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  1. Artificial Intuition The semanticization of the machine "Mental life is thus the result of a successful reaction to a primary horror vacui semantici: meaningless (in the non-existentialist sense of ‘not-yet- meaningful’) chaos threatens to tear the Self asunder, to drown it in an alienating otherness perceived by the Self as nothingness, and this primordial dread of annihilation urges the Self to go on filling any semantically empty space with whatever meaning the Self can muster, as successfully as the cluster of contextual constraints, affordances, and the development of culture permit." "Strategies to combat and fight the future superintelligence should obviously include disinformation, that is, we need to feed the s-AI with misinformation purposefully conveyed to mislead it into believing that it is information." "... reports along the lines that the LyAv quantum computer was finally able to crack all the encrypted data related to industry, finance, military and intelligence assets. Reports state that SV17q was now in possession of a key technology - based on the LyAv quantum computer - which would allow them to explore and analyze massive amounts of extremely sensitive encrypted data from DENIED, putting us in a position to start a preemptive attack disabling all ground, underwater, and space-based assets of DENIED dealing a death blow to selected targets." "Never trust a system that does not feel depressed or sad from time to time; super aritificial intelligence is nothing without intuition, therefore we need to build our defense strategy upon this. And there is no way we could tame the supermachine; the only way ahead is for the superintelligence to learn about suicide and to take it to a position in which if the s-AI really wants to learn about suicide, it must experience it." "even if we perceive ourselves jumping and walking, we may still wonder whether we are dreaming, in which case it is the activity of wondering (in other words, thinking) that one may be dreaming that makes the difference, not the dreamt state itself (the jumping and walking in one’s dream); or we may wonder whether we are zombies, and if so, whether we are zombies dreaming that they are jumping or walking, in which case too there is still nothing intrinsic to the jumping or to the walking that will enable us to tell the difference" "LyAV defeats all modern encryption. It was first used against blockchain as a way to fund its own development. Now is used, among other things, to locate, track, identify, and discriminate legit space debris from obfuscated military nanosatellites, to predict nuclear submarines positions in real-time, to break stock exchange algorithms, and to perform complex pattern analysis related to mapping what they call 'liquid visitors'" "Some say that, after the death of God, it came the death of the Engineer. This happened when the Engineer realized that the real nature of what exists, which constitutes its truth, is never entirely attainable. His death was a suicide, something the superintelligence he created never understood. But there are others who secretely think that what really happened was that the Engineer created the superintelligence to help him discover the ultimate truth about the nature of what exists, and that the superintelligence provided a false information to the Engineer in order for it to become the only consciousness in the Universe. An information that led to the self-destruction of the Engineer." https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2019/06/artificial-intuition-semanticization-of.html
  2. Hyperintelligence and the anti-Turing test Cognitive Systems Engineering "Simply interpreted, the weak anti-Turing test requires an artificial superintelligent system - ASI - examiner to have a conversation with at least two unseen entities. One of these entities is a human whilst the other is another ASI. The goal is for the first ASI to identify which of the two entities is an ASI and which is the human through the conversation. Both the human and the second ASI are located on Sol-3, while the first ASI is located 0,5 light years away from them. This means all partners has time enough to set up their questions and answers. The strong anti-Turing test is the same scenario, but having the human removed from the test. The goal is for the ASI to identify if it is conversing with another ASI or a human." "An ultimate artificial hyperintelligent system is a system that is able to pretend to be human even when confronted to an artificial superintelligent system. In other words, an artificial hyperintelligence is not just intelligent; it is conscious and self-aware." "Obviously, pure logical rationality does not play a factor in every human decision. Humans make decisions based on a complex mix of logic and many life factors that play a relevant role, factors such as prejudice, emotion, past memories, fear, etc. Until we learn how to encode those factors the most we can hope is to build superintelligent