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  1. "Eyes without a face" is what this stuff is commonly known in the higher up covens and "craeft" circles. Think of it as secret idolatry/symbolism. Take a while to look at the images and note that there is often a face within the face. Think William Friedkins subliminal and subtle work used in the Exorcist but simply using mise en scene and non living matter to create the faces... Eyes Without Faces Occult Hidden Idols in Wicca, Freemasonry and Renaissance Art Full gallery above but some of the easier to spot and sister images are below...
  2. cshepherd

    my experiences as a targeted individual of gang stalking

    Gangstalking is very real but some of it isn't consciously done by the perpetrators. The best deceptions are mixed with truth. Call it what you will, spiritual etc. Freemasons and Jehovahs witness are some of the worst for this by the way. Annoy those groups and expect things to get a little odd but take away their weapons by staying grounded. Wrote an article on this very topic which can be viewed as how to avoid collapse... Consequences of Freemason Gangstalking and Psychological abuse
  3. Good post, agree on almost all of that.
  4. cshepherd

    The Handmaid's Tale

  5. cshepherd

    What's REALLY going on in North Korea?

    ...perhaps even too wild for David Icke? Perhaps it's the loonybin for me :)
  6. Starting a new series of blogs on a topic that I have found fascinating for years and have come to the conclusion that it's a gigantic lie that's been nearly 100 years in the making. the TRUTH about what's going on inside North Korea. NORTH KOREA EXPOSED: IS NORTH KOREA THE REAL ROSWELL OCCULT PLAYGROUND? North Korea and its secrets. Rumours suggest that the secretive state Korean is actually China/USA/Russia occult experiment base that’s intentionally constructed to keep reporters away and information internal. While it’s pretty much established that the Roswell incident was a decoy by the US government, sources who have been given assured anonymity are claiming that North Korea is actually the real Roswell. No footage of everyday life for the reported 25 million population every emerges through leaks or even state TV broadcasts in North Korea. Small crowds are shown in the capital when Kim Jong Un speaks and stock footage of troops marching but never an active town or province. While many observers write this off as the control the oppressive regime have but a lack of large groups of people beyond a few thousand has been noted as extremely suspicious. Communism by its very nature is bolstered by the strength of the many together working anonymously for a common goal. Footage and photography inside North Korea is marked by the eerie lack of evidence of the apparent 25 million strong population residing there. The lack of footage or even still photography outside of small groups in Pyongyang in a country with a 25 million strong population should but doesn’t raise concern. While North Korea is a notoriously secretive location that is known to be hostile to outsiders, especially Western journalists, this doesn’t explain the lack of leaked imagery or video by non press sources. Full Article : NORTH KOREA EXPOSED: IS NORTH KOREA THE REAL ROSWELL OCCULT PLAYGROUND?
  7. As Above so Below poses everywhere. Subtle hints of shadow agendas that are not so much conscious but naturally emerging things from the seat of mans soul (the pineal gland) forming... Spielbergs, READY PLAYER ONE. Note the "Have you washed your hands?", sign. This is kabbalistic. Remember the Pink track, "Raise Your Glass"?
  8. We can send out negative thought vibrations if they say no.
  9. cshepherd

    co-theorist/writervacancy - multiverse mechanics

    I think you might do best writing articles on each separate part of your theories. That helps bring people into it because it's very hard to know that which is unseen has been seen or made known to anyone. How much info do you have? Well done for taking the effort to post all of that. I am interested.
  10. Totally agree on a symbolism subforum. That's a sprawling subtopic in itself and well worthy of it. Good call. Mods?
  11. Sorry, that was a waffle. It's everywhere, particularly Hollywood. The Greatest Showman is drenched in esoteric occultism.
  12. The most prevalent Baphomet pose is in two Biblical stories. First, the binding of Isaac Genesis 22 which is the most important old testament story in Kaballah. The Ram in Thicket (Jewish ringlets represent the Ram, Abrahams choice instead of killing his son) and Moses speaking to Pharaoh when he turns his staff into a snake. As Above So Below, The Jewish Ram in Thicket Horns and Snakes, the altered image of the Old Testament Moses Moses was actually a horned deity but his image was hacked by Charlton Heston who holds that same pose.... As does the ISIS statue that has Molock looking owls and the Ram symbols upon it...
  13. Spot on, that slightly raised finger is everywhere. If you look at renaissance art, particularly biblical stuff then you that there is a great deal of effort given to subtly pointing above and below. There was something going on during the Renaissance period. Do I think it's Masonic? Freemasonry is a blend of business boys club and Judaism/Kabbalah for gentiles. They spread most of the rumours themselves and they certainly exist in high places but the "Masonic handshake" is a visual one and not a physical act. Have a look over their tracing boards and the similarity to Catholic Icons.
  14. Definitely occult ovetones to that thing and that it came from France is important also. It is holding the AS ABOVE SO BELOW post that's prevalent in all occult works from the tarot to the torah to the catholic creed. I go into some of it on this article I wrote but it's too large to even scratch the surface on... ESOTERICA: “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW” FROM TAROT TO SPIELBERG AND KUBRICK AND THEN DRAKE, MOSES AND THE SNAKE