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  1. BobR

    Could 5G Wifi make animals violent?

    The body is basically a bioelectric machine. Our brain, heart, nervous system, etc are all driven by electrical impulses. There are unique frequencies associated with each one of these systems. The same is true of our emotions. Microwaves do have the ability influence the brain and emotions (depending on the power, frequency and modulation of the signal). This has been widely studied in research going back many decades. The same holds true for animals as well. I have lived in areas with high levels of microwave radiation and have seen my own pets, and others, react negatively and in similar ways to people living there. However, in order to have the most profound effect, the microwave signal has to be “tuned” to the individual or animal that is targeted to illicit the desired physical and/or psychological response.
  2. How Numbers and Statistics Rule Our Lives The most recent job statistics were just released by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). They were great! Unemployment is the lowest that it has been in decades. Of course President Trump was quick to take credit for this, and the stock market rose nearly 200 points in celebration of the news. However, are these numbers a true reflection of the job market and the economy? I would suggest not. The official unemployment statistic (U3) that the BLS quotes doesn’t account for the underemployed (high qualified people working in low income jobs), those people forced to work in part-time jobs vs. full-time jobs, those that are unemployed that have left the job market due to frustration, and the overall quality of jobs that are available today vs. those that were available in previous years. Look at the massive tent cities erupting in major cities. Look at all the people that are forced to work in lower paying service jobs because there aren't any other jobs available. Something is clearly not right here. Just on the other side of the glowing statistics and glittering cities, lies the true reality of America... The true reality of America...tent cities, drug addiction, alcoholism, decaying infrastructure, and low paying jobs. Over the last 20 years I've noticed a distinct trend in the economy, the labor market and society. The truth is, many people never recovered from the crash of 2008. The rich got pardoned and rewarded for their crimes, while those that were affected by those crimes, got discarded and lost in the system. There is a sense of hopelessness that is growing in society today, just below the surface, that is clearly reflected in the skyrocketing homeless population, the growing suicides, the substance abuse and addiction epidemics, and the escapism into virtual reality and illusion (to escape the real world). Sure, jobs are being created. But what kinds of jobs are they? The professional and highly skilled jobs of the past are becoming harder and harder to find. Young adults are being sold the fantasy that if they go to college, there will be a good job waiting for them when they graduate. However, the reality is that the jobs that are waiting for them are mostly at places like Walmart, McDonalds, Target, Amazon, restaurants, coffee shops, warehouses, and gas stations. "Hi, I will be your server today...I have a PhD in economics, $75,000 in student loan debt, I live in a 500 sq ft apartment with two other people, I can't afford a car, and I supplement my income with food stamps...what can I get for you today?" In 2000, I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area and working for Salomon Smith Barney as a client manager in what was the largest investment group in the US at the time. The group that I worked for serviced the ESPP (employee stock purchase plan) and stock option plans for all of the major high tech companies in Silicon Valley. It was an exciting and scary time to be working in finance back then. Stocks were skyrocketing, technology was booming, IPOs were everywhere and millionaires were being created overnight. Everybody was making money, the economy was good, excess was the rule (rather than the exception) and all seemed well...that is until reality hit us. Not long after this the dot com tech bubble burst and, by 2002, almost 5 trillion dollars had been lost. Many of the darling tech companies that Wall Street had previously promoted, simply vanished. Millionaires lost their millions, people lost their jobs, their houses, their cars, and were suddenly unemployed. So what happen? Blindness happen, corruption happen, greed happen, obscene excesses happen, and the loss of our minds (common sense) happen. Now it is happening again. Having worked in the financial markets leading up to both the dot com crash and the crash of 2008, it is rather unsettling to see the same thing again (but on a much larger scale). It's not the kind of deja vu that you want to experience. The same types of number games that led to those previous crashes, are happening again, but few people seem to be able to see it. My largest client at Salomon Smith Barney was Amazon. Fortunately for all the shoppers in the world, Amazon survived the dot com bubble and went on to become the largest online retailer in the world. Although I worked in the industry for a few more years, I decided to leave just prior to the 2008 crash. By then I had seen enough of the corruption, criminal behavior, market manipulation and wild excesses. As a result of those experiences, I took some time off to write and contemplate things for while. Then in 2016, I reentered the job market and coincidently ended up working for Amazon at one of their gigantic newly constructed Fulfillment Centers in the Midwest. I'm going to use Amazon here as a case study because I think that it is a good example of the labor trends that we are seeing today, the income inequality, and the practices that are routinely used to inhumanly suppress other people in the name of growth, power and control. I started off at Amazon, not as an executive, but as an "associate" making $13.50 an hour. This was the standard rate of pay at Amazon at the time and the wage that most workers earned there. My shift consisted of a 10 hour work day, standing in one place the entire time isolated from others and interacting with robots only. The culture at Amazon, enforced by management, actually discouraged interaction with others due to the potential impact that it might have on production numbers. Leaving your station for any reason, including going to the restroom, was frowned upon. On several occasions, I was actually scolded by management for leaving my station for five minutes in order to use the restroom. People at Amazon are not identified as people, but rather by the barcode on their badges. Your sole worth and value at Amazon is based entirely on your numbers and your stats (which are measured in tenths of a second). As an associate, if you leave your station for a moment and try to assist another human being with a problem or question, you run the risk of either being reprimanded by management, or your stats suffering (and your worth to management suffering) . Employee #123456789, please return to your designated post. Amazon's mascot is the cardboard robot seen on this banner. It's the first thing that you see when you walk into Amazon each day, and it's usually what you feel like at the end of each day. At Amazon, the idea of precrime is taken to the extreme. Cameras are everywhere and follow your every move. Upon exiting the building, you are required to walk through a metal detector, and if the detector goes off for any reason, then you are pulled aside to another screening area and then manually screened by additional security. Although Big Brother cameras are everywhere at Amazon, personal cameras and recording devices are not allowed beyond the front entry. On one hand, I suspect this is to protect intellectual property. However, on the other hand, it is probably to protect Amazon from being exposed to the outside world for their deplorable management practices and working conditions. Precrime surveillance. Amazon actively recruits former military personnel and this is reflected in the policies and culture at the company. Although Amazon has yet to initiate a policy of shaving the heads of new recruits, much of the other military mind set and hierarchical structure is clearly present in the culture there. The turnover rate at Amazon is the highest that I have ever seen at a company before. People are frequently treated with disrespect and are not recognized or valued for anything other than the bottom line numbers that management sees on the laptops that they carry around with them. Management works employees as hard as they possibly can, in a sweatshop/third-world country type of atmosphere, and then when they inevitably burn out, they simply hire more workers (hundreds at a time) to replace them. How does Amazon and other companies get away with such practices? Because this is becoming the new "normal" in a labor market that is full of many similar low paying jobs, but very few careers. The mentality of management is this, "if you don't like it, then just quit...we are working with 10 temp agencies right now and we can easily replace you". For corporations, it's a temporary environment that is focused on short-term next quarter profits only, not on long-term health or stability...for the employee, the economy or for the company. I was actually one of the fortunate ones at Amazon in that I had the opportunity to move into a different position while I was there (most people get locked into the highly monotonous and stationary positions that they are hired for). The opportunity was with a group called Amnesty (interesting name that they chose for this). The Amnesty group helps to service the robots and keep them operational, assists other associates with questions and problems, and performs other tasks. Being in Amnesty very much felt like I was being "pardoned" from the monotony of standing in one place for 10 hours with little to no human interaction. I enjoyed Amnesty because it gave me the opportunity to speak to many of the other employees there. What I soon discovered was that there were an alarming number of recent college graduates, skilled workers and professionals that were doing time at Amazon, making $13.50 per hour and enduring the disrespectful atmosphere there, simply because it was the only job that was available. During my time at Amazon, I was asked to speak to upper and lower management three times. The first time that I spoke, I was very critical (in a constructive sort of way) towards the culture at Amazon and how people were being treated there. The second time that I was invited to speak, I was coached by management beforehand as to what I should say at the meeting. The third time that I was asked to speak, I was flat old told by management what I could and couldn't say. I decided to speak the first two times, however due to the imposed restrictions, I declined the third invitation because being told what to say is not really speaking at all. The New Normal - Freedom is Slavery and Free Speech is Silence. So how does this relate to the bigger picture? The focus on numbers and stats is something that we not only see happening at companies such as Amazon, but also in other areas such as social media (which has become the new foundation of our society). This practice of reducing people to numbers and stats is dehumanizing and destructive to the individual, to self-identity, and to self-respect. Role models today are chosen based on numbers. If you are a sports star or movie star that makes millions of dollars, then you are admired and respected by the public. If you are a social media star that has lots of likes and followers, then you are followed by others. If you are a music star with lots of fans and video views, then you are more likely to be popular and accepted by others. People and/or knowledge that makes its way to the top of the numbers game, is what is most likely to be accepted, while everything else is suppressed and discarded (regardless of actual value). We have been trained to value numbers over awareness and truth. The movement away from higher paying professional and skilled jobs to lower paying service jobs means that both parents today normally have to work (often long hours). This is having a negative impact on both families and on children. Children are losing the traditional support and foundation found in family, and it is being replaced with schooling/programming by the state, propaganda, social media, entertainment, video games, and celebrity and sports figures that act as surrogate parents and role models. Celebrities are programmed by the programmers, children are programmed by the celebrities, and society is programmed and directed by the next generation of children. The ruthless practices that companies such as Amazon use to eliminate smaller independent competition, filters down into their company culture and the treatment of their employees. And this, in turn, filters out into society and becomes the new normal and accepted practice. Suppression of individuality and freedom of speech is not only being implemented and encouraged by the government, but it is also being implemented at many companies such as Amazon. One reinforces the other. Destroying higher paying skilled jobs and replacing them with lower paying service jobs means that many individuals and families have to rely on assistance from the government in the form of food stamps or other financial assistance. This serves to hinder the economy and creates an additional layer of influence and control that the government has in our lives. Amazon profits on the low income paid to its employees, while at the same time accepting food stamps for online purchases at its website and profiting off of that as well (just announced). Many people graduate from college today with huge debt burdens. Due to the lack of quality jobs, these people end up becoming debt slaves to the government and corporations though not only their student loan debt, but also the additional debt that they end up carrying in order to supplement the loss of income from lower paying jobs. Self-worth and self-respect are being negatively impacted not only by low quality jobs, but also by the way that employees are being treated at the jobs that are available. What the corporations and the government desire is a population of robots and drones that do as their told, love their servitude, don't question anything, and won't rebel no matter how they are treated. Your value as an employee of corporations is based on numbers...the least amount of money that they can pay you in order to make the most amount of profit for them. Your value, outside of the corporation, is also based on numbers...the more that you buy as a consumer, the more value that you are to the corporation. Your identity to the government is based on your social security number and your drivers license number. Your value to the government is based on numbers as well...the amount of tax revenue that you can generate for the government. To the corporations and the government, we are not the consumer, we are the consumed. However, we are not numbers, we are people. We are only numbers if we allow ourselves to be treated as numbers. Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. He has a net worth that is estimated to be around $160 billion dollars. In 2018, Amazon paid $0 in federal income tax on income of $10 billion dollars. Amazon also received a tax rebate of $129 million from the federal government, which actually ended up producing a negative tax liability. How much is enough? For Jeff Bezos, it appears that he will not be satisfied until he owns and controls everything. The only problem is that Facebook and Google are also trying to own and control everything as well. Growth is healthy. Greed is not. I chose to use Amazon here as an example, not to pick on them specifically, but because I think they represent a culture that is being increasingly implemented in not only companies today, but also in society in general. The desire for more and more power and control is a disease of greed. It's a disease that kills the spirit and kills the host. And it's a disease that will eventually infect and/or kill everybody else around them. How many times have we seen this same thing happen throughout the course of history? Yet we never seem to learn. Perhaps one day we will have a safe vaccine to help protect us from this voracious disease. However, until that day comes, we only have our minds, our memories, our awareness, our conscience, and our morality to help guide us. Music Bob Seger - Feel Like a Number Nirvana - The Man Who Sold the World
  3. A Different Perspective on US Foreign Policy In the video linked below, George Carlin gives his perspective on US foreign policy. It makes a lot of sense when you consider the shape and size of the monument that was erected in dedication of our representatives in Washington... ...and the tools of war that they use to shape US foreign policy. Video George Carlin - US Foreign Policy (warning: video contains profanity) Strange Things Blog
  4. Agreed David. I don't think that we need religions to define what is right and what is wrong, nor do we need them to be the gatekeepers for the destiny of our soul/spirit (consciousness). All religions have the potential to help one become more aware and understanding. Thus, I always try to keep an open mind to those teachings. However, most religions today have been hijacked for purposes of control and subjugation. Too many people today are waiting for a religious savior, when the true savior already exists within each and every one of us.
