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  1. So the pope and his bishops were really divided back in 325 AD at the Council of Rome on whether or not to include the Book of Revelation in the official Bible, later known as the Vulgate. The same Bible we have today as far as the actual books that are in it are concerned. Of course the Pope and his bishops were allowed to have this power to choose what went in the Bible by the Roman Empire which thoroughly paganized the Religion before they made it the official Religion of the Roman Empire. They were divided over Revelation because they weren't sure if telling everyone straight up what the plan for this time period we're living in was going to be was a good idea or not. On the one hand, telling everyone straight up about the mark of the beast, the fall of Babylon ( modern day America), the four horsemen of the apocalypse and all that jazz would make some mopes actually believe in the prophetic power of the bible. On the other hand, they were concerned that people in this day and age would see through it because of the energetic and vibrational changes they knew would be occurring during this time period and so the whole game plan would be right out in the open. A bit of a risk from their perspective. You see, back then just like today the pope, the bishops, the roman imperial elite, were fully mind controlled by negative entities from the lower fourth dimension. Today, the politicians, journalists, bankers, deep state actors, you name it are mind controlled by the same entities. These 4D entities aren't bound by time and space in the same sense that we are living in the third dimension. This is how they can so easily coordinate all their plans over millennia and centuries. This is how they can coordinate policy actions around the world between Russia, China the US, the EU (and control Alex Jones too). They don't even need any boots on the ground, official communications or any paper trails. The manipulation and coordination occurs extra-dimensionally. So this is where the tragedy of the Book of Revelation really gets interesting. You got all these Christians yelling "SEE? !SEE?! SEE?! JESUS IS ON HIS WAY THE RAPTURE IS GONNA BE NEXT WEEK YEE-HAW! TAKE ME NOW LORD!" And that's why the Book of Revelation was included in the Bible. Precisely to induce that reaction. They want decent people to believe in Raptures and 1000 years of peace and some God that's going to come down and smite the wicked for all their evil deeds. When you believe in that fantasy they've got you hook, line and sinker. Because in the end, after the fall of Babylon, after World War III, after the moon turns to blood and the sun goes dark, after the famines and the plagues and after everyone left alive is running around with a microchip either in their right hand or in their forehead - after the 7 year tribulation is over, after the Antichrist declares himself God, after the battle of Armageddon - there's no Jesus that's going to come down from heaven and declare his 1000 year kingdom. He never existed - he's a recycled pagan deity from Egypt (Horus), Ancient Babylon (Nimrod), Dionysus (Greece), Mithra ... etc. He's a creation of the Roman Empire at it's most basic. And so is the Bible. What will be left after the Revelation script (because that's what it is, just a Hollywood script) has played out? What will be left will be the Archon World. A world where the human population lives in a state of total enslavement and control assisted by all the degrading mind control technology that's waiting in the wings ready to be deployed. Our friends from the fourth dimension have big plans for us after its all said and done. Once total control over humanity has been achieved, we will be made to go out throughout the universe and help to assist in enslaving other worlds. The entire population of the earth will be used to for the purpose of enslaving other planets. The end goal of these negative 4D entities is to make human beings as negative and evil as they are. It is to bring us into a state of being that matches theirs. And then to use us to bring others throughout the universe into the same state. Negativity begets negativity and spreads like a virus. I think a quantum physicist could probably explain the unstoppable urge these negative forces have to expand outward and spread negativity with concepts of energy dynamics and the nature of reality. In the end, just don't be fooled and speak out while you still have a chance. It's much better to die than join forces with these malignant cancerous wretches that stink of filth beyond comprehension.
