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    Your favourite quotes

    Post your favourite quotes, 2 that come to mind are ‘Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music’ and a very relevant one from David Icke, ‘you don’t delete racism by reversing it’
  2. Seeker

    Trump vs Biden

    Does anyone here actually want Biden to win? It’s clear Biden is a cult member, at least with Trump there’s a chance he could do something good. Even if the Rothschilds helped him out, Trump doesn’t have to play ball once he’s back in for a second term. He could be playing them, I highly doubt it, but I can’t help but wonder, why does the media want us to hate him, why do they never report on anything good he does. The media could easily have Hilary, Obama and Biden in prison but choose to make out they’re wonderful people. As for vaccinations, he’s saying people to get vaccinated around December. He can change his mind once he gets back in, but performs his sales pitch for big pharma leading up to election time. Who knows which side trump is really on, it will be interesting to see
  3. Don’t forget the impossible meat Bill Gates wants people to be eating, that just so happens to be full of oestrogen. That wouldn’t happen to advance other agendas now would it, putting high amounts of oestrogen into men 🤔 I’m sure it will have an adverse effect on women too https://nationalfile.com/doctor-burger-kings-impossible-burger-has-18-million-times-more-estrogen-than-regular-whopper/
  4. Seeker

    Recommended podcasts/shows

    https://www.bitchute.com/video/KMBcAvYH1f3L/ this goes a bit into the Q anon thing, I aren’t convinced either but you’ll find this eye opening. End of the world as we know it, fall of the cabal
  5. Seeker

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    I’ll check that stuff out cheers as mind control is a fascinating topic. What I know about tv is after a minute of watching it, you got from your brain wave changes from an alert questioning state to a suggestible state, from beta to alpha. That’s why so many people watch the news and believe every word of it without actually thinking and questioning
  6. Seeker

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Interesting this is, got the pig for this potential new pandemic, global warming shite, solar flare, ww2 has masks with nuclear bomb as a photo (ww3) and the doomsday’s clock in the centre which is close to midnight which means it’s nearly game over. It will be game over for the Rothschilds soon. It would have been interesting if they showed a picture of aliens invading earth
  7. Seeker

    Recommended podcasts/shows

    What topics are you interested in at the moment?
  8. Seeker

    Recommended podcasts/shows

    Vernon Coleman is good at the moment
  9. Seeker

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Don’t worry about breathing either by the looks of it
  10. All the predictive programming about aliens in films cannot be ignored imo
  11. Ive been getting a bit more curious about this recently. What concepts do you think are important to learn about when trying to understand the nature of our reality. Some things I know a little bit about is how everything is a vibrational illusion, nothing is solid. Cymatics, dr emotos study on water etc. Our own personal vibration. Mathematics in nature like the golden ratio. Brain waves and how TV affects it for brain washing. Out of body experiences and government programs. Paranormal entities and aliens. A little bit about symbolism. Karma. Life after death, going to the light, divine realm with a creator (one consciousness etc). Is there anything else to add? And how do people come to realise we are all aspects of a one consciousness. I’ve never done drugs so primarily had a 5 sense 3d reality my whole life and I’m struggling to understand how people figure out that concept, not that I deny it.
  12. I’ve just thought as well the importance of the brain, pineal gland and mind. It’s clear there’s a war against the mind through neurotoxins in vaccines and chemtrails, fluoride, gmos, artificial sweeteners and emf radiation. Why all this effort to suppress the mind? Because it is awakening in people and the satanic elite are desperate to stop it
  13. Didn’t fancy keeping it as a pet? 😆 a weird world we live in haha
  14. Love these sort of videos, kind of synchronistic I started this thread last night. This morning I woke up to see some sort of shadowey spider walking up my wall, what ever tf that was lol
  15. So what causes the intrusive thought and how can you overcome them? After watching inception it made me wonder, where do thoughts come from haha
  16. Seeker

    Tech to talk to the "dead."

    Yeah season 2 episode 1 - Be right back
  17. Seeker

    Tech to talk to the "dead."