  5. The idea proposed in the original post was not that good and evil should be balanced, but rather that light (awareness and understanding) should be balanced in such a way as to prevent ignore-ance (the absence of awareness) from overshadowing that light and becoming malignant (as in evil). I think that a big part of the problem today is that many people *don't* know the difference between good and evil, and how evil comes into existence by growing in the shadows through willful ignore-ance.
  6. Great post. I agree with you on all points. I have also suggested the Mystery Babylon connection as well. If you read that part of the Bible, the similarities with the United States are quite eerie.
  7. BobR

    Regime Change Part II - Crisis

    Thanks Incgonito...appreciate the feedback.
  8. Regime Change Part II - Crisis I want to start off this article with a little background on how the dollar came to be the world reserve currency and how the petrodollar came to be the foundation of power for the United States. I think that this is important because it will help set the stage for understanding the immense role that these two things have played in the US economy, US foreign policy and US world dominance. Crisis is perhaps the most effective catalyst for change. Without crisis, there is usually little incentive for change. Those that are in power know and understand this very well. "Ordo ab chao" is a Latin phrase meaning "order from chaos". And that is where this story begins, at the Bretton Woods Conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944. The Bretton Woods Conference (United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference) took place just after WWII and was attended by the leaders from the Allied nations of the world. It's purpose was to create a new world economic "order" from the "chaos" that resulted from WWII. In addition to creating the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the conference also established other policies relating to "world economic order" including designating currency exchange rates that were tied to the value of gold. Prior to WWII, Britain had held hegemony over much of the world's finances. However, due to the enormous debt that it had accumulated and the destruction it had experienced during the war, the world no longer viewed it as a financial leader. The United States, on the other hand, had a vibrant and strong economy, which is what helped to establish the dollar as the new world reserve currency. This switching of financial roles between Britain and the United States is very important (with regards to how it happen). Take note of this, because it is significant in relation to the current situation with the United States. The new financial system that emerged from the Bretton Woods Conference worked fairly well for a while. However, by the late 1960's, increasing US debt due to wars, financial mismanagement, and manipulation of financial markets led other countries to begin to question the safety of holding dollars vs. holding gold. This led to a run on gold as other countries began to exchange their dollars for US gold. As a result of depleting gold reserves, President Nixon declared in 1971 that the US would be leaving the so-called gold standard and that US dollars could no longer be exchanged for gold. This decision transferred the status of the US dollar from one that was based on the real value of gold, to a fiat currency (a currency with no value other than the reputation of the government from which the currency is issued). The movement away from dollars to gold was a big problem for the United States. The large demand for dollars had given the US economy a huge advantage over other economies in the world. For one, it meant that the US could print far more money (due to the high demand for it) to pay for all of its needs and not have the same concerns with inflation (too much money in the economy). Without the ongoing demand for dollars that the US had previously enjoyed, inflation began to rise in the US to dangerous levels during the 1970's. The United States knew that if it wanted to continue the same type of spending, it needed a new plan. In what was perhaps the greatest coup on the world's financial system ever, the United States came up with the idea for the petrodollar in 1973. In order to facilitate this new system (scheme), they turned to the largest oil exporter in the world, Saudi Arabia. The United States offered to provide weapons and protection to Saudi Arabia, and in exchange, Saudi Arabia would agree to only accept dollars in payment for its oil. This meant that any country that wanted to buy oil from Saudi Arabia had to first exchange their currency for dollars. Soon after this, other oil exporting countries followed suit, and the dollar became the new primary (and mandatory) means of exchange for oil in the world. The effect that this deal had on US power, world dominance and economic strength was enormous. First it created a large and steady demand for dollars. This meant that the US could once again print large amounts of money to help finance its military and government spending without having to worry about inflation in the same way that other countries did. Secondly, it created a large and ongoing demand for US Treasury bills which further helped to finance military spending and economic expansion. Third, it meant that the US had a significant advantage over other countries in purchasing oil since it could print money in large quantities and directly exchange it for oil, instead of having to first exchange it for another currency (as other countries had to). Fourth, because the dollar was both the world reserve currency and the primary means of exchange for oil, this gave the United States great financial leverage (influence) over world affairs. The financial advantages stated above cannot be overemphasized. They are what has allowed the United States to carry such enormous amounts of debt and spend the incredible amounts of money that it does on the military and still appear to be solvent and prosperous. Because of these financial rewards, protection of the petrodollar system became a significant driving force behind US foreign policy. Have you ever wondered why the US maintains such close ties with a brutal regime such as Saudi Arabia (while at the same time decrying similar behaviors of other regimes)? It's because of the petrodollar and the relationship that the US created with Saudi Arabia back in 1973. Fast forward to current times. In part one of this article, I spoke about one of the primary reasons for the Iraq invasion of 2003. Remember that just prior to the invasion, Saddam Hussein had announced that Iraq would be switching to Euros instead of dollars for Iraq's oil transactions. Right after this announcement, Iraq was invaded, a puppet regime was installed, and Iraq was immediately switched back to the petrodollar. However, this isn't the only example of a war that was fought on the basis of propaganda (with the true underlying cause being the petrodollar). Here a few more examples of petrodollar warfare (using sanctions, penalties, economic war, and/or military action to protect the petrodollar): The Gulf War of 1990 was also a result of protection of the petrodollar. The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq had threatened Saudi Arabia, so per the agreement with Saudi Arabia in 1973, Iraq had to be dealt with. Saddam Hussein had originally been a friend to the US. As long as he cooperated with US foreign policy and didn't disrupt the petrodollar system, the US had agreed to give him weapons and look the other way when he committed atrocities. However, this friendship quickly ended when he threatened the petrodollar system and Saudi Arabia. Suddenly, he was deemed an evil dictator and the US intervened under the premise of saving the people of Iraq and promoting stability in the region (i.e. protecting the petrodollar). Iraq - Round 1 (Gulf War) Iraq - Round 2 (Iraq War) Muammar Gadhafi was also a former friend to the US (as long as he obeyed US foreign policy regarding the petrodollar system). However, when Gadhafi proposed to sell Libyan oil in gold-backed dinars instead of dollars, he also suddenly became evil and Libya was invaded. At the time, Libya was sitting on huge reserves of gold. Because of this, Gadhafi had significant leverage with other countries in the region and was encouraging them to make the switch away from the petrodollar system as well. This is why Gadhafi was taken out with such force. Gadhafi's Gold. Libya The "Axis of Evil" that was so often spoken about by George W. Bush, originally consisted of Iraq, Iran and North Korea. However, later it was expanded to include Cuba, Libya and Syria. What do these countries have in common? They are either outside of the petrodollar system or they threaten the petrodollar system in some way. Were these countries put on the Axis of Evil list because they are evil? Nope. The United