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  1. So within this thread I shall record the action of a debunking site called Metabunk.org It is of interest to me how the mind of a 'de-bunker' works lol They call things such as 'auto-hoaxers ' but do not consider that they are doing the exact same thing :) Now I am doing this via images as it is very quick for me .... but it may run your data abit so be aware .... also I am not making the images too small as you need to read them .... So.... we shall start and I am certain this will get back very quickly lmfao .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am sure if ever the on-line images are deleted .... I can ask our mod to update new links ....lol Lets see where this goes :)
  2. I have posted within the music thread something I wish to show itself in a greater form....which is this thread. I shall re-post it below this post. To explain the nature of it.... Heilung means healing, and it's the final message of this show. When you look through the set and the translations behind the lyrics, it's about a peaceful society being driven to war because their enemy only speaks the language of the sword. But during the conflict, their shaman/soothsayer guy reads the bones and discovers the only rune that has significance in the future is 'Ear' ... the 'Grave' or 'Death Incarnate'. Then, the final song's lyrics are taken from the Merseberg Incantations where Wodan heals a horse's broken leg with a chant of healing. So the entire show is about healing the world of man from the scars of war, lest we be overtaken by the grave. There are so very many comments from all around this realm posted in each single 'song' from this performance art.... and all describe the same feeling which is summed up within this comment.... Lamyka L. 6 months ago Eo! As a Hawaiian woman this made me cry tears of joy to hear the voices of our Indigenous cousins—like hearing your sibling sing when you had believed them dead. Malama Pono, may the Gods bless Heilung. This is the full performance .... please remember that this is a story, a poem, a telling from the past .... Remember, that we all are brothers All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind We all descend from the one great being That was always there Before people lived and named it Before the first seed sprouted :)
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    Chat Room

    There is no chat room on this forum so....completely random, just chatting :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I enjoy to bake my own bread and have been trying out different methods of kneading the dough and have found that a shorter 'push' seems to create a more responsive action within the mix! Also I like to try different 'additives' to the mix. So after the knock back I have tried cracking eggs into holes with the dough then covering with dough and once baked this has turned out nice :) Do any of you make your own bread?
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    Old Skool Near Term Doom Porn

    I will put this here as a thought .... it is not my words nor my consideration but may be of value to some one? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "This is not where we will be going. This time has now gone and humanity is not of the same mental structure now. We will find out how and why it was once like this and how it fits our history. Between the time that has gone and the time that got us here is as far back as we have travelled. This is where we will be talking to the Gods, this will be the focus of our contact I have never been to the earth described above but I have listened to people whom know they have lived before. I never talked about the earth of this post, I listened to those with past lives and their descriptions of themselves and their environment, as they remembered it. Many whom know they have lived before on earth before remember a life where they possessed different abilities . Their earth glowed in unique colours, landscapes were alien compared to earth of today , skylight was a different hue and it all felt different. I never heard the mention of shadows. They knew it was earth but could never link it to the earth as now exists. Similarly the ones whom know they have lived on Mars or planets which are not earth. To them the memory is real but the physical attributes of those same planets today, Mars etc., makes comparison impossible. We have no plan to travel back to those times but I am thinking that it would be unatural not to if we can. We can and will travel to the period of the great change. That period of up to three thousand years of realignment. The actual event was abrupt, "zap" and everything changed. What followed were awe inspiring events as our entire solar system settled into what we see and we know today. That "zap" event and the thousand(s) of years of realignment very deeply effected the phyche of the inhabitants of earth. Their survival, through generations of seeing the wonder and of living in through the hell is deeply seated in their subconsciouses to this very day. That same memory is also contained within the archytypes that accompanied them through this journey or formed from their collective experiences of the journey. When the great realignment was complete humanity, looked on with a it`s new minds. They had touched by the Gods. All had watched and lived in wonder, generation upon generation, whilst their world transformed and the sky convulsed with wondress visions and sounds. The sky and their world went from light to dark, light dark, light dark, on and on. They each aquired a shadow, everything aquired a shadow, a perfect dark self. Thousands of Gods came into view everytime it went dark, far away but with one bigger and closer by far than all others . In the light a magnifecent close God radiated it`s power over all and sometimes the God most magnificent in the dark and the God most powerful of the light were seen together. What strangly magnifecent new world it was. It is easy to imagine the criteria that formed in the new minds of humanity once realising that the "war" was settled and it was possible to consider the re-construction of their lost civilisation. Humanities memories retained knowing the essence of life before the now ended catastrophic era and those same new minds were full of the knowledge and experiences, sucessive generations had endured since the very long time past of living those sacredly cherished memories of a life, enjoyed so very much. The sights and sounds, embedded in their new minds, with translation of meaning formed through the physical and emotional experience that the changing era had forced on them combined to form a collective translation of why. Why it occured and what the occurence both physicly and symbolicly said to them. What humanity witnessed while living through the era of chaotic transformation was physical not esorteric. The sights and sounds were never hallucinations, they were physical, touchable, smellable effects of awsome "Gods" manifesting unimaginable feats of power on the grandest of scales continuously over generation upon generation of human life. These physical manifestations were the living story of the Gods in conflict and the saga, with it`s meanings and outcomes, was now as much a part of the true history of humanity as was the remembered endless time of beauty, which preceded it. The final realined settled outcome was known to be the result of the titanic struggle, details and meaning of which were forever more etched deeply into the hearts and minds of all whom survived to recount the saga. They knew whom was who in this new Pantheon of Gods and they knew how those Gods got there and why. The population of earth was spread in much the same area`s we live in today, numbers though were dramatically smaller. Gathered into groups with big gaps in between of few people. Life stlyes being maintained throughout the Gods drama reflecting to a large degree, the environment and circumstances that humanity found it`self in. There were periods of up to several generations at a time when the activity of the Gods, although spectacular, was pretty static and less intrusive. Through these times progress was made in increasing the comfort and quality of their lives. The sky events witnessed and experieced by the whole population were in general global in their manifestation, high in the now alien sky, watched and wondered at by all. Some of these Gods actions physicly touched between the earth and the sky and these, although spectacular and of great scale, were not witnessed by the whole population of the planet. Sound played a big part with the sky frequently filled with a cacophony of alien sounds. The Gods literally screamed and howled with tremendous volume. When the realinement was complete the entire population of the planet earth had lived through the most destructive and terrifying era, beyond the comprehension or imagination of any of todays clever thinkers. The era lasted several thousands of years and the minds of humanity transmuted when forced to endure such continues turmoil. It altered to make sense of all that had become chaos . All humanity retained the memory of their previous time of beauty, passed on as sacred knowledge preserving forever their knowing, never to forget what they they realy are, despite what they had been forced to become. Humans of grace and beauty alive in a divine world of harmonic wonder and effortless peace." "how many generations of mating underground within telluric current light does it take for our birth skin to become whiteis the thought " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As stated not my thought ....... but an interesting notion?
