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  1. Seeker

    What’s down in Antarctica?

    Yes the nephalim, what certain ruling families are etc and they have been there themselves. It’s very difficult to find reliable information on what goes on there. Ever heard much of what admiral Byrd did there? I’ve heard a few different stories so it’s hard to know what really happened
  2. Seeker

    What’s down in Antarctica?

    Haha I knew it! In all seriousness I have heard of admiral Byrd and nazi bases. Supposedly pyramids under the ice as it was once not covered in ice. What do you know about the aliens, underground bases etc and why famous people like the pope, Epstein, and other celebs go down there?
  3. I’ve noticed that a lot of famous people will visit Antarctica, why? They can’t just have a fascination of penguins.
  4. Seeker

    Another businessman accidentally dies.

    Damn I love gta, what do you think the conspiracy here is?
  5. Yeah I’m not a pro or anti vaxer, I think there needs to be a proper unbiased review. Perhaps the concept works and if it does then great, let’s figure out which ones should be given and at which age. Without all the toxic shite in it. But bill gates is actually banned from India after his vaccines paralysed 47,000 children. Also in one of his videos he says if vaccines go to plan then it will reduce the population by 10-15 %. This is a big hint to me that they’re not good.
  6. Starting to piss me off Bill Gates is cuz he chats so much shite it’s unbelievable. Since posting this question I have learned a lot about this topic and thank you for the extra facts, I really appreciate them 😁 but his blocking out the sun nonsense even most people who don’t read much about global warming being a hoax can see this is nuts. We will have a lack of vitamin D and plants won’t be able to do photosynthesis very well. Oddly this concept has been shown in a simpsons episode. As for co2 causing global warming and recent stats on news about how much we contribute, they dont include water vapour which is 95% of greenhouse gasses, we only affect that by 0.001%, embarrassing this scam is when you look at the figures and graphs.
  7. Seeker

    Dorian Yates is woke as f

    As a bodybuilding fan I loved his London real and wasn’t expecting him to be so awake 👌
  8. If it is then will councils have to stop it? Only problem is in the uk transmitters come under the official secrets act meaning nothing can be done, similar in America with bill Clinton telecommunications act 1996. All I’m saying is that anyone who broke the nuremberg code after ww2 was hanged. Plus the radiation is assault
  9. I have heard that nanotechnology is in chemtrails and possibly in some vaccinations. I’m guessing it will interact with 5g and internet of things but what’s its purpose?
  10. Seeker

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Strange how is ‘conspiracy theorist’ are proven right time and time again. That’s because they are based on facts, not something from the aether!
  11. What about the effects of emf radiation to plants and trees? This includes 5G, why do extinction rebellion not talk about this issue?
  12. Seeker

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Surely all of this isn’t over, won’t the things with the clintons and Prince Andrew be further investigated?
  13. Seeker

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    I knew it would happen but I’m gutted, was hoping it would all come out. I’m fed up of people saying how wonderful the royal family is, if only they knew...
  14. Yeah seen graham Hancock talk about this, he does good research in general 😁