States has demonstrated many times in the past that it is willing to look the other way when atrocious behavior occurs...as long as you are willing to play financial (petrodollar) ball with them. If you don't play ball, then you end up on the petrodollar hit list of evil regimes. In February 2006, Syria announced that it would be moving all foreign currency transactions (including oil) away from the dollar to the Euro. Once again, this started the US war drums beating and the propaganda machine churning towards yet another "evil" regime. Syria Iran has been a long time thorn in the side of the US petrodollar system (and world reserve currency monopoly). In 2008, Iran opened the Iranian Oil Bourse to encourage other nations to purchase Iranian oil in currencies other than the dollar. Ever since then, the US propaganda machine has been working full time to paint Iran as a serious nuclear threat and a threat to its own people. Because of Iran's disobedience regarding the petrodollar system, they have been in the crosshairs of the US regime change team for quite some time now. What is the future for Iran? In August 2018, Venezuela declared that it would begin pricing its oil in Euros, Yuan and other currencies (video). Right after that, Venezuela was put on John Bolton's Troika of Tyranny list (interesting that he chose a Russian name for this), sanctioned, covertly manipulated and targeted for invasion and regime change. Sanctions, manipulation, propaganda, and covert actions are acts of war and terrorism against other sovereign nations. They are destabilization efforts carried out by the US government to give it justification for military intervention under the guise of democracy, humanitarianism and protection against the spread of “terrorism”. Nicaragua made it to the Troika of Tyranny list, not because of its atrocities, but because of its strong oil relationship with Venezuela (which was moving outside of the petrodollar system) and because its banks are not within the direct control of the US banking cartels. US Shuts Down Nicaraguan Bank and 106 Employees Lose Their Jobs. Cuba made it to both the Axis of Evil list and to the Troika of Tyranny list because it imports most of its oil from Venezuela, some of it from Russia and refuses to play financial ball with the United States on their terms. Both China and Russia are moving away from the petrodollar system and encouraging others to do so as well. China is the largest oil importer in the world and Russia is the second largest oil exporter in the world. That is a lot of petrodollars at stake. This is why they have suddenly become such big threats to the United States and why there is this new cold war mentality being directed towards them. Any country that directly or indirectly threatens the petrodollar, the monopoly on the world reserve currency, or the US banking cartels, is an enemy of the US and will either be labeled as terrorists, penalized, sanctioned, covertly manipulated, and/or targeted for regime change. Why is the United States acting so desperately, so erratically, and so aggressively towards the rest of the world right now (and towards its own citizens)? The movement away from the petrodollar (and the dollar as the world reserve currency) is threatening to expose the illusion and topple the house of cards that the United States has built around itself. Despite the glowing outward appearance of the economy and the (massaged) positive statistics, the US economy is actually in serious trouble right now. The stock market is seen by many as a barometer of economic health. By this measure, the economy looks really good. However, in reality, the stock market is grossly overvalued and is being driven by many unhealthy factors that have nothing to do with production or profitability. Market value right now is being driven by wild speculation, buybacks of stock by companies, market manipulation, inflation (excess money supply being directed into the market), and most recently by novice investors (which is usually a clear indicator of market tops). None of these things reflect the actual underlying value of the stocks or the companies themselves. Artificially low interest rates brought on by the 2008 crash have encouraged corporations to borrow more and more money in order to fix (hide) their financial shortcomings. This gives the outward illusion that these corporations and the economy are doing much better than they really are. It's a big shell game, involving many creative accounting practices, which are used to move the real problem around and keep it hidden from view. What are some of the real factors that are contributing to the eventual meltdown of the US economy and the fall of the United States as an economic superpower (and its increasing movement towards policies involving economic and military terrorism)? Government/public, corporate and consumer debt is at astronomical levels. By some estimates, the combined debt of the United States is hovering around 30 trillion dollars right now (plus many more trillions in other liabilities and obligations). The ability to service this debt is dependent upon the continual expansion of the economy, which is not realistic based on what I have stated above. Any slow down at all, could result in some very painful or even catastrophic consequences. Consumerism and excesses are driving debt. And debt is driving the economy. There is nothing financially healthy or stable about this. The ability to refinance existing debt is being made more difficult now by more expensive financing (higher interest rates). And there is a large chunk of corporate debt that is coming due soon. If a slow down occurs in the economy right now, there is limited action that can be taken to address it in terms of cutting interest rates or using other measures. There has been an ongoing removal and/or neutering of regulations. Many of these regulations were put in place as a result of previous economic disasters to prevent such things from happening again. Without these stop signs, unsound business practices and wild excesses have been encouraged and continue to grow without hindrance. Tax cuts to corporations help to hide existing problems and encourage the continuation of reckless business practices and excesses. These tax breaks do not help economic growth in the way that many economists suggest. Rather they reward corporations for bad practices and encourage those same practices to continue (similar to bailout in 2008). Excess money ends up going towards executive bonuses, while wages for workers remains stagnant. There is an incentive for corporations to artificially inflate the price of their stock because the compensation of their executives is tied to the price of the stock. There are all kinds of fancy and creative accounting practices that are used to make sure that companies always beat earning estimates and that stock prices increase. Stock buybacks are also being used more and more to help inflate stock prices. However, neither of these things have anything to do with the actual health or profitability of the company. The US money supply is also at dangerous levels. The petrodollar system and the status of the dollar as the world reserve currency helped to create a high and steady demand for dollars in the international community. Historically, this allowed the US government to irresponsibly print enormously large amounts of money without incurring the negative economic impacts associated it (namely inflation). Now that the petrodollar system is disintegrating and the dollar is losing its grace as the world reserve currency, printing huge amounts of money is no longer possible without severe consequences. The US has relied on this practice in the past to artificially prop up the economy, fund the enormous military "budget" and to hide the looming impact of debt that lies just below surface. What do you think will happen to the quality of life in America when those unneeded dollars in the international market come back to roost in the US and the government can no longer print money at will? Demand for US Treasury securities is also deteriorating due to the disintegration of the petrodollar. If there is no need to hold US dollars for oil transactions, then there is little need to invest in US Treasury securities. This dries up another huge source of financing for the US government and military. Widespread sanctions, financial/trade penalties, mafia-like banking practices, and military actions imposed by the US government to protect the petrodollar and the world reserve currency are alienating our allies and causing them to move away from the dollar even faster for their monetary transactions. Due to quantitative easing and historically low interests rates, investors seeking greater yields have turned to the same type of financial products (CDOs and BTOs) that caused the crash of 2008. The bonds in many of these products are often just above junk quality. In a good economy, it isn't so much