    This is a black mirror episode, I can’t remember much but I think it was one sort of AI pretending to be this woman’s passed away husband. Some stories made out of it but the predictive programming was nice, like the other episodes
  18. Feel free to go into the topics I’ve listed above in more detail btw, I only know a small amount about them
  19. This is more aimed at people who are new to this stuff, welcome. First of all its important to understand how the human body works, our tonsils invites viruses in to create antibodies against it. That’s why kids put things in their mouths, the tonsils want to create antibodies to build up the immune system. We get ill when the immune system is weak, either through a vitamin/ mineral deficiency (lack of vitamins D from sun in winter) or we live in a toxic environment (emf radiation, gmos, toxic chemicals in chemtrails etc). This will cause us to experience symptoms when creating antibodies against the illness, a severely weak immune system will result in extreme symptoms or even death. Most of the time we will catch an illness, create the antibodies to fight it and never even know we had it, thanks to a strong immune system. We have a natural immune response system, the tonsils and gut, at no point in human evolution or design, were we meant to inject viruses into our bloodstream, but does it work? The answer is we don’t know, there is an overall lack of science when it comes to vaccines. There isn’t a single long term double blind study to show that vaccines work, or that they are safe. Plenty of medical journals say that they don’t work and that they are not safe. Vaccines are considered to have eradicated childhood diseases, another lie, most childhood diseases were eradicated because we improved our immune system through better food, water and hygiene. I’ll attach a graph at the bottom showing the decline of illnesses and when the vaccines were introduced, you’ll see vaccines played no role in the reduction of cases. Another thing the media loves to lie about is that vaccines don’t cause autism, they do! There is an epidemic in autism among young people, not old and Amish people who have no vaccines have 0 cases of autism. In America where they have the most aggressive vaccine schedule, 54% of the kids have a chronic illness. Whats causing the autism? Various neurotoxins like aluminium and mercury, plenty of medical journals and studies to prove this, but all swept under the carpet by the cdc and media. There’s even an Italian case in 2014 of a boy who got brain damage and autism from a vaccine, the court concluded that aluminium and mercury caused the brain damage. It’s been proven in a court of law. Other chemicals that can be in a vaccine are extremely dangerous and toxic, which lowers the immune system! Vaccines are also attributed to the dramatic rise in auto immune disease because the toxins from the vaccine attach to elements of our body, which the body then sees as a threat and attacks itself. The big problem we have is that vaccines are liability free products, so if anyone is damaged by a vaccine, big pharma don’t pay the compensation, the government does (tax payers) and big pharma then make money treating the damage the vaccine caused. This is why they are targeting the kids because then they become customers for life. Recently we have bill gates wanting to vaccinate the world except himself and his own kids. His vaccines have caused thousands of deaths and gbh in India and africa with vaccines he knew were dangerous as they were phased out in America before he used them. It got to the point where with the DTP vaccine, the vaccine was killing more kids than DTP itself. In Kenya they found anti fertility agents in the vaccine. All covered up by the WHO, which Gates funds. He openly says he wants to use vaccines as a method of depopulation and now wants to vaccinate us all against this covid 19, do you really think it’s a good idea to take it? This is is a quick summery on vaccines, any questions or anything to add then you are more than welcome 😊 Fantastic sources of information is learntherisk.org and dr John Bergman on YouTube/ bitchute
  20. Seeker

    John F Kennedy Junior (Return)

    It will be interesting because if it happens then it’s a sign the whole Q thing could be legit, if it doesn’t happen then it’s a good hint it’s a psyop. I noticed a thing Dr Buttar said recently with trump saying the military will give out vaccines, the dates were December/ January, after the election, he’s gotta say the right things for voters, once he’s in power he can amend that...
  21. https://freedomplatform.londonreal.tv/andrew-wakefield-1986-the-act-what-the-government-dont-want-you-to-know-about-mandatory-vaccines/ a similar title to the thread so I’m sure for us who enjoy London real, this will be a great interview with the controversial Andrew Wakefield
  22. Seeker

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Vernon Coleman hitting the nail on the head about nanotechnology in vaccines, love this guy
  23. Seeker

    Is bitchute shadow banning?

    I just wanted to have a quick check of David Ickes channel on bitchute to see if there had been any new videos over the weekend. However the search for David Icke on ‘Channels’ no longer brings up his account. To find it I had to go to find one of his videos on ‘Videos’ and click on his account that way. I thought bitchute was fair?
  24. Haley 2005 offers a potential explanation for this as it is boys who are primarily affected. It was hypothesised that the synergistic effect of thimerosal, aluminium, neomycin and testosterone is 100X more toxic than thimerosal alone, so the testosterone is quite a big catalyst in the autism and vaccine effect. Obviously boys naturally have higher levels of testosterone than girls, as long as the lbgt police isn’t around. 😉