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  1. The whole transgender agenda should be stopped immediately and it should be an offence to publish material supporting transgenderism. It has no basis in biological fact and is a dangerous precendent to set.
  2. One thing you touched upon earlier will need addressing: the fact that our "mirror selfs" appear to be opposite to what we are, whereas sound is not. If the mirror self truly was a real version of us, why would they write our language backwards, i.e. when you hold up something you've written to a mirror it reflects back words which are the wrong way around? This is another demonstration that the light you are observing originates from our side of the mirror because why would our "mirror self" write backwards? For example: in our world if someone stood in front of you and held a written poster wrote in English in the usual manner then you could immediately recognise this as English and the "right way round". If you then held that same poster up to a mirror you would see it was the wrong way around, which would only make sense if the mirror provided a reflection of our reality (you argue that the mirror world is exactly like ours, but this proves that it isn't). One to consider.
  3. You're welcome and I think that your intuitive mind would benefit from the insights of physics because it could help you think of things in a different, and beneficial way (i.e. give you the framework you need to describe your intuitions). Speak soon.
  4. It still doesn't make sense. I will re-read it in the morning as I am tired now but I strongly recommend reading the String Theory links pertaining to the Calabri-Yau manifolds as it may give you some further insight.
  5. Exactly the same conclusion relating back to themselves would be reached by your reflection on the other side of the mirror.  This is one reason where your observation falls down. On one hand you claim that light can penetrate the boundary between our world and the mirror world, but sound cannot. If we speak to a mirror we can clearly hear that the sound originates from us and travels in the direction we face. The mirror self does not emit any sound that we can distinguish. Think of how sound travels from a person stood in front of us. We can ascertain the direction the sound has come from, but the mirror emits no such sound. Can you explain why light can penetrate the boundary but sound cannot?
  6. You don't understand it because it directly disproves your observations about the "mirror universe", and the cognitive dissonance kicks in to prevent you understanding it (I am not trying to be funny, this is what happens when people hold false views). A mirror, or any reflective surface, has a line of symmetry, called, imaginatively enough, "reflective symmetry". Mirrors offer near perfect reflective symmetry but surfaces like water do not (check this link out for more info - https://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/symmetry-reflection.html). Light behaves differently to sound (light is both a particle and a wave, whereas sound is just a wave), so I don't think they are directly comparable in the way you want them to be. Sound reflections, or reverberations, are exact copies of the source material which are reflected from the surfaces surrounding the sound wave and are natural. Sound waves carry energy which diminishes over distance, or per reflection from a surface (the surface absorbs some of the energy of the sound wave in a similar manner to friction does on moving objects). The equivalent light analogue would be to set up a series of mirrors so that when a torch is shone into the first mirror it eventually ends up being reflected onto a wall. Note that the strength of the refleted light diminishes with each reflection, and that the end result is a beam of light which is nowhere near as bright as if you shone the torch directly at the same spot on the wall from the same distance as the wall to the last mirror. Mirror reflections are simply reflections of light bouncing off of our bodies, so the mirror image is an exact replication of the expected qualities of light (it travels in straight lines, in general, and therefore a mirror shows the path of the photons bouncing off our bodies). Maybe you just don't understand basic physics enough to understand why the mirror world isn't real? A lot of physics is based on intuitive concepts, like String Theory and the Calabi-Yau manifold solutions (which were first "solved" by the intuitive grasp of physicists and then mathemeticians used their intuitive proof to solve problems relating to the Calabi-Yau manifolds, and therefore proved (mathematically) that the physicists intuition was actually correct). Science and intuition often go hand-in-hand and many of the fundamental scientific principles which we take for granted these days were based upon intuition. I am willing to help you with your research but I first need to know what you intuitively think about the situation. My background is in fundamental sciences, but I also have the added advantage of being intuitive and open minded to "out there" hypotheses (in general). I think your concept is interesting, and I think you should read more on String Theory, specifically the Mirror symmetry aspect of String Theory and the solutions to the Calabi-Yau manifold proofs as they practically reflect (pun intended) your observations but offer a real-world proof (your mirror is one of the "branes" in string theory, in effect). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_symmetry_(string_theory)
  7. So you're hypothesis is that an exact replica of our universe exists on the "other side" of a reflective surface, both universes are real and that everything is synchronised together? What evidence do you have for this, and how can we repeat your findings? If you consider your original hypothesis (that both the "real" you and the "mirror" you both exist and are real), then surely both the "real" and "mirror" you are crafting the mirror at exactly the same time and both are real? Have you contradicted yourself here? If I declared "I'm the real craftsmen! [sic]" then I am the real craftsman and the audible words I speak could be measured and traced back to their origins from my body. The relfection may appear to "mouth" the same words but there would be no audio from the reflection and the direction of sound would clearly point to me. Now, you may argue that the "mirror" me also spoke those words in their reality, but consider this: why were the "mirror" me's words not heard yet light from that "reality" can be seen in ours? Your whole hypothesis can be refuted using the most basic principles of physics, but I would like you to address the points above, especially the one about why sound from that universe cannot be heard yet the light from the same place can.
  8. PeakGammon

    Eurovision 2019

    Your assertion is false because the symbolism of the Illuminati and other groups is already discussed publicly, therefore only those symbols which match the known symbols would qualify as "Illuminati imagery").
  9. PeakGammon

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    The main one is that the US government was complicit in 9/11 and used it to justify invading Afghanistan to take control of the world's largest opium producer.
  10. PeakGammon

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    That makes senses, and I did wonder why he didn't really answer questions and kept pressing for further information on points that had already been addressed. I will be a bit more discerning in future with him.
  11. PeakGammon


    While there is a differentiation between paedophilia and hebephilia, the act of any form of sexual attraction to a person under the age of consent is considered abhorrent, and rightly so. Are you from the US, by the way?
  12. That condition would also apply to the "mirror self", therefore neither oneself or the "mirror self" would have no way of knowing which world was real and which was illusory. Why not explain the more "convoluted and absurd" explanation as that is what I am actually interested in because the "real world" me can disprove the hypothesis you state above because the mirror only exists in our reality and can be demonstrated by crafting a mirror or other reflective surface.
  13. PeakGammon

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    Okay. If you won't answer and point-blank dismiss valid arguments without counter-arguments then don't let the door hit you on the way out if you "don't give a shit". I gave you the chance to offer your original thought on the matter and you literally cannot because you cannot think for yourself. Bye.
  14. That is akin to the God Fallacy. We can't prove God exists, but, if we did devise a way to prove God exists it would discredit scientific theories. If you cannot prove it, it does not exist. Then explain the process by which you think about it.
  15. PeakGammon

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    And there is the childish brushing off I mentioned. You asserted that comment as if it was your own. You did not qualify your assertion by saying that is the reason the US gave. Also, it proves you are just a regurgitator of the Official Story™. I invite you to offer your own reason why the US invaded Afghanistan, if you can.