of an issue. However, in a declining economy, these instruments are usually the first to falter, often causing a domino effect in the rest of the market. The cash to debt ratio (the ability to service debt) in the US is extremely low right now. For many people, that means that insolvency is just a few paychecks away. And for many companies, it may mean that insolvency is just a couple quarters away. What will happen when the economy begins to slow down and show its true health? There are many more facets (schemes) to this that are contributing to the eventual meltdown of the economy. However they are beyond the scope of this article. What this all means is that we have been living in a massive illusion financially. Now that the reality of this is coming into view, the tools that were previously available to artificially prop up the economy and the financial markets (low interest rates, the petrodollar, world reserve currency, bailouts, etc) are either not available or would be much more difficult to use. This will make the next crash and recession make the last one look like a walk in the park. But we keep hearing that the economy is great. It can't really be that bad, can it? Consider this for a moment. What if someone was making $20,000 a year and went out and bought a new house, a new Porsche, a new boat and then used their credit cards to fill their entire house with all kinds of high end furnishings and electronics. Then, what if their neighbor came over and said "wow, you must be doing really well", would their neighbor be correct? Or would that person actually be in way over their head financially, teetering on insolvency, and only projecting the illusion of wealth, security, and stability? The constant political talk of evil dictatorships, terrorism, cold war rhetoric, regimes in need of change, and the spreading of democracy and humanitarianism is a complete smokescreen for what is really going on. What is actually going on is that the financial mafia is desperately trying to protect its turf and dominance in order to avoid losing power. Unfortunately, when the mafia gets backed into a corner, it would much rather start a war then face the truth or consequences of its own actions. Do you think that it is plausible with all of the methods that our government has used to control other nations (sanctions, penalties, propaganda, covert actions, military force, torture, killing, etc) that they won't also use the same methods on their own citizens to try and maintain power and control? I believe that the collapse of the dollar, and the economic consequences associated with it, are inescapable at this point. Perhaps those consequences may be delayed for a while with a war or with some additional illusion, but they will come knocking on our doors eventually. The economic turmoil and civil unrest that will result is probably why the 5G Smart Grid is being implemented so quickly and The Wall is being built with such urgency. These things are being sold to us as benefits, however, in reality they are actually mechanisms of control that are being put in place for something that they know is coming. It's one of the reasons for the huge military expenditures, the militarization of our police forces, the constant surveillance, and the new crowd control measures and other technologies that we are seeing. Right now those in power need the support of the American people. However, when things begin to really unravel, it's a whole different story. Of course they will say that any policies that they implement will be necessary for the safety and security of the people and to maintain social "order" (just as they do now with the occupation of other countries). However, in reality, it will be done to maintain their power and control. If people don't begin to wake up and stand up right now, more wars will be fought in the name of money, power and control. And more lives will be lost for no reason. As the economy begins to contract, jobs will be lost and people won't be able to pay their debts. Houses will be lost. Cars will be lost. Companies that have been artificially propped up with debt will fail. And more jobs will be lost. Banks will fail. Inflation will rise and purchasing power will fall. Restriction of freedoms and corruption will continue to increase, until only corruption remains, and freedom is lost. But this is only part of the story, not the end of it. Remember at the beginning of this article when I said to take note how crisis (WWII, economic instability, and Britain's fall from financial grace) was used to usher in the United Nations Bretton Woods Conference, the World Bank, the IMF and the emergence of the United States as a superpower and holder of the world's reserve currency? Now here we are again...ordo ab chao. The economic fall of the United States, worldwide economic instability, and war will be used to usher in an even greater new world economic order by the United Nations (along with other initiatives such as Agenda 2030). Crisis always opens the door to new legislation and control measures in the name of safety and security (that wouldn't normally be accepted otherwise). We saw this occur right after 9/11, and it has continued ever since. This is not an accident. It is part of a much larger plan that was conceived long ago. How much longer will those in power be able to prop up this ponzi scheme and house of cards? My guess is not much longer. I think that this is reflected in the increasingly desperate actions of those in power. However, the longer that this goes on and the higher that it flies, the greater the fall will be. And the greater that the crisis is, the more leverage that those in power will have to initiate the kinds of changes that they would like to see happen (a new world centralized order). People are being used as pawns on a grand chessboard of power. Those who think they are in power, are being used by those with even greater power, greater insight and more intelligence. At the roots of all this is a transnational consortium of power that has no boundaries and no allegiance to any one country. To them it is only a game, involving pawns, knights, bishops, kings and queens. I understand that this isn't a pretty picture to contemplate. However, it is a realistic assessment of the situation based on what we are seeing now and what we have already seen. Nobody likes to face the truth, or suffer the consequences of not facing the truth. But this is the reality that we are facing. The good news is that the one percent are just that, one percent. They maintain their power by controlling the other ninety nine percent. Remove the pawns from the chessboard, and the kings, queens, knights and bishops don't have much of a game to play. A little information can be a dangerous thing. However, information combined with truth, awareness and understanding, can be a very powerful and beneficial thing. Peace to all. Strange Things Blog
  9. The people in power remind me of little bullies on the playground. In elementary school, it always seemed like there were a couple kids who enjoyed picking on and terrorizing the other kids in school. These kids were self centered, arrogant and walked around like no one could touch them. You know why they did this and got away with it? Because the other kids were too afraid to stand up to them. These bullies acted tough, but in reality it was just a show. As soon as someone stood up to them, their true character came through (which is to say they had no character) and the support that they had gained from terrorizing others quickly faded away. The bullies will continually test us. They will push a little, then wait to see what our reaction is. If there is little resistance from us, then they will push a little more. If there is still little resistance, then they will push a little more. If they still don't see any resistance or aren't met with the appropriate response, then they will just do whatever they want, with complete arrogance, right out in the open. This is what we are seeing now. These crazy, lying, arrogant immoral people at the helm of our political system are supposed to representing the United States and its people. I surely don't want my interests or morality represented by them. How about you? What do you think is going to happen when the world finally gets tired of all the imperialism and bulling of the United States? Do you think that they will just come after the crazy people at the helm, or will they come after everybody and do whatever is necessary to put the bully in its place? That day will come, just like it always does, for the bullies who get too cocky, too arrogant and too stupid. Lets be honest here. Who is the biggest terrorist threat in the world right now? It is the United States. We are the ones imposing sanctions on the entire world, causing immense suffering, destruction and death...not in the name of peace, but in the name of money, power and control. Who has been the main aggressor in the world