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    Old Skool Near Term Doom Porn

    Maybe this will be of interest to you?
  6. wordsrwind A cry from ancient spirits begging today's generation to remember who they are And I always wondered where @muir went every so often lol .... :)
  7. Ok.... I went through your posts a few times (not just the two within this thread which were addressed to me, but also within this forum .... and the old one) and we are not just of a differing perception of this 'life' .... we are different types of being. I began to construct a reply .... listing all which I feel as abhorrent within your two posts (I began to split them into law, morals and other and then write my considered rebuttals, I even intended to postulate that the mayor of your town use 'droit du seigneur' upon your daughter and that you would acquiesce due to your being complicit to the proffered laws of another and as such a brown-shirt of the first order and a coward ) .... but you know what .... There is no point. All I need do is quote your words above :( I do not consider you a stupid human .... just a subservient one and as such you enable those who are evil within this place. Without your kind they could not do as they will. Take this post in the manner that it is written .... that which I intended to write would have been vastly more critical of you. I do not care for your response ....... time is near an end and you have become meaningless to me. Continue to serve your master .... and become naught.
  8. My post from the music thread.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A short trip to find something I had forgotten.... Why is there a feeling within a particular sound ....... which draws me? So I looked and this is given .... hu being a Mongolian root word for "human" .... Which then lead to something earlier being given ....... This is the sound ....... the feeling :) The 'group' is : Yes this feels right ....... :) Thats closer to home :)
  9. Ok .... I am not going to reply to this yet. I have read it 5 times now and I am rather saddened by it :( I know that we haven't been great buddies or even agree on much of anything .... but I am very surprised that you, handle, consider that which you post to be correct! I actually thought more of you. I would ask you to re-consider it? please!
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    Music You Like

    A short trip to find something I had forgotten.... Why is there a feeling within a particular sound ....... which draws me? So I looked and this is given .... hu being a Mongolian root word for "human" .... Which then lead to something earlier being given ....... This is the sound ....... the feeling :) The 'group' is : Yes this feels right ....... :) Thats closer to home :)
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    The Trump, Israel, Russia alliance

    I will add this .... which is a summery of the UR lodges.... It is a 24 page PDF A summary of the contents of Gioele*Vol. I – THE DISCOVERY OF THE UR-LODGES Magaldi’s book “Massoni” (Freemasons)
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    climate change in Australia

    So.... 0.4% of the atmosphere is Co2.... 3% of the 0.4% is man made .... Let me re-state .... zero point four percent of the 'air' is Carbon dioxide (which is required for fucking life to exist here) and three percent OF THE ZERO POINT FOUR PERCENT is made by the actions of humans! More would be good! New sun-driven cooling period of Earth ‘not far off’ "Nils-Axel Morner, a former head of the Paleo-Geophysics and Geodynamics Department in Stockholm, says a new solar-driven cooling period for the Earth is ‘not far off’."
