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  1. andromeda strain

    Go 3 days with no media

    Years ago I was a helper at my son's boy scout camp. It was a very remote camp way up in the mountains. No TV, no radio... basically no media. It did me good getting away from the madness of the city. Anyway, when I got home I really needed a shower after 3 days. Out of habit, right before the shower, I turned the TV on. So I'm in the shower with the window open and i hear all these sirens and panic... holy crap, just got back to the city and all hell has broke loose. Then I suddenly realize it was just the TV show. This had a profound effect on me (epiphany) and I will never forget that experience. It changed me ( for the better) So, try it... go 3 days with no media. No TV, radio, newspaper,magazines... nothing (it's hard to do, just try to tune it all out) See how you feel after. Might be surprised!
  2. andromeda strain

    Anyone here suffering from psychosis?

    I just noticed the date of the original post... oh well, maybe OP will come back? Felt good to rant anyway.
  3. andromeda strain

    Anyone here suffering from psychosis?

    First off let me explain something: There is psychosis and there is neurosis... and you can be a neurotic psychotic, or a psychotic neurotic... not the same thing. When I was in high school we had a really good psychology class (they taught us way too much... made us dangerous... soon replaced it with economics class) Basically, neurosis means you have nervous disorders, and psychosis means you have lost touch with reality. I suppose by some modern definitions I am a neurotic psychotic (self proclaimed... never been head shrunk) That means I am mostly a psychotic that also has neurotic issues (have I lost everyone?) I'm not joking or making light of this topic... being quite serious. I am older (let's just say I was alive when JFK got shot) and the world has changed, but I haven't changed as much, so what was normal back in the day is now crazy, and what was crazy is now considered normal. Many of my ideas are "way out there" and I have had moments I'm very sure I could kill someone... just crack and don't care. This messed up ass-backwards world is also making me neurotic. Anyway, I seem to deal with all this rather well... I am a survivor (mentally) I'm right and the whole world is wrong... that's what keeps me strong. OP, not sure I (and others) correctly understood your post. Please explain. Personally, I could really use some weed right now (for my blood pressure and my nerves)
  4. andromeda strain

    Rockets cannot propel in space.

    15 pages of crap discussion. At least a few people here are intelligent and interesting... almost gave up hope (miss the old forums so much) Please don't get into the moon landing thing. It's an entirely different topic and can be discussed on a different thread (yes, I opinions on that, but not going off topic like others)
  5. andromeda strain

    Flu Jab/vaccination

    I've never had the flu shot and don't intend to have one in the future. Yes, I got the flu once this last season... fairly normal thing to happen and I got over it. Others I know also got the same flu and have had the flu shot. The shot only targets specific strains and even then virus can mutate so who know if they help at all. The "bug" that I hate getting is NORO virus (most people call it the "stomach flu") Nasty stuff... sick as falk but usually goes away after a few days. The flu shot does not help you avoid it.
  6. I don't have a spa (hot tub) but someone very close to me does and I'm concerned. There are germs (bacteria) in the spa water that can cause skin issues, so you add chlorine or bromine to kill the germs, but then those compounds are also bad for you. Which is worse? Is the "cure" worse than the disease? This person doesn't use the spa that much, so it sits closed with all that bromine sealed up, and when I open it, it smells so strong and is actually eating away at the inner layer of the spa cover. They don't so much "overdose" the bromine tabs, Just wish they would open it up a few times a day, run the pump and "air it out", but they won't listen (so paranoid about the germs) I finally got them to drain the spa and put fresh water... that helped so much, but now the bromide is building up again. I won't go in the damned thing... even the fumes mess with my respiratory system. By the way, this person has mild skin cancer, but my research doesn't specifically show bromine to be the cause.
  7. andromeda strain

    Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate

    I have several grandchildren... some who live a "dual" life (parents divorced, spend some days with one, some with the other) I am against all this vaccination mania, but have no say or power to help my grandchildren. There is nothing I can do, and my son is also helpless because his ex-wife works at a hospital and no way she will understand our doubts (or even listen) Nothing like seeing your grandchild sick, then finding out they had some shots and may be having a bad reaction and really not allowed to comment. There's also the mercury thing... flouride in the water, chems in the air, all the crap additives in food. I better stop or I might cry (yes, I have a softer side) I guess I'm just and old fool... lucky kids are strong and will survive all this (most of them) Life goes on, and grandpa has to "sit down and shot up" The parents (most of them) know it's wrong, but here in California it's the law if you want them in public school (I'm all for homeschooling, but who has the time and means to do this... we are all working like slaves just to survive) Rant over.
  8. andromeda strain

    Hernia surgery... mesh?

    I have had a hernia in my groin for two years... finally going to doctor and hopefully get surgery to repair it. The reason I waited is because I saw commercials on TV (and heard from others in medical profession) that there were issues with the " mesh " device used. Any experience or opinions on doing this? I have been very careful to not strain the hernia, and also massage it to prevent "strangulation" of the intestine. Doing OK because I'm not working right now (on county medical assistance) but my last job I had to go home a few hours early because of strain on the hernia. Any other options besides the mesh?
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  10. andromeda strain

    WAR - what is it good for?

    Itsjaybigjay, you beat me to it... here's another one (hint... "I just had to let it go") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVXR2LYeFBI Truth is, it's not a perfect world, and there will be conflicts, issues, disagreements, but this has nothing to do with the "war mongers" agenda. Money, power, control (including controlling our minds keeping us down mentally and spiritually) I hope it all comes back on them and bites them in the ass!
  11. andromeda strain

    Rockets cannot propel in space.

    Dude, get a grip... "satellites don't exist"... bla bla bla... WTF? I thought the topic was rockets in space. Waste of my time, but this is general chat so who cares?
  12. andromeda strain

    Rockets cannot propel in space.

    OMG what the hell happened... I was active on the old DI forums, and come to this new forum and this is the crap I see (read) What a joke! OP, please read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrust It is an interesting topic, and got me thinking (for a moment) but I knew Newton's third law of physics so looked it up to be sure. It's not that I trust NASA (I don't) but what a crock of shit! Do your homework.
  13. andromeda strain

    Unpacking the false narratives

    I was very sad when the old DI forums ended, so I checked this new one out. Kind of disappointed at first, but now I'm back and quite happy to read your post. I will be around here more often.
  14. andromeda strain

    Denver Will Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

    Here in California weed is legal now... maybe someday shrooms will be too. By the way, psylocibin (the compound in psilocybe mushrooms) is harmless to the human body (physically) but some people can't handle it mentally. The other "magic mushroom" amanita muscaria (red with white spots) is way different and realated to deadly poisonous shrooms. Never tried them myself.
  15. andromeda strain

    Facebook needs my social security and birth certificate

    I never liked the "faceless crook". Have a fake account just to read. Never once offered any info or even participate at all. Just the other day I was reading reviews on a site called "offerup" (like craigslist... buy and sell stuff) someone said the site wanted the same info. I don't have a mobile phone anyway (you need one and the app to sell stuff) My mom offered to do it on her phone and I talked her out of it.