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    Define Islamophobia

    As the title asks .... please define Islamophobia? Some define it as: "hatred or fear of Muslims and Islam" Which, to me, is akin to the definition of Anglophobe .... "someone who strongly dislikes the UK, British people, or British things" Over 700+ Muslim organizations want it to be defined as racism and categorized the same as being anti-Semitic. Now I cannot see how it could be racist .... being a Muslim is not a race? Although being Jewish is not a race either! (its a religion) The Uk gov did appoint an independent adviser to propose a definition of Islamophobia .... "An independent adviser has today (23 July 2019) been appointed to provide expert advice on a definition of Islamophobia to the government. Imam Qari Asim MBE, Deputy Chair of the Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group will lead a process for establishing a definition of Islamophobia." https://www.gov.uk/government/news/independent-expert-appointed-to-tackle-islamophobia but I am unsure if they have worked out the double speak yet! So .... help me out .... please define Islamophobia? .
  2. I have, at times, read about the Holocaust but I also need to know about the 6-7 million Germans who were starved to death by the blockade imposed by the allied forces at the end of WW2? The many photos of the time depict terrible scenes of mass graves .... but are these from the prisoner of war camps or of the starved German civilians? Thanks for any discussion :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mod note: Please keep in mind , before posting, the upgraded rules for this section of the forum. https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/2298-additional-posting-rules-for-research-assistance-section-please-read/ :)
  3. lol .... why white? No other color can be middle class? Really? And if it was actually a concern .... Stop all container shipping then all air travel .... to begin with .... else it is all bullshit.
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    Hi - this is me 😊

    https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/790-what-is-your-best-feature-🤩/ https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/396-munich-🙂/&do=findComment&comment=16575 etc
  5. ink

    Define Islamophobia

    After the last 20 odd years .... should that not read: "a two decade old, rational fear of cells of indoctrinated, extremist humans who believe twisted parts of the religion called Islam that leads to a compelling desire to avoid them." The reason for this thread .... The mods get reports from members of posts they consider wrong. The reason can be near anything but once in a while it is Islamophobia .... So the first thing I wish to know is the definition of the word? Well that seems to be difficult with this word! So I asked you all.
  6. ink

    Christmas 2030 - Martin Noakes

    Good track .... thanks Martin :)
  7. Admin / Mod Notice: After discussion it has been decided that this section of the forum (Research Assistance) will have additional posting rules applied to it. The normal Terms and Conditions will still apply of course .... https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/2-terms-conditions/ The concept of this section is that members can ask for help with their current investigation into a subject which interests them. It is NOT for opposing views which attempt to rubbish, ridicule or refute the individual threads OP/topic. It is to assist in research. If you do not agree with the OP/topic of a thread .... DO NOT post into that thread .... If you do your post will be removed and you will gain a warning! This section is also NOT to promote Wikipedia type views (go elsewhere and promote them) .... If you start a thread promoting main stream views .... It will be removed and you will gain a warning! Thank you for comprehending this action.
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    It is global .... done and dusted. The monetary system (an utterly fake way to trade .... make value from nothing as you wish) is global as are corporations. People are waiting to see if the NWO will become .... when it is already here :( It is not the fake left/right of political parties .... it is the banks and corporations. Next is the 'chip' .... and the mass will beg for it :( Then the transformation of the physical form .... and they will beg for it :( Then ....... there is nothing.
  9. ink


    I consider that it is vastly more than just the political class (which should not exist) selling the mass down the river .... It is also more than your 'vote' not changing the constant structure of the system. Politics is a dog and pony show (carrot and stick) .... it is there to limit the mind and hold all within a created 'box' of thought .... It is entertainment, a dramatic narrative used to contain awareness. You have no actual choice .... the actors come and go while behind them the same, unelected players are constant. I am not talking about the multidimensional beings (which do exist and I have interacted with them) but more the civil service (in the UK) .... those who's names you do not know but are always there. Many say .... "Well we won the brexit vote" .... No you didn't! Do you really consider that such a matter would be left to a vote? That intelligence's hadn't already decided the outcome? No .... the outcome was already made and you went and voted .... which was then thrown away and the already decided outcome announced. It did the same as the Trump v Clinton shit did .... The mass were told it was so very close and that then created division within the country. Have to keep you all looking left and right .... can't have you seeing the man behind the curtain. All your vote means is the agreeance of a master over you .... That you accept to be charged (that you will pay) for living. If you like being in fear and a slave .... then vote for a master.
  10. Has anyone tried to build one of these 'Free Energy Generators' ? After reading a post today .... I want to try and get one made! This is a link to a PDF of this particular engine: http://www.free-energy-info.com/SChapter8.pdf And this is a video in which the same PDF is read: If you have experience of this .... I would like to know! Thanks for any help :)
  11. ink

