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  1. Eldnah

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    Quite agree viz the Western media At the same time Chinese actions dont quite gel with such a small outbreak and low death toll - Either the situations worse than they say and deaths are about to increase rapidly / numbers are being covered up or thy are using this as cover to clamp down and round up so called dissidents
  2. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Again cant watch it at moment But that judging by the title covers the subsequent result - im not disputing any of this. It doesn't address my actual question - Why would we not get the war on terror if the towers dont collapse - I think we would and your argument of financial gain is the most compelling reason behind a deliberate collapse
  3. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    I shall definitely be watching that to see how he got it all and whos hands were greased
  4. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Now that is a valid argument and quite probably correct However in the context of the war on terror why was it necessary - to bring them down - what gain was their politically that wasn't achieved just by the attacks alone
  5. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Wifes watching something so I cant play it at moment - will watch later To satisfy immediate curiosity Was I correct in that he only got a half payout?
  6. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    That's not an argument as to why im wrong - citing what I say would be achieved without dropping the towers does not demonstrate the towers had to drop. Weve agreed what it was used to justify - Ive said the towers didn't need to drop - you say they did, Ive asked why - you havent provided an answer as to why it wouldn't be achieved if they stayed standing.
  7. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Why wouldn't it You see all you are doing is saying im wrong - youre not providing an argument as to why im wrong. Worse youre dismissing in a very ignorant manner - See my post where I said enough was done to justify the war on terror without bringing them down - you branding that opinion as sick because id ignored the war on terror as justification. Despite it being the whole point of my post.
  8. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Not so sure about that ( the 2nd part ) 1) I seem to recall it was the case he only got half the value because the insurance only covered the value of one building collapsing. 2) The Insurance company picks up the repair bills - not the owner so arguably he is no worse off either way - unless of course the insurance would only pay for the repairs to one building at a time.
  9. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Again - that would be achieved even if the towers remained standing - but feel free to continue in your manner of dismissing posts you clearly didn't bother reading
  10. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    I think you will find its you taking it round in circles Ive never claimed a building constructed like the towers has done so - Ive clearly stated I havent looked at other buildings constructions You keep asking for evidence of something that may not have happened - and you now seem to be doing this to avoid agreeing that dissimilar buildings not collapsing is irrelevant to the towers despite the fact you've dismissed non similar buildings collapsing as irrelevant. 2 Days and that's the about the only point ive been trying to make and you've gone all round the houses rather than actually say you agree with what you knows true (because you've stated repeatedly dissimilar construction = irrelevant in one sense s logically it has to be the case in the other) How about it = I will raise the 2 points again see if you can simply say you agree with them 1) dissimilar structures surviving (or collapsing )proves nothing 2) Steel will weaken before it melts - This does not mean that you agree this happened in the towers -
  11. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Indeed Most of the deaths were either before they collapsed - or would have been killed anyway by fire There was already the massive shock value in aircraft being hijacked and used as missiles The Towers falling or not doesn't change who got the blame - nor would it have affected the outrage and anger felt by many and the using of that to justify subsequent actions. (The War on Terror) So yes because the aims would be achieved even if the towers survived - It seems a wasted effort with significantly increased risk - to then conduct a controlled demolition - Nothing anyone has ever written has challenged that - If only because nobody ever tries to put forward a reasoned argument - the just disparage anyone not on message. Apprentice has put forward a reasonable argument for using unmanned aircraft - I remain unconvinced of the feasibility - but the logic of his position is sound Ive repeatedly asked why do it - never been answered
  12. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Im not nor ever had claiming there is one - edit - I think ive made it clear I wouldn't know one if I was sat in it - (a steel framed building - not a collapsed one obviously )- Lets be clear you said tower blocks collapsing due to fire - which is what I responded to - citing examples of some which collapsed and some which didn't In all cases I stated because of different constructions involved none could necessarily** be used to prove the Towers collapse was fire related or not - However - I made only 2 claims structure related 1) Buildings of different construction surviving or not proves nothing regarding whether the towers should have done either they are apples and oranges. So ESB surviving is irrelevant - as is Tehran building collapsing -( I havent looked myself but im happy to accept your word its different construction.) 2)Steel loses integrity before it melts. Despite going round in circles - because the general points above got lost in Tower specific chaff - were in agreement on those points. The rest of the chaff is simply my justification for accepting the report - and your justification for rejecting it - were not going to agree on that - I dont dispute the science of your theory - I dont say it could not be bought down like that. - But until I get a compelling argument as to why they would do something that massively increased risk for comparatively little gain - I just cannot see it being done it fails my WHY Bother test. Why would the carry out a false flag / allow an attack to go ahead - passes the test **and that caveat is there only because I do not know the construction involved -
  13. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    May I refer you to this - Paying particular attention to the bold In other words I had already agreed that point. But since we agree that towers of different structure collapsing is not relevant to the tower collapse - we must equally conclude that where buildings of different structure have not collapsed (ESB) this is not relevant to the tower collapse either.
  14. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Accuracy is meters for something like cruise - In this context a few meters is a floor or 2 - even that small margin of error could be to much Laser guided obviously much more accurate - i will have to think about if that's technically feasible and practicable - 1) people would have noticed an aircraft designating the target which means self designating or someone on the ground - these have there own problems. 2) Smoke obscuring 2nd aircraft - Lasers are crap in clouds and smoke. 3) Aircraft agility IR guidance again another - but again the smoke and fire could screw up the 2nd aircraft I beg to differ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf27GGZYT2s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sfiUUHKikA - This one I thought was from a film - until I realised it was real news. So yes - buildings can and do collapse due to fire - At the same time Grenfel and others havent. I can only conclude how its built is of more significance. So Back to my ESB point - it surviving doesn't prove the towers should and neither of the above examples collapsing prove its right the towers collapsed True - but ive never claimed otherwise -to the contrary its the fact you dont just repeat the usual tired tropes I find interesting.
  15. Eldnah

    Iran situation theory

    Worth noting that the US figure is only abot 10% to 15% of its consumption - so I stand by my point that even if it imports solely from the middle east this isn't a massive hit - some rationing on private cars and they're good. I must admit I hadn't realised they still imported so much - gives you an indication of just how oil hungry the US is in comparison to Europe - if you consider the US import about the same amount as Europe yet 85% of their consumption is domestic produced and Europe is more like 85% imported. Explains a war or two. I had to doble check those figures because I thought it had confused petrol imports with crude imports US exports diesel and imports petrol UK currently exports petrol and imports diesel