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    Old Skool Near Term Doom Porn

    lol ....... solo, I do not consider that you need worry in any way, shape nor form :)
  14. Killing Free Speech In Canada by Tyler Durden Thu, 08/15/2019 - 23:05 Authored by Judith Bergman via The Gatestinbe Institute, As has become standard in such cases, the charter contains no definition of what constitutes "hate", making it a catchall for whatever the Canadian government deems politically inopportune. This is all exhaustingly familiar by now: Germany already has legislation that requires social media platforms to censor their users. France is working on it. The Conservative members of the committee... recommended instead that sanctions regarding hate crimes online or elsewhere should be dealt with under the appropriate sections of the Criminal Code. They also recommended that "The definition of 'hate' under the Criminal Code be limited to where a threat of violence, or incitement to violence, is directed against an identifiable group" and that "rather than attempting to control speech and ideas, the Government explore appropriate security measures to address all three elements of a threat: intent, capability and opportunity". "Sickening ideologies which encourage individuals to take the lives of their fellow human beings have faced a concerning proliferation both at home and around the world. Yet sadly, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Members of this Committee have tried to use these troubling events as a way to bolster their political fortunes. They have tried to paint anyone who doesn't subscribe to their narrow value set as an extremist." – Conservative Party dissenting opinion in "Taking Action to End Online Hate". In May, Canada launched a so-called Digital Charter, meant to promote "trust in a digital world". The charter contains ten principles, three of which deal with "hate speech and disinformation". The charter, said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, will target fake news and hate speech online. "The platforms are failing their users, and they're failing our citizens," he said. "They have to step up in a major way to counter disinformation. And if they don't, we will hold them to account and there will be meaningful financial consequences." "The Government of Canada," the charter says, "will defend freedom of expression and protect against online threats and disinformation designed to undermine the integrity of elections and democratic institutions. Canadians can expect that digital platforms will not foster or disseminate hate, violent extremism or criminal content." "There will be clear, meaningful penalties," it adds, "for violations of the laws and regulations that support these principles." As has become standard in such cases, the charter contains no definition of what constitutes "hate", making it a catchall for whatever the Canadian government deems politically inopportune. This is all exhaustingly familiar by now: Germany already has legislation that requires social media platforms to censor their users. Social media companies are obliged to delete or block any online "criminal offenses" within 24 hours of receipt of a user complaint; the German government can fine them up to 50 million euros for failing to comply with the law. France is working on it. The Digital Charter was launched the week after Canada signed the "Christchurch Call to Action -- yet another government-led drive for more censorship in the name of fighting "terrorist and violent extremist content online". Canada already has hate speech laws in its criminal code, according to which anyone who publicly "incites [or willfully promotes] hatred against any identifiable group" commits an indictable offence". The "identifiable group "includes "any section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or mental or physical disability." Section 318 prohibits advocating or promoting genocide. To some, however, the criminal code on hate speech is apparently not enough. In June, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, in a report titled "Taking Action to End Online Hate," recommended that the Canadian government establish a "civil remedy" for those who claim that their human rights have been violated. After hearing a large number of witnesses, the majority of the Committee suggested that Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act -- or something similar to it -- be reinstated. Section 13 was a very controversial provision, repealed in 2013 under the Stephen Harper government after being criticized by free-speech advocates for enabling censorship on the internet. Section 13 stated that it was discriminatory for people to communicate via computer or on the internet "any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt by reason of the fact that that person or those persons are identifiable on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination". [Emphasis added] In its report, the House of Commons Committee also made a number of other recommendations to the Canadian government for the fight against "online hatred", among them: Increasing funding for law enforcement, crown attorneys and judges to ensure sufficient training "on the importance, and the need to combat online hatred, including being sensitive to complainants". Improving data collection, so that the government ensures that, "we have a more complete understanding of the extent of hatred in Canada, particularly hatred that is directed online". This undertaking includes the establishment of "uniform pan-Canadian guidelines and standards for the collection and handling of hate crime data and hate incident data" and "a national database to retain and analyze hate crime and hate incident data". To do this, the committee asks that the government address that "members of marginalized groups... feel more comfortable reporting hate incidents and hate crimes directly to civil society organizations which reflect their community rather than law enforcement officials... resources need to be allocated to assist in the collection of data, by both governmental institutions as well as civil society organizations". Crucially, police forces and other "agents of the state" who work with hate crimes must "reflect the racial, religious, LGBTQ and general diversity of the populations they represent. Police forces, particularly their hate crimes units, must work collaboratively alongside civil society organizations..." A similar cooperative model with civil society organizations already exists in the UK, where the reportedly discredited civil society organization "Tell Mama", for instance, has operated in cooperation with British police. Furthermore, in order to "prevent online hate", the government "should educate the population as to what on the Internet constitutes hate". Unlike many other such initiatives, the committee wants the government to formulate a definition of what constitutes "hate", pointing out: "It is critical that this definition acknowledges persons who are disproportionately targeted by hate speech including but not limited to racial, indigenous, ethnic, linguistic, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religious groups". Finally, and in line with European developments, the committee asks the government "to establish requirements for online platforms and Internet service providers with regards to how they monitor and address incidents of hate speech, and the need to remove all posts that would constitute online hatred in a timely manner". As in Europe, the suggestion is that online platforms will be financially penalized if they fail to live up to the requirements: "Online platforms must have a duty to report regularly to users on data regarding online hate incidents (how many incidents were reported, what actions were taken/what content was removed, and how quickly the action was taken). Failure to properly report on online hate, must lead to significant monetary penalties for the online platform". Not everyone, however, agrees with the proposed strategy for the Canadian government. The Conservative party wrote a dissenting opinion in the report, according to which: "... many of the suggestions would, if implemented, have the dual impact of stifling free speech of those acting in good faith, while also serving to further radicalize bad actors by driving their communication out of the public square... Driving reprehensible ideas underground will not end them. It will merely prevent them from being debated and debunked." The Conservative members of the committee were against reintroducing the repealed section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. They recommended instead that sanctions regarding hate crimes online or elsewhere should be dealt with under the appropriate sections of the Criminal Code. They also recommended that "The definition of 'hate' under the Criminal Code be limited to where a threat of violence, or incitement to violence, is directed against an identifiable group" and that "rather than attempting to control speech and ideas, the Government explore appropriate security measures to address all three elements of a threat: intent, capability and opportunity". The Conservative members conclude: "Far too many innocent individuals have been impacted by extremist violence in recent years. Sickening ideologies which encourage individuals to take the lives of their fellow human beings have faced a concerning proliferation both at home and around the world. Yet sadly, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Members of this Committee have tried to use these troubling events as a way to bolster their political fortunes. They have tried to paint anyone who doesn't subscribe to their narrow value set as an extremist. This is dangerous. Conservatives believe that Canadian society is resilient precisely because it offers a big tent for all sort of views, but that we also must hold those accountable who distribute material that radicalizes individuals and leads to extremist violence". If the government proves sympathetic to the recommendations of the committee, the prospects for free speech in Canada look increasingly bleak.