    The Donnie Watts Generator

    For personal interest .... What is your consideration on the concept of Aether?
  12. ink

    David Icke

    It is David Icke's forum .... it replaced the old forum .... https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=323753
  13. ink

    David Icke

  14. Considering 'flat earth' .... My current view is that this space is a realm and as such can be any consideration of shape or form which a actual 'being' currently perceives as correct in their own mind! Thus flat, round, square, inverse, concave, convex .... or anything which one could consider within a 'dream'. Mod note: I have moved the off topic posts to the thread called 'Lifi' .... https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/2139-lifi/
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    Thing is that now I am posting off topic .... so I wish to move this discussion to your (Apprentice) thread called Lifi .... ok? https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/2139-lifi/ But I will post the below .... and then we can move it all. https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/1380-dnb-ep-227-neuralink-brain-machine-interfaces-and-the-frightening-possibilities-with-dr-john-hall/&do=findComment&comment=35472
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    And you post about Lifi .... which could be used via optogenetics to create any form of visual stimulation.
  18. ink

    Shills engaging in Topic Dilution.

    Problem is that members don't want posts deleted but don't want shills to fill threads and bury information (which I have stated a few times) .... but also want the shills to engage with! Did you report the posts? If you had done then the posts (if off topic or being used to bury the thread) would be removed.
  19. How can they be your own views unless you have been to space and looked back at the world.
  20. ink

    What is God?

    interesting thread .... :)
  21. ink

    The Nine

    Thanks to all .... that is brilliant :) Can't believe I couldn't find anything but as soon as I put 'unknown' within my searches .... there it all was. Thanks guys you have filled some jigsaw pieces in. Now I just need to comprehend which side they are on??
  22. ink

    The Nine

    Have come to a dead end in a part of my current research :( I can find nothing of value about a group called 'The Nine' .... nor those who were/are the 'watchers' of them! All I have is this .... I wondered if any of you have information regarding the above? Thank you for any time you give this :)
  23. ink

    Exodus 20:25

    I have for a long time wondered about this? So .... as we all do, I get people knocking on the door to converse with me about 'The Lord' .... and at times I have asked them in and chat about the subject! They always end up saying that they need to bring an 'elder' to the discussion and then leave lol. You see .... I have read the 'books' of most 'faiths' and can quote them! Exodus 20:25 states .... "And if you make Me an altar of stone, you shall not build it of hewn stone; for if you use your tool on it, you have profaned it. " Hewn stone is 'cut' stone .... thus ALL church's are against that religions law. And for fun I also then quote 20:26 .... " Nor shall you go up by steps to My altar, that your nakedness may not be exposed on it.’" Name me a church which does NOT have steps to the altar? Just putting this out as I again just had the 'round' of indoctrinated people .... Tell them to answer as to why they propagate a man made 'mind fuck' and disobey their own rules? They worship (lol) in a building of hewn stone .... thus they are sinners in the eye of their lord. Or can you tell me why it is 'ok' ? lmfao
  24. ink

    The Nine

    To add .... It is two groups .... 'The Nine' and 'those' who record / watch the actions of 'The Nine'. Now 'those' who watch .... There are 35 groups of them around this realm and within each group are between 5 and 50 members. So the total organization is numbered between 220 and 1705 individuals. Plus 'The Nine'.
  25. ink

    The Nine

    Now that fits with other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle .... would they continue through time? Do they have a current value as an order? Many questions .... ta mate :)