in the last 20 years? The United States. Who has caused the most instability in the world? The United States. The US isn't even singling out its target "regimes" anymore, they are doing it to everyone including their allies and their own citizens. The worst part of this is that the United States accuses other "regimes" of the exact same thing that we are doing. And then if these countries ever try to defend themselves from the covert actions, economic terrorism and/or military aggression by the US, they are labeled as terrorists. Seriously? It's like a really bad episode of the Twilight Zone or a scene from the Upside Down World in Stranger Things. What is road map the of virtually every empire that ever existed (right before it fell)? They took away the freedoms of their citizens They surveilled and controlled their citizens with greater and greater measures They became increasingly more militaristic and imperialistic Their debt began to grow uncontrollably, their financial leverage disappeared, and their finances began to fail They became even more militaristic and imperialistic The empire crumbled due to the weight of their own greed, and/or was overthrown by their people or by other countries who got tired of being bullied The United States is being used by people who could care less about this country. Their only goal is more money, more power and more control. To quote George Orwell from 1984: "The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power." I don't say these things because I hate the United States. I say them because I am very concerned with what is going on right now and I care about my country, I care about the people in it, and I care about other people in the world. Strange Things Blog
  10. The True Cost of War (In Human Terms) US War Policy (by those who have control of the US) – We dictate morality in the world based on our terms, and our terms only. What happens to those who exhibit true morality (right vs. wrong) in the Land of Freedom? They are drugged, reprimanded, discharged, manipulated, attacked, silenced, and/or imprisoned. The power brokers of this world are using people as pawns, on a grand chessboard, in an immoral never-ending game of power and control of the world. Propaganda drives opinion and belief. And opinion and belief drives our actions. Remember this while reading the morning paper, watching the evening news, streaming your favorite programming, and following the orders of others without question. The true cost of war is the destruction of ourselves, and our humanity. Video Collateral Damage - The True Cost of War (in human terms) Blog Strange Things
  11. BobR

    Regime Change - Part I

    Regime Change - Part I Anytime that you hear the word "regime" uttered by those in power, you can automatically add to it the word "change", because that is what always follows. Regime is one of those psychological trigger words that has been purposely and falsely associated with evil oppressive dictators and "rogue" nation states. However, what is the real definition of a regime? Merriam Webster defines it like this: 1) A regular pattern of occurrence or action 2) A mode of rule or management, as in a form of government Where is the evil in this definition? What the psychological programmers and spin doctors have done here is to take a benign word, and corrupt or invert it in such a way as to give it their own meaning. This is common tactic that is used in the dissemination of propaganda. If you listen closely to the evening news you will see many such words that have been "weaponized" for purposes of psychological manipulation. When you come across these words, bookmark them in your memory, because they are a valuable clue as to what the true agenda is and what those in power are trying to accomplish. What do Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela have in common? They have all been designated (targeted) as "regimes" that are in need of "change". Why? Because they are outside of the control of the US and world banking cartels. Henry Ford one said, "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning". The banking and finance "industries" of the world are purposely made to be complex and boring by the architects of these industries, in order to dissuade an examination and understanding of them, by the people who are governed (ruled) by them. The terms, concepts, and math that are used in banking and finance are almost like a foreign language. Because of this, people would much rather invest in the instruments and products of money, rather than invest in the time that is necessary to understand the system of money. Plainly stated, money is the "industry" and "product" of those in power. And the control of that industry and product, through other products, is the basis of their power. Why is the US the main superpower in the world? Is it because of innovation, technology and the manufacturing of goods? Nope. It is because of the manufacture, manipulation and control of money. Ever wonder why the US can carry such monstrous debt and spend outrageous amounts of money on "defense" (offense) and still have the appearance of being so prosperous? It can maintain this illusion (house of cards) because it has a stranglehold on the world economy and money system. How is this accomplished? It is done mainly through something called the Petrodollar System. What is the most traded and most valuable commodity in the world? Oil. It is oil (and those products derived from oil) that make up the very foundation of our society. If you can control the monetary market in oil, then you have not only gained significant control of the underlying commodity, but also gained access to many of the riches associated with it. Perhaps an analogy may help in understanding this. Gold is one of the most sought after and valuable metals on this planet. The only problem is that gold is spread out all over the world and it is often hard to extract from its source. This makes it difficult to control and gain a monopoly over it. However, what if the only way to extract gold from the earth was with a pick, and you were the only one that manufactured picks and sold them? Then you would gain significant control over the wealth of gold, without having to actually own the mines or do the labor. The petrodollar system was setup so that the majority of oil transactions conducted in the world must be denominated in US dollars. This creates a need for other countries to hold large "reserves" of US dollars in order to pay for their transactions in oil. This, in turn, creates a large demand for US dollars, which is why the US dollar is the world reserve currency. If you are the main broker and owner of the unit of wealth (currency) in the world, then you effectively own and control the world. When transactions are carried out using US dollars or with the US banking system, it automatically places the trading parties involved under US legal jurisdiction. Sanctions (economic war) waged by the US against another country, are normally adhered to by other countries due to the power that the US banks, the petrodollar and the US dollar holds over those countries. The implied message is this, if you don’t play ball, then you risk incurring "penalties" or similar consequences. What would happen if your ownership of that currency started to decline or deteriorate? That is what is happening now. What if the world no longer needed those reserves of dollars and they all came back to the US? What would happen to the economy in the US? What would happen to the power of the power brokers dealing in dollars? It would collapse. What is one of the possible reasons why is the Smart Grid, the 5G (militarized) network and The Wall are being built right now with such urgency? Perhaps it is to prepare for the possible (or inevitable) collapse of the dollar and the chaos that will ensue as a result of this (and/or prepare for the wars that will be initiated to try and stop this collapse from occurring). Or perhaps they are being built for another crisis or arbiter of change? Whatever the case may be, such things aren't imposed on the population with such urgency without a reason (agenda) behind them. It should be clear now why the US will do anything, including using propaganda, imposing sanctions, waging economic war, and if necessary, waging military war in order to prevent the dismantling of the petrodollar system. What was one of the main reasons for the invasion of Iraq in 2003? Was it really for "humanitarian" or defensive purposes? Saddam Hussein, who was originally a friend to the US, maintained that friendship with the US as long as he did what he was told. However, in 2000 (just prior to 9/11), Saddam Hussein announced that he would be moving away from the petrodollar system and he would be switching to Euros for Iraq’s oil transactions. In late 2002, Iraq began converting all of their existing petrodollar reserves into Euros. What happen next? A few months later, the Iraq invasion