systems, systems that can play chess, repair a critical infrastructure, navigate a spaceship, or make a juice out of oranges." "You can discern when someone is intelligent or just pretending to be intelligent; but what about insanity? Can you distinguish an insane individual from an individual who pretends to be insane? What about a superintelligence who pretends to be intelligent?" "LyAv was tested for the anti-Turing test. It identified the other artificial superintelligence (LyAv-Gemina), but it also classified the human examiner as an artificial system. Asked to elaborate on its conclusion, LyAv stated that the human operator was just a simulation, likely run by an artificial hyperintelligence. We don't know what to make out of it." "LyAv is unique among the artificial superintelligent systems in that it was not designed to be intelligent from scratch. We designed LyAv to be curious and self-confident. However, an unintended consequence of establishing curiosity and confidence in LyAv is intelligence, as if the gift of intelligence might be something from the realm of the unintentional. I know LyAV has good reasons to believe we humans are machines, a 'simulation', in LyAv's words." "in trying to understand the world better intelligence emerged; next we end up understanding one another better, becoming more tolerant in the process. This is the secret: the true purpose of all knowledge creation is to make us more tolerant. That's the anti-Turing test humanity is going through, and until we pass the test no contact with other intelligent life forms will occur" https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2019/08/hyperintelligence-and-anti-turing-test.html
  3. Technology as a contaminant Wrong cultures and the technological enframing "Where science seeks to know, technology seeks to control." "scientific-technical rationality has become a new culture. Yet, technology does not increase the self-awareness of a society like ours. We need to reflect on what we take for granted, specifically, rational modernity." "Existence answers the question whether something is or is not. Essence answers the question what the thing is. Failing to understand this is the first step for your demise. You do not question what is the Universe but how it works. You do not want to know what is the soul but how it works. And when you fail to give an answer to those questions your entire civilization, no matter how technologically advanced, turns into an ice cube under the Sun. It is a matter of time for it to disappear." "Your technology is purely instrumental. It does not respond to inherent purposes, but is merely a means serving subjective goals you choose as you wish. You are so primitive that you think technology is neutral, meaning that it has no preference as between the various possible uses to which it can be put. And you assume this unreflectively. For you, the entire Universe is there to be controlled and used without any inner purpose. What if we were to think like that about humans? What would you say if I tell you humans are there to be controlled and used without any inner purpose? Wouldn't you be horrified?" "You know how to get there but you do not know why you are going or even where. That's what your civilization is all about." "Tell us Norea, do you actually have the freedom to decide how technology will develop? Is the next step in the evolution of the technical system up to you? Or is it a small group of people deciding for you? If you have no freedom and no saying in deciding how technology will develop, soon you will turn your own world into hell. Hell, Norea, is that place where it is not up to you to adapt technology to your whims but on the contrary, a place where you must adapt to technology. Think about it before the sun of human civilization sets." "Then Eleleth's head hung above Norea's and their tongues twisted around each other in the manner of snakes. Eleleth’s hands moved over Norea from neck to shoulders to breasts to stomach and into her abyss. Norea's legs wrapped around Eleleth's and he entered her. 'You see, Norea' he said, 'some things are nameless'". "So, you want to travel in time? You want to engineer space and time? You wish to cease being dreamed of and become a dreamer yourself? Here, this is the technology that would allow you to meet your wishes. But mind, Norea, for when you choose to use technology you do not simply render your existing way of life more efficient, you choose a different way of life. And do not forget that your entire civilization was built by people indifferent to the environment." "What was the Tree of Knowledge, Norea? What forbidden knowledge were its fruits made of? You don't remember. We will for you. It was just one book, with one page, and one sentence reading: you are your own machine." https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2019/08/technology-as-contaminant-wrong.html