  2. (Part 2) To better understand the utterly callous and sadistic nature of the Targeted Individual program (simply “the program” from now) operates one must understand the nature of those who created it and operate it. Firstly one must understand that the program is far larger in scope than it once was, is expanding as time passes due to necessity and is centrally controlled by a relatively very few in relation to the number of perps. It is here that the distinction must be drawn between the boots-on-the-ground operatives (perps) that are actively running crews and the esoteric/non-physical dimension of the program. There are “managers” and “crews” usually affiliated with or at least coordinating with intelligence agencies and law enforcement. The crews and managers are compartmentalized so multiple crews can be operating on a single target without being aware of each other but where a higher “manager” is directing all of them. These boots-on-the-ground perps do the grunt work of physically following the target, bugging of homes, hacking of electronic devices, using short-range energy/frequency based weaponry to physically attack the target, slandering the target usually through the generation of rumours and false accusations and so on and so forth. It is common for a manager to use a “criminal” or “cult” crew to physically or otherwise provoke a TI in front of “law enforcement” or supposed “good guy” crew to discredit the target and make them appear dangerous or unstable. The esoteric dimension of the program involves perps that are either totally or partially mind-controlled and/or entity-controlled and not directly affiliated with any manager, crew or visible aspect of the program. This dimension of the program is the most mind-boggling and can take the form of a random aggressive vagrant, friends/associates behaving uncharacteristically hostile or seemingly possessing knowledge they could not possibly have, random phone calls from unknown numbers, strangers staring you in the face while speaking either to you or someone else, the list is truly endless. While to the TI it would appear that these events are part of a greater coordinated effort, this aspect of the program is “off the books” so to speak and is often occurring as a result of the interference of negative non-physical entities influencing the behavior of individuals that at least on paper are completely outside the program. Going further into the esoteric dimension, one must understand that when dealing with the elite-level of the global Satanic coven network, it is mind control that is the force that holds the entire network together. One must keep in mind that belonging to an elite-level coven does not necessarily translate into elite-level status in everyday society. Deception is obviously an essential element when dealing with Satanists and seemingly lowly members working minimum-wage jobs can and do rub shoulders with the extremely powerful at least in the setting of coven rituals and official coven business. Mind control is a massive subject on its own but suffice to say the practice is ancient and has been highly refined over the centuries. It can commonly occur by performing rituals to cause negative non-physical entities to attach themselves to the subject (and thus influence their cognitions and behavior), the use of advanced classified “black” technology, and the creation of programmed multiples with a form of dissociative identity disorder than can flip between personalities on command. All of the aforementioned are are often used in combination with each other. One key element that is necessary to understand is that often this programming begins in the womb or at a very young age and that the programmers themselves have been programmed in the same way. The idea of programmed individuals programming others allows the consolidation and centralization of control among a relatively few - commands are given and then transmitted to a relatively large number of people like from the center of a spider’s web to the outer edges. The discussion of the esoteric dimension of the TI phenomenon is necessary to not only expand the perspective of the TI to see beyond the physical and brick-and-mortar aspects of the program but to begin to grasp the true meaning and purpose of the program itself. As I mentioned in my first post, what is essentially taking place is a form of psychic vampirism. But just as an actual vampire needs to drink actual blood in order to continue to live these individuals and negative entities need the psychic energy (or loosh as it is commonly referred to) generated by human suffering in order to live. It is their sustenance and the means through which their entire way of life is maintained. A TI is being cultivated or farmed in order to produce that sustenance. And I believe the most effective means through which to remove yourself from the program and end your status as a Targeted Individual is to stop providing the negative energy they crave. The concept of “the predator” that has subdued the human race to be their food was raised in one of the other posts. I would propose that to escape from the clutches of “the predator” then “the prey” must outmaneuver the predator until it loses interest. Just as a gazelle can escape the lioness so can a TI take themselves off the menu through refusing to give the predator what they want (that is, the negative low-vibrational energy generated through their continued suffering). By actively raising your own consciousness and awareness and refusing to transmit fear, anger, hatred and all the other negative energy you can induce the predator to give up. It seems counter-intuitive to respond to threatening, painful and debilitating experiences with no reaction at all or a disposition of higher understanding and compassion. But that is precisely what they are counting on. Don’t give them what they want, give them what tastes disgusting to them. I’m sure every TI has experienced the maniacal laughter