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  1. "so when a reptilian , through a shape shifting strategy , can assume the exact physical appearance of a human monarch , and has down loaded that humans memory" correlates with my theory that they are cybernetic, machines, etc, reptoids
  2. rooey

    Cayenne Pepper and the Heart

    that article doesn't read very well to be honest. could be fear mongering
  3. rooey

    Don’t hate

    righteous anger is weapon to be used in proper situations
  4. rooey

    12 scientists break ranks

    was the scientific world in consensus anyway over covid19?
  5. there's not much sense in hallucinating an actors jaw away, especially as didn't have other visuals going on
  6. rooey

    Support Extinction Rebellion??

    possibly a bunch of alien ships could come a long and take the most crazy away with them. that could help
  7. yeah but is it good shit ? or bad shit? bad shit is rancid and doesn't help much
  8. rooey

    What do y'all do for work?

    from your perspective, thinking people with power or at least the appearance of, are doing better than yourself... Surely you must of read about the torturous existence of some celebrities and others with money, fame & wealth that do not have a good time of it. Never being satisfied, despite trying constantly (like mick jagger). Well extend that to the bankers financing wars or working on behalf of the deep state mind torturing people until they break mentally so they can control them. Their existence is rotten just like they are, like the devil that wants to know love but can't... ever.
  9. rooey

    What do y'all do for work?

    oh ye of little faith ;)
  10. rooey

    What do y'all do for work?

    they could be trapped into a system and their choice taken away, if that system has it's basis on earth, then they would or could be informed of that and do something about that with their spirit vehicle
  11. rooey

    What do y'all do for work?

    don't the victims of either deserve justice, as existence doesn't just end after death.
  12. rooey

    What are machine elves

    Turned all the lights off in the room, took the DMT hit, fell back onto the sofa, body started to disappear into globules of black matter. Then seemed like was travelling somewhere, got scared because couldn't perceive my breath, so begged to be sent back, saying 'im not ready yet' . All of a sudden got shot back into the dark room, except things were different. The light switch was much bigger and above the switch was a light shining down onto the switch, which didn't really exist in real life. Turned the switch on and the room looked totally different, the walls were a combination of purple and gold, with super intricate detailing that was very beautiful. The clock still existed but looked different and displayed something that wasn't the time. Instinctively ran to the mirror to look at myself and body was made out of rainbows, and appeared much better looking then I do in real life. However was still too scared to enjoy and be curious. So went to call my girlfriend, lol a bit like calling for mummy!!
  13. rooey

    What are machine elves

    good question. With DMT you can request certain things from the elves or ask questions, haven't actually met them, but think they acceded a request to be sent back from a voyage (first time taking DMT) because not being able to perceive my breath for the first time was too scary and wasn't prepared for that. or they just rejected my ass for being a wuss. avoided DMT since then not so much because of that experience but because people who do a lot of it kind of just seemed too weird after that, were too immersed in relativity and was then weary of picking up interdimensional entities... again perhaps just being a wuss or just being sensible
  14. rooey

    Support Extinction Rebellion??

    their rallies are probs organised by the same beings who are running the covid fun. they will be suitable activated after the covid dramas, or whatever is planned next for global focus in the next 5-6 months. What will it will be? killer bee's that only attack eye balls being deformed by pollution invading the cities, blinding all and sundry? or some celebs two young adopted children getting a sex change for their 7th birthday? only time can tell!!
  15. rooey

    What do y'all do for work?

    most deserved the op was totally data fishing anyhow, comes on to a forum, first post ever asks what people do for jobs? probably doing a study for some lame ass university assignment