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  1. Eldnah

    Putin is not who you think he is

    Oh im pretty sure Putin is exactly what I think he is A narcissistic bullying criminal thug - who hark back to the glory days of the USSR when state control was absolute But someone who succeeds in fooling the public, hence the social media belief Russian unguided bombs hit only terrorists - whilst ever US bomb is targeted at small children. A man in fact who is very much in the mould of Hitler** **In the personality Media manipulation oppression of minorities and state control stakes - Im not referring to Political Ideology or suggesting he is a Nazi / Fascist or about to embark on the holocaust. Hitler however was a far better orator.
  2. Eldnah

    White supremacist terrorist thwarted in Norway

    There will be that as well potentially - although the bulk were carried out by fellow Africans supported by whites - the crimes committed were not of a racial nature - the victims in Kenya are predominantly black - but because the people are and the rebels were - not simply because they were black - somewhat different to the US. But dont forget as a Canadian he is much closer to the US and much more exposed to that culture than Europeans
  3. Eldnah

    White supremacist terrorist thwarted in Norway

    This is a bollox argument The reason being - following this logic - Im a Nazi or a nazi sympathiser if I share any views common with hitler or equally im a communist Stalinist if any opinions coincide with Stalins - Theres a broad range of opinions the fact 1 coincides with somebody unpleasant does not mean I agree with them whole sale - it smacks of using extremism to silence moderate views For example racists are opposed to immigration because they dont want foreigners I am opposed to net immigration to many countries owing to my beliefs on sustainability and the environment - So both I and the BNP are opposed to unrestricted immigration - but for very different reasons - yet your logic sees me lumped in with them.
  4. Eldnah

    White supremacist terrorist thwarted in Norway

    The trouble with you vancity is that you see everything through a US Prism and assume that's how it was and is - and so when dealing with others you challenge them with historic and current white actions - that aren't in fact white but are white American - and as such find ourselves accused or associated with actions we have no knowledge of or indeed support for. Equally there is a tendency from us non Americans who grew up in a world where there were no laws against black people to fail to understand the legitimate** grievance of Black Americans because to be honest segregation to is was a distant construct - its a very abstract idea - we know it happened there but it doesn't relate to us. ** Lets ignore the media hyped and BLM bollox* which is contentious at best - MLK won a great step forward - but only in principle not practice - Black people weren't going to progress when segregation ended because the real obstacles - poor schools etc remained in place and of course you cant legislate how people think (nor should you) from there neither republicans or democrats wanted black success - one because victim voters keeps them in power - the other because Ghetto problems allow them to point at different groups. No education - reduced prospects = increased crime = reduced prospects = increased crime etc. *Such as Darren brown?? and his as portrayed brutal murder with which riots were sparked and the officer found guilty on social media - but proven that testimony was false and Mr Brown was a) guilty B) the aggressor and c) wasn't shot because of skin colour. On this subject I do agree with Milo to the extent I will paraphrase his response - Black people have been treated like shit and failed by US gov of all stripes - there's a genuine grievance - I just dont agree that BLM and its thuggery is the answer. So yes you are correct as regards the US that had very racist policies - but you forget Europe didn't have race laws (of course some racism existed but not in law) except against the Jews throughout history and other groups in the early 1940s But there was race based slavery in Africa- Middle East in Europe in Asia long before the Whiteman new America existed So if yoi want to identify slavery as identity politics - then you need to look at the Barbary pirate - wait no before them ah the Romans no before them - the greeks no the monghols no the chin well you get the gist - defeated peoples have historically been turned into slaves and invariably
  5. Eldnah

    John Bolton fired as national security adviser

    She was at the start of the thread by northern star - which is what I challenged Ive no disagreement with you about her affiliation with them and other unpleasant types - which was typical left wing misguided - if you are anti / West/US/ tory you must be good guys bollox so we wont ask questions. Which is fine for the Student Union - bit of a twat when its the leader of the labour party who thinks like this (Corbyn)
  6. Eldnah

    John Bolton fired as national security adviser

    I agree and she did deny squirm and deflect before apologising. But that seems to be an attempt to avoid embarrassment (which didn't work). As I said I detest her - her handling of the PIE affair where she did all the bluff and bluster and attacked the media rather than simply come clean and say - yes to my regret we were rather foolishly affiliated - Demonstrated how unpleasant she is. Slating her for what shes done is fine - you know like the all female lists for Labour constituencies - so they could only chose a female MP - then throwing one away and allowing a man to run - ho coincidentally is her husband. She was never a member of PIE though and so thats not really a fair acusation
  7. Eldnah

    Macauly Culkin speaks of SRA in hollywood

    For a high end French Publication the French text is crap - Worse than mine - You can add to that - despite it being spread by the French media - then rapidly removed - nobody - not one person has ever remarked on it - even when US / Trump / Hollywood bashing Im inclined to agree Fake news.
  8. Eldnah