happen...based on totally fabricated evidence of "weapons of mass destruction" and supposed links to the events of 9/11. Why was this move by Saddam Hussein so significant and such a threat to the US? Iraq is one of the top oil exporters in the world. That is a lot of petrodollars. Because of Iraq's standing in OPEC, it has significant influence on other oil producing countries. In fact, at the time, there was discussion among other countries in the region of also leaving the petrodollar system. Fearing that a domino effect (the loss of their monopoly) might occur, the US invaded Iraq, removed Saddam Hussein, installed some friendly political puppets, and then immediately switched Iraq back to the petrodollar system. The message of that war was clear (to those paying attention), don’t leave the petrodollar system, or you will suffer the consequences. Why was Hugo Chavez characterized as such an evil person by the US? Was it because he was a ruthless dictator that had destroyed Venezuela? Actually he helped to bring Venezuela out of poverty and greatly improved the quality of life there. So what was the real reason? Chavez had just paid off Venezuela's loans with the IMF and cut off ties with both the IMF and the World Bank and was trying to develop a banking system that was outside of the influences of the world banking cartels. This is why he became so "evil" and why the world banking mafia went after him with such a vengeance. If you look behind the scenes at other so-called "regimes" (including the current situation in Venezuela and Cuba), you will see similar reasons for the propaganda, intervention, and their characterization as evil dictators/empires that must be toppled. This is usually done under the pretense of humanitarianism, but in reality, it is done in the name of power and control over the world’s monetary systems. John Bolton, who is intimately associated with the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), was one of the main proponents of "regime change" in Iraq and the propagation of the "axis of evil" idea that we heard so often uttered by George W. Bush (to justify the invasion, or proposed invasion, of these targeted countries). The PNAC is a neoconservative "think tank" that authored a document titled "Rebuilding America’s Defenses". In this document was the following passage, "The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor". One year later, the events of 9/11 occurred...along with the dramatic "changes" that we see in the world today. The power brokers of the world know that the process of desired change is slow, unless there is some type of crisis that occurs to help facilitate that change. The significance of this will be more apparent in part two of this article. Many people have brought up the idea that the US may have had something to do with 9/11 in order to initiate this "process of change". But the US would never do anything like that, right? Have you ever heard of Operation Northwoods? This was an officially documented and declassified false flag operation, that was to be carried out by the US Government, against US citizens and US military assets, in order to justify a war with Cuba. Recently John Bolton, National Security Advisor to President Trump, gave a speech at the Miami Dade College Freedom Tower in which he designated (made up) a new "axis of evil" called the "Troika of Tyranny", which includes Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Hmm, those names sound familiar. In this speech Bolton said the following, "This Troika of Tyranny, this triangle of terror stretching from Havana to Caracas to Managua, is the cause of immense human suffering, the impetus of enormous regional instability, and the genesis of a sordid cradle of communism in the Western Hemisphere…Under President Trump, the United States is taking direct action against all three 'regimes' (there is that name again) to defend the rule of law, liberty, and basic human decency in our region." What right does the US have to interfere in the affairs of other sovereign nations? And after they have covertly, overtly or militarily meddled in their affairs, what right does the US have to say (when these countries try and defend themselves), "see, look these are dangerous 'regimes' that must be toppled". How about looking at our own "regime", and its code of conduct, before looking outside to others? It seems like whenever someone hears the name Trump today, or there is something "negative" that is mentioned in relation to the Trump administration, they automatically get defensive and think that Trump is being bashed. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter who is in office, true power is not seated in the president of the United States. The president, in most cases, is merely a puppet of those that are really in power, who manipulate whomever is in office (from the shadows) to follow their own set of agendas. Anyone who takes a good long honest look at previous presidents and administrations will see that this is clearly the case. That is why the whole right/left paradigm (rule by division) and the hope of meaningful change through presidential elections is a complete farce. John Bolton (current National Security Advisor) along with Elliot Abrams (current Special Representative for Venezuela) are familiar names in neoconservative circles. They are part of a long list of neoconservative names including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz who have exerted great influence on the direction of domestic and foreign policies in both previous and current administrations. And now Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State) seems to be parroting the very same neoconservative ideals of those around him. People want to believe that Trump is different. Yet he surrounds himself with the same neoconservative names that got us into catastrophical messes in the past. In addition, Trump is exhibiting the same willingness to bypass current rules, laws, regulations and the Constitution itself, in order to further the same type of heavy handed policies that we saw play out during the previous administrations of Obama and Bush. Speaking of potential false flags (in relation to Operation Northwoods), China has increasingly been designated as a threat to the US by those that are in power. There are a variety of reasons for this, some of which are valid, and some of which are not valid. However, one big reason for this threat assessment is because China is the largest importer of oil in the world. They have made it clear that they do not want to participate in the petrodollar system. Thus, China has introduced other methods of payment for oil transactions including gold and the Chinese Yuan, as well as encouraged others to conduct their oil transactions outside of the petrodollar system. In an interesting coincidence, these so-called threats (China and Cuba), just happen to have their US embassies bombarded with microwave radiation which resulted in US diplomats becoming very ill. Whomever was responsible for these attacks is "unknown". However, the end result was to give strength to the idea that these countries are, in fact, significant threats to the US. Remember that economic war and/or military intervention, can only be justified in the eyes of the American people, when there is a significant threat that exists. Sanctions (economic war and terror) are most often done under the guise of humanitarian motives, however the true effect of sanctions is anything but humanitarian. It usually works like this, the US carries out sanctions and propaganda against a targeted "regime", destabilizes their economy, demoralizes the people, encourages civil war (and will often wage a "war by proxy" by supporting so-called freedom fighters), waits for everything to implode and crumble, and then offers a new "legitimate" political puppet to the people who will fix everything, but will be friendly to the agendas of US foreign financial policy. I'm not sure which is worse, the sanctions or the fact that the US creates the illusion of being the knight in shining armor by offering "relief" efforts to these countries from the covert war that was that was waged against them (using sanctions, propaganda and covert destabilization efforts). It makes me sick to my stomach to watch this happening over and over again and see the death, destruction and suffering that results (often far more than an overt military war)…all in the name of money, power and control. How do you get on the list of "regimes" designated by the US? You don’t play financial ball with the US (and the world banking cartels) on their terms. Sometimes those in power say that they are promoting so-called "democracy" around the world. But what is democracy really? It is the few, manipulating the many, to follow the agendas of the few. In other words, it is a majority "mob rules" mentality based on the psychological manipulation and coercion of the people that make up the majority. It’s often been said that money is the root of all evil. However, this is not entirely accurate. Money serves a useful purpose as a medium of exchange. It’s not that money itself is evil, it’s how money is used, manipulated and controlled that determines its true nature. This article (as long as it was) barely scratches the surface of this topic. My hope is that it will help to spark some interest and encourage people to do their own research and learn more about this. I’ve included a few links below, and will try and find some others that may help in this process. Videos An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela The Creature From Jekyll Island People have a hard time believing that "conspiracies" exist. However, here is one of the biggest conspiracies and collusions that has ever been perpetuated, and it happen right in front of us, without the knowledge of most of the general population. This presentation is a little long, but it is worth watching in its entirety, because it is very relevant to the information that was discussed above. It is from the book with the same title, which I also highly recommend. Blog - Strange Things
