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  1. Plants, trees etc. are alive. We as humans are in a big conundrum. We need to eat, but whether we eat animals or plants, we kill living things. I remember reading or hearing some information from ancient earth history, that the beings or people who lived on earth hundreds of thousands or even millions of years ago, they did not eat anything. They breathed in the air and the air contained all the nutrients their bodies needed.
  2. This evening this dawned on me. That the (tunnel of) Light we see at death is actually the Light of Lucifer. It is well known that the Light is very deceptive and can easily draw you in. That said, Lucifer's Light is exactly the same. It appears good, it deceives and is no good. Anyway, i would like to hear thoughts on this.
  3. QuodHumana

    What is Satan?

    Satan is just an energy. Some people create a deity or symbol out of it. What really exists is light and darkness. Everything else is a product of that. And then you have the middle way as the Buddhists put it. Between light and dark. And that is where the truth exists. The true nature of reality.
  4. QuodHumana

    Where has Greta gone

    She is George Soros funded. That's all we need to know. There were some sources confirming this, but for the life of me i cannot remember. I also heard she was actually a boy first. But who knows.
  5. Youtube recommendations from my experience are really random, but quite welcome.
  6. QuodHumana

    The "Q" Phenomena

    Politics is dirty, and nobody is clean, no matter who they are.
  7. QuodHumana

    I want this t shirt

    I'm on the fence about this subject, but i like this shirt. It looks nice.
  8. There is a guy on YouTube, who channels through spirit. I listened to him beginning last year and he did predictions for 2019. His predictions were extremely accurate. His dates were off by a few days , but what he predicted still came true. I listened to him doing his 2020 predictions, and here's a few things what he said. (His name is Joseph Tittel by the way, look him up). The New World Order religion will be Islam. The Antichrist is currently in Iran and he is a young man. He is seeking to overthrow the president of Iran, as Iran is the only stumbling block now. Catholicism is failing rapidly everywhere and Catholic churches in the USA are taken over by Muslims and turned into Mosques. It makes a lot of sense that Islam will be the main religion of the NWO, because it is growing everywhere, and about 53 out of a total of 196 countries and territories are majority Muslim, which is a staggering amount of countries.
  9. That is my opinion. Famous atheists include Seth McFarlane, Woody Allen, James Cameron and so forth. There is so much otherworldly stuff (darkness and whatnot) that you really have to be brainwashed to be an atheist in Hollywood. Celebrities saying they are atheist could be a front. After all, so many people worship celebrities and if they find out their favourite celebrity is an atheist, then it is an engineering tool to disconnect from consciousness.
  10. QuodHumana

    Is God Gay?

  11. This forum is a bit boring. I don't visit it often. The massive problem this forum has and will continue to have, is that the information from the old forum has not been carried over.
  12. QuodHumana

    A Dog Portrait that I Did...

    Amazing artwork. Beautiful!
  13. The country needs a completely new start. It's origins are freemasonic. Washington D.C. is not even really part of the US.
  14. QuodHumana

    International Pronouns Day!

    I'm going to create a day. International "Put your feet up" Day. A day where you relax. lol
  15. QuodHumana

    How many people have you slept with?

    Something slightly unrelated In the movie, The Ugly Truth, there's one guy who appears in front of a tv camera, and says: "Hi, I'm Jack Magnum. I slept with over 900 women.... most of them conscious."