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  1. ink

    is anyone watching david ickes other site

    This says that you are adding to that forum. I direct you to your previous statement. Ok .... not sure what you are saying here? The old forum has been off line for a while .... In your OP you state that you are the .... thus I ask you how? Now I ask you again .... How are you even viewing the old forum considering it is not online? Mod Note: Your answer will create an effect.
  2. ink

    Should I buy gym membership now?

    Yes .... Most definitely yes .... Highly important to buy gym membership now .... Good idea Glad to see that you have all your issues in a moral order :)
  3. ink

    is anyone watching david ickes other site

    @wolfpavek1 .... Can you access the old forum? Or even .... Can you view the old forum?
  4. ink

    April 2020 Asteriod

    Maybe I can help :) Neat To See, But Is Starlink Clogging The Night Sky? Whenever the night skies are clear across the Tri-State, the phone at the Cincinnati Observatory begins ringing nonstop with questions about weird lights in the night sky. "It's incredible, you're outside watching the sky and you can see these slow-moving lights go one after the other after the other, and it's just kind of eerie," says astronomer Dean Regas. "You think something is going on here, some invasion is happening, but it's really these communication satellites called Starlink." Starlink is a project by billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX program. The goal is to use hundreds of satellites to bring high speed internet to all parts of the globe. "Each satellite weighs approximately 260kg and features a compact, flat-panel design that minimizes volume," the company writes on its website. Regas says the satellites are sent up in batches and there are hundreds circling the Earth. "You see them about an hour to 90 minutes after dark because it's still daytime up there so the light is still bouncing off the satellite bodies but you're in the dark so you get to see them," Regas explains. "They look like slow moving lights that go from horizon to horizon." They move in lines or trains separated by about minute a piece. While they'll spread out over time, eventually there will be hundreds of these trains in the sky, he says. There are space tracking sites that help you predict when objects in space may be visible where you are. (Regas likes Heavens-Above.com.) "There is some problem with this," Regas says. "Sending thousands and thousands of satellites up in space makes the potential for things to run into other things and create debris up in space." Scientists, NASA and others also have to keep track of a lot more things when sending rockets and people into space. They also get in the way of astronomers trying to study and monitor the stars, planets and more. "We're trying to get pictures of stars and things that are happening and if a satellite goes through just when you want to get that picture, man that gets you frustrated," Regas says. "There's a lot of drawbacks but we're going to see how this plays out." Regas likens space to the Wild West, with lots of people launching things into space. Satellites also go wherever they want to go, he points out. There aren't any rules and regulations about flying over certain places. "Not everybody is very happy with SpaceX for this. The pluses are it might link us all together; the minuses are we lose a lot of the night sky and the astronomers are a little ticked off right now."
  5. ink

    is anyone watching david ickes other site

    And I ask because IF you can currently access the old (now read only ) forum .... which has been off line since the start of March .... I want to know? Really mate .... IF you can, you need to PM me. If you can't do as you are saying .... Then you need to PM me because right now I can only consider that you are 'shilling'? So I can see that you are on the forum and I suggest you speak with me!
  6. ink

    is anyone watching david ickes other site

    What site mate?
  7. ink

    Chat Room

    Er .... you know what 'snatch' means in the UK?
  8. ink

    coronavirus mega thread

    No mate .... that thread is for information which shows another consideration ..... one which is not limited to a single perception. If you consider that it should be there .... then post it there. I cannot watch every video ..... I can read most posts .... but watching, no. If you put it there then I shall watch it to ascertain if it should be there! But .... the idea is not that it is my considerations within that thread .... thankfully I have other members who tell me if it is correct for the thread or not! So up to you mate .... :) As said .... Text I can read rather quick but to watch .... not so much. And on another note .... WTF All this shit going on and IF I go back within this thread .... then I have to moderate sodding loads of it !!!! We are better than this .... This forum has always had shills and trolls ..... You call them out, cool ..... but they come back ..... instead .... Laugh at them :)
  9. ink

    Links To The Free World

    yes well .... ermm .... well shit, you make my life difficult .... er? ? Mod Note: Thread is locked while discussion and review is taken.
  10. ink

    Segregation of class in the UK

    Had that myself a few times ... Walked to the local shop and there is a line of people outside (some with masks etc) all standing meters apart blocking the whole pavement .... Well I had to walk through them to get where I was going .... and they didn't like that all the sounds behind me .... tuts and scorn, were funny :) Then on my way back I needed something from that shop .... Now I know the shop and it has no rules to the amount of people .... So I asked the queue outside .... Why are you stood here? And was told that only one person could be in the shop at any time! So I said .... You are wrong and walk past them all and into the small corner shop. Dismay ..... I am utterly rejected by all around me .... and I .... smile :) People are asking the poor bloke behind the counter to not serve me .... He said .... "Well he is right .... No one said you had to stand outside in the rain .... There is no limit on entry here!" lol
  11. Mod Note: The OP determined this thread as an information share only thus it is asked that only information is posted .... all discussion can be within the main mega thread. Some posts have been moved there. Thank you.
  12. ink

    Where is everyone from

    Adding to this .... If you use windows operating system, you are known .... If you use a Linux distribution but do not know how to configure it, you are known. If you use a mac .... you are known. Just on the images .... ever heard of transparent tracking pixels?
  13. ink

    Where is everyone from

    Unless you disable javascript and block ALL images .... on ALL internet activity .... you are known VPN or not!
  14. Mitochondrial Eve posted .... UK Column have been posting some excellent videos on their Youtube Channel on the coronavirus. They have been monitoring the weekly 'z scores' via www.euromomo.eu within participating European countries. Z scores show the level of excess mortality rates compared to average. Here is a map of the z-scores across Europe for week 12 of 2020 (week ending 22/03/20): Compare this with week 1 of 2018: Or week 2 of 2017: These are just a few comparisons. Here is the direct link to the graphs: http://www.euromomo.eu/slices/map_2017_2020.html Despite being in the grips of a raging and deadly pandemic with death rates "soaring", there have been below average death rates across most of Europe since the start of 2020. Only Italy have been experiencing higher than average death rates. This is hardly an exceptional year in terms of numbers of deaths, even for Italy.