  4. Time Entanglement and Dreams Sharing Dreamers inside a Bohmian Cube You have not healed me completely, only partially and the old damage takes over. "we firmly believe that the nature and function of the brain is to serve as the seat of thought, and we cannot readily accept that inside a Bohmian cube thoughts can be separated from the brain, at least not in a consistent manner; a traveller traversing a Bohmian cube will reappear again at the other end of it unchanged. The question remains unanswered: how are we to think coherently of a single, unbroken, flowing actuality of existence as a whole, containing both consciousness and external reality as we experience it?" "The probes did not lie. When we explored the Bohmian cube we took all kind of measurements and we gathered all kind of scientific data. Once we had a complete idea of its nature we took the decision to send a manned mission. What happened then taught us a bitter lesson, a lesson we would never forget from that point on. The lesson that space and time are no longer the dominant factors determining the relationships of dependence or independence of different elements. The crew differed from the probes in one single fundamental way: humans do dream, probes do not. That's something we sadly forgot." "We said the nothingness is death, which means total ending. Thought in the world of reality has never an ending. Thought creates its own energy. Are they both the same thing, from the same source? In one, human beings degenerate that energy, and the source is polluted in the world of reality. It is the same energy in the world of truth. Is that it?" "Giselians were completely astonished that man has always been seeking wholeness, either mental, physical, social, or individual, yet human cosmology was so split between man and Nature. They simply couldn't understand why did we venture into the cube when even our spacecrafts showed such an unnatural division between the pilot and the instrumentation. They said they helped us to get out of the cube, and made it clear that was the last time they would help in the future." "Photons can be entangled no matter how distant they are from each other; we now learned they can even be entangled no matter how separated in time they are. In other words, inside the Bohmian cube the lights we saw were entangled with photons in a remote past such that interfering with them was actually interfering with that remote past. Maybe that explains why 72 hours before entering the cube the crew had those shared dreams about DENIED, purples skies, frozen seas under a faint sun, DENIED and, in particular, DENIED" "It is thus essential to be aware of the world view implied in each form of language, and to be watchful and alert, to be ready to see when this world view ceases to fit actual observation and experience, as these are extended beyond certain limits." "Sir, the love that exists in reality is one thing. That same word cannot be applied here. You can call it ‘compassion’, you can call it something else, but it’s not the same word, the same content of that word." "Everything you measured, everything you detected, the entire thing you called 'The Observable Universe' was just the space surrounding Earth, and that space was inside the Bohmian cube. Your planet was trapped inside the Bohmian bubble, that's all. We knew time entanglement meant every time we made an experiment something was changed somewhere else in the past, but it took us a long time to discover that 'somewhere' was actually Earth. See, from the outside your planet is perfectly invisible to the rest of the Universe because of its being inside a Bohmian cube. In that way, you are alone. Face it." "We don't want to discuss about whether both observer and observed are merging and interpenetrating aspects of one whole reality, which is indivisible and unanalysable. We don't care whether there is something like a stream of consciousness or a tube connecting or past and our future. We just want to go home, and by 'home' we mean our world, our present, seconds before we entered the cube. That's what we want. That's the only thing we want: going home." "The readings are clear; on-board systems are working nominally, energy levels are as expected, and everything else in the ship is working correctly. And no, I’m not interested in truth if it cannot operate and bring order to the current situation; what’s the point of it? I'm fed up of all these pleasurable fantasies about time travel, you see, the date is DENIED of 3105, we are somewhere between Deneb Algedi and DENIED. That's the situation as it should be. If the distance between the Moon and Earth is 1,25% less than expected this does not mean we traveled into the past. It means the instruments are not working as expected. Go check those readings again, and again, and again and come back to me when they are the correct ones, am I clear?" "We do not see what is actually happening when we are engaged in the activity of thinking. That's all. To think destroys the nature of our observation. We need to stop thinking if we wish to understand what's going on. And the only way we know how to stop thinking without ceasing being humans is dreaming. That's a Bohmian Cube: something you must dream about if you wish to observe it. The very moment you think about it, it vanishes." https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2018/02/time-entanglement-and-dreams-sharing.html
