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  1. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    Agreed .... I have been told today that the new forum WILL go live a week tomorrow .... so that is the 10th. The developers state that the delay is due to them trying to move all the old material across from the old website. Agreed .... I miss all of their interaction .... really enjoyed and learnt from so many who have stopped posting :( I hope that they all return. Once the new forum is live then the threads can be moved by admin or mods to the correct sub-sections. If I am in that position to do so .... I promise that I will go through all threads and move them to the correct location.
  2. ink

    Trump vs Biden

    sounds like politics to me!
  3. ink

    A Place for Sharing Books etc

    Here are 25 pdf's (or links to them anyway) which are all about vaccinations and the effects of .... which I 'fell' upon! This would be the first link and from there you can view each book. https://archive.org/details/history-of-vaccination Each E-book has the same prologue (page 1-89), so you can skip these pages after reading the first book. I did download from this link which is a zipped file of all the books (now I found no virus in the download but I run a linux system .... your choice) ** you have to leave the youtubby link! Edit .... link changed with thanks to the post by @metak88 below .... luv ya man :) https://archive.org/details/history-of-vaccination This is a list of all the 25 books and links which all look to be on archive.org .... 1) The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccination https://tinyurl.com/yyfpolt6 Eleanor McBean, PhD, ND 1957 2) A Century of Vaccination and What It Teaches https://tinyurl.com/y3lfrew9 William Scott Tebb, MA, MD, DPH 1898 3) Vaccination: Proved Useless and Dangerous From 45 Years of Registration Statistics https://tinyurl.com/y2dyswve Alfred R. Wallace, LLD DUBL., DCL OXON., FRS, etc. 1885 4) Vaccination: Its Fallacies and Evils https://tinyurl.com/yywlpu39 Robert A. Gunn, MD 1882 5) Compulsory Vaccination: The Crime Against the School Child https://tinyurl.com/yy8xawpd Chas. M. (Charles Michael) Higgins 1915 6) The Truth about Vaccination and Immunization https://tinyurl.com/y36r5wpn Lily Loat, secretary of the National Anti-Vaccination League of London 1951 7) Leicester: Sanitation versus Vaccination Its Vital Statistics Compared with Those of Other Towns, the Army, Navy, Japan, and England and Wales https://tinyurl.com/y2gyxpjq By J.T. Biggs, J.P. 1912 8) The Vaccination Question https://tinyurl.com/y22sx3pt Arthur Wollaston Hutton, MA 1895 9) Vaccination a Delusion: Its Penal Enforcement a Crime https://tinyurl.com/y6975ga4 Alfred Russel Wallace, LLD DUBL., DCL OXON., FRS, etc. 1898 10) Vaccination a Curse and Menace to Personal Liberty With Statistics Showing Its Dangers and Criminality https://tinyurl.com/y2t28mrv James Martin Peebles, MD, MA, PhD Tenth Edition, 1913 11) Dr. C.G.G. Nittinger’s Evils of Vaccination https://tinyurl.com/y39y6ukk C. Charles Schieferdecker, MD 1856 12) The Vaccination Question in the Light of Modern Experience An Appeal for Reconsideration https://tinyurl.com/y2ujlrwm C. Killick Millard, M.D., D.Sc. 1914 13) Jenner and Vaccination: A Strange Chapter of Medical History https://tinyurl.com/y2kyxhgy Charles Creighton, MD 1889 14) The Horrors of Vaccination: Exposed and Illustrated https://tinyurl.com/yywynxma Charles M. Higgins 1919 15) Vaccination: The Story of a Great Delusion https://tinyurl.com/y5uopres William White 1885 16) Vital Statistics in the United States, 1940-1960 ***I found no Link for this book, sorry*** Robert D. Grove, Alice M. Hetzel US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare 1968 17) The Mandatory Vaccination Plan https://tinyurl.com/y3qruw9q National Immunization Policy Council 1977 18) The Fraud of Vaccination https://tinyurl.com/y6r4o9g3 Walter Hadwen, JP., MD, LRCP., MRCS, LSA From "Truth," January 3, 1923 19) Vaccination a Curse https://tinyurl.com/yyubztck C.W. Amerige, MD 1895 20) Vaccination a Medical Fallacy https://tinyurl.com/y2cy3hf7 Alexander Wilder, MD 1879 21) The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur https://tinyurl.com/y3wdderj Originally Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter R.B. Pearson 1942 22) The Vaccination Problem https://tinyurl.com/y42tbk6h Joseph Swan 1936 23) The Fallacy of Vaccination https://tinyurl.com/y68bfqcb John Pitcairn, President of the Anti-Vaccination League of America 1911 24) The Case Against Vaccination https://tinyurl.com/yyfmue6y Walter Hadwen, JP, MD, LRCP, MRCS, LSA 1896 25) A Catalogue of Anti-Vaccination Literature The London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination https://tinyurl.com/y45bfndz 114 Victoria Street, Westminster 1882, 2018 As said they all have the same 89 page prologue .... But that prologue is interesting.
  4. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    In the 'rules' it still states that .... but a forum is actually the creation of those who research and post. Without them .... there is only empty software! So the consideration is that moderation is not just to protect the forum (from laws) but to allow discussion (without personal abuse) and that the membership should know what is happening. Well that is my view anyway.
  5. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    If the 'music' thread can be a 'sticky' .... then one to share books (information) should definitely be.
  6. ink

