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  1. One cartoon that was quite popular a while ago, I'd say even the most popular of the 2010's, was Gravity Falls. Airing of Disney Channel from 2012 to 2016, the show was plagued with constant delays from Disney and was later moved onto DisenyXD, which is sometimes called "the place shows go to die," by animation fans. Why did Disney want to kill this show? After all, it was a monster hit and everyone--kid or adult--who I knew that saw it loved it. Upon looking at various symbols used in many of the episodes and cross comparing them with work done by David and others, I believe Alex Hirsch, the creator of the show, may agree with us more than he lets on. Warning: Spoilers Ahead Let's start with the main villain of the show, Bill Cipher Don't really feel like I need to elaborate. At the start of each episode, for a brief second in the intro you can see the following image with Bill saying "I'm still here," backwards. Bill Cipher first appears formally in the episode "Dreamscapers," where a physic (who's power hungry, has a southern accent, and an obsession with world domination. Remind you anyone?) summons him so he can get a mystical book with information he can use to take over the world. One of the things found in the book is the instructions to build an interdenominational portal. Bill is also later revealed to be from another dimension. (Again, sound familiar) Stan (the guy in the photo) is later found out to be building this in order to get his brother back. His brother was pushed into another dimension--and wrote the journals Dipper and Mable have been using throughout the series in order to understand the strange things they find. While he was not punished directly for writing these things down--I still feel there could be some symbolism over the fact he later turns on Bill (his once friend) in order to save both the world and himself. In the episode "Into The Bunkers," the gang find themselves fighting off a shape shiftier. This shape shiftier lies to Dipper by saying he wrote the journals that gave Dipper the information he's been using. Could this be a take on controlled opposition or fake renegades (like our President)? Maybe it's people pretending to be human (either literally or metaphorically)? In the episode "Society Of The Blind Eye," we find out why the people of Gravity Falls never notice what's going on, they're having there memories erased! This is done by a group called--what else, the society of the blind eye. Here's a close up of the leader of the group: How do they erase memories? With a literal memory erasing device. The "memory gun," it was called: A cult quite literally erasing the memories of people who know the truth. The founder of this group was Old Man McGucket, who created the memory gun to erase his own memories of what he had learned from working for the man who wrote these journals--causing him to go insane. These are all the connections I can think of at the moment, anyone know of this show and got anymore? I think we may have a man on the inside. If you have not watched Gravity Falls, I recommend it highly. This truth pushes it over the edge from a good show to a great one, and I believe it may hold an important role in future conversation.
  2. https://medium.com/@ephromjosine/problem-reaction-solution-la-times-uses-mass-shooting-to-attack-journalists-1b9f9f12d77d
  3. JustAnotherSkeptic

    Critic of Tulsi Gabbard Also Held Fund Raisers For Terroirsts

    Don't forget that Assad has killed way more ISIS members than he has Kurd's. Could have sworn we were at war ISIS. Guess that's only the case when we're dropping bombs on random They're doing this on purpose. Same reason they put John Kerry up in 2004 (and that nearly failed). The whole point of putting these people up is so they're fail and they can have another four years of Republicans. I think that's more because the people who supported Trump but weren't Republicans know they were tricked. They wanted a renegade, they didn't get one. Now, they're going to the closest thing they have left.
  4. Last night, Republican strategist Ana Navarro-Cárdenas tweeted the following: After doing some digging, I found she said President Reagan funding the Contras made her a Republican, has held fund raisers for the Contras, and that her dad was a member of the Contras. I wonder why she doesn't like the one candidate calling out the United States funding terrorists.
  5. JustAnotherSkeptic

    What Do You Guys Think of Marianne Williamson?

    Chose to not make this a poll because there are many possible answers, but I'm curious as to what this forum thinks of the spiritualist/ left-wing political author running for President?
  6. There's this guy on YouTube named "TheMysteriousMrEnter." He mainly reviews animation however he recently chose to make an eight part documentary series on big tech companies and the many issues people have with them. Here are the planned episodes: Episode 1: YouTube Episode 2: Facebook Episode 3: Twitter Episode 4: Tumblr Episode 5: Digital Distributors Episode 6: Payment Processors Episode 7: Google (not out yet) Episode 8: Sesame Credit (not out yet) Since the start of this series, Enter had his whole channel demonized temporarily and has faced an uphill battle with Google censorship. I thought people in this chat would like this series. I would recommend it highly for the next time you have a few hours.
  7. JustAnotherSkeptic

    Hi, New Guy Here Again

    "What crash, didn't notice it" The Great Recession?
  8. JustAnotherSkeptic

    Hi, New Guy Here Again

    I've been watching Icke interviews and reading his books, however, I still have questions on his predictions. In the Amazon description to "The Trigger" Icke writes: "[David Icke] wrote in the 90's about the 2008 Banking Crash, The War on Terror, Transhumanist Agenda, Microchipping, the Cashless Society and more." Now, I've only been able to find his work dating back to a few years ago and nothing from the 90s, so I must ask, when did he write this? I'm not asking to be rude, I'm really trying to find what else he predicted at the time that hasn't happened yet so I can be prepared.
  9. JustAnotherSkeptic

    Why is David Icke allowed to do what he does?

    I always assumed it's because if he died the agenda would be made obvious.
  10. JustAnotherSkeptic

    Question To All Fans From Someone Who Is Intrested

    Again, I'm just an outsider trying to see what's in the hole before I enter. You could be his biggest fan, but from the outside he sounds kind of odd. Very smart, don't get me wrong, but odd.
  11. JustAnotherSkeptic

    Denver Will Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

    I mean, it's odd of the Freemasons to give us more freedom.
  12. JustAnotherSkeptic

    Question To All Fans From Someone Who Is Intrested

    That's more than likely going to be the one I go with considering it's both the cheapest (seriously, his books must be in high demand) and the one I'm least likely to find weird from the start. I've always known something was up with 9/11. And that title is amazing.
  13. JustAnotherSkeptic

    Denver Will Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

    Was unaware of this, not much of a drug guy myself.
  14. JustAnotherSkeptic

    Question To All Fans From Someone Who Is Intrested

    I mean, I will never deny David has books that would catch the interest of most. Also, I love the covers of most of these. Shame the last couple have been a little bland.