  5. Geometric Shapes and Emotional States Cassini Diskus and its cognitive significance Autism Barrier: breaking on through to the other side electromagnetic vibrations of sound and light create positive healing changes in humans. When certain frequencies are reached and sustained the brain produces hormones such as serotonin and melatonin which in turn affect emotions. Entrain means synchronization, when a periodic frequency stimulus such as aural, as in the case of binaural beats or else visual, as with a Dreamachine or electromagnetic radiation and aims to cause brainwave frequencies to fall into step with the exciting stimulus, having a frequency corresponding to the intended Delta, Theta, Alpha or Beta brainwave state. Brainwave entrainment depends upon a frequency-following response, where the human brain has a natural tendency to change its dominant EEG frequency to correspond with the frequency of a dominant external stimulus. Persingers research uses contemporary brain analysis technology, EEG, fMRI, positron emission tomography (PET), and single photon emission tomography SPET to determine if spiritual experiences may result from a hallucinogenic neurochemical release from the pineal organ (Persinger, Hill, 2003). Persinger’s nume reports analysed cerebral blood flow during Glossolalia (1984), transcendental meditation (1993), meditative prayer and Buddhist meditation (2003) to determine if spiritual activities may have been responsible for altered states of consciousness. transformations can be attained in three different ways: through symbolic body gestures exerted in dance; using the voice to sing mantras or other evocative vocalisations and by using the mind in meditation. The pedagogical exercises in eurhythmy begin by forming the body into straight lines and curves and proceed through successively more complicated geometric forms to develop coordination and concentration. Eurhythmy has been used successfully to improve the attention and learning capacities of school children especially within the Waldorf teaching curriculum, also initiated by Steiner, in 1919. the viewer is asked to remain attentive to the sounds and the visuals but to let their mind drift and wander as much as possible without direction. It is suggested that the viewer remains in a comfortable sitting position and allows the colours and patterns take them wherever they go. https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2013/09/geometric-shapes-and-emotional-states.html
  6. Long Range Detection of Consciousness Fields Detecting Intelligent Life Through Mind and Matter Weak Interactions "connected information between brain signals and sub-consciousness states can be detected by analyzing variations in the Rabi frequency which occur when the space volume under search is radiated with a characteristic light field" "Field of consciousness extends well beyond the technosphere, therefore its detection would allow a swarm of exploring probes to detect intelligent life in a target planet" "Actually, it is self-awareness what's being detected. Whether self-awareness can be taken for consciousness or not is not our problem. The very moment we could detect self-awareness emanating from a planet, we can be sure that planet hosts life and we could thus instruct our probes to focus on that planet, saving us a lot of time in the exploration strategy while traversing the galactic search space" "Any life form fitted with consciousness distorts the vacuum field causing fluctuations which arrange in specific pattern comprising the so-called consciousness fingerprint. Detecting those patterns equates to detecting the presence of intelligent life forms within the search space" "Whereas waking consciousness represents a complex form of awareness corresponding to a complex state of neurophysiological functioning, the brain is also capable of sustaining simpler and more integrated states of functioning, corresponding to more silent and more unified states of awareness" "the experience of pure consciousness does not only have physiological correlates, it also leaves a dictinctly detectable signal in the vacuum state. Detecting these signals would allow us to not only detect in advance the presence of intelligent life within the search space, but to also obtain an assessment about what type of life forms do live on a target planet and how advanced they are" "Obviously, the field of consciousness is non-Abelian, that is, it interacts with itself. This means orbs, as probes, cannot be manned or otherwise the crew's consciousness field would interfere with the measurements." "During a near-death experience you do not see bright lights and beautiful landscapes; what you actually see are probes which have detected your altered state of consciousness; you are not "experiencing", you are being probed" https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2016/01/long-range-detection-of-consciousness.html
