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  1. Thanks and it's funny you'd say that about "witches" as in the last few years I've met SIX with zero for decades before that; one set my house on fire. after a police report on COPS being ritually murdered based on their 19,13,14 encoding system. IMHO, blood magicians, e.g. the most ruthless, powerful and dangerous will soon be gone and it's possible that tool too will cause spiritual repercussions. The 'hidden hands' are not so hidden any more as the "veil" between our worlds seems to be evaporating and it seems we'll be working together again with huge and positive implications. For me what complicates this are the many meanings of the symbols, even numeric, depending on context, blood lines and initiation level. The grammar on their Qabala rituals themselves are actually rather simple to bird-dog once you know the three main numbers above. Thanks for the comment!
  2. Personally, my position has changed from "Satanic", and it is used by them, to dualistic. Qabala is like a gun, it can be used for good and bad, and of late it's used visibly for our "Red Terror" rituals happening world wide. Here's a very simple key: http://dragonspaw.blogspot.com/2019/01/magic-of-ritual-19-13-and-14.html Here's the proof of our "Red Terror": http://dragonspaw.blogspot.com/view/flipcard/search/label/Red_Terror
  3. I'm more familiar than most outsiders with Qabala ritual encoding and the last part of locating a product of the '91', which is a 10/1 'serpent' or male principle and very meaning full changing or reducing it the way this post described is FALSE. The 19(10) or 91(10), are keys to their "satanist'" kingdom as all their rituals "Say Ten", "VIBRATE" is more accurate, along with 13(4), aka Pi and 14. I'd challenge the poster to give supporting LOGIC, and EVIDENCE, let alone reference(s) for this heretofore unknown method; the conventional vocabulary decomposure, and the beginning of rock solid grammar therewith, and supporting EVIDENCE, can be found below; you'll notice the system is based on 19, 13 and 14. 1) Magic of the 19, 13, and 14 2) Conclusive evidence backing up the above thesis! 3) Here is the full subject guide including our current worldwide "Red Terror".
  4. DragonsPaw.Blogspot

    Does anyone believe in "The Craft", aka magic?

    They say, 'you know you're over the target when you're taking flak'. Does fire count? https://dragonspaw.blogspot.com/2018/07/jewishgreek-lightning-strikes.html
  5. DragonsPaw.Blogspot

    Does anyone believe in "The Craft", aka magic?

    There are two diverging trajectories facilitate by the "1"; one group is taught very interesting information in general and the others, blood line, are taught the other "Craft", and yes, it absolutely is a form of sorcery, aka blood magic.
  6. Anyone anywhere can use the grammar and number key in the following blog with vast supporting evidence of what they were: ritual murders and they go back a long time! Here's the base number 19, 13 and 14, description with grammar; the full key can be found at the top of most pages. https://dragonspaw.blogspot.com/2019/01/magic-of-ritual-19-13-and-14.html
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    1 dead, 3 injured in Christchurch style synagoge attack in California

    The latest racial false flag in San Diego has been exposed here: 1) Poway Murder Ritual By the Numbuz 2) The Qabalist ritual system of numbers has been cracked! 3) ALL Subjects on this same topic are here. Regards from commiefornia, and the primary KEYS are 19, 13 and 14. (As in 7/7.) T