    John Bolton fired as national security adviser

    Much as I detest the Misandrist Harperson** - She has publicly apologised for her association with PIE. Her claim is that in the rush to field a big anti establishment front (really means anti Tory - the Left is really far more adept at creating establishments than the right) the group she was with signed up anyone and didn't look to closely at the time - That was clearly an error. Knowing some anti establishment types and the haste they recruit fellow travellers seeing only the anti whatever / Im a victim to bit - I can believe her. Lots of reasons I dont want her to have the job - and poor judgement in an effort to be trendy anti tory is up there. It is incorrect to accuse her of being a member of PIE and supporting the lowering of the age of consent. That she is not guilty of. Whilst such tactics of false allegations and massive misrepresentations are pretty much standard for Corbyn Supporters / Momentums trade mark (along with calling for violence against Tory MPs and right wing groups - then bleating like school girls if a nasty remark comes there way). Id rather others didn't adopt those tactics - For clarity - Im not accusing you of doing so intentionally - I believe your intent is honest and you are simply mistaken - but unchallenged others will use it even if they know the truth **Harman would be patriarchal and thus sexist
  9. Eldnah

    The Common Ground thread

    Apologies to all I screwed up the quote function Yes Mr A this is what I responded to when I asked did you mean English ethnicity or nationality because genetics are not relevant to the latter and which prompted your rant I agree you will never become ethnically Chinese or Ethnically Persian , Zulu etc - But you can become a national of those nations and so become X nationality.
  10. Eldnah

    The Common Ground thread

    Why - As a Frenchman the Marseillaise would be more appropriate Well I say as a Frenchman - according to the French government im French - but as im really an immigrant from a different culture - you may disagree
  11. Eldnah

    The Common Ground thread

    Well done - but of course now youre simply being dishonest, because as ive said repeatedly it was your response to MY point not anything Sean said that prompted my remark. So I didn't call you racist because you asked Sean a question . As I have already stated I called you racist because you posted an incoherent rant about multi culturalism - evil conspiracy against the natives, some sort of elite plot to end whiteness and how believing otherwise made me a bad person - A post you made when I asked if you were talking about English Ethnicity or nationality and stated colour doesn't matter if you are born there you are (Nationally) English. Which brings us back to my original post of this whole circular argument - Your semi incoherent rant was difficult to read - If im mistaken I apologise - if you explain what you meant than I will retract my comment. Its not a difficult concept - everyone else has grasped the point - that because your post was badly written it appears I misunderstood. Yet you still insist it was deliberate and that its part of some secret agenda. Well dull as you are this as filled in a few hours of boredom but im off to work now - so I will leave you to look increasingly silly all by yourself. Balls in your court
  12. Eldnah

    The Common Ground thread

    Clearly not Because you seem unable to grasp -my intent although quite frankly even yeast could have worked it out by now HINT Im willing to retract and apologise if I miss understood your post. Ive already made it clear that your post was a bit incoherent and so Ive already conceded because of that I may have misunderstood you. So rather than demanding from you im offering you something Instead of accepting this you are crying like a small child running around wailing about how unfair it is and how its all a conspiracy against you. No wonder Sean x and vancity just call you a white supremacist You dont help yourself - you chuck alphabet spaghetti at the board and then stamp your feet if people dont understand As I pointed out previously - Both have called me a white supremacist - both have retracted the remark after I made it clear how and what they misunderstood. - A small effort on my part to clarify my point and an ability to change position and accept they were mistaken on theirs. 2 Qualities you lack It appears your Ego is 3 times higher than your IQ and so you post incoherent crap - then rather than explain what you meant - you feel that's beneath you and all us lesser beings** should just accept we were wrong and you are right. **I know you have trouble with concepts and apparently reality - So do pay attention I said lesser beings not races before you get all teary eyed and run to the mods - because the bad man has offered to apologise if you clarify what he got wrong.
  13. Eldnah

    The Common Ground thread

    Good grief - you do like to get butt hurt and play the victim dint you. I havent demanded anything of you or given you an instruction I (politely) requested - you clarify a point - that YOU say I misunderstood - so I can correct my post and withdraw a comment if it wasn't deserved - Personally I dont care - I find you a tedious dullard at best - but I thought the polite thing to do was give you chance to offer clarification after which I would publicly withdraw the remark - silly me for thinking - you were wanting to clear your name - Instead its just another reason for you to prove how much of a victim you are. Which probably explains why you wrote so incoherently - you want no you NEED people to misunderstand so you can drive the im a victim outrage bus straight through the thread. You are in fact Owen Jones
  14. Eldnah

    The Common Ground thread

    Does one get issued ones own hammer -( Large Smiting ) or do you have to purchase your own
  15. Eldnah

    The Common Ground thread

    Feel free Of course as you have just quoted me saying that - Your post was very unclear but If what I understood wasn't the case and you explained what you actually meant - then I would retract the remark. You will look very silly complaining about being bullied with a false allegation ( singular as in one post only) by a person willing to concede an erroneous comment. Or you could just stamp your feet and deflect some more