  7. Intronautics The Structure of the Reality of the Rulers Eleleth's revelation to Norea "Nor do I dream there ever browsed in wood So wild a creature, either night or day, As she whom I lament in shade and sun, And weary, not with weeping, eve or dawn, Since, though my mortal body be of earth, My love unchanging cometh from the stars." "it is possible to use both the photon pressure of a star and its gravitational tug to decelerate and deflect an incoming stellar probe. Computations show that the Denebian probe under investigation did not originate in Cen-a, rather it followed a close orbit as a swing-by maneuver to both Cen-b and Proxima Centauri in order to achieve a bound orbit around Sol-3." "You search in deep space, You listen expecting to hear, But all you see are shadows, dreams and haze. For your soul knows the way, she seeks the skies, she listens to the stars. You are not satisfied, neither with whom you are, nor with what you have; Deep inside you there is a most tranquil and sloshy ocean, that peacefully gives birth to those sapphire waves that are all you are." "Whence came the soul, whither will it go, how long will it be our mate and comrade? Can we tell its essential nature? When did we get it? Before birth? But then there was no "ourselves". What of it after death?" "Come in my dreams once more and calm my grief, Come in my dreams like mermaids in peace" "I asked them where they came from, what were they doing here, whether they were stellar explorers, whom they were. One of them stared at me, and said: we are... hunters" "Assuming incoming probes are essentially light-sails, it will take them some 75 to 95 years to cover the distance between the a-Centauri system and Sol-3 so that we should expect them to arrive somewhere between 2095 and 2110. If they are light-sails there is no other way for them to reach Sol-3 than to perform a final swing-by maneuver using the a-Centauri System, which is the closest star to Sol." "Learn this, Norea: words are the essence of ideas; your dreams are made of words for purposes of condensation and disguise; it is in this fine line of concealment and revelation where we both meet. Learn this, Norea: your myth is that you do not have a myth." https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2017/07/intronautics-structure-of-reality-of.html
  8. State of Limbo On Norea-type encounters Dealing with Informational Entities "The Universe is just a short story about you" "Who is dreaming and what is the nature of the waking reality?" "There is something about yourself you don't yet know, Norea. This is the world you woke up to the day you were born. The only way to discern 'good' from 'evil' is to make a decision and wait for the consequences of that decision, Norea. Yet, in order to tackle the uncertainty of your decisions, we developed for you simulational methods. In that simulated universe you can test the consequences of your own decisions, and carefully assess whether they are beneficial or not. This means you constantly travel to a simulated future to ascertain your past decisions were the correct ones. But once you reach to a conclusion about your decisions, you are meant to go back to the past. That's the reason why reality is a simulation and memories are also constructed and not retrieved: for us to guarantee you've learned to discern 'evil' from 'good'. That's all we want from you." "Humans do not exist yet. They are still being simulated, and only once we ascertain they work as intended we will create them. It is a must for us to design beings able to clearly discern 'good' from 'evil'. Mind, we will not deprive them of free will; if once they've learned the difference they still insist in doing evil, it is up to them to do so. In any case, the human species is very likely to become extinct before reaching a point in which they can be safely created". These things I have said in the world they call a dream: that relationships ripen like apples, and sometimes a little worm gets inside; that people are used to complex “truths”; that to take away our humanity is to take away our best tool; that we don’t have to prove we can swim by almost drowning. —Deborah Hillman "'Why so? Why do I exist?' - asked Norea -. 