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  1. think have been mindscanned quite a bit by members of the public (perhaps they aren't human???)
  2. rooey

    Intuition: friend or foe?

    hmm made a post called 'technology: friend or foe' .. got no responses, but this thread has got a lot more replies. Looks like people are happy to question their own stomach, but technology?? nah obviously that's unquestionable
  3. rooey

    Tunnel of Light is actually Lucifer ?

    my dad had an NDE, his heart stopped for 4 minutes during an operation (he was awake, semi put under, which is probably why he didn't die). The only thing he remembers, is viewing a huge field of goldenish colour, which was actually hundreds or more of colours. When talking to him later about mycelium, he remembered what mycelium looked like and said that the huge thing above him was mycelium
  4. think am close to having it sussed
  5. sad that is health isn't doing that well. wishing him good health
  6. rooey

    Why I lean towards the right wing

    fair enough, but there's also stuff going on in music, especially digitally based sounds (usually mid range) that attack the right hand side of your body. Considering that whats happening is quite advanced there have most likely been other attempts to affect people via music or sounds, for better or worse This causes polarisation in people, but not naturally and the other side will find a way to be expressed. that's why the extreme left and right is so rabid in my opinion, instead of expressing the purer qualities of each and complimenting each other before saying am left or right this should be considered.
  7. culture clash is always thing. though is hard to deny that the clashes are seemingly engineered a lot of the time.
  8. like the bombing of Dresden, in my opinion these bombings make more sense if you consider that the allies and Japanese were actually on the same side. The people who weren't on the same side, were those being conned into fighting and killing each other for their 'countries'. So during conflict they also carry out social engineering endeavours they couldn't do on such a scale during peace time
  9. "The difference is that during that time white people have developed an entitlement ideology as if the are better than other races because somehow they suffered more" Haven't noticed the above mentioned narrative. Though victimhood wars are indeed going strongly and people of all creeds are still not able to see past their own trauma and self interest
  10. exactly, Jordan would get bashed on heaps of stuff by a legit crew.
  11. maybe the youtube videos don't do him justice.
  12. rooey

    Taking Musk to Court

    lol that's there for ever now. must of been moody ;) anyway government bodies are giving him permission to do so, so that may make it harder in courts of such countries to pursue him legally in theory would have to go to UN court or something similar. but then would you'd be a globalist??
  13. rooey

    Phillip Schofield on coming out as gay

    bit of a weird/ironic concept talking about the subject on a computer
  14. Peterson's an ego maniac too