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  1. TooleyStu

    Migration from FB to here...

    Yup, David Icke Supergroup.. So, as admin has all our email addy, if they shut this one, he can advise and regroup under another name. Sounds a bit cloak and dagger, but if 'they' can shut the convo down, i think they will. Tooley
  2. TooleyStu


    Day 10 of lockdown... The sky in Spain is trail free, for the first time in ages.. * * which is nice...
  3. TooleyStu


    I call.. cover story. Smoke and mirrors.
  4. TooleyStu

    Migration from FB to here...

    Fluke, I think we have major disruption occurring on all social media, but maybe this forum will escape as it is moderated by real people. Fb, Twitter, InstaG .. all will be heavily locked down as things unfold (according to the 'plan'). The plan seems accurate so far, hitting the milestones +/- 24 hrs. Toolie.
  5. TooleyStu

    Migration from FB to here...

    Gents, Ladies, Others. I am 'reasonably' sure Facebook will have a major blockage in the coming weeks. Do we think this forum here will stay operative? I am currently on a free thinker forum on FB, much good info passes on there. Actually named in honour of the man himself. And over 5000 members (not all active) Should I pass on the details for this forum, as a back up when the hammer/axe falls? Toolie.
  6. TooleyStu

    The Flu Vaccine

    We have just had a bad strain in Spain, knocks you out for 2 days.. 10 days recovery, then it returns, over and over. I got it, went down hard for 24 hrs, now back to normal, hacking cough for 3 weeks now cleared. But.. I run a calm life, lots (9hrs) of Melatonin rich sleep with no wifi.. and try to alkaline the body with lemon and apple cider vinegar. Meditation tapes as I fall asleep every night (works on the sub conscious as you go Beta/Alpha/Delta brain). Flu jab? Only if strapped to a table.. and then, maybe.
  7. TooleyStu

    coronavirus mega thread

    it gets worse.... "You have people in power who eat children while they are alive. Now you need to consider what would stop people like that from releasing something like this. Nothing would, they are that evil." 5g + mutating virus (click to view)
  8. TooleyStu

    will brexit happen on the 31th of jan?

    Clearly a grab headline, worded to create impact. Rolling tobacco is NOT being banned, the sale of menthol filters and non-bland paprs are. typical Mirror bullshit. (no reflection on the original poster)
  9. TooleyStu

    5g and chems.. the link

    I have been searching for a reason behind chemtrails for about 6 months... this seems to be the most favorable so far.
  10. TooleyStu

    Chems and 5g .. the link

    I have been searching for a reason behind chemtrails for about 6 months... this seems to be the most favorable so far.
  11. Follows the govmnt propaganda
  12. TooleyStu

    Why block out the sun with chemtrails?

    May have found a link between chems etc. (have also posted as a new topic) http://5g-emf.com/5g-the-pineal-gland-aluminium-glyphosate-fluoride-wi-fi/?fbclid=IwAR11sjHgFSTCepTgmUL54bxauGym0Pm4qjLODjMm_gqcOxFOqTiOjqFsJKA
  13. One vid.. explains a lot please watch and comment. http://5g-emf.com/5g-the-pineal-gland-aluminium-glyphosate-fluoride-wi-fi/?fbclid=IwAR11sjHgFSTCepTgmUL54bxauGym0Pm4qjLODjMm_gqcOxFOqTiOjqFsJKA
  14. One vid.. says it all please watch and comment, could he be right? http://5g-emf.com/5g-the-pineal-gland-aluminium-glyphosate-fluoride-wi-fi/?fbclid=IwAR11sjHgFSTCepTgmUL54bxauGym0Pm4qjLODjMm_gqcOxFOqTiOjqFsJKA
  15. TooleyStu

    Terry Jones conspiracy..