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  1. Donald Woodward

    Requesting a meeting with Reptilians

    I always thought it was my imagination that would provide the image of a reptilian to anyone who made me feel like I was in danger or I subconsciously felt a reason to be afraid of someone. During my teen years I would draw a lot of reptilian pictures showing them engaged in different tasks, today I think my imagination was being influenced by the television shows I watched. It is amazing how easily I was manipulated by the media and did not realize it.
  2. Donald Woodward

    Archon Stories and Writing

    If there is a possible quantum level of existence where other dimensions can be accessed, it would not be impossible to include archons and an external self that each individual has. The external self could be our spirit, sub-conscious, etc. It is possible that archons are our external self and we simply do not have the means to correctly interpret these other dimensions. Quantum computers may help bring about a better understanding of these other dimensions. I am not sure "spiritual growth" is possible at this time because of human interference that is keeping us from advancing personal discovery. Sometimes it seems clear that there is something working behind the scenes manipulating how we react to situations as they occur. 9-11, housing crisis 2008, homeless increase, an increasing number of low-class, etc. These are all important areas that should be focused on but instead, we focus on the pedos, Russian control, police murders, etc. These are all important subjects and all need to be discussed, but the media is able to pull and push societies in different directions all the time and nothing seems to get accomplished. I see it as human manipulation, taking advantage of whatever presents itself at the time and using it to gain power and money. The rewards for advancing entropy is greater than advancing creative actions. It is much easier to destroy, create suffering and abuse people than it is to do positive actions. The question remains as why are societies easily manipulated and why is it so easy to forget resolving what is really happening when different actions occurs. I am just rambling and I only have questions, not answers. As far as conspiracies and a good story go, there are just so many different directions that could be taken. I want to connect it to external consciousness and the possible interference that could be happening, preventing interpretation of our ideas and thoughts.
  3. Donald Woodward

    Archon Stories and Writing

    I don't understand why I am feeling a pending doom and gloom. it comes and goes, with nothing ever happening that I am aware of so it is just an unjustified feeling not based on any fact. The same will sometimes happen with a positive uplifting feeling and again nothing happens to justify it (except for the drugs I take to make me feel that way, sometimes I forget to take them)
  4. Donald Woodward

    Why Is Icke Angry?

    I think Icke is trying to express his own interpretation of what he sees around him. His view is great for stimulating thought, but like everything else, it is only true when you experience it for yourself, otherwise, everyone has their own interpretation of facts that may or may not be available or correct. His expressing anger is likely for getting attention. I disagree with his interpretation of archons and I have my own interpretation of the Nag Hammadi text (transcribed to English). My interpretation is correct for me. it does not need to meet anyone's approval but mine. That is the only way anyone can do it when there is no way to understand the supernatural except to experience it for themselves. As far as pedo's go that is up to someone else to make accusations of, not me. seeing Reptilians is an individual interpretation of something that cannot be explained in our dimension. if I see a reptilian, then my senses, limited as they are, are trying to tell me something is different and may be dangerous. Everyone has a story, some are more interesting than others.
  5. Donald Woodward

    Archon Stories and Writing

    Archons exist in a quantum-like dimension in the same way external consciousness does. If external consciousness is sentient then archons may represent our own external self. I always felt lucky or blessed depending on the religious view. But it has always felt like I had an angel on my shoulder watching out for my demise, and I was always getting into trouble because I believe we are here to simply experience life, good or bad. so I tried to enjoy myself to the fullest and have fun. I moved around a lot. I experienced different cultures, experienced different drugs, experienced lots of different women and followed a code of D&D (drugs and debauchery). In return, I was rewarded with a life I enjoyed even now. I had plenty of bad experiences along with the good. The idea is to go out and just experience life. Don't get experience second-hand through someone else. Don't take my word or anyone else's word as the truth until you have experienced it for yourself. What is good for one person may not be good for you. Find out for yourself. The experience (s) become a part of our external self. In return, we get ideas and thoughts that we may not have ever considered if we had not gone out and experienced everything (as much as possible) for ourselves.
  6. Donald Woodward

    Virginia Roberts & Carl Beech

    There are a whole lot of references to C.I.A. involvement and how the agency will keep hiding the kind of information Epstein had so it can be used to control those involved. This sounds to be most likely correct which means there will be a few sacrificial lambs and after that everything will be forgotten. This is just how things are done.
  7. Donald Woodward

    The Problem With Icke's Work...

