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  1. I quickly flicked on BBC news earlier to see what BS they were saying, and they were praising China for being able to contain the virus and gave credit to their super surveillance state, whilst they briefly mentioned privacy concerns they quickly moved on and showed how it was done to keep people safe from the virus in a nice little cartoon, the most obvious predictive programming I’ve ever seen
  2. Seeker

    Has Tom Hanks been arrested?

    That’s the one mate, not much info though cuz everything is focused on corona
  3. Does give a cool spin on AI and connecting the brain to AI, would be like possession
  4. Seeker

    Good tunes that were warning us - please add your own

    Not one warning but someone who had a good idea on the nature of reality, and a great song! Some of the lyrics that resonate with me are; ‘once I rose above the noise and confusion, just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion, I was soaring ever higher, but I knew too much, though my eyes could see I was still a blind man, though my mind could think I was still a mad man’.... ‘for there’ll be peace when you are done’ and great guitar pieces!
  5. Well he’s just a straight up robot 🤣
  6. Seeker

    Has Tom Hanks been arrested?

    Some say he has, some say he hasn’t? Obviously we all know what he would have been arrested for
  7. Seeker

    Based memes for normies

  8. Seeker

    Coronavirus is BORING

    Yeah there’s not much else to talk about and this lockdown is totally insane from every aspect, especially when you understand viruses and how the human body works! Along with the scam of fudging the numbers to scare people, see David Ickes recent video for great detail on that
  9. Seeker

    Are there NPCs in the world

    Could be result of the mass mind control we are exposed to? Like education, tv, social expectations etc
  10. Well she had been seen at the rituals after it was claimed she died so who knows
  11. I’m not sure on the book but I’ve heard something similar before, they put themselves in a new body, like a baby?
  12. What’s going on with her eye then haha, and the queen says she follows homeopathy
  13. This is really annoying cuz I can’t upload the 2nd photo I wanted. I got the photo from this article https://royalcentral.co.uk/uk/queen/concern-for-the-queen-grows-as-her-senior-footman-tests-positive-for-coronavirus-139863/
  14. I’ve noticed a few pictures recently of the queen where her right eye is a bit off, I thought no maybe it’s the angle but this photo with full brightness, her right eye is reptile, I can’t see it any other way... coming at the time where one of her closer workers has caught coronavirus, if she’s struggling to hold her human form then it’s a great opportunity for her to fake her death... I can’t be the only one who sees this as a reptiles eye
  15. I don’t get why he would remove it but yeah there’s no chance this book is still around, must have been a good one 😛