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  1. Seeker


    Strange that is, I know phenol can destroy an immune system, I’m hoping your son is fighting fit now though 😁
  2. Seeker


    Just have to look at 1986 when Ronald Reagan brought the bill in which meant the manufacturers were no longer liable for damages done by their vaccines, this was done to ‘bring a steady supply of vaccines to the market’ not a thought for kids health
  3. Seeker

    Real Protection from 5G

    Thanks for the link, I thought of a weird concept the other day. The people who survive the depopulation plan generally will be the most aware of what’s going on and will protect themselves. Will they be the people the elite try to turn into synthetic robots to trap us in this reality tormenting us. This was just me day dreaming but if it’s just the ‘awake’ left then we would all wanna over throw them, would seem a bad move from the cabal letting us do what we wanted
  4. Seeker


    Really interesting the doctors were relatively honest, loved the professional opinion and personal opinion bit. I would expect them to say, you must vaccinate in case it cost them their job. How does the aborted foetus cells affect us? I know they’re in the vaccines but haven’t seen the side effects. It’s sad though, a relative of mine who thinks they’re ‘woke’ says flu is a deadly disease and is boasting about having the flu jab soon 🤦‍♂️ Even after I told him about what’s in them and how you’re more likely to be affected by flu after because the immune system will be weaker fighting the toxins
  5. What alien races do you know about and what’s their motive/ intention for humans. As far far as I know the most commonly reported alien after an abduction are the greys, from what I gather there are multiple different kind of greys and are usually not good news for humans. They have no empathy, some say robotic, some say don’t have a soul and test on humans or animals like cows to find their answer. Next most commonly seen are the reptilians, which I have heard the greys work for? Are these the same as demons/ archons? I know there’s different types of reptilians and the highest ranking are the alpha draconians. The malicious ones like to keep humans in the 3rd dimension suffering feeding off their negative emotions, have I got that right? Do these reptilians possess specific bloodlines like royals or do they project information for us to decode they’re a human? Next I know of are the nordics/ tall whites/ mzungu, I don’t know much about these other than their appearance, some say they’re good good some say they work with reptilians against humans? Theres the mantid’s which are praying mantis like, I’ve only have only heard of these through Simon parkes, not sure what their intentions are. Theres the annunaki, I don’t know much about them. Pleadians could be another? The men in black are possibly another? They seem to be able to read minds and know the future somehow based on the cases I’ve seen of them Let me know what you think, please correct me if I have got anything wrong and add in any info or races I have missed out 🙂
  6. Seeker

    How to wake up the masses?

    Just a thought, what makes people begin to question things and wake up? Maybe if we can figure that out then it could be useful. I know there’s a lot of mind control going on with tv and social media etc, which is why people refuse to believe what you say even when you show them the facts. But there must be a way to undo this programming, certain frequencies? What made you begin to wake up? For me I’ve had a weird life so always been on the outside of society looking in and thinking what the f is going on. However I have experienced being in society and really you never think about these things. Luckily a manager got me curious again and here I am
  7. Seeker

    How to wake up the masses?

    My nan understands it until I get to the weird stuff like satanism, aliens etc
  8. Seeker


    Also Kenya found he was putting anti fertility agents into the vaccines, let me know if you need a source 👍 remember this is the same guy who says we need to get the worlds population down to virtually 0 to get co2 down to 0 to stop global warming. Talking absolute nonsense as most co2 is naturally occurring and if co2 was down to almost 0 then we would all die out as plants would die, oh wait... that’s what he wants. He’s the human manifestation of agenda 21/2030
  9. Seeker


    http://humansarefree.com/2016/05/bill-gates-polio-vaccine-program-caused.html?m=0 i has to use DuckDuckGo to find it as google filters it out. I’ve got a video here as well about the polio vaccine. It was severely affecting 1% of people with a 0.1% death rate, about 95% got no symptoms. Now bill gates has eliminated the naturally occurring polio in India, but created a man made version that severely affected 35% of patients and an 8.5% death rate. This dude knows his stuff and has a good video on foods if you’re interested in good health and what to eat
  10. Seeker

    Sleep paralysis

    That’s creepy as fuck haha interesting how it seemed concerned when you were able to get out of the paralysis, there’s so much that we don’t know we don’t know about, it’s great 😁
  11. Similar to the birds that fell out of the sky in Holland when testing 5G?
  12. Seeker


    I’m doing as much research as I can on vaccines, feel free to ask me for any links for what I have found. One last thing I am struggling to find are dates and places in Africa that Bill Gates did his vaccine movement with and then I want to compare that to Ebola outbreaks between 2014-2016 and see if there’s a comparison. I know the Kenyan government found anti fertility agents in the vaccines but I wouldn’t be surprised if that murderer added other diseases too. He may have eradicated natural polio that affected 1% of people but he created a man made version that affects 35%. That’s why he’s banned from India
  13. Seeker

    Dark memes

    I have quite a dark sense of humour and I’m sure some of you do too so let’s share our dark memes
  14. I’ll just stick to the definition of ‘insanity’ 😁 haha but thank you