of a perp during times when the TI is experiencing extreme distress. It is because at that moment the perp is receiving an energetic transfer from the TI that could be likened to the perp receiving an injection of cocaine. If at that same moment the TI was instead balanced, centered, calm and collected then the same perp could possibly appear depressed or even angry. What essentially is being asked of the TI is to adapt to or more appropriately transcend what appears to be an unbearable situation. As a TI, you are being challenged to cope with a life experience that could be described as a form of torture and a gross violation of your human rights. As in all situations of torture (including unlawful imprisonment) there are those that can cope much more effectively than others. There are those who are broken and never recover. Yet there are always those who can take a terrible and unbelievable painful situation and rise above it to the point where it does not control or dominate them in the way it does to others in a similar position. The confusion and horror that a TI experienced when first introduced to the program does not have to be the case for the rest of their lives. What can make being a targeted individual so unbearable is that it is a form torture that cannot necessarily be seen or perceived by the five senses or by others. Likewise, it is by changing our own “unseen” energetic responses to the program itself that can have a liberating or transcending effect. The unconscious mind plays a critical role is this ability to transcend because so many if not the majority of our reactions occur from the depths of the unconscious. Owning our own unconscious mind is absolutely essential to overcome this challenge of being a Targeted Individual. Personally, I find that conscious sensory processing especially when in public can work wonders. In particular, imagining our visual and auditory sensations as simply symbolic energetic fluctuations can help remove their power to influence our unconscious mind. The ability of symbols both visual and auditory to “hijack” our consciousness cannot be underestimated. Even as I type this the symbolic information displayed on the screen is having an unconscious effect. Similarly, oftentimes it is the tone, pattern or volume of speech that has more of an effect than the actual content of the speech. “He who strikes terror in others is himself continually in fear” Claudius Claudianus The concept of negative and positive energy is a launching point from which the TI can begin to understand some of the greater universal and cosmic forces at work in their own everyday lives as well as collectively from the perspective of the entire human race and our planet. The law of attraction (which I am sure has a basis in quantum physics) has to do with the concept of magnetic resonance (like attracts like). This law underpins our entire experience of reality - the energy we give (or send) is reflected in what we receive in return. The old adage “As above, so below” implies that this is not only occurring on an individual level but collectively from the perspective of communities, nations, the entire planet and beyond into the cosmos and other dimensions. The morphogenic field can be described as the constantly interacting energies emanating collectively from individual human beings and other entities in our reality. In reality, the perp that is maniacally feeding off of the misery of a TI could be laughing today but recoiling in terror tomorrow. They themselves could likely receive constant auditory commands that make extreme demands and threats they would never dare to ignore. This is what is implied by the above quote from an ancient Roman philosopher. In reality Satanists live in a state of constant fear - fear of disobeying orders, fear of making a mistake, fear of being betrayed, fear of being expelled from the coven or killed just to be made into an example. And this fear is rightly the natural energetic consequences of their own actions. Despite all the posturing, insults, threats, and laughter they actually should be seen as quite lame. Being able to see them as they are rather than as they portray themselves to be is essential - beyond the showmanship, deception and illusion is nothing but fear. (To be continued...)
  3. This reminds me of the death of a man who had built a homemade water-powered car. He was featured on a local news program driving this water-powered car down the highway and had been featured in a documentary. He collapsed and later died as he walked out of a restaurant holding his throat and yelling that he had been poisoned.
  4. This is related to what has been referred to as “the topic of all topics”. The higher levels of the Satanic coven network are definitely in direct contact with deeply negative non-human entities that are both physical and non-physical in nature. David Icke has written extensively about how these entities are able to physically manifest themselves into our reality during rituals and how observers have actually witnessed certain public figures such as former UK Prime Minister Ted Heath actually transform before their eyes into a much larger and powerful reptilian entity before transforming back to human form. It has also been said that when individuals go through initiation rituals into certain secret societies such as the Freemasons what is taking place in the realm of the unseen is that negative entities are being sent into or attached to the initiate. Using the example of freemasonry, as one advances through the degrees these entities begin to take greater and greater control over the mind, soul and body of the initiate although the initiate is more often than not unaware of what is actually happening. I would say that the TI phenomenon not only extends into the realm of the unseen but actually originates from there. This insatiable desire for negative energy is definitely driven by the negative non-human entities operating behind the scenes.