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    The Trump, Israel, Russia alliance

    Hi Vancity .... are you talking about this when you state 2 factions? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the overview of the 36 Super Lodges ruling this planet with iron fist. Here they are: First Fraction: Democratic, liberal, humane, progressive and revolutionary. They want human economy, partly pretend to believe in God, their philosophy represents John Maynard Keynes (humane capitalism), and they believe in human rights: 1) Thomas Paine (USA): probably involved in sexual revolution. Gioele Magaldi, Edward Carpenter, Frank Podmore. Henry Havelock Ellis, Martha Beatrice Webb, Sidney James Webb, Herbert George Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Annie Besant, Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf, Emmeline Pankhurst, John Stuart Mill, Giuseppe Mazzini, Alexander Herzen, Ferdinand Lasalle, Jules Michelet, Louis Blanc, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Lajos Kossuth, John Bright, Richard Cobden, William E. Gladstone, John Rawls, Chinese Frater Tao. 2) Montesquieu (FRA): French speakers from around the world, involved in sexual revolution. 3) Arjuna Phoenix (INDIA): Gandhi, who was member of Thomas Paine as well. Members from India, Africa, western world. 4) Carrol of Carrollton: Fake Catholics probably. 5) Atlantis Aletheia: Nicolas Sarkozy, Pascal Lamy, Andreas Chrobog, Olaf Scholz, Kostantinos Karamanlis. 6) Benjamin Franklin (USA): well-known members list soon… 7) Christopher Columbus (North America, Canada): well-known members list soon… 8) Daath (ISRA): US-Israel Jews, Yitzhak Rabin. 9) Ecclesia (VATICAN): Catholic leaders of the religious structures, religion is undermined in the world and Vatican. 10) Ferdinand Lassalle (FRA): Francois Hollande, Gehard Schröder, Helmut Schmidt, A. J. Good – pastor, with members of Thomas Paine and France, Germany, adjacent countries. 11) Fraternité Verte (FRA): Francoise Hollande, members from France, Maghreb, Asian colonies, involved in sexual revolution. 12) Gheddurah (Near East): well-known members list soon… 13) Golden Eurasia (EUR): Neutral, has members from both camps. Has also the name Speculum Orientalis Occidentalisque. Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Gehard Schröder, Peter Hartz. 14) Hiram Rhodes Reves (UK): involved in sexual revolution. Martin Luther King (organized march on Washington, was shot), Bayard Rustin. 15) Joannes (USA): involved in sexual revolution. American, English-speaking Catholics worldwide, and of other religions. Rome, Paris, London, Munich. 16) IBN Arabi (Middle East, North Africa): Islamic-Arab members, involved in sexual revolution. 17) Newton Keynes (UK): members of Thomas Paine and Montesquieu. John Rawls, Harold Wilson. 18) Simon Bolivar (Latin America): members of the Latin American region. Salvador Allende. Second Fraction: Anti-Democratic, oligarchic, elitist, technocratic, neo-aristocratic, illiberal, conservative, reactionary, wants tiny high-minded, alchemistic-spiritual elite. Wants apparent rule of the people, until their abolition. Against God. Pulls tactically back to morality and God. Despises human rights, because people in their eyes are only cattle (half animals). Combats humane capitalism. Represents Ludwig van Mises, Friedrich von Hajek, Milton Friedman: 1) Parsifal (GER): Angela Merkel, Gehard Schröder, Olaf Scholz, Axel Alfred Weber, Philipp Rösler, Peter Hartz, Mariano Rajoy. 2) Valhalla (GER): Angela Merkel, Martin Winterkorn, Jürgen Fitsche, Heinrich Hiesinger, Michael Fuchs, Mariano Rajoy. 3) The Ring (GER): Wolfgang Schäuble (Master of the chair), Jean Claude Trichet, Manuel Valls, Andreas Dombret, Jens Weidmann, Thomas Enders, René Obermann, Dieter Zetsche, Klaus Kleinfeld, Michael Diekmann, Manuel Valls. 4) Edmund Burke (UK): Tony Blair, George Bush senior, David Cameron, Mark Carney (Governor of the Bank of England), George Osborne, Nicolas Sarkozy, Manuel Valls, Gaston Thorn, Axel Alfred Weber, A. W. Clausen (World Bank), Margaret Thatcher, MI6 Director Maurice Oldfield, CIA director W. Colby, Alec Douglas-Home. 5) Leviathan (UK): Anglo American members, George Bush senior, Joe Kaeser, Heinrich Hiesinger, Madeleine Albright. 