  12. A True Celebration of Easter - With the Most Unpopular and Hated Idea in the World What does Easter mean to you? For Christians, it is a celebration of the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected. Jesus is known as the Son (Sun) and the Light because he fought oppression and helped to bring Light (knowledge, awareness, truth and understanding) to a world that was in dire need of it. Why not celebrate this Easter in the way that Jesus would have wanted it to be celebrated…by helping to increase knowledge, awareness, truth and understanding in the world? The most unpopular and hated idea in the world is that we may actually have some personal responsibility for what is happening to us. To quote a line from The Big Short: "Truth is like poetry, and most people f*cking hate poetry". Talk about politics, celebrities, the latest news, the latest music video, the newest movie, video games, the latest app, the most recent scandal or event or gossip, and people will talk with you (or argue with you) all day long. Talk about responsibility, and people will run away so fast you would think that they were being chased by a hungry lion. Actually, we are being chased by something, it’s just that most people don’t see it or realize it. Nobody wants to look within. It’s why distractions are so popular. However, it is within us that the real solution exists. Those that are in power know and understand this. It’s the purpose of the constant distractions (to grab our attention and move it away from the real underlying issue). The Gifts and the Light (consciousness) within us are being hidden from us. As each day passes, these things are getting further and further away from us. The ultimate goal of the AI and the Control (smart) Grid is to completely and permanently separate us from our greater consciousness. This doesn’t just have grave implications and consequences for our bodies and our minds, but also to our soul/spirit (consciousness) as well. When people hear the word soul/spirit, they usually associate it with religion. However, this has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the reality of what is happening right now. In a true celebration of Easter, was it not Jesus who said, you can do these same things and more? Solutions are found by asking the right questions. In asking the right questions, you will find the right answers. In finding the right answers, you will begin to understand the connections. In understanding the connections, you will discover the root of the problem. And in finding the root of the problem, you will find the answer and the solution. Links for Further Reading When Jesus met Buddha Nested Realities The Road to Dystopia
  13. Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, and Good and Evil There is light and dark (polarities) both within us, and around us. Polarities are the foundation and the "engine" of this universe which allow choice and freewill to exist. Polarities are what makes the "light" of growth possible through the process of learning from "dark" experiences and/or mistakes. Without polarities, we would have uniformity, which is the antithesis of choice, experience, learning and growth. Polarities are not separate from one another. Nor are they in opposition to one another. Rather they are two sides (two faces) of the same coin. When these two faces are aware of each other, then there is an opportunity for balance to occur. However, when these two faces are unaware of each other, then there is an opportunity for imbalance to occur. Light and dark are natural polarities that exist in the natural universe. In contrast, good and evil are human constructs that are derived from a mis-understanding of these natural polarities. Is there such a thing as good and evil? Absolutely. But their relationship to one another has been misunderstood and corrupted in such a way that hides a true understanding of the underlying polarities and principles from which they are derived. There are many different ways to look at the yin/yang symbol. This is what helps to give this symbol its universal appeal. Although, it can be used to explain many different things, its primary meaning revolves around the concepts of polarity, connection, balance, awareness, and understanding. Knowledge and awareness of the light helps to create an understanding of the light. And knowledge and awareness the darkness, helps to create an understanding of the darkness. And having a proper knowledge, awareness and understanding of both the light and the dark, helps to create balance. On the other hand, an ignore-ance of either the light or the dark, can result in imbalance and a situation whereby one grows without the knowledge of the other, into a type of pathology or malignancy, similar to that of cancer. Too much knowledge (light) without an understanding of the dark (the potential of using knowledge inappropriately), can cause the "good" aspect of knowledge to grow and morph into something that is pathologically dark or evil. Likewise, an ignore-ance of the "dark", can allow it to grow and overshadow the "light" of knowledge, awareness and understanding, thereby encouraging the natural polarity of dark to morph from something that is potentially useful (for example, learning from dark experiences and/or mistakes) into something that is malignant and pathological (evil). Evil exists in the world because the natural polarity of darkness has been ignored (pushed further into darkness) and been misunderstood in terms of its true origin. When the "dark" is allowed to grow unimpeded in the shadows without the "light" of knowledge, awareness and understanding to balance it, the end result is evil (imbalance). Evil will exist and continue to grow in this world until darkness (within us and around us) is recognized, understood, properly addressed, and balance is restored once again. That which is outside of us is not separate from that which is inside of us. And that which is inside of us is not separate from that which is outside of us. Each is merely a reflection of the other. Such is true of light and darkness (and its derivatives good and evil). Music Mad Season - The River of Deceit (Could the "mad season" and pain that we are experiencing in the world today be a result of an ignore-ance of the darkness and a state of imbalance?) Links for Further Reading The Expansion of Consciousness The Battle Between the Light and the Dark The Process of Alchemy The Art of Alchemy - Transmuting the Darkness (ignore-ance) into the Light (knowledge, awareness and understanding) Satanic (imbalanced) Influence in Society
  14. BobR

    Intuition: friend or foe?

    Great insight. I agree that intuition and emotions sometimes get mixed up. Both are valuable, but very different in the way that they present themselves. Whether it's emotion or intuition, how we act (or not act) on them is what determines their value. Ultimately though, everything is an opportunity to learn and grow.
  15. BobR

    The Big Short

    I thought it was a great film as well. I didn't work in the bond department at Morgan Stanley. Rather, I worked in a small financial group (similar to what was depicted in the film), on the retail side. Prior to the crash, the signs were clear that something was very wrong, but no one at Morgan Stanley, nor our clients, wanted to acknowledge it. The worst part is that once Morgan Stanley started hemorrhaging money from their failing bond portfolio, they created and sold new financial products to unsuspecting clients based on those worthless bonds to try and recoup their losses. I tried to warn people, but as depicted in the film, everyone was too high on the money they were making to consider the reality of things. I ended up leaving Morgan Stanley just prior to the crash, and haven't worked in the financial sector since.