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  1. northern star

    Forum Attacked

    Maybe, and Id like to think so. Anyway this shit is kicking off, just as predicted. About 80 people have died in Australia from coronavirus.
  2. northern star

    Forum Attacked

    Cant believe Robbie hasnt seen his fair share of nefarious activities! I think they do pick people carefully though, as they do in the freemasons as you say, and he might not have been one. Maybe his role is to go in and try and calm this whole thing down, as conspiracies have been going viral and getting out of hand. The interview had that kind of vibe to me.
  3. northern star

    What are your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer?

    Strange about the Madeleine McCann suspects photofit too, that looked exactly like the Podestas. This was used on an hour long Crimewatch special on the subject
  4. northern star

    Forum Attacked

    47 mins in they start to talk about conspiracies, youtube, Icke , etc and denying any Illuminati stuff in his experience
  5. northern star

    What are your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer?

    He's clearly been a highly influential person at the heart of government for many years. He was the first person to inform Bill Clinton of the death of JFK Jr in 1999. https://apnews.com/6a8996bdd429fe72f6511b023ca0ba12
  6. northern star

    What are your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer?

    Thanks mdx. I am aware of those things and the usual cover ups by the media. Ive seen plenty of UFO footage, but my point is Ive never seen a shred of evidence of aliens. People have their own filming facilities and the ability to make their own youtubes or spread stuff widely, outside of the mainstream media, to capture these entities. But nobody ever has. Also there have been numerous whistleblowers from Area 51, and the Deep Underground Military Bases, and no photographic evidence has emerged of actual alien life forms.
  7. northern star

    What are your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer?

    I was well into him back in the late '90s and even had quite a bit of communication with his very nice secretary in his office in the States. The country singer John Denver had recently died and he was involved with Dr Greer and his Disclosure thing, helping to bring it to world attention. It was quite exciting at the time but nothing whatsoever seems to have been "disclosed" over the ensuing years. In these days of mobile phones and nano-technology you would think somebody, somewhere, would put forth a photo or evidence of aliens, but I havent seen any. Not a jot. Apart from the Roswell stuff that was supposedly filmed in the 1940s. How could the deep state keep their existence a secret? If aliens did make it here through space or from another dimension, they must have the supernatural capabilities to overwhelm world leaders from causing havoc and all the grief and problems we have on earth. I dont think people would be too frightened about it. Probably quite the opposite. Things couldnt be more surreal and troubling on earth as it is. Why dont they just show themselves? Why doesnt Greer go on Alex Jones with one?
  8. northern star

    Forum Attacked

    What does Q stand for? What is on the head of a monarch? Why has it been inverted into a virus? Why is a crown of thorns not a crown of blossoms? Who stole the crown?