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  1. 'Flat earth' was included in the title as an attention grabber. Please dont be distracted by it and watch the video before you make your own mind up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz_vx6GNlgg 'Flattened earth' seems much more appropriate. As with everything, the truth is hidden in plain sight.
  2. So many people seem to smugly feel that they have the world all figured out and that they "know" all of what's going on. The fact is that 50 million people can believe something to be true but that doesn't make that thing either true, factual or valid. Humans are so very fond of asserting that they "know" all manner of things but the truth is that the vast majority truly "know" jack shit. We may theorise, hypothesize, indulge in things such as wishful thinking, circular logic, confirmation bias and motivated reasoning etc but the vast majority of what we all attest we "know" is nothing more than what we have been told to believe or led to believe by other people.
  3. In other words, you dont have any evidence 🙄
  4. Bee

    What Really Matters

    Just to clarify, David Noaks claims that one of his biggest customers for GcMAF was a doctor in the states who told him that he had good results with autistic children. He claims the after treatment with GcMAF, autistic children who couldn't communicate were so transformed that within weeks they were attending mainstream school. Again, I've looked and looked but can't find one shred of evidence. I've heard many claims regarding the alleged efficacy of GcMAF but no supporting evidence/proof.
  5. Bee

    What Really Matters

    I dont know. There is just something about it all that feels off. David Noaks claims that 9000 people were successfully treated with GcMaf - 800 with end stage cancer and the other people had other illnesses. Where is the evidence? All I have heard are unsubstantiated claims. Anyone can claim anything. Without proof/evidence its nothing but words and is meaningless. I've also heard David Noaks say that he has been told that he is on the autistic spectrum yet at the same time he claims to have taken GcMAF which cured several small illnesses he had and yet apparently did nothing for his alleged autism. Im just not convinced.
  6. Bee

    What Really Matters

    I've seen lots of videos and some papers on PubMed but no evidence. Where is all the evidence for GcMAF? Can anyone who has found it point me in the right direction please (not youTube videos - anyone can make a video and make whatever claim they like)? Thank you :)
  7. Why would you trust any of them? Anyone who says anything has their own agenda for saying what they are saying. How is 'trust' even relevant?
  8. For some reason I cant edit my post - there is no edit option showing. I spoke out about this as its something David speaks of, how pedophiles harvest energy from children. With what I know, it makes me wonder how much is being done under the guise of the so called 'new age' movement. There are some vile creatures out there.
  9. Max Igan has some great stuff to listen to. He in increasingly being censored and more and more people are finding they are unable to access his material. I highly recommend accessing his stuff while you can. youTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCegOTmclzjfKuQh0SHflqww Bitchute - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/TheCrowhouse/ Website - https://thecrowhouse.com/home.html
  10. Bee

    David's new Book.

    No point reading this book as judging by the front cover all its going to talk about is eyes in 1984 and we already 'know' all about eyes. Move on, nothing to see here.......................!
  11. Just to clarify, I am talking about children (females) for the Starfire rite.
  12. Bee

    XR and 5G

    How is what XR doing "amazing"? Have you looked in to their origins? Looked in to who funds them, who the leading players are and their backgrounds etc? XR is co opting the fear, passion and naivety of people, many of them kids, to push the agenda for the roll out of 5G, the smart grid, the comodification of nature, carbon taxing etc etc. How is that in any way "amazing"? Now the Bank of England, the French back, the CEO of Legal & General etc are eyeing up how they can unlock trillions of pound of money that is currently held for people's pensions, their excuse being the so called 'climate emergency' and needing those funds to defend against it. You think this is 'amazing'?
  13. Bee

    David's new Book.

    How can anyone judge the contents of an entire book without first having read it? The front cover design does not predicate the totality of the books contents. I have it on pre order and am happy to read it before forming any opinion or making judgement :)
  14. I have always been anti established religion, even as a child. In my early twenties I became involved with Paganism. I ended up getting involved with a British traditional witchcraft group. Although it presented itself as matriarchal, there was a man who was clearly the power and director 'behind the throne'. The leaders referred to the 'witch mother' who came to this world 11,000 years ago (they referred to her as the 9th mother). There was much talk of the Dragon lineage and the 'red thread'. They spoke of how being witch was passed down the matriarchal line and how red hair is a marker of witch. We were told that witch used to be in control but fell. We were told how, long ago, seers would dwell in mounds. They would be fed the fluid produced by young virgin girls, made to sexually climax. This, allegedly, aided the seers ability and was referred to as the 'Starfire rite'. When initiated in to this group, they required an oath, collected pubic hair (basically DNA collection) and initiates were made to sign their name in a book using their own blood for ink. I left as it didn't sit at all well with me. I feel, because of what I personally observed, that the man running this may have been a Grey. The name he gave himself was Greyspirit. Many of the so called 'traditional witchcraft' groups were/are connected in one way or another - Cochrane, Whitestone, Arddhu, Ravening etc. The so called new age movement is growing steadily and I can not help but wonder what is being done to people under the guise of 'New Age' beliefs.
  15. I watched Renegade today for £3 on Amazon. I am a very cynical person and in posts on this forum had expressed my cynicism. I'm glad I watched it. I think it's very well presented and that the viewer comes to understand that David isn't just some nutter and that what he has to say is well worth listening to. My husband came home just as the film was ending. Usually, he has zero interest in 'conspiracy stuff' but the last few minutes caught his attention and he wants to watch the whole thing which is great :)