    A Place for Sharing Books etc

    ** note: below by @Nobby Noboddy I propose a place for sharing books etc., that would be suitable for the more tender members of our families, friends, neighbours etc. I have found with David's books along with things like Behold a Pale Horse that they're just too spicey for most people who've never been chasing rabbits. The links given are just the first place I found them, nothing else. One book however is only available from my website until I get it up to Archive.org. My first offerings are first: Bechamp or Pasteur http://www.mnwelldir.org/docs/history/biographies/Bechamp-or-Pasteur.pdf This exposes Pasteur for the fraud he was. It also explains the real science going on at the time. Germ theory is piss easy to understand the truth more complicated. The book also gives you enough basic information to break your own conditioning re viruses, germs and vaccination. Second: The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life https://www.5gexposed.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/English-Summary-of-The-Invisible-Rainbow-A-History-of-Electricity-and-Life-3.pdf This summarises a french book analysing a correlation between pandemics and increasing electrification and emfs. Third: Vaccination A curse https://archive.org/details/vaccinationcurse00peeb A rather shocking history of vaccination in the late 18 early 1900's IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS TODAY!!! Finally: A Seed That Fell on Good Ground http://www.bristolgroup.org.uk/app/download/10644315/A+SEED+THAT+FELL+ON+GOOD+GROUND.pdf A privately published book, freely available. I managed to get three printed copies and the PDF, hence it is on my website. It is a well written complete primer for the New World Order and it is the only book I have got newbies to read. It came to me in odd circumstances which I wont go into. I have already emailed it to dozens of newbs, many who don't know me personally and so far one has thanked me already!
  7. ** note: Started for Nobby Noboddy next post >>>>
  8. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    That's not what I saw and read! Lets take Bamboozooka .... They considered the Q thing as correct and that is up to them, it is a fair subject for this forum. Many times you would ‘like’ posts which slagged off Q (and Bamboozooka) but then you would delete Bamboozooka's posts and sanction them for posting replies to the posts you had just liked! Remember we spoke about your actions against Bamboozooka and how you were being very one sided. And what did you do the day after I stepped down from being a mod? You banned them for good. Lets take the last member who you put on 30 days moderation of content (28th June) .... alexa (who seems to believe in flat earth which you do not) You sanctioned them for taking a thread off topic when they didn't start the off topic discussion. The member who did start it, with a 'dig' against alexa about flat earth, you left alone. That's personal bias moderating mate and that is the reason for bflat and voice being banned. Talking of bflat …. I found it very telling when you replied to a post made by bflat, in part, with …. “you should know that TG ” Not everyone is truegroup but once you think that …. a ban happens quite quickly. You also have taken to putting members on moderation of content and within hours (or even within minutes) issuing another warning which bans them! That just makes no sense. Take MrA …. you content moderated at 07:15 and banned at 07:17 Have you been Pm’ing the members before warnings to discuss the problems as they relate to the forum rules and guidelines? Do I need to go through all of the 36 warnings you have given to members since the hack and you became the only mod!
  9. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    I will 'clean up' any problems .... and they have been told that from me. There are very good reasons why I am not happy currently .... but I believe in the work done by David and consider that it needs to be shown to as many as possible .... but I also believe in the research and time given by the members on this (and other) forums .... I learn from that time given and thank them for it. It needs to be 'kept safe'!
  10. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    Please kj .... it is not necessary .... mod this forum is not easy and Screaming has done it , on their own, for sometime. Right now we are all going through a great deal of shit and it is all stressful. We can all move on .... please.
  11. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    No .... You are wanted as a moderator. But you have changed and and now you ban very quickly without warnings. Not everyone is an old banned member. Stressful times. We need to move forwards and not live with harm of the past. Learn from it but not be consumed by it. I have revoked some of the bans. I do this not to confront you .... I do it as I consider that you wouldn't normally have done these actions. These are difficult times my friend .... we all upon this forum need to work together .... not diminish each other. We need 'light' not more 'darkness' .... mate
  12. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    I did look at the account .... trolling it may be .... BUT we can't know this and the 4 short posts create no harm. Actually they made interaction and thus created more good than bad. For those with limited funds .... secondhand books are good news. If you know that mate .... then 'prove' it .... else it is just your guess!
  13. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    Mods can't do it .... only admin can.
  14. ink

    New Forum Desires.

    Do you wish to be 'removed' mate? Why are you banning so many without any warnings? Or warning them and then 2 minutes later banning them? You were never like this mate .... what the fuck has happened?