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    Shalom, In the Aaron Russo video linked above the Real ID Act was mentioned to go into effect in 2008. That obviously didn't occur, because many people and states have fought to prevent it from happening. Even president Reagan was against it because he knew of the biblical "Mark of The Beast" and saw this act as fulfilling that prophecy. Nonetheless, the Real ID Act is now due to go into effect in 2020. DO YOUR BESTS TO SPREAD THE WORD, SHARE RUSSO'S VIDEO, SO PEOPLE WILL PREVENT THIS HEINOUS ACT FROM EVER TAKING EFFECT !!
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    Conflicted - thoughts wanted...

    Shalom cshepherd, Can you be more specific about the Ram? I'll be getting some sleep now, and will check for your reply when I get up.
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    Conflicted - thoughts wanted...

    Shalom cshepherd, I appreciate your sharing your information, but was there more you wanted to discuss?
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    Shalom Golden Retriever, I do not wish to get into long religious discussions, but I will provide a brief answer to your main question for you to consider. As admitted in your video about the Talmud, there are many Rabbinical statements that are not only “problematical” but reprehensible, not only to people, but certainly according to the Torah. The Talmud derives from human beings who are prone to errors, while the Torah comes to us from HaShem and is not “erased from history.” So my answer is to Trust in, and follow, the Torah, not the Talmud (or the Talmudists that fill Israel today).
  5. A brother

    Conflicted - thoughts wanted...

    Shalom Quodhumana, The "highest" spiritual leaders religions were founded on never asked, nor wanted, to be worshipped; they respected peoples' free will to make use of the truths presented to them, or not; these holy people left behind the importance of love, service, compassion, forgiveness, codes of living, methods that could be used to spiritually progress, and to end suffering. There is evil in the world; those at the top of the evil pyramid, covertly orchestrating events from behind the curtain, need to keep hidden. These devilish beings depend upon henchmen that have sold themselves to them, or were recruited through bribes or blackmail. Before people can overthrow these infernal beings they must first recognize who they are. I have been presenting information about who these beings are, but, it is up to each person to decide that question for themselves. It is not easy to recognize the truth of who the devilish beings are because information about them, and other truths, have been cunningly altered and corrupted. That is why I have suggested not to rely solely on the intellect, but to go within using prayer and meditation. The true temple lays within; it is there that pure, uncorrupted truth can be found.
  6. Shalom aleichem, David Icke has spoken about the Zionist Israelis, how they present themselves one way, while hiding their true dealings and agenda. He's explained that people have been fooled about what the Israeli agenda is, and how they are progressing in their plans. The following video made about ten years ago, features Sheikh Imran Hosein, someone who has NOT been fooled by Israeli propaganda, as he shares what the mainstream media have failed to tell us. One of the Israeli tactics for anyone that questions them, is to play their antisemitism card-- David Icke has already spoken about the falsity of that gambit, but let me show how sham it truly is. Semites (Shemites) are those who have descended from Noah's son Shem, while the Israelis of today are Ashkenazim descended from Noah's grandson Gomer-- Gomerites NOT Shemites (Semites), so any Israeli reference to antisemitism is a deceptive ploy meant to silence anyone who dares question their dealings. As David Icke has warned, DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Here is Sheikh Hosein's eye opening video (about 24 minutes): https://youtu.be/2TgfhD98K10 In reference to Sheikh Hosein's mention of the expected collapse of the American economy and money, watch the following video to its end to see reasons why he is correct (it begins with indisputable evidence of the illegality of the U.S. Income Tax and goes on from there, stay to the end, you will be glad you did). 1 hour and 48 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyWH8NJGRsA When this information becomes meaningful to you, use it in the best way possible-- SHARE IT EVERYWHERE YOU CAN.
  7. Shalom Shalom Eldnah, The extent of the lies and deceptions going on is very hard to believe. NASA, has been enlisted as part of that. Only when certain events occur will the lies become more obvious. Our scientific knowledge today is far from correct, along with the assumptions we make from them, as you have done. I understand your thinking, but the truth remains like a needle in a haystack of lies. As an old friend used to say, "stay tuned."