  5. With respect to psychic attacks these can take numerous different forms. For example, in the context of black magic there could be a ritual sacrifice taking place for the specific goal of causing injury or harm to a target. Those individuals taking part in the ritual are in effect “casting a spell” that is using the energy from the sacrifice for a specific purpose. However it is important not to view such an occurrence in magical terms. These individuals are simply in possession of a degree of scientific knowledge that is more or less denied to the general public. A far less ominous form of psychic attack could simply take the form of two strangers in public talking about the target in generalities while holding the intention in their minds of directing the content of that conversion to the target in question. For example, they might say some threatening or degrading comment amongst themselves using the target’s first name only or no name at all while focusing their mind intensely on the target. This is how the target can develop the strong belief that these strangers are talking specifically about them simply because of the energetic connection created by the strong intention of the person(s) that made the comment(s). Regarding effects on the soul of TI’s who have been driven to suicide I would prefer not to speculate. I personally believe in reincarnation so each individual’s unique life experiences and past life experiences would be brought into play.
  6. A Proposed Explanation for the True Purpose Behind the Targeted Individual Phenomenon In my opinion, the key to understanding the TI phenomenon is to adopt an understanding of reality itself that sees everything as a series of interacting and overlapping vibrational energy fields. Human thought, speech and emotions are forms of vibrational energy that carry distinct and unique vibrational signatures as does everything else we see, taste, touch and feel. Negative emotions such as fear and hatred occupy the low end of the vibrational frequency spectrum whereas positive ones such as love and gratitude vibrate more quickly and are said to be on the high end of the frequency range. The bottom line when it comes to the TI phenomenon is that those who are perpetrating the targeting of any individual (the perps) are doing so in order to generate negative low vibrational energy (such as fear and anger) so that they and others can feed off of that energy as a form of sustenance and pleasure. I’m not trying to oversimplify but being a TI is at its most basic being a victim of a form of psychic vampirism. To understand this concept more fully it is best to take a detour into the nature of Satanic cults and other associated secret societies and organizations. I’m not religious nor am I believer in traditional concepts of God and “the devil”. But I most definitely believe that modern industrialized nations (especially in North America) are rife with groups that can be designated as “Satanic” and that these groups can be intergenerational in nature (meaning one is born as a member of the cult). These groups are well known to practice all manners of bizzare black magic rituals and other deranged acts. Their membership cuts a wide swath throughout all of society and includes the wealthiest and most powerful, celebrities, mainstream religious leaders, law enforcement as well as low-level drug dealers and homeless addicts. Ritual human sacrifice, ritual abortion, the consumption of human blood, cannibalism, and the production and distribution of child pornography are merely the tip of the iceberg for these groups. This information is relevant because it provides a window into the mentality and organizational structure of those who are truly pulling the strings behind the TI phenomenon. Knowing your enemy is essential if you are to overcome them. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all perps are Satanists and some perps aren’t even aware that they are perps (they are mind-controlled and have limited awareness of how they are perceived). But it is important to remember that the ones who are really calling the shots are definitely affiliated with a Satanic coven or cult. And these cult/coven members are well aware and familiar with the concept of everything in reality being a series of interacting vibrational energy fields. They obviously use this knowledge to facilitate their attacks on TI’s. These attacks are committed with the goal of generating the low frequency psychic energy that they subsequently feed off of. Remember, the body is simply an energetic field manifesting in a physical form and if you know how to influence the state of that energy field you can produce physical symptoms remotely without direct physical contact. Indirect attacks can take the form of organized stalking, home break-ins, slander and/or false accusations among many other variations. Direct attacks are induced physical symptoms that have an external source such as artificial auditory hallucinations, involuntary muscle contractions, genital pain, severe migraines, sleep deprivation, severe chest pain - the list is truly endless. This daunting array of horrors leads TI’s into many traps that can result in the destruction of their credibility among the uninformed. If TI’s react by jumping to conclusions regarding who is behind what is happening to them and what is the actual source and methods via which this living hell is being thrust upon them the result is ineffectiveness in convincing others as well as ineffectiveness in resisting what is happening to them. It is vitally important to deal primarily in possibilities rather than certainties. I remember meeting a TI that wanted me to sign a petition stating that the United States government had implanted a microchip in my head. I asked “but how do I know it’s really a microchip in my head and not just a directed energy weapon that transmits and interfaces