6) Joseph de Maistre (CH, then new founded by Lenin): Europe, Russia, FRA colonies, Wolfang Schäuble, Paul Achleitner, Gustáv Husák. 7) Pan-Europa (AUT): Very powerful European Loge, Jean Claude Trichet, Christine Lagarde, Nicolas Sarkozy, Gaston Thor, Karl Otto Pöhl, Mariano Rajoy. 8) Three Eyes (USA): Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Bush senior, Bill Clinton, Christine Lagarde, Gaston Thorn, Gerald Ford, Andreas Dombret, Martin Winterkorn, Karl Otto Pöhl, Philipp Rösler, M.F. chief J. de Larosière, Ted Kennedy, MI6 Director Maurice Oldfield, P.M. Eyskens, MI5 Director Michael Hanley, and former Belgian P.M. Eyskens, CIA director W. Colby, Alec Douglas-Home, Mason Edward Heath, Stanley Kubrick, Neil Armstrong, R. R. Bowie, James Cornford, George S. Franklin, Gerard C.Smith, Tadashi Yamamoto, Yasumasa Tanaka, Erwin Scheuch, Karl Kaiser, S. M. Lipset, John Meisel, Osama bin Laden – moved to Geburah and Hathor Pentalpha, Antonis Samaras, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice. 9) Amun (JORD): Members from near-East, North Africa, but also from Three Eyes and Jospeh de Maistre. Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Yasser Arafat. 10) White Eagle (USA): Three Eyes, Geburah and Edmund Burke members. George Bush Sr., A. W. Clausen, George P. Schultz, M. Friedman, F. von Hayek, Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, W. H. Webster, Alexander Haig, W. J. Casey, Geoffrey Howe, David Owen, Shirley Williams, Roy Jenkins, Quentin Hogg, Nigel Lawson, R. Leigh-Pemberton, Casper Weinberger, F. Carlucci, Leonore C. Annenberg, Walter Annenberg, Lew Wasserman, Francesco Cossiga, Jacques Chirac, Wilfred Martens, W. Wriston, Michael Leeden. 11) Tao Lodge (CHIN): Members Three Eyes, Chinese and Far Eastern Members, Deng Xiaoping. 12) Hathor Pentalpha (USA): PNAC & ISIS. George Bush Senior and Junior, Jeb Bush, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Al Baghdadi, Samuel Huntington, Donald Kagan, Robert Kagan, Douglas Freith, Richard Dick Cheney, Osama bin Laden, Gehard Schröder, Donald Rumsfeld, Irving Kristol, William Kristol, Dan Quayle, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleezza Rice, Richard Perle, Karl Rove, Michael Leeden, Bill Bennett. From Oman: Qabus bin Said Al Said. From Bahrain: Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. From Saudi Arabia: Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, Salman bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, Muqrin bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, Khalid al-Faysal, Nawwaf bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, Muhammed bin Nayef bin Abd al-Zizu Al Saud. From Iran: Alt Akbar Hashemi Rafsandschani, Mohammed Momen, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei, Heydar Moslehi, Mahmoud Alavi, Valiollah Seif, Katar: Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. From Israel: Ariel Sharon, David Klein, Stanley Fischer, Moshe Ya’alon. From the European Union/Europe: Jan Peter Balkenende, Klaus Kleinfeld, José Maria Aznar, Aleksander Kwasniewski, Nicolas Sarkozy, Marcello Pera, Antonio Martino, Joe Kaeser. Other members in the Middle East. Hathor (Egyptian Goddess) means Isis. Penta = Star of David = Five Stars = five alphas = Pentalpha. 13) Babel Tower: Europe Lodge, Jean Claude Trichet. 14) Compass Star-Rose/Rose Stella Ventorum (USA): name refers to the NATO logo. Members of the military-industrial complex. Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Henry Kissinger, Manuel Valls, Andreas Dombret, Karl Otto Pöhl, Joe Kaeser, Bill Gates, Manuel Valls. 15) Geburah (USA): Near Hathor Pentalpha, oil companies, military industrial complex. PNAC 911, Bush, Erdogan, Nicolas Sarkozy, Joe Kaeser, Heinrich Hiesinger, Osama bin Laden. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More to be read at this link: 36 Illuminati-Masonic Super/Ur-Lodges Rule the World – Towards Its Demise
  16. Shorty videos .... under 20 mins each .... maybe some new thoughts? Maybe not lol ETHER & Ultimate reality as against Atomism The ETHER & Quantum Physics new 'discovery' about energy What defines what a MAGNET is? Qualitative, not Quantitative Metaphysics of Human Intellection. 3 TYPES
