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  1. Lui

    Any breatharians in here?

    Skateboarding is no more hazardous than jogging or ironing, not eating or drinking is fatal. It really is that simple, seeking an alternative lifestyle shouldn't mean abandoning logic.
  2. Lui

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    They won't, I was suggesting along the lines of a third party environmental group.
  3. Lui

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    I've just had a quick look at rentals and they're a fair few pounds, you're looking at £200+ for a week. I'm unaware of the time scale you'd need to take readings. Is there an environment based charitable organisation locally or even nationally that could offer advice and assistance?
  4. On a positive note this video demonstrated the rich tapestry of diversity- people of all creeds and colours dishing out a clump to some poncy, entitled libcucks. Not the diversity Doris Soros had in mind though.
  5. Lui

    Under demonic attack

    I think that's what we refer to as the sixth sense. At one time mankind had to rely on this for survival in the wild. This ability has atrophied with modern lifestyle comforts but spend some time outside in a rural location and you'll feel a significant change in your environment.
  6. Lui

    High pitch noise in my head-sonic weapon

    I believe so but I'd do everything I could to not facilitate it. But my choices are not others choices.
  7. Lui

    High pitch noise in my head-sonic weapon

    I don't want to sound rude, that's not my intention but moving into a smart community sounds like a dumb thing to do. Why do you need to be catered for on every whim? The Internet of things is just a form of control self imposed by volunteers.
  8. Bolsheviks were/are vicious left wing scum, your point is?
  9. Leftists brush aside the misery and despair of communism. Thus they are morons. End of story.
  10. I can't see the thread but the title says it all. 🙈🙉🙊
  11. Lui

    The Vegan Agenda

    Until we can replicate a bacon sandwich and rib eye I'm staying omnivore.
  12. Theresa May's new look.
  13. If the majority of the population consider Icke a 'nutter' they're unlikely to visit this or other websites and even if they do, it's probably going to be for a source of confirmation bias. I think most people here know the current paradigm, the scams, 1984,usury,vaccines etc are easier subjects than hologram moon spaceships and reptilians for the normies outside of the forums. Take it to the streets.