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  1. Truthspoon

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    I assume you think it's Apprentice..... It occurred to me as a possibility but there is not enough evidence to take it further than supposition. What if you're being rude to an 'innocent' man? You got this with the old forum.... looking for enemies that weren't always there and people being banned because mods thought they were someone they weren't.
  2. Truthspoon

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    This is just the kind of quarrelsome paranoia that infected the old forum and led to so many people being banned for no reason...... Why not just let the guy be........Sheeesh. I won't be much of a forum whatever happens with that ugly spirit taking over again.
  3. Truthspoon

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    No, the reason people were banned because we had a pair of slightly power tripping individuals running the forum. I would call them a pair of arseholes but that might be unbecoming. They banned people so other people complained and the more people complained the more people they banned. Feedback loop growing out of control and it eventually killed the old forum because there was just no one left. Zhiba was the phony guru who had been handed the ban-hammer by a woman called I AM. I don't know if they're still around.
  4. Truthspoon

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    To be honest I think this was when we were getting DDOS attacks from the BBC..... I don't think those 30,000 were actually users but bots to make the forum go offline....... There was a lot of speculation about BBC paedos and as a result the forum came under attack from the BBC. Still the average users on the old Icke forum were around 3,000 -4,000 online users.
  5. Truthspoon

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    To be fair to Sean he ran things pretty well for a while... in the first couple of years that old forum was fantastic....clearly things went very far south in the end however.....
  6. Truthspoon

    Big Announcement - Forum dies today

    Why don't they just let you make and run the forum..... I mean, if you've got the time.... a bit like Sean Adl did for the previous Icke forum... I assume you've got the coding chops to run and secure a forum... Seems pointless having Gareth involved....if he's not involved..... just a waste of everyone's time.
  7. Truthspoon

    Censorship / Digital Book Burning

    If you ask me Moonlight there's no difference between Churchill and Hitler....except that Hitler wanted peace.....and Churchill wanted war on the behest of his Levantine financiers... Though to be honest I think Hitler was part of the Levantine's plan and he was set up to fail from day one.... it's too bad the German people went along with it.... but where else could they have gone? Their country had been bankrupted and was being systematically corrupted..... There are no go good guys....there never were........ Everyone with power is a pawn in the game of evil ones.
  8. Truthspoon

    JK Rowling- woman v trans

  9. Truthspoon


    I go out and see the fate of my homeSee how the people die, controlled by this shitty stateI raise my fist and stand in front of the Reichstag with thousandsOn the street, line up while you still have timePrototype, I'm accounting for what you didOnly stop when everyone is rioting in every shitty cityI keep attacking until I've done itIn the end you will see if the German laughed lastValues - My boys live honor and loyaltyHardness - Here with us, blows are normalIn this world where you don't just sting enemies for moneyWe are the rock, undisguised, that breaks the silenceI'm not doing shisha rap, I'm not capitalI never hid, I stay radicalI prefer to eat dirt, I don't let myself be paidA real German remains stable, there is no choiceGermany - the future belongs to us aloneLet's hear the people screaming louder and louder on the streetEven if the thing still seems so blind to you todayOur revenge will be our children's laughterGermany - the future belongs to us aloneLet's hear the people screaming louder and louder on the streetEven if the thing still seems so blind to you todayOur revenge will be our children's laughterLeft hypocrites, you see them every nightClothing more expensive than any caregiver's wagesThe little car is on fire, that's normal for themThat's how class fighters fight capital todayRidiculous, I'm sick of these hypocritesSay how little honor you can have here as a GermanI don't want to know how many ancestors you disappointedTraitors don't get a chance, no matter if they regretted itEnd station - Our country mutates into a clown worldRepressions, they defarm until everyone's mouth shutBut we are steadfast and we shit on the pointing manNDS, we are the wolf that bites you in your fleshI fight for my people because I care about themFuck success, I'm not a guy who bendsDo what you want, you will see what happens soonWhen the eagle flies over our homeland again.
  10. Truthspoon


  11. Truthspoon

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? ​🐷

    So I guess this is the future....blacks doing just what they like....... I'm sure that'll work out fine.
  12. Truthspoon

    True group where are you ?

  13. Truthspoon

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? ​🐷

     A nice bit of cultural vibrancy for the white, upper middle class in and around Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon Common. I see the press didn't make the same castigating comments about the 100 or so who gathered there to smash up the statue, as they would about those who have an
  14. Truthspoon

    FBI arrests British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell

    I don't know but if there's one thing that happened since the mostly ineffectual Donald Trump came to power it seems that these paedo scum in Hollywood and politics are getting slightly rooted out. On the strength of that I hope he gets four more years.