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  1. ink

    David Icke's Contradiction?

    You don't get it do you .... I never wanted to be a sodding mod .... so what fucking hole you daft bat?
  2. ink

    David Icke's Contradiction?

    See this is the issue .... YOU have no warning points none. I PMed you and told you to stop being an utter prick (but I did word it nicer than that lol) and said to take it as a warning that I would if you continue restrict your interaction upon the forum. And I don't give a fuck about you or your limited thoughts .... which will change fuck all. :)
  3. ink

    David Icke's Contradiction?

    Couldn't give a shit as to what you think :)
  4. ink

    This new forum makes me sad

    So I just had a go at bringing a thread from the old forum to here .... and it is quite possible without any special knowledge .... just copy/paste and this forum software does the rest! Yes it took time .... but I consider that thread of worth and so I gave my time to see if it could be done and to get that thread on the forum! Yes it does now look as if I took over posting lol .... but that will past :)
  5. Missed the last few videos .... but they go from here: https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost.php?p=1063026994&postcount=48 Just a test to see how hard it is to 'bring' content from the old forum here!
  6. soylentgreen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZyNJ3cKfEg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW7uoT6HZNQ Enjoy! I never liked the doner idea because I never trusted it.
  7. elshaper: Quote: DOMINIC LAWSON: Why I feel queasy about the proposed law that assumes our consent to organ donation http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/ar...ation-law.html Some good aware comments there. Good job!
  8. elshaper: I'm gonna post it here too. Totally believable...what with cloning etc.
  9. mranderson: if people knew this I don't think anyone would be willing to do it maybe if we hadn't had our heads filled with BS about punishment in the afterlife people wouldn't be so afraid of letting go
  10. armoured_amazon: I never wanted to donate my organs and I certainly won't be now.
  11. elshaper: ust pasting from a transgender thread.... Quote: Originally Posted by tamlinn Science says female brains don’t exist in male bodies, the only thing that makes a brain female is DNA, not neurological function . There is no ‘essence of female’ , no feeling ‘like a woman’ . We just ARE women due to our Female biology and nothing else. ^ well, can you imagine, if a male person receives a female brain? Would he become more feminine like after receiving a brain?
  12. oz93666: Originally Posted by aurum Can you imagine if they'd already administered the paralysing agents at that point? She was ALIVE. She wouldn't have been able to signal that fact to the doctors. They use no anaesthetic. I know I'm banging on about this but I'm absolutely shocked, horrified and utterly appalled- I had no idea. None. You're right to bang on about it , aurum ...it's the ultimate nightmare .. This system has been designed by the dark ones , not just to torture the victim , but to turn surgeons into ghoulish fiends, who of course know what the victim is going through ... Alex Jones was told by his father , who had contacts in hospitals , never to carry an organ dona card , as, in the event of an accident, the doctors would not try to save your life , just harvest your organs , which have a very high cash value.
  13. supertzar: Trump put a Pakistani surgeon on his Executive Order. He is said to have stolen organs from kidnapped people in Pakistan. https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm0243 Quote: Mukhtar Hamid Shah Shah is a Pakistani surgeon specializing in kidney transplants who Pakistani police believe to be involved in kidnapping, wrongful confinement, and the removal of and trafficking in human organs. As an owner of the Kidney Centre in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Shah was involved in the kidnapping and detention of, and removal of kidneys from, Pakistani laborers. Shah was arrested by Pakistani authorities in connection with an October 2016 incident in which 24 individuals from Punjab were found to be held against their will. Impoverished and illiterate Pakistanis from the countryside were reportedly lured to Rawalpindi with the promise of a job, and imprisoned for weeks. Doctors from the Kidney Centre were allegedly planning to steal their kidneys in order to sell them for a large profit. Police state that one of the accused arrested in connection with the events estimated that more than 400 people were imprisoned in the apartment at various times.
  14. jupiter12: Quote: Originally Posted by elshaper One thing I've noticed at DIF is that we don't see many posts that just says 'Bump' but I think this thread deserves a bump for sure. Most horrific. Say No and exits the Matrix! Bump
  15. elshaper: Quote: Originally Posted by the tealady Bump One thing I've noticed at DIF is that we don't see many posts that just says 'Bump' but I think this thread deserves a bump for sure. Most horrific. Quote: Originally Posted by aurum Regarding the bolded part, this is a pretty big deal though- is it not?! The body certainly exhibits all of the signals commensurate with someone IN PAIN. Pain sensations are also subjective, and poorly understood- someone with a compromised brain stem may well feel pain just as acutely as anybody else- this is why anaesthetists are speaking out about it! Because the supposedly 'dead' patients are showing all of the same clinical markers as a regular live patient who's received insufficient anaesthetic! Think about that for a minute... Do you think there should be a petition to review organ donor process? Quote: Originally Posted by aurum Years ago, I visited an exhibit called Bodyworks- in fact I went twice, once in London and then again in New York. As someone who has studied human and brain anatomy, it's fascinating of course- but at the same time I felt very uneasy about some of the exhibits. There was a section at the end with fetuses in various stages of gestation- and you have to question whether this is a respectful and appropriate display of human life. What I mean is, supposedly, all of the human exhibits had volunteered their bodies to medical science- but a fetus cannot do so, and moreover, does the person donating their body truly understand the implications of that decision? That they have no say over how their body is subsequently used? There was one exhibit of a woman who'd died in pregnancy and she was plastinated, with her belly cut open exposing the plastinated fetus that had also died. He'd fashioned her in this weird, almost sexualised pose- it was not good. Do you think that woman really intended for her body to be used in that way? I doubt it, somehow. You have to be careful when making these decisions. It turned out that a lot of the bodies being exhibited perhaps hadn't come from completely ethical sources- China's track record with this is especially horrifying. You can look into that for yourself. Just know the implications of what you're agreeing to- that's all I'm saying- because in the fine print of organ donation, is the agreement that they can use your body for any other medical 'purposes' should a suitable recipient not be found. There are reports of sperm and eggs being harvested also- so you may be responsible for bringing new life into the world without your knowledge- it's true, I promise you. Always read the small print. So long as people understand what they're doing, that's up to them- but oftentimes people don't, as we know!! Here is the massive spiritual implication but not many people have time to investigate spiritual side of life that they end up doing something they shouldn't! In certain culture, human remains are used to call back on that person's spirit. So your dead body/carcass isn't just that cells which died and dried up. In another words, it is is a link. Just made me wonder further.... if you have kids, your DNA lives on. So even if you didn't have kids but have donated your sperm/eggs, then there will be a person(s) somewhere keeping you alive or shall I say maintaining the connection to the 3D world. Say No and exits the Matrix!