remotely and wirelessly? And how do I know it’s the United States and not the Israeli’s or the Chinese? (we live in Canada)” His answer was “I know it’s the Americans and I know you do have a microchip in your head”. When I asked him about organized stalking his response was “I don’t deal with organized stalking, I only deal with Electronic Harassment”. Declaring certainty in regards to these situations actually damages credibility because there are so many different possibilities as to which exact weapons and techniques are being utilized as well as who exactly is most directly responsible. However, we can definitely be certain of the existence of artificially induced physical symptoms because they are replicated across so many different and diverse individuals. We can be certain of organized stalking and harassment because so many report the same experiences. We just cannot know the definitive cause or the specific individuals behind the attacks. For example, physical symptoms such as a severe migraine with nausea can be produced in a variety of different ways such as: A microchip implant ELF frequency transmitter Psychic energy attack (ie. 100 people chanting, visualizing and sending the intention of causing the pain and nausea) Post hypnotic suggestion TI’s must adopt a state of mental flexibility that is free of accusations, impulsivity, assumptions, and outbursts. When observing a potential perp, instead reacting with righteous indignation, anger or fear one must take a step back and consider the possibilities, such as: They could be totally mind-controlled and have no consciousness of their own They could be a satanic coven member receiving auditory command hallucinations and thought injections commanding them to act in a certain way They could be a freemason or other secret society member receiving auditory command hallucinations and thought injections commanding them to act in certain way They could be a former TI that was “turned” and are now a perp against their will There is a concept of a greater level of awareness and intentionality known as zero-point non-reactive consciousness. While achieving true zero-point non-reactive consciousness requires an intense amount of meditation, reflection and spiritual work understanding and contemplating the concept itself is important and highly relevant to the plight of a targeted individual. For a TI, it is essential to be able to achieve some level of serenity or mindful acceptance of what is going on around them on a daily basis. A key aspect of this is being able to recognize an energy attack or energy drain for what it really is and then consciously repelling or diminishing the attack it by taking control of your own energetic responses (that is, taking control of your thoughts, emotions and actions). A TI must be adept at not falling into a negative energetic feedback loop or downward spiral that feeds on itself. These techniques will be far more effective of a defense than any homemade shielding device or frequency jammer could ever be. (To be continued)
  7. TechNoir

    Holy Spirit

    Unfortunately, there are far too many out there that have erroneously placed complete faith and trust in the Bible, believing it to be the word of God. The Bible is essentially an esoteric occult manual that was compiled and translated in its current form by the Roman Catholic Church. The decision of which books to include and which to exclude was made by Pope Damasus I in 382 AD by a decree at the Council of Rome. To this day, nearly any edition of the Bible contains the books listed in that decree (minus the apocrypha for most Protestant editions). Pope Damasus I had his personal secretary St. Jerome produce an updated Latin translation of the books which would become known as the Vulgate. There is no doubt that the Bible is quite accurate in terms of its prophetic power especially in modern times. One cannot deny that the fulfillment of many prophecies have occurred like the reestablishment of the State of Israel and the global push for the "Mark of the Beast" electronic microchip required for all financial transactions. However, the power and accuracy of the Bible is a result of other factors. The same elite hybrid bloodlines that controlled Ancient Rome and the Roman Catholic Church through the centuries are still in power today. They are the same bloodlines that controlled Ancient Egypt and Babylon and the only thing that has changed is they've moved around a lot and expanded to other parts of the world. This is why Jesus Christ shares so many similarities with the Egyptian God Osiris, the Babylonian Nimrod and many other deity figures across the world. When this is taken into account, the prophetic power of the Bible can be explained in primarily two ways. First, since the hybrid bloodlines had access to what the projected agenda was (even so many centuries ago) they thus thus compiled and translated the Bible accordingly to fit he projected agenda. Second, through the control of various organizations through the centuries (secret societies, intelligence agencies, governments) the "prophecies" of the Bible have been deliberately fulfilled by the same bloodlines that decided which books would go into the Bible in the first place. The biggest piece of this prophecy "puzzle" so far was definitely the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, although things are rapidly moving forward to the intentional fulfillment of other major pieces. It is my belief that if you're waiting for the Rapture or if you believe that the fulfillment of the prophecies the Book of Revelation is inevitable then you're giving your power away and essentially playing into the hands of the Global Elite and their plan for a World Government. And they are the same Global elite (down through the generations) that created the Bible and the Christian religion so many centuries ago and have maintained it to this day.