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  1. QuodHumana

    What’s down in Antarctica?

    I've long thought that Antarctica has been Atlantis, just under ice.
  2. QuodHumana

    UK to move its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

    More than 70 countries have moved their embassy's. Some say it's to officially announce the NWO and it will be run from Jerusalem.
  3. QuodHumana

    Are other planets conquered like ours?

    I follow someone on twitter named General Ty. He is a channeller and he tweets often that the planet is watched by ET's as a way of planetary evaluation. In other words, like a test. Will Earth and it's citizens pass planetary evaluation or fail. If it's close or fail is the result, then they step in to rectify. They are giving earth citizens a chance to fix the planet. That's according to General Ty of course.
  4. QuodHumana

    Mind Blown

    If i understand this correctly, the supposed big bang event was actually the matrix reality computer that was switched on. If this is true, then it makes all the sense in the world. PS. I got the image off twitter.
  5. QuodHumana


    Welcome. There's so much knowledge to take in on this site. Enjoy!
  6. QuodHumana

    A true documentary about space ?

    Is there a documentary out there that tells the truth about space ? What it looks like, how it works etc ? I don't want anything to do with Neil de Grasse Tyson or NASA. All disinformation comes from them. Is Cosmos by Carl Sagan worthwhile ? Any recommendations please. It would be of great help. Thanks in advance QH
  7. The word genius is used way too often. In my view, there were only two geniuses that existed. Mozart and Nikolai Tesla Anyone ?
  8. QuodHumana

    The Illusion of Gender

    We have this body in this life and this experience of this life, and yes, that includes gender. Might as well accept all of that, and live with it.
  9. There are no goals and nothing to reach. I don't like the word enlightenment. Sounds too new age. We are infinite love and the only thing we are doing here is to experience our current lives and everything that comes across our paths, and to learn from our past lives.
  10. QuodHumana

    You Just Don't Get What Icke Is Saying

    We are everything and just as we have to accept the best and worst parts of ourselves, we have to accept them as part of the everything. We don't need to do what they are doing, but just accept that they are as much part of creation as us. Forgive them, because we need to move on. They have their own judgement, which they will do themselves, that they have to go through.
  11. QuodHumana

    Elite Transsexuals

    The masculinity needs to return to the man, and the femininity needs to return to the woman. That's a healthy society.
  12. QuodHumana

    michael schumacher

    You may probably be right.
  13. QuodHumana

    Climate question

    Generally, the climate naturally changes every 100 years. Would it at all be possible for the northern and southern hemispheres to adopt each other's weather patterns in the distant future ? For instance: June to August in Northern Hemisphere is winter December to Feb in Northern Hemisphere is summer. June to August in Southern Hemisphere is summer December to Feb in Southern Hemisphere is winter and so forth... It would be quite a drastic change, but i was just wondering about that. Would that be at all possible ? Thanks in advance
  14. QuodHumana

    Why I am finally leaving the republican party of Trump.

    The amount of time Trump concentrates on the democrats and pointing out their failures is mind boggling.
  15. QuodHumana

    The anti-white conspiracy "theory" by Know More News

    You know, some christian preachers are saying we are living in the end times. Maybe they are right.