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  1. QuodHumana

    Is God Gay?

  2. This forum is a bit boring. I don't visit it often. The massive problem this forum has and will continue to have, is that the information from the old forum has not been carried over.
  3. QuodHumana

    A Dog Portrait that I Did...

    Amazing artwork. Beautiful!
  4. The country needs a completely new start. It's origins are freemasonic. Washington D.C. is not even really part of the US.
  5. QuodHumana

    International Pronouns Day!

    I'm going to create a day. International "Put your feet up" Day. A day where you relax. lol
  6. QuodHumana

    How many people have you slept with?

    Something slightly unrelated In the movie, The Ugly Truth, there's one guy who appears in front of a tv camera, and says: "Hi, I'm Jack Magnum. I slept with over 900 women.... most of them conscious."
  7. QuodHumana

    Greta Thunburg

    Climate Youth Puppet Greta Thunberg Is Controlled By George Soros https://worldtruth.tv/climate-youth-puppet-greta-thunberg-is-controlled-by-george-soros/
  8. QuodHumana

    This new forum makes me sad

    The old forum had a mountain of information. And now that is all lost, because we cannot refer back to it and comment.
  9. QuodHumana

    Chinese emperors lifespan was insane!!!

    Wikipedia is such a garbage site. It would be better to consult sites which cater to history.
  10. QuodHumana

    The USA will never be an example country

    I forgot to add, the USA has always been dysfunctional. The level of dysfunction has just varied.
  11. It's origins are all freemasonic, it's leaders are all bought. The Federal system is completely a money grabbing system. That's apart from it always perpetuating war and always grovelling to Israel. The USA will fall and it will fall hard when it's time comes. And it won't be a world power anymore. It will fall like the Roman Empire.
  12. QuodHumana

    Online Dating?

    Met my fiancee online :) if you are clever and observant, you can fish out the scammers from the real people.
  13. The number 6 is generally associated with mankind, and i don't think there's anything bad with the number 6. The darkness always twists everything and turns everything into a negative. The pentagram is not evil, but turned upside down, then it's a negative. I think the darkness is trying to say humanity is evil, by perverting the number 6 to 666. Anyway, those are my thoughts.
  14. QuodHumana

    Trump Impeachment Thread

    He will stay as president and win the 2020 election.