    I have reached an age where telling a good story is about all I am able to do. Thinking back to my youthful days, I was just as much a part of the problem as most everyone else. I was only interested in having fun, even at the expense of others, although I did not think of things like that at the time, I thought everybody else was just like me, living life and having fun. Even my definition of fun back then could be seen as part of the problem and part of the cabal. I learned early on that what I know and what I have experienced is not something that can be given to anyone else. Even my knowledge of God cannot be shared. It is up to each individual to reach out for their own experience and sadly, too many allow movies and other peoples experiences to become their own second -hand experience While it is true that everything has been said in one way or form before, it must be an individual experience for each of us. The only thing I want to do is tell my younger friends to go out and experience life, that is why we are here. The information David is providing may be correct, partially correct or even wrong. It is important to remember that unless you have witnessed or experienced it for yourself, then it is only second hand and may or may not be correct. Personally, I do not see archons as a problem, it is the human choice to do evil. Even if there are reptilians or hybrids, then it is apparent that they are just like any of us taking advantage of what is available to them, money, power, knowledge, control, etc. Anyone who has these can do good or evil but because of entropy things that we would most likely see as evil is just easier to do and more readily rewarded because, in the end everything must die, so use it or lose it. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
  8. I love a good story. Until I experience something for myself, it is only a good story. Too many are relying on others to provide them with a second-hand experience instead of seeking it on their own. This is destroying our society.

  9. Donald Woodward

    The Problem With Icke's Work...

    With the introduction of media, books, and the internet people have started using what they read or learn through those tools as a real experience. This is denying so many people their own opportunity to go out in the world and experience it for themselves. I see too many people today that think they understand what it is like to live in another country because of what they have read or watched on tv or the internet but it will not replace the real experience of doing it. this really has become a serious problem. nothing can replace personal experience but there are too many people that go no further than their front door their whole life and reliy on someone else to do the real experience and then relay it to them, second hand. This is why so many people are being manipulated with second-hand information when they should have had the opportunity to experience it for themselves.
  10. Donald Woodward

    Archon Stories and Writing

    those who perform evil deeds seem to get more rewards than those who would do good deeds. this may be because reality is designed to slowly decay under entropy which is a negative or destructive force. there is something that cannot be easily observed that is taking us to the edge of self-destruction and it is likely humans taking advantage of the idea that entropy cannot be avoided so why not get as much out of life as possible. "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" I choose to experience life both good and bad, but there are boundaries I refuse to cross, there are others, however, that will cross those boundaries and purposely done. I see our reason for living is to simply experience life good and bad.
  11. Donald Woodward

    Archon Stories and Writing

    Thanks for providing a positive feed. I love a good story and the Nag Hammadi text and writings on archons are really interesting. I like being creative with the idea that if there is an external consciousness then it may have a sentient side to it which could be understood as something like an archon. But I don't like putting the blame on an outside influence for the evil things people do. I like the idea that we live to experience life and these experiences are collected in an external consciousness field, using the quantum field theory. who knows what may exist on the quantum level. quantum computers are proving there is more to dimensional theories than we currently understand.
  12. Donald Woodward

    Archon Stories and Writing

    Something so powerful it is not afraid to perform "in your face" attacks such as the possible murder of Epstein. It doesn't matter if it is suicide or murder, what really matters is the most important people involved in this will be saved. I call it "the wind" because you can't ever see it but you do see what damage is done afterward. If it involves something supernatural then it could be archons or the influence of the archons. it is amazing at how obvious some of the crimes are that you almost can't believe it possible.
  13. Donald Woodward

    The Problem With Icke's Work...

    David Icke provides several interpretations of the supernatural or things we do not yet have the words or concepts to explain. Some will find this satisfactory, but for those who have their own experience with what I call the supernatural, there is a need to use your own imagination to attempt to explain the encountered experience.
  14. Donald Woodward

    The "Q" Phenomena

    I've become totally disillusioned with the "Q Phenominom". I really do believe everything we see coming from our politicians, including q, are for a distraction and everything is designed for entertainment purposes only. as far as who is in control, I have no idea, but it is not the entertainment that is for sure. I do know we are completely programmed or brainwashed into responding to the topics the media puts in front of us and we pay very little attention to anything the media chooses to ignore or stops talking about. I don't think it is possible to change any of this, but I do try to follow alternative news using youtube and staying away from anything that supports either party. I will vote for a third party when the time comes even though I know there is little chance of winning. Until money is taken out of politics, regulations placed on banks and corporations, and taxing the hell out of the super-rich, we will stay imprisoned in a dystopian oligarchy which has been running our country since it was created.
  15. Donald Woodward

    Archon Stories and Writing

    Hi Patrick, I recently had a pacemaker put in and it feels like I can't focus on what I was writing about any longer. I apologize for not getting back sooner. I still have an interest in politics, but I seem to have lost my imagination lately. I enjoy researching possible conspiracy and supernatural topics but my mind won't stay focused long enough to keep a line of thought going (hopefully that made sense) I am checking out the site you recommended, thank you.