  17. Ran out of like again .... shit concept to have within a forum .... Your post make me smile thank you
  18. Tell me "off ramp" .... are you part of the Palladian Order?
  19. ink

    Bacon as a weapon as mass destruction

    The Hybrid Hypothesis 1: Human origins: Are we hybrids? EUGENE M. MCCARTHY, PHD GENETICS, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TLDR .... the supplied link at the bottom of this post: Humans are a hybrid. Created from chimpanzees and pigs. Taking away all the attributes humans have with chimpanzees leaves : Human Traits Not Seen In Other Primates DERMAL FEATURES Naked skin (sparse pelage) Panniculus adiposus (layer of subcutaneous fat) Panniculus carnosus only in face and neck In “hairy skin” region: - Thick epidermis - Crisscrossing congenital lines on epidermis - Patterned epidermal-dermal junction Large content of elastic fiber in skin Thermoregulatory sweating Richly vascularized dermis Normal host for the human flea (Pulex irritans) Dermal melanocytes absent Melanocytes present in matrix of hair follicle Epidermal lipids contain triglycerides and free fatty acids FACIAL FEATURES Lightly pigmented eyes common Protruding, cartilaginous nose Narrow eye opening Short, thick upper lip Philtrum/cleft lip Glabrous mucous membrane bordering lips Eyebrows Heavy eyelashes Earlobes FEATURES RELATING TO BIPEDALITY Short, dorsal spines on first six cervical vertebra Seventh cervical vertebrae: - long dorsal spine - transverse foramens Fewer floating and more non-floating ribs More lumbar vertebrae Fewer sacral vertebrae More coccygeal vertebrae (long “tail bone”) Centralized spine Short pelvis relative to body length Sides of pelvis turn forward Sharp lumbo-sacral promontory Massive gluteal muscles Curved sacrum with short dorsal spines Hind limbs longer than forelimbs Femur: - Condyles equal in size - Knock-kneed - Elliptical condyles - Deep intercondylar notch at lower end of femur - Deep patellar groove with high lateral lip - Crescent-shaped lateral meniscus with two tibial insertions Short malleolus medialis Talus suited strictly for extension and flexion of the foot Long calcaneus relative to foot (metatarsal) length Short digits (relative to chimpanzee) Terminal phalanges blunt (ungual tuberosities) Narrow pelvic outlet ORGANS Diverticulum at cardiac end of stomach Valves of Kerckring Mesenteric arterial arcades Multipyramidal kidneys Heart auricles level Tricuspid valve of heart Laryngeal sacs absent Vocal ligaments Prostate encircles urethra Bulbo-urethral glands present Os penis (baculum) absent. Hymen Absence of periodic sexual swellings in female Ischial callosities absent Nipples low on chest Bicornuate uterus (occasionally present in humans) Labia majora CRANIAL FEATURES Brain lobes: frontal and temporal prominent Thermoregulatory venous plexuses Well-developed system of emissary veins Enlarged nasal bones Divergent eyes (interior of orbit visible from side) Styloid process Large occipital condyles Primitive premolar Large, blunt-cusped (bunodont) molars Thick tooth enamel Helical chewing OTHER TRAITS Nocturnal activity Particular about place of defecation Good swimmer, no fear of water Extended male copulation time Female orgasm Short menstrual cycle Snuggling Tears Alcoholism Terrestrialism (Non-arboreal) Able to exploit a wide range of environments and foods Heart attack Atherosclerosis Cancer (melanoma) And all of the above are within pigs. Also why are pigs used for medical applications .... humans do not reject pig cells. The link created by : EUGENE M. MCCARTHY, PHD GENETICS "This section is a little different from others on this site, because it’s about the findings of my own research. I am a University of Georgia trained geneticist (M.S., Ph.D.) who worked in various genetics laboratories at the University of Georgia and conducted research there from 1989 to 2007 (see my Google+ profile). During those years I also taught biology and genetics at UGA. My work focuses on hybrids and, particularly, the role of hybridization in the evolutionary process. Here, I report certain facts, which seem to indicate that human origins can be traced to hybridization, specifically to hybridization involving the chimpanzee (but not the kind of hybridization you might suppose!). You can access detailed and documented discussions supporting this claim from the table of contents. But I’ll summarize the basic reasoning here, without a lot of citations and footnotes (see below)." http://www.macroevolution.net/human-origins.html Enjoy your long pig ....nom nom nom yummy lol
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    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Epstein: Gateway to the Global Cesspit by David Icke Published on 15 Aug 2019
  21. ink

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    With thanks to Herve at Project Avalon .... CIA-MOSSAD cluster-f**k? Neutralizing the Jeffrey Epstein case Ronald Thomas West Fort Russ News Thu, 15 Aug 2019 15:57 UTC © Washington Times/Fort Russ News "Cohn's job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn's job was to set them up, then they would go along" [1] What is interesting about this small snippet is, 1) Concurrent to the present Epstein case, a subsequent Pentagon pedophilia scandal of epic proportions is not followed, juxtaposed to the Epstein reporting or even reported on at all by mainstream press [2] 2) The 'con' pimping little boys to the Pentagon and Congress happened to be Roy Cohn, a longtime mafioso attorney who cross-references both MOSSAD & CIA via organized crime and, as well, Cohn was a Donald Trump mentor. 3) "Many of the same names that surrounded Cohn until death in the late 1980s would later come to surround Jeffrey Epstein, with their names later appearing in Epstein's now-infamous "little black book"" [3] Other than how it happens Trump (to now) either knew better and/or managed not to be trapped into compromising recording with minors, the question that arises is, how the pedophilia blackmail overlay works out between CIA & MOSSAD relevant to the Pentagon, where (an estimated) 20% of the vast Department of Defense has been plugged into intranet child pornography. [4] But first: The lady doth protest too much, methinks -Hamlet Act III, Scene II "We will get to the bottom of what happened, and there will be accountability" - Attorney General William Barr. That's pretty 'rich' when it is coming from George H.W. Bush's, CIA associated, Attorney General who'd been boss of the Department of Justice, when DoJ was busy covering up intelligence agency crimes while sabotaging the Iran-Contra investigation. [5] "A quarter