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  1. Eldnah


    The trouble is 1) if (as happened) everyone does it then Its no longer a remote location 2) Remote areas have far fewer people and correspondingly much less support infrastructure - just a few Corona tourists falling ill in the Scottish highlands could rapidly overwhelm them - Hence the dont go to touristy areas request. The problem is almost everyone thinks in isolation - if I do this then its fine - Few people think - but what if every one else does.
  2. Eldnah

    Missing PPE is missing pEOpLe LEO

    stop drinking toilet cleaner
  3. 50s - but both have serious health conditions - 1 was unfortunately probably terminal anyway - dont think his long term prognosis was good. I also know 2* others who've been quarantined / self Isolated with symptoms but whether it was that or flu dont know. Theres 6or7on another forum (1 in Italy) I dont know them anymore than I know you - but they've been isolated showing symptoms etc but again no tests to confirm *Technically 3 but the 3rd is the wife of 1 and I dont actually know her
  4. I know 2 - they are a co- habiting couple - both are vulnerable due to other medical conditions and 1 is unlikely to make it
  5. Eldnah

    Star Trek Picard

    No - its not bad at all I ditched discovery because of its never ending Micheal burnham infallibly saves the day 6 times an episode by being tougher smarter and better in every way than every body else - no matter what the circumstance, especially the white guy who will talk down on her every week until proven wrong / killed. Picard centres around the plot Picards significant but so are others Discovery - quite frankly was a mess of lets have a female ethnic minority as the hero (nowt wrong in that) now lets build a plot and cast to prop up Uber space woman and lest have all the straight white male characters acta as though theyre from the 1830s and pretend the 20th century didn't exist. Every other star trek was/ is built on the premise of gender equality etc -
  6. Eldnah

    coronavirus mega thread

    There may be a significant difference between what is happening and what Russia claims is happening.
  7. My home is all electric - in fact there is no mains gas supply in the country - gas is all bottle and where I live its not allowed. That said like yourself I have my gas camping stove which can be produced in emergencies. If weathers good there's always the BBQ
  8. Eldnah

    Support Extinction Rebellion??

    It cant and they know it cant - this is where the citizens assemblies come in and the reason they target banks and shout about evil corporations and accuse any politician arguing for a realistic timeline as being in denial / not acting / being in the pocket of capitalist industry . The whole aim is to whip up an anti capitalist frenzy pushing the idea only socialism can save the environment (whilst carefully ignoring that some of the worst environmental damage is courtesy of that bastion of unfettered capitalism that is the former Soviet union) on order to forment a communist revolution. The youth are being mislead Western governments not acting so they charge behind XR not seeing it for what it really is - by the time they do it will be to late - anyone saying hang on this wasn't the aims we were sold will be sent for re-education.
  9. That's fair enough - I myself am not so confident that supplies wont be interrupted if lots of people fall ill - of course lack of industrial demand will offset any loss of generation capability - but what of repairs/ maintenance - Many years ago in bad storms across the country - the pylon at the end of our garden fell killing the electrics. Within 24- 48 hours power was returned to the street - as they made it safe - but the team then moved to do another street - Individual houses of which we were one were without power for weeks - 3 weeks in our case. So whilst im not suggesting all power stations suddenly shut down, Im concerned that a blast of bad weather - a reduction in teams through illness quarantine or just plain movement restrictions could leave some individual houses without power for an extended period - over 24 hours is enough to begin defrosting (less if you open it ) - in which case you need to cook everything and then freeze the prepared meals. My small freezer is well stocked - but im not relying on it for the bulk of my quarantine rations
  10. Not so sure on that - If it all goes pear shaped then electricity supplies could be affected - In which case your food stock is at risk - Dried foods -(Beans Lentils) and tins to me seems the best way to go. As I said in my previous post - theres sensible precautions and then theres panic driven stupidity - 200 loo rolls is the latter. I would put the freezer buying in the former category although I think its a flawed plan.
  11. Eldnah

    coronavirus mega thread

    I disagree Slightly higher turnover of rice pasta and tinned food - is as you say people sensibly picking up a few extras (as advised) People with 200 loo rolls in there trolley is panic and more to the point idiocy - its a flu not fucking dysentery. People are now stockpiling kitchen roll - Buying Shares in Dynorod may be a good investment at this point - your bum may not object to kitchen towels - your toilet system will
  12. Eldnah

    coronavirus mega thread

    Quite agree viz the Western media At the same time Chinese actions dont quite gel with such a small outbreak and low death toll - Either the situations worse than they say and deaths are about to increase rapidly / numbers are being covered up or thy are using this as cover to clamp down and round up so called dissidents
  13. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Again cant watch it at moment But that judging by the title covers the subsequent result - im not disputing any of this. It doesn't address my actual question - Why would we not get the war on terror if the towers dont collapse - I think we would and your argument of financial gain is the most compelling reason behind a deliberate collapse
  14. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    I shall definitely be watching that to see how he got it all and whos hands were greased
  15. Eldnah

    911 Was An Inside Job

    Now that is a valid argument and quite probably correct However in the context of the war on terror why was it necessary - to bring them down - what gain was their politically that wasn't achieved just by the attacks alone