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  1. GarethIcke

    New Forum Desires.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. Have sent the thread to the web guy so he can implement as much as possible.
  2. GarethIcke

    New Forum Desires.

    The new forum is very nearly complete. The new davidicke.com will go live today and so all focus then moves to getting the new forum live. New webmaster has asked me if there are any functions that are important to you guys. If you have anything you really want the new forum to be able to do, drop it in here and I'll pass it on. He reckons it can all be implemented and live by the end of the week, so hopefully that will be a nice bit of news for everyone, after what has been a complete ball ache few weeks.
  3. GarethIcke


    I have just seen this. The one or two line updates are such, because I thought I had encompassed everything in there. The old forum is based on a server that we're trying to gain access to. It's complicated but once we get everything back, that forum will go live again. It wasn't taken down by ourselves, and it wasn't taken down by a hack. It was just a server issue that hopefully will be resolved soon. We have a new webmaster that is learning our system on the job basically. We had a former webmaster that in the name of security (we were and are being attacked constantly) built a system that was kind of crazy, but difficult to break. The new webmaster described it as being like a car that when you open the door, the engine turns on. In other words, it's a bit of a head scratcher. That's why there have been issues on davidicke.com home page etc. Every fix lead to another issue. The new website, new forum and new shop will be launched on June 1st. That was always the plan but we would have liked more testing. The switchover has taken a bit of a battering time wise because of these attacks. The ddos attacks on ickonic, and davidicke.com have amounted to 10s of 1000s of pounds of costs on their part. The 'bored hacker in his bedroom' image that was put forward, was clearly nonsense. Unless said hacker was willing to spend 10s of 1000s of pounds for a $300 reward. As I said before, we are a small team and davidicke.com takes priority. But the new forum will go up soon, everything will be migrated across and the set up will be infinitely better than the current one.
  4. GarethIcke


    I updated with a post yesterday. We have a web developer building a brand new forum and social that is infinitely better than this, with tonnes more options. It was something we were planning to do anyway, it's just this attack has underlined the need to do it. As for the deleted data from the forum, our webmaster is working on retrieving all of that. But davidicke.com and iconic.com have both been under a sustained attack, and as you can see from the homepage of davidicke.com, we're still not running at 100%. We're a small team and we are spread across multiple jobs, so everyone is flat out.
  5. GarethIcke

    Where is the Moderator Muir?

    He is taking a break. Is absolutely fine and asked to pass on his best wishes.
  6. GarethIcke


    Hi everyone. It looks like we're currently back to relatively normal at the moment. Davidicke.com was under a sustained attack for over 72 hours and Ickonic was under a sustained attack for about 48 hours. They seem ok now. We're currently building a brand new social forum that will be better integrated, have more options, including zoom conference capabilities, chat rooms etc. Plus far better security. Hopefully won't be long at all.
  7. GarethIcke

    Forum Attacked

    We are fighting off attacks on davidicke.com, and it appears that they've moved their attention to taking down Ickonic.com with ddos attacks there. We'll weather the storm and then look at returning the forum to normal, or as close to normal as possible asap. At the moment new sign ups are disabled, and will stay that way until we're confident we're through this.
  8. GarethIcke


    I have sent an email to check in.
  9. GarethIcke


    I would recommend changing passwords. As far as we can see, they gained access to the admin panel, which doesn't store passwords. IPs and email addresses only. There are no bank details stored on this server, or any of our servers.
  10. GarethIcke

    Forum Attacked

    Don't worry. Found it. We're still under at sustained attack at davidicke.com. Have been for a long while now. We're trying our best to get everything running as well as we can.
  11. GarethIcke

    Forum Attacked

    What is the twitter account?
  12. GarethIcke

    How can I delete my account from this group?

    I can remove the account.
  13. GarethIcke

    Forum Attacked

    Talking now, mate.
  14. GarethIcke

    Forum Attacked

    The webmaster is going to take a couple of days to have a look at exactly what went on and how salvageable everything is. Until then, we'll just run as it is, and hopefully be back running asap. Cheers.