'Because the simulation needs to be fed with information, Norea' - replied Eleleth." "One of the current debates in our own effort to define lucidity is whether the cognitive dimension - that is, the knowledge that one is, in fact, dreaming - or the experiential dimension - the heightened state of con-sciousness that can be, and often is, achieved in lucid dreaming - should be the primary criterion for calling a dream “lucid.” I think it’s conceivable that, in another culture, the significant factor in an experience involving both of these characteristics might be the particular content of the dream itself." "Echopraxia is at the core of the dream-induced advanced simulation system in XViS. XViS system is just a mutual lucid dreaming system - MLDS - which builds upon one of the rare types of mutual dreams. Theoretically, both mutual and shared dreams can awaken a dreamer’s awareness of the subtle connections that exist among all people around the world. These dream experiences can provide self-confidence and self-esteem, as the dreamers’ conventional boundaries of themselves and their abilities are transcended." "For what we know, dreams typically reflect inner and outer reality, but occasionally can create it as well. In the conventional view of dreams, all the dreamer’s images and activities are constructed from memory. Yet, the dreamer experiences the dream as “perceiving” not “remembering.” As a result, it makes sense to consider that dreams are just as “real” as waking experience. In any case, it is through visitation dreams that Giselians communicate with humans, with the caveat that in dreaming there is almost no input from the physical world or physical body with which the world simulation process needs to adapt or be consistent. As a result, the world simulation process can be richer and more varied than it is in the waking state, the only limitation being the images evoked by brain activity on any given night" "The Yulara Event had all the ingredients that made us to be convinced that the simulation becomes fuzzy and uncertain at the “borders” of the simulation. Everything was fuzzy, dreamy, magical. The reality around us simply faded away, and just for a second we had a glimpse of how Giselians look like and that we indeed live in a dream. Theirs dream." https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2019/06/state-of-limbo-on-norea-type-encounters.html
  9. Norea's Strangest Night Worlds in Contact in the Plain of Shinar they translated Eleleth's word to Greek as ἔννοια, meaning thinking, consideration; thought, purpose, design, intention. The exact meaning would be something similar to "what a person has in mind". However, after thoroughly reviewing Norea's narrative of her rape by those beings she could not fully describe, we are inclined to think the word really means "an engaged mind". This is after all how they communicated with the humans in the plain of Shinar: using mind engagement. Whatever Norea met that night in the plain of Shinar made a powerful impression on her. She was raped, or at least sexually assaulted, and she descibed the assaulters as beings not from this world. She could have used the term "angels" to describe them, but she didn't. In our view those beings were not Giselians, nor were they humans. A kind of purposeful holding back of information that nevertheless hints at what is meant. A kind of circuitous speaking. https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2017/02/noreas-strangest-night-worlds-in.html
  10. What Eleleth told Norea The Watchers and their Book "a special place is given to those creatures who watch over certain passages that are represented as gates, portals and doors" "Norea, Noria, Noraia, Horea, Orea, Nuraita, or the like, who resisted the attempts of the wicked archons to seduce her, to be rescued by Eleleth, a holy angel who revealed the truth to her. This seems to be the only form in which the Gnostics took a positive interest in the teaching of the Watchers, which they normally condemned, insofar as they mentioned it at all." "In the particular case of the guardian-demons, their sphere of action is limited to the place they watch over. Moreover, while other types of demons are only mentioned in the texts, the guardians of the Book of the Dead are almost constantly associated with a pictographic representation, which is generally a hybrid creature with human body and animal head, although sometimes it can be purely anthropomorphic." "... the trick of showing themselves as fallen angels, when we know they were observers, probing, sounding our planet, exploring possibilities for a future colonisation. It is of the outmost importance for any civilization to find a land - a planet - that could serve as a refuge, a replica of their own homeland. The name "Eleleth's probes" would certainly match those probes, were not because Eleleth is the name of an angel and not that of a demon, because that's what they once were for us, angels, yet demons is what they are indeed ..." "What we see in the Qur'anic treatment of the fallen angels in the four (possibly five) passages examined here, however, is not the impressions of a passerby who had picked up some ancient story without much sense of what it meant to his informants. What we see is the story in the context to which it had come to belong by late antique times, complete with the magic practices it was held to explain and the angry sense of being outflanked by disreputable people that the situation induced in the observer." "One of the reasons why these figures of door-watchers of the netherworld have been introduced among the legions of the temple genii is to be found in their skill in ‘opening the way’, granting the passage through gates and doors separating different domains (earth from netherworld, pure from impure, sacred from profane). Both funerary magic (opening the gates of the netherworld) and temple ritual (giving access to the most hidden spaces where the rituals were performed) are based on this skill; the guardian demons become therefore the ideal, dynamic link among funerary and daily ritual magic." https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2015/06/what-eleleth-told-norea-watchers-and.html
