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    Word association thread.

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    The 4 word game

    but for a price
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    Is The Trance We Are Under Necessary?

    No, you're the one that's wrong and have posted inaccurate information. You think all of this real? Go and research on how exactly it is that we see, feel, hear, smell, taste. Then come back and talk. They're is no physical reality only the illusion of such, which is all created by electrical signals being interpreted by your brain. There is no "out there", "out there".
  5. abrilliantone

    Is The Trance We Are Under Necessary?

    To experience this grand old Illusion. Oneness must "pretend" to be something(s) and someone(s) other then it's true nature. See, we are experiencing what we already know. Yet, simultaneously it is our first encounter of all these situations. We do not come here to have bad things happen to us. We come to experience ourselves. Oneness, our true selves knows that all of this isn't real. But the ego mind believes that all of this is real. That it's job to perpetuate the lie of all of this. That's why it's constantly rambling about this and that, that and this. To keep our attention focus on all of this. *Energy flows where attention goes* We must quiet the mind and bridge the gap between the conscious and sub conscious minds. Become whole again. You want to be free of this, that's the only way.