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    God says the virus is real !

    Interesting thread Oz and I look forward to watching the video you posted in. What good practices would you recommend to sharpen mental focus? Prayer, meditation, yoga etc? If so any specific prayer/ meditation?
  2. Kinda made me realise that the timing of these BLM protests are perfect. As people began to protest lockdown, some normal people would have wondered why they were protesting lockdown, beginning to wake up. But now protests are now thought to be for BLM and not lockdown, not addressing the lockdown issue of it killing more people than it’s supposed to save
  3. Seeker

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    My take on it is that there’s these dark spirits that feed off negative human emotion (dark energy). That’s why the world has been manipulated to be a life of fear, anxiety, depression for most people. The only slight issue is that humans eventually die, as a synthetic robot, their mind will be controlled by AI. They can always have AI making them feel bad emotions to feed the dark spirits. A synthetic robot won’t die like a human so it’s a source of food forever for them, that’s the reason imo
  4. I don’t think many are gonna abide by the no sex rule haha, however from what I can see the brainwashing and fear is quite high. A relative of mine described the virus as worse than WW2... I’ve always been hopeful we will wake up, feels like most people are NPCs though 🤣 just touching on the money thing, from what I gather bill gates will earn hundreds of billions if he gets his own way with testing and vaccines
  5. When you look at bill gates’ funding in the uk, he has totally infiltrated the uk health system, especially Chris Whitty (£31million). I reckon he sees us as his guinea pigs, not that boris Johnson cares because he wants depopulation too
  6. Seeker

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Ive had a quick skim through the 4hr GAVI vaccine alliance conference today about raising money for GAVI. Some things I notice and would like to share, the first thing I cant ignore is the theme of ‘global’ and ‘centralisation’ which of course is perfect for NWO. One line that was relevant to the theme of things was something about needing ‘quality health services available to all by 2030’, as we know 2030 is a significant year. The other year that seems to have a deadline is 2025. Other things were more than one vaccine was needed, that was from a glasosmithkline representative, obvs after more money. Leaders saying everyone in all countries will need these vaccines. Satan, sorry I mean to bill gates makes an appearance towards the end and says the vaccines will be first for health care workers and the vulnerable, he didn’t actually say anything about mandatory, just those who need it. Maybe he now knows he won’t be able to impose it to the masses. You’ll notice boris Johnson was the big promoter of this conference and donation for GAVI, boris Johnson had a call with bill gates just a couple of weeks ago... overall the usual predictable crap
  7. Can use the opportunity to write a message on the mask, like ‘Masks don’t prevent infection’ ‘this is reducing my oxygen’ etc. What can they do, ask you to take it off?
  8. Seeker

    Trying to Wake the dead

  9. Seeker

    New suspect for Maddie

    There is some interesting information coming to light about the Podesta brothers being involved, these could be the ‘new suspects’ rather than some dude in Germany
  10. Seeker

    New suspect for Maddie

  11. Seeker

    Take the Knee

    I don’t know if this is just my imagination, whilst I see the link with Floyd, isn’t this the stance people used to take when in the presence of their King/ Queen? Like bending the knee to show they were loyal to them. So people bending the knee showing that they are in control by the media telling them to do this, telling them to clap every Thursday etc. Is it just my imagination or a link?
  12. Seeker


    The Outfield will always be my favourite, so many hidden gems :)
  13. Man this is a rabbit hole that just seems to never end. Noticed a comment on that thread about how many people who die of pneumonia and flu had the flu vaccine. When you think about it most of those deaths will be elderly people with other illnesses, in homes and guaranteed to have had the shot. Even the CDC numbers show the older you get the less effective the vaccine is, yet it’s pushed on the elderly the most! Rockefeller eugenics at its finest
  14. https://www.vaccines.news/2018-10-23-you-are-more-likely-to-get-a-respiratory-infection-if-you-receive-flu-vaccine.html An interesting read as pressure to take this years flu vaccine will increase, this article discusses how you are more likely to get a respiratory infection if you take flu vaccine, and also more likely to spread it
  15. I didn’t realise he had been arrested so many times, gotta admire the guys spirit
  16. Seeker

    Mark Steele 5G BBC Interveiw

    Interviewer: Do you think we are just stupid? Mark Steele: Yes 🤣
  17. Seeker

    A day in the life on Necker Island

    Well let’s say there’s potentially more than 1 meaning behind the name ‘the virgin islands’
  18. Seeker

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Message from the mad house - this virus is worse than WW2, not the lockdown or the economic destruction and death lockdown will lead to, just the virus itself... some people are beyond saving as they don’t want to realise they’ve been fooled
  19. Seeker

    A day in the life on Necker Island

    Well a search on DuckDuckGo gave me good information ^ wow is all I can say
  20. Seeker

    A day in the life on Necker Island

    I’m having a nightmare posting too, got any links for more information on this please I have heard about Branson before, sadly I work at one of his companies but it’s a job I enjoy and I need one! I hear he’s very strange with women at airports. I wonder what his family background is too...
  21. Seeker

    Exposing Bill Gates

    it’s about time he got his own thread, feel free to add what you know about bill gates and his NWO agendas
  22. Seeker

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    One to possibly keep an eye on is a recent outbreak of Ebola in Congo
  23. Seeker

    New Forum Desires.

    That’s an interesting breed of lizard you have in your profile picture
  24. Seeker

    New Forum Desires.

    Thanks for everything Gareth, I’m sure it will be great 👍
  25. Seeker

    Exposing Bill Gates

    some more classic David Icke because we all love him :)