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  1. Seeker

    The Vegan Agenda

    I haven’t researched into whose funding veganism but I can imagine there’s a reason for the movement, money for starters by those who promote it. I am a natural bodybuilder who does various other sports too so nutrition is a big interest of mine and I tried being vegan for a week to see if I had more energy for my sports. Being vegan is supposed to help blood flow and blood pressure and to be honest I felt much better when training legs at the gym. At times I can struggle with headaches because my blood pressure is so high in those hard moments, but since stopping with chicken I haven’t had this problem. Now I’m eating more vegetarian but enjoy meat if I’m going out and overall I do feel better. This is probably because I’m eating more organic and the chicken i was eating will have been fed gmo, which passes onto me. I reckon the morale of this story is to avoid gmos, which is obvious, I reckon organic chicken would still make me feel awesome so for tip top athletic performance it’s not a question of vegan vs meat, but organic vs gmo, and we all know organic is king
  2. Seeker

    Help uploading photos please

    Yeah as typing I thought to screenshot it, it worked! Thank you
  3. Seeker

    Help uploading photos please

    I am, it’s just this 1 photo of chemtrails near me I wanted to upload, saved photos work fine but I took this with the camera
  4. Seeker

    Samoa measles outbreak.

  5. I keep getting g an error message of ‘there Was a problem uploading the file: -200 any help please?
  6. Seeker

    Pictures of chemtrails in your area

    Turns out I can’t put the photo in, I’m getting error -200 if anyone knows a solution 🙂
  7. I saw this set of horrid chemtrails today, I’m curious to see if the spraying is bad for other people like where I am, the dream would be to live in a location away from this!
  8. @Truthr no I heard no gong, was 100% glass breaking. I don’t really meditate very often to be fair, I don’t know now what I’m doing. I know I am in control now so I don’t have much fear for weird things, I just chill and enjoy life 😁
  9. Seeker

    Cleanse body of vaccines

    Ah I didn’t know this, I’ll have to read up more on its history. I had the assumption they were first intended as good because that’s what I was taught at school 🤦‍♂️
  10. Seeker

    Cleanse body of vaccines

    Just adding don’t be mad with your mum, she was only doing what she believed was best for you. Vaccines isn’t black and white, they were originally intended to be beneficial, but they have become corrupted for money by big pharma, I think for our age the vaccines were crazy like they are now, we certainly missed the worst of it. Some good YouTube videos are of dr John Bergman if you’re interested in more info on vaccines and a healthy life style in general, remember to always be positive! 😁
  11. The pineal gland looks cute in those pictures haha 😊 @Truthr I fell asleep listening to 963hz music which is supposed to stimulate the pineal gland, good god it did. When I woke up I felt insane energy radiating on my forehead and heard the energy too after initially hearing glass break in my ears, I’ve no idea what the glass breaking noise was, maybe breaking through a dimension. At the time I thought I was dying and some experiences I had for months following were pleasant, some felt forced by other entities and I didnt like it so be careful, law of attraction remember! I was scared so probably attracted entities to feed off that. My mate gave it a try and it did absolutely nothing for him, although I have to say he is now beginning to wake up to the world, so maybe subtly it did
  12. Seeker

    Cleanse body of vaccines

    Cool username haha and if nothing bad has happened to you as a child then I think you’ll be fine. If you want to stay healthy then do then obvious eat well (try to avoid gmo), I like to filter my water, exercise, get decent fruit and veg in, spinach, oranges, apples etc, vitamin C is so good for you! Again try and get organic if you can. I think I read something about eating clay to cleanse of toxins, you’d have to research though. I’d recommend using DuckDuckGo as your search engine though, it doesn’t censor like google. Most importantly, don’t worry about it, be positive! I am 22 so probably had the same vaccines as you and I’m super healthy, but I do eat sleep and breathe bodybuilding, football, walking, cycling, rock climbing etc, I never drink or anything as it’s not for me, just enjoy life! :D
  13. Seeker

    Reptilians & Arcons ?

    Just a quick one to help anyone researching, at satanic rituals, what are the entities they are summoning and what’s the purpose?
  14. Seeker

    Paedophiles in Parliament by Sonia Poulton (2018)

    Just a thought, unless I’ve got the wrong end of the stick YouTube is removing videos on the 10th that aren’t children friendly, some sort of censorship like this I’ve read about. Obviously these sort of videos will be the first to go, might be worth saving!