century ago, the president's attorney general, William Barr, staunchly opposed the independent counsel's investigation of [Iran-Contra] wrongdoing in the White House, and he also firmly supported [George H.W.] Bush's use of pardons as a means of self-protection" [6] But actually, Barr overseeing the Epstein case cuts a bit closer to home: "Prior to resigning from his post at the CIA, Gregg had worked directly under William Casey and, in the late 1970s, alongside a young William Barr in stonewalling the congressional Pike Committee and Church Committee, which investigated the CIA beginning in 1975. Among the things that they [the committees] were tasked with investigating were the CIA's "love traps," or sexual blackmail operations used to lure foreign diplomats to bugged apartments, complete with recording equipment and two-way mirrors" [7], [bold RTW] Then, we have rogue CIA officer Frank Terpil: "Historically, one of Wilson's Agency jobs was to subvert members of both houses [of Congress] by any means necessary.... Certain people could be easily coerced by living out their sexual fantasy in the flesh.... A remembrance of these occasions [was] permanently recorded via selected cameras.... The technicians in charge of filming ... [were] TSD [Technical Services Division of the CIA]. The unwitting porno stars advanced in their political careers, some of [whom] may still be in office"[8] And then, oops! ... it kinda all spills out: © Washington Times One of the most critical parts of the scandal surrounding Spence, however, was the fact that he had been able to enter the White House late at night during the George H.W. Bush administration with young men whom the Washington Times described as "call boys." [9], [10] Except for the fact much of the reporting had been 'resolved' with dropping dead investigators & witnesses, and the subsequent suppression of the Discovery Channel's Conspiracy of Silence documentary detailing William Barr's DoJ (FBI) sabotaging the investigations [11] Now, let's just mention in passing, beyond CIA & MOSSAD, there are two additional intelligence agencies move into the pedophilia play; "The Fellowship" or "The Family" (the Coe Cult behind The National Prayer Breakfast)... "A lot of their key men in a country would be the intelligence [CIA] officers in the American embassy. Throughout their correspondence, that's the kind of guy they would like to have involved [And] They always had a lot of Army intelligence guys involved, Pentagon guys"[12] and "Let's say I hear you raped three little girls. What would I think of you?" The man guessed that Coe would probably think that he was a monster. "No," answered Coe, "I wouldn't."[13] ...and the Catholic Church where pedophilia is not only run rampant but... "Most Catholics don't realize that the principal gatherers of intelligence on the part of the Holy See are the apostolic nuncios and their diplomatic staff, just like the ambassadors and staff of embassies that are deployed around the world by every nation-state" [14] and "the Vatican is .. relying increasingly on reactionary troops. It is closing ranks with evangelists, bible fundamentals and extremely reactionary forces" [15] ...this (immediate) preceding is then punctuated with a relevant exclamation point going to a direct meeting: "On June 5th [2014] Pope Francis met in private with Doug Coe, one of the most influential evangelicals in the US and head of the Family" [16] Now, in the American intelligence political pedophile hen-house longtime CIA operative Attorney General William Barr is presently overseeing investigation of, there are numerous 'hens' belonging not only to the CIA but also belong to MOSSAD, The Family and the Catholic Church. Then we have to factor in the Department of Defense entities Defense Intelligence Agency & National Security Agency with this proposed 2019 Act of Congress: "The END Network Abuse Act would require the Pentagon to enter into agreements with groups including law enforcement, child protection services, social services, and trauma-informed healthcare providers in order to cut down or halt the spread and impact of these images on DOD networks. "The National Criminal Justice Training Center, one of the groups that has thrown its weight behind the bill, reported in 2018 that DOD's network was ranked 19th out of almost 3,000 nationwide networks on the amount of peer-to-peer child pornography sharing" [17] I suppose in 2019 we're not supposed to notice the Department of Defense has been stonewalling any solution to this particular problem for over a decade, here's the 2010 language referring to a problem investigators first identified in 2006: "Due to DCIS [Defense Criminal Investigative Service] headquarters' direction and other DCIS investigative priorities, this investigation is cancelled" [18] Recalling MOSSAD asset... "Cohn's job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn's job was to set them up, then they would go along" ...these several decades later, the actuality of the problem is grown immense; if The Family (who owns Mike Pence, and likely Mike Pompeo and possibly William Barr) wants an arms deal to their international favorites, they have their hens, whether Congressmen to listen attentively and generals and admirals to testify to the proposal positively, MOSSAD has the same (possibly the strongest pedophilia blackmail group), if the Catholic Church wants a particular policy, their hens are in the hen-house as well, not to mention The CIA and the Department of Defense have their golden egg-laying hens. And we've not touched to fact this sordid business is spread throughout the NATO states, the Western intelligence agencies playground. A BIG problem with all of this is, it cannot be intelligently unwound. Example given is where it is all at now, if you lift the lid on MOSSAD, the CIA is also revealed, the overlay is problematic. Too many of the hens are shared property in what amounts to a communal hen-house. This is absolutely a reasonable assumption based on the recent investigative series by investigative journalist Whitney Webb, augmented with a few of this reporter's (yours truly) alternative sources. [19] Now, we come to Donald Trump. Sort of like it is disingenuous when the Hollywood #MeToo victims behave as though they they'd been somehow justified in having gone along and kept their mouths shut (at least Marilyn Monroe had been honest enough to admit the blow-jobs were worth the million $$ contract) and deny any element of having been prostitutes or not knowing what they were getting into (Hollywood is socially incestuous to point one could observe the faces don't change, only