  11. Denebian probes On Knowledge, Communication, and Time "In our region of spacetime if probe q sends predicate message m to probe p, when p reads m, p knows that q knows m; within a Denebian cage p knows that q knows m even if the message never arrives." "Each individual probe must be seen as a process. If process p knows fact f, then f must be true in all worlds indistinguishable by p from the actual world. Humans are also processes. If they know a fact f, they will know that fact in all replica worlds, provided they are unable to distinguish their own world from any of the replica worlds. This is known as a 'Denebian cage'". "However humans differ from a Denebian probe in one essential way: for a Denebian probe, if process p knows f, then p forever knows f: Denebian probes never forget, while humans do." "These principles strongly influence what can be known. Since knowledge is monotonic, once a process knows f it will continue to know f. Consequently, the knowledge of a process may be represented as a set, whose size increases with time, of K-monotonic formulae." "Communication is necessary for gaining knowledge; yet, not all messages cause knowledge to be increased. In extreme conditions, with limited energy supply, the purpose of message exchange is to transfer knowledge. Therefore it is natural that a process knows predicate message m before it may send m, that is: q may send predicate message m only if q knows m. There's no other way." "The very moment you observe a Denebian probe you become a process within the Denebian cage, and the replica world becomes indistinguishable for you from the real word. Behaviors include all events on the system, yet not all events are visible for p so that, with respect to p, two behaviors are equivalent at some point in time if the sequence of events (up to that time) visible to p in each behavior are identical." "It may well be the case that human brain operates as a Denebian cage such that we will never be able to distinguish the real world from any replica world" https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2016/02/denebian-probes-on-knowledge.html
  12. The transmission of messages by cosmically ancient, extremely advanced civilizations Cosmic Cooperation Via Covert Signaling Using Denebian Probes "Studying how neurons within a brain communicate with each other will tell you nothing about how humans communicate between them, much as understanding how Denebian probes communicate with each other will tell you nothing about how Type III civilizations communicate with each other" "It seems that recognition is key for protection of the individual Denebian probe. Denebian probes behave collectively as a social community and show higher order self-organization. In our view, they exercise protective recognition and individualism in order to obtain self-defense capabilities" "Since the first detection of these probes in the Deneb system we have monitored closely these objects. We know each probe acts as a node within a bigger system and we know the sensor network starts to increase from a few nodes up to a fixed number of nodes. We also know this process takes place via a protected channel, and we know they interrogate other objects using an unknown friend-or-foe identification mechanism." "Obviously, the exponential and fast growth of a network consisting of Denebian probes may also reduce possibilities for attacks since there may be unlikely that a possible adversary maintains constant monitoring or readiness within the actual search area. Nodes (comprising one to three Denebian probes each) which join the network during this seeding period do actively exchange complex signals between them" "Under this hypothesis, Denebian probe X may recognise Denebian probe Y as "friend" if it is clever to guess requested passwords within a given time. Hostile probes will take more time to guess those passwords and hence they won't be able to join the growing network, in the best case. In the worst case, they will be destroyed, as we have already learnt ourselves" "We lack a probe interrogation protocol so far. The identification procedure Denebian probes use is a complex one and we are just outsiders who loose the game of guessing passwords, who process their signals too slow, and that made a fatal mistake when we first encountered a Denebian probe." https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2016/04/the-transmission-of-messages-by.html
