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  1. First time I have ever shared this story. Please please read till the end. I tried to keep it short but like I said I’ve never told anyone our experience before. I am just wanting some answers if anyone has any clue... kinda want to know we aren’t being followed and that we are in the all clear from this stuff. My partner (now fiancé) and I have been followed by weird bright lights. Some sort of object behind my car, a big ball of light shining directly into my back window, as I was driving home from seeing my fiancé (he lived in lower chittering) in the early hours of the morning. I was driving down a 110km bush road (neaves road, wanneroo,Perth,WA) where no one was behind me the whole time (was driving for about 30mins) then BAM huge light at the back of my car, can only be seen from my rear view mirror (nothing in side mirrors). Looked back at the rear view mirror, then side mirrors then back at the light then road and was gone as quick as it came as if it just disappeared. As it’s a long bush road there were no street lights, I tried to explain it because I couldn’t believe it. There was nothing I could think of that would explain this thing. If it was a car it would have two lights, and even if one was out, the light was in the centre of the back window. And being that height? Even spotties/ headlights on a lifted 4WD wouldn’t be that high up. Plus I have a hyandai accent hatch back, for anything to get that damn close to my back window without hitting my big boot that sticks out, it just couldn’t happen. I thought of everything, even though I totally believe in aliens, having this actually happen to me. Totally different sorry. I freaked out completely, drove another 10 mins home (to Woodvale) ready to tell all and vent to my fiancé about it ... I got home and totally forgot about the whole thing (so not like me as I go crazy for that shit and was scary AF) A couple of days later I randomly remembered (when watching tv I think) and freaked out again about what had happened and that it has totally gone from my memory since then. Anyways, a month or so later the SAME fucking thing happened to my partner! I know sounds so unlikely to outsiders- but I totally believe him, he was never a real believer of them until then and wouldn’t bullshit about that. He is pretty skeptical. But this got to him- especially because the exact same thing happened to me... I’m glad it opened his eyes but damn... should I be glad 😟 He also forget about the event and remembered a while after - then told me. His was coming out of his drive way (in the country,lower chittering) at around 4am heading to work (it was still dark) as if it was waiting for him.... are they following us, watching us? (I lived with him at this point) We we used to camp real close at the area where the object appeared behind my car, often recording and watching weird objects flying in strange and unexplainable ways night after night. ( I was certain it was UFOs, and often wanted to share on sites like this) I Often caught video recordings. I do believe these are the same ones which might be now watching us as we never go camping there anymore... Neither of us have had anything happen after my partners experience which was over 6 months ago but I still wonder why,what,how,who? Should I be worried 😶😶😶 they weren’t exactly discreet.