the couplings), it should be unreasonable to assert Trump wouldn't have known what was going on in Roy Cohn's & Jeffrey Epstein's social circles. Is there solid evidence of Trump's proactive involvement? Nothing yet. The one (2016) accuser seems to have been a probe or feint (my personal assessment.) The real problem with the 2016 narrative is the woman who 'profiles' as Epstein's 'pimpette' Ghislaine Maxwell is clearly accessory to child rape according to the (dropped) lawsuit narrative, yet self incriminates herself when it is reported: "The woman identified only as Tiffany Doe in the lawsuit, a 'trusted employee' of Epstein's,' corroborated Johnson's' allegations in a telephone call with DailyMail.com, but she refused to reveal her full identity" [20] This almost seems like a 3rd party (intelligence agency) blind feeler to see what reaction it might draw from (and/or attempt to plant paranoia in) Trump. Question of law: Did this information derived from deposition require a criminal referral concerning Tiffany Doe as accessory to child rape per the Canon of Ethics governing counsel? What became of that? The story is full of holes. This is followed on by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre (nee Roberts) denial of any participation by, or even sight of, Trump at Jeffrey Epstein's minor child rape parties. [21] It is perfectly possible will be no 'smoking gun' ties Trump to having screwed Epstein's underage girls or otherwise engaged in pedophilia. Another observation (not a defense) is, everyone who HAS NOT partaken of child sex in close proximity to these social circles of power serving the powerful (Epstein's 'black book') had to be turning a blind eye to those who were. In this case, Trump would be far from unique. Did Trump mentor Roy Cohn warn Trump early on? That question (and questions like it) will probably never be answered. On the other hand, Trump profiles (paranoid to point of germ-o-phobe) as someone with a better chance of avoiding the intelligence agencies designer drugs; where the will is broken down in sexual entrapment so sophisticated, those poisoned never realize what had happened to them, how they suddenly wanted to **** a little kid. It would make sense Trump had security assigned to his food intake, little different to a king's 'food taster.' Especially if he'd been tipped off. Finally, the question that can be asked but cannot yet be answered. In whose interest is it the Epstein pedophilia operation be blown open? Or is it just some cosmic snafu biting the shadow government & deep state on the butt? Stay tuned. Notes: [1] Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case [2] House bill targets use of Pentagon networks for child pornography [3] see link at reference [1] [4] The Swamp: 20% of Pentagon staff are Pedophiles in 'Christian' America [5] Attorney General William Barr says there were 'serious irregularities' at jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself [6] What Does William Barr Have to Do With Iran Contra? [7] Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump's Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era [8] see reference [7] [9] same as reference [8] & [7] [10] Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush 'Call boys' took midnight tour of White House [11] Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary) http://vimeo.com/76198401 [12] Meet 'The Family' [13] Sex and power inside "the C Street House" [14] Santa Alleanza: The Vatican Intelligence Service [15] Interview With Gay Theologian David Berger 'A Large Proportion of Catholic Clerics and Trainee Priests Are Homosexual' [16] 'A Large Proportion of Catholic Clerics and Trainee Priests Are Homosexual' [17] House bill targets use of Pentagon networks for child pornography [18] The Pentagon's Pedophile Problem [19] The Epstein Chronicles* [20] Trump's 13-year-old 'rape victim' dramatically DROPS her case [21] Epstein Documents Hit; Accuser Says Trump 'Didn't Partake In Any Sex With Any Of Us' Ronald Thomas West is a former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, and a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald's Western educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.
  22. Something which made me laugh .... A professor Kelly had his students create two hoaxes for a project called "Lying about the past" back in 2008 which he wanted to see if they would go viral and become 'truth'! One was put out to the main stream and the other to Reddit (this is before Reddit became over ran with shills) .... the main stream one was taken as truth and had to be told that it was a lie .... the Reddit one took only 26 mins before being called out as a lie! One is the 'slave' mentality .... the other has open and critical self thought. Just made me laugh as I was reading the thread over there :)
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    Old Skool Near Term Doom Porn

    My intention at the start was to create interaction and thought .... but things change (without movement all is still and dead) so a quick 17 pages from World in peril .... http://crazybrainspiders.com/books/Kenneth White - World in Peril (extracted pages).pdf
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    Any flat earthers about?

    As I have stated .... this is a realm .... but I enjoy to read and consider concepts and ideas .... Here are two which I have not read before! 57. The Newtonian hypothesis involves the necessity of the Sun, in the case of a lunar eclipse, being on the opposite side of a globular earth, to cast its shadow on the Moon: but, since eclipses of the Moon have taken place with both the Sun and the Moon above the horizon, it follows that it cannot be the shadow of the Earth that eclipses the Moon; that the theory is a blunder; and that it is nothing less than a proof that the Earth is not a globe. 16. If the Earth were a globe, the distance round its surface at, say, 45 “degrees” south latitude, could not possibly be any greater than it is at the same latitude north; but, since it is found by navigators to be twice the distance—to say the least of it—or, double the distance it ought to be according to the globular theory, it is a proof that the Earth is not a globe. from : One Hundred Proofs That the Earth Is Not a Globe by William Carpenter
  25. He did mate .... how there can be a discussion as to the technicality of an act of child fucking and if it is morally ok .... I don't know! As to this thread .... I will still document (via images) all who post there but I will not any longer re-post here! But .... if there comes a need .... I will have it all :)