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  1. PeakGammon

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Or maybe people are attempting to uncover the truth of what appears to be a case which could wake up some sheep? This case has the potential to expose the elite's depravity to the general public, and if Prince Andrew was really involved in a massive way then this has an impact upon the UK parasites known as the Windsors and could lead to their downfall, especially after Prince Charles' buddy Jimmy Savile got exposed to be a paedo too (it seems the royals love associating with such people). This is an important issue and if you don't support it then why not troll another thread or forum?
  2. PeakGammon

    White supremacist terrorist thwarted in Norway

    Killing certain people solves many problems. Imagine how different the world would be if the elite were all slaughtered. Or if all paedophiles were killed. In general, killing people is bad, however, I think killing certain people is justified.
  3. PeakGammon

    XR and 5G

    In terms of speed of transfer, then yes, it is better to use ethernet than wireless. In terms of security, it doesn't matter which you use if you consider that: a) the CPU is already compromised, meaning anything done on the computer can be captured and extracted. Look up the Spectre and Meltdown issues for more on this issue; b) Most devices have some form of wireless transmission capabilities, whether WiFi or Bluetooth or other, and these devices are capable of broadcasting without the owner's consent. If we consider point a) in conjunction with point b), then a compromised CPU can control sending information via the user's home internet connection, that of a neighbour or a public network (which may explain the push for vast coverage of WiFi). I work in software development and online security, and have always adopted the approach that any device is compromised and used as a spy tool by our governments. The bottom line is that if you have sensitive information on your computer, or are doing things that could get you into trouble on a device, then don't assume you're safe or that the data is secure. Obviously, you could develop your own encryption but it is essentially useless if the CPU is compromised as all instructions have to be sent via the CPU. You could develop your own CPU and software kernel but this is beyond most people and is still vulnerable to compromisation. Sorry to sound pessimistic, but being complacent with sensitive data is not an option.
  4. PeakGammon

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    I think we will. Criminals always slip up and it is just a matter of time before it is exposed in its entirety. Once the common folk realise that the so-called "elites" live be different laws then they will be gone.
  5. PeakGammon

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Funny how he "committed suicide" on the day that Prince Andrew is further implicated in the scandal. Epstein will be back on his island and it will be business as usual. Like the hydra, the only way to solve these problems is to burn them to stop them coming back.
  6. PeakGammon

    Meghan Markle guest edits Vogue Magazine

    Markle means nothing because Harry is a bastard of James Hewitt. They let him marry a mongrel because he is one himself.
  7. PeakGammon

    Calls to end transgender experiments on children

    Do you have proof of that? Proof? Proof? The point is that we do not have to tolerate such stuff in THIS life. Don't you get a simple concept like that?
  8. PeakGammon

    At least 8 dead in Ohio mass shooting

    These incidents are essentially signs of how bad things are getting, and act as early warning indicators for those who, for want of a better word, are "preppers". People become complacent and think that if society was going to collapse that there would be some transitional period or advanced notification of the imminent collapse, but, in reality, the public won't be informed of the collapse until it has already started. It pays to be ready for such an event because it ensures you'll have a better chance at survival if you have a plan and stockpiles of resources, especially food and clean drinking water.
  9. PeakGammon

    XR and 5G

    It matters not which technology you use because all the CPUs have been compromised for decades, which has only relatively recently been discovered (i.e. Spectre and Meltdown). You must assume that ALL technology is compromised and never be complacent with your security.
  10. PeakGammon

    India Provoking Pakistan: Is the stage being set for WW3?

    You literally said "The Russians had already violated it... Russia admit this but justify it by defining armed UAVs as cruise missiles and stating the US violated it first". The Russians have not admitted any such breach, therefore my point about the US being the ones to break the treaty stands, at least until any proof to the contrary arises. China has an estimate 250 nuclear warheads, so it stands to reason that they will have at least hundreds, if not thousands of conventional ballistic or cruise missiles. The US would have a hard time catching up, unless they have already been developing them in secret and in breach of the treaty. I disagree because there is zero incentive or pressure on China to have to sign up because they are already ahead in this area (according to the US). China already has the ability to strike anywhere in the world, including mainland USA, so any action to contain China would, and should, have been taken long ago if that was the aim. Pakistan could take on India in a nuclear first-strike, although it may end in mutual destruction. I would say Pakistan is more likely to use nukes as a first strike on India if shit hit the fan, so they could plausibly win. It depends what India does to the Muslim inhabitants of Indian Kashmir. I doubt Pakistan would allow their Muslim brothers and sisters to suffer at the hands of the Indians. It is a perfect flashpoint area in my opinion because of India's strategic alliances with Russia and Israel, which would potentially drag them into the conflict and thus the allies of Russia and Israel. If Israel or the US sent military assistance to India I suspect China and Russia may be very uncomfortable with that. It is all speculation, of course, but the Kashmir incident seems very deliberate and opportune given the wider scope of political and military posturing going on.
  11. PeakGammon

    India Provoking Pakistan: Is the stage being set for WW3?

    Can you point me to an article in which official Russian sources confirm they breached it first? I disagree that those are the reasons because China already has these missiles, so the arms race would have been between the US and Russia, but you claim Russia already has these weapons (and I suspect the US also has) so there would be no "expensive arms race" as Russia and China are already well ahead. The point is that this is a major escalation and is more than just rhetoric. It has happened and has been signed into Indian law. I suspect it is designed to create tension with China, and provide a potential flashpoint for a large conflict in that region, if not the start of WW3. I could be wrong but it looks like multiple areas of the globe are being drawn into seemingly independent conflict, but are actually related, such as the build up to WW2.
  12. With news that India has revoked the agreed upon autonomy of the Indian-administered part of Kashmir and has taken direct control of it, Pakistan has expelled the Indian High Commissioner and suspended trade with India, and has vowed to fight Indian control of Kashmir if there is threat to the people. This comes at a time when the US have pulled out of the INF Treaty with Russia so that the US is free to develop missles, which were previously banned under the treaty, so they can be on a "like basis" with China (i.e. pose a threat to China and Russia), according to US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. It also comes at a time when the US is attempting regime change in Iran, so it seems there are multiple flashpoints being set up and it could be any one of these issues which slides the world into WW3. If it does kick off, I really hope that the US administration is finally and forever crushed and put back in its place and that peace will prosper once the Great Aggressor of our time is dispatched. Thoughts? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-49231619
  13. PeakGammon

    At least 8 dead in Ohio mass shooting

    Unfortunately, the bulk of immigrants are none of these things. They live in poverty and the fact that Muslim grooming gangs and Class A drug and gun importers have been allowed to operate in these communities shows what contempt they have for this country and its culture. Ironically, the areas which are predominantly full of immigrants have been turned into backwards shitholes because they bring their culture with them.
  14. PeakGammon

    At least 8 dead in Ohio mass shooting

    And here is another example of what we have imported with immigrants: "honour killings". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-49192634 They should exclusively bring back the death penalty for these scumbags and hang their dead bodies in the communities in which they live to serve as a warning to the backwards cunts.
  15. PeakGammon

    At least 8 dead in Ohio mass shooting

    Neither Mr GS nor I said any such thing. What I said was that traditional English and British culture is being destroyed by uncontrolled immigration and the importing of incompatible cultures. You just love the kneejerk reaction because you claim to have mixed race kids or know black people who live in England. People like you are why such uncontrolled immigration goes unchecked.