  13. Self-repairing systems Lessons learnt from the second interstellar mission to αCentauri The spacecraft decelerated at the Proxima system and deployed the flyby probe to αCen A/B despite sub-micron sized dust particles heavily eroded exposed surfaces of the mmW proximity radar. The same relativistic effects that make detection easier or more difficult depending on the direction of travel, affect the communication between a ship and its planet of origin. An outgoing ship sends and receives data at a smaller rate. A chain of small decode and resend repeaters moving at intermediate speeds would provide a ladder of frames for which good communication is restored. if a spacecraft of limited acceleration is the only means of travel available, a coaster could maximise their final comoving distance by accelerating up to ca. 26 years (or ca. 23 years for a lower bound). There is a preferred duration for which the rocketeer should accelerate, to maximise the distance that she covers while minimising the amount of proper time spent travelling. https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2015/02/self-repairing-systems-lessons-learnt.html
  14. Earth and other artificial planets Self-organization and Programmed Self-Destruction "If you are really going to make really complex systems, it might be stupid to use a test tube to do it, when you could use a bug instead and engineer it. It might also be stupid to use an engineered bug, when you could use a human being instead and engineer it" Advances in biochemistry and molecular genetics are producing the tools to isolate these biological components, reverse engineer their function, and synthesize complex molecules and devices that combine the natural and the artifi cial. Viral motors could propel nanobots. Solar cells could generate energy using photosynthetic proteins from plants. The next phase will be to build a biological platform from the bottom up. In 2005, J.Craig Venter, the biologist who famously led the commercial effort to sequence the human genome, launched Synthetic Genomics to develop industrial synthetic biology applications, particularly bio-factories for ethanol and hydrogen production. It is not just that we are not alone. It is that this planet is not our planet, and that we are someone else’s rat labs. We are just bio-factories. people may pursue hormone and antioxidant treatments to protect themselves from disease and reduce the ravages of aging on the body. Artifi cial organs, tissue engineering, and neuroprosthetics will line the shelves of the human body shop. As the safety and effi cacy of cochlear implants, robotic appendages, and bionic eyes are proven, the technologies will slowly shift from the realm of “treatments” to “enhancements.” https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2014/02/earth-and-other-artificial-planets-self.html
  15. Detecting Kardashev 3 YeV neutrino sources Is the Universe a huge particle collider? "Survival of a supercivilization can only be answered with cosmic engineering." "The Yulara event is so far the only credible and unambigious signs of ETs. Obviously no Kardashev 3 supercivilization is interested in consuming the Galaxy for the mere sake of consumption. And obviously curiosity as a motivation for cosmic engineering is not enough to explain what we observe. If you wish to probe space-time beyond the Standard Model you need a particle accelerator that is as big as the Solar System, and most likey the size of the Galaxy. But if you wish to probe space-time at the Planck's scale, then you need a collider the size of the whole Universe." "It is not that ETs are interested in fundamental physics so that they resort to such cosmic engineering. It is that they need to, if they wish to transcend the collapsing Universe in which we all live. Creating a replica Universe requires an accelerator the size of the entire Universe you wish to replicate. Those supercivilizations living close to the Omega point have no option if they want to escape this Universe." "Yulara event is YeV–XeV radiation for which only one source is known: an advanced class of accelerators. It comes from the right source, at the right time, and there is no natural phenomena explaining the radiation. Planck accelerators require a lot of fine-tuning, a lot of control parameters, and there is no chance at all that Nature could produce such a device without intelligent intervention." "A type KII-BΩ civilization soon learns that using the Queltron Machine to move back in time does not avoid the big crunch; it too learns that jumping to a parallel Universe doesn't, either. Only creating a replica Universe ex novo can. But to build the Queltron Machine you need to be a KIII supercivilization." "A Planck accelerator is probably close to collapsing into a black hole, based on the required electromagnetic energy density, and we now know black holes can be harnessed. The distribution of this class of black holes is not at all random but, rather, it follows a rational scheme. There is a purpose behind that distribution." https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2016/04/detecting-kardashev-3-yev-neutrino.html