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  1. Seeker

    What is Satan?

    A bit like most of the things you post then
  2. Seeker

    Getting a RFID chip

    A call for an uprising usually has good content, making these rfid chips popular is something to look out for now then. I’ll post anything I notice in the future 👍
  3. I’m curious as to where this goes, he says his aim isn’t to be CO2 free and use renewable energy etc, sounds good but is he gonna be using a lot of ‘smart’ technology which is a health hazard and ironically far worse for the environment... be interesting to see exactly what he invests in https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/jeff-bezos-giving-10-billion-to-fight-climate-change-2020-2%3famp
  4. 1 step closer to a cashless society too as the cash itself could carry the virus, already beginning to happen in China https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/nypost.com/2020/02/16/chinese-bank-to-destroy-cash-in-areas-hit-by-coronavirus/amp/
  5. Going slightly off topic, but the pirbright institute who has the patent on the coronavirus, funded by bill gates has the hexagon symbols in its logo. Isn’t this something to do with Satanism?
  6. Creepy as f that’s is, is there any idea on what it is?
  7. Seeker

    Humor Thread

    Decided it was too dark
  8. By now anyone with a working brain cell knows what bill gates is up to with his eugenics plan... one way is by making people sterile, an example is pushing gmos on 3rd world countries and anti fertility agents were found in his vaccines in Africa... we know hi s links to the coronavirus, turns out that might also cause infertility... this isn’t peer reviewed yet but worth a read https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022418v1
  9. Seeker

    David is right

    Wow really interesting, how do you clean someone from such beings, energetic and physical
  10. Going a bit off topic here sorry, but do you reckon the mass coronal ejection is something that could happen in the near future? The sun is fairly inactive right now so I wonder what happens when it gets going again. It would probably benefit humans if we had one, get away from technology for a bit. But only if we were taught how to grow food, survive the wild, not be savage etc, sadly we aren’t taught those things
  11. Seeker

    David is right

    Thank you, I’ll get it watched! What happened when you saw the grey? Did it known you had seen it and panic?
  12. Seeker

    David is right

    Just trying to understand this, the grey alien was projecting vibrational information for us to see a human?
  13. Bill Gates is one big piece of trash, anyone with a mind of their own can put the pieces of the puzzle together. Talks about eugenics multiple times cuz he can’t help himself, primary funder of pirbright institute, ran simulation on what would happen if corona broke out in wuhan, then tries to find a vaccine, one of his methods of depopulation which he talks about in his ted talk... is there not any way he can be criminally charged? For all the death and suffering in India and Africa for a start. The laws are there and he has broken them...
  14. Seeker

    How to wake up the masses?

    Lmao a conversation about fringe stuff, some people are really interested in things like that, space etc. But it’s almost like they always want it to be a mystery and to never be figured out. So even if we explain it they don’t want to believe it cuz the mystery is over. Which is where we are obviously different, we want to know the truth and how it all works