get fired for the way he has badly managed the team and Kepa to be sold as soon as Chelsea's potential 2x transfer window ban gets appealed successfully or it runs out. What are your thoughts? Who do you support, regardless if you're an armchair fan (like me) or die hard season ticket holder, let's talk BPL! :)
  2. I think something that a lot of people aren't aware of is the obvious correlation between dairy products and cancer. In 2014, China reported 1 woman in 100,000 getting breast cancer whereas here in the UK (or US!) it was 1 in 12. China has no dairy industry and firmly believe that drinking milk and excessive consumption of dairy products seriously heightens your chances of getting cancer. After all we only drink milk from a cow because some smart alec decided it a) was edible and b) would make them money.
  3. The illuminati is a very well known name for a group of world leaders, music moguls, artists, politicians, business people and others who together rule the world... supposedly. Do you think they're real? Who do you think is a part of this infamous group? What do you think that their main objective is? Do you think they have made contact with aliens or that the people who have are a part of this secret organisation?
  4. iPanda

    Emiliano Sala - Was he murdered?

    Yea it does seem weird. With all the money flowing around and we already know most the governing body of Fifa are corrupt so....
  5. Is there a cure for cancer that has been developed but not released because it (the cure) makes so much money from all over the globe while killing off the population reducing the government payouts? I haven't looked into the exact figures but when was the last time a person of royalty or very high political level (president/prime minister) died of cancer? It wouldn't surprise me to know that someone in the royal family for example has been diagnosed with cancer (but I hope not) and then been administered a very private cure. The question is, if this is the case, how could they keep it secret for so long and from so many people. Surely anyone that learns of it will want to have access to it or they would tell the papers. What if they did that though, surely they just get bumped off?
  6. So the BBC have reported that a body can be seen in the now found wreckage of the plane. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47118340 My question is, was Emiliano Sala murdered? It does sound far fetched however, Nantes are already threatening legal action about the £15m that Cardiff city owe them for the player despite the circumstances in which he passed away. Emiliano also sent his team mates a message: 'I'm here on a plane that looks like it's about to fall apart... I am getting scared' Also the person who bought him from Nantes for Cardiff said he didn't have to pay for the flight as a gift for him scoring goals. Rolan claims Sala wrote: 'If they do not find me, you would already know what had happened' Also - Sala sent a second message to team mates: ‘How are you guys, all good? If you do not have any more news from in an hour and a half, I don’t know if they need to send someone to find me... I am getting scared!’ Just seems a bit fishy? Anyone else agree/disagree?
  7. iPanda

    FA Cup draw tonight!

    I quite enjoyed non-league Barnet sticking it to Brentford. I really hope Barnet beat them in the replay!
  8. The whole education system needs a huge overhaul. Everything else, literally everything else has changed in the last 100 years. Medicine, first aid, technology, laws, health and safety, food, exercise, the English language has even changed but we are still dissecting animals in Biology class and learning the Periodic table. These things should be specialist subjects that you choose to take at 6th form level or maybe in year 9 you choose to take them if you want to learn the sciences. It's just such a mess.
  9. iPanda

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    The thing that annoys me most is that there is so much evidence to prove that this was an inside job and yet most people choose to believe the official story. You're right though Gareth, the people involved will be long dead and the population won't turn over the changes that have been made since the events of that day. It's a huge clusterfk.
  10. September 11th 2001 was a tragic day that will forever go down in history as one of the worst atrocities of human terror. What won't go down in history is that this terror wasn't caused by terrorists but rather by US extremists called......CIA? Rothschild family? US Military? Bush? Discuss.
  11. iPanda

    FA Cup draw tonight!

    Chelsea vs Man United kind of looked dodgy yet Man City get another easy pass. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Man City had paid off people.
  12. iPanda

    Welcome to the new forum

    Hey everyone! Just saw David's tweet about the forum so popped on by to help setup/say hello :)