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  1. Truthspoon

    coronavirus mega thread

    Ok it was a misunderstanding... Ok.... truce flag deployed.
  2. Truthspoon

    coronavirus mega thread

  3. Truthspoon

    coronavirus mega thread

  4. Truthspoon

    coronavirus mega thread

    Pfffft. I'm not going to try to be nice to you anymore...... you're a dog that only wants to bite.
  5. Truthspoon

    coronavirus mega thread

    You sound like you want to control and dominate the forum. I know you. I wouldn't trust your judgement to open a packet of crisps.
  6. Truthspoon

    coronavirus mega thread

    A few of you are acting like assholes on this thread for no reason. Stop it. Stop being pricks. This isn't your forum, you don't get to decide who can stay and who should get bullied and hounded away just for perhaps being a little naive. Your behaviour says more about your insecurity and lack of patience than it does about the integrity of this newcomer.
  7. Wilcocks has been making predictions and talking shit like this for years, none of what he says ever comes to pass. Why is he still being taken seriously by anyone? It's worse than the JW's.
  8. I wish this guy would just fuck off. Biggest bullshitter in the world.
  9. Red-Herring. Permindex was set up before Kennedy even became president. Besides, it's said to be a front-group for the CIA, which means a front group for American Israeli interests.
  10. Don't be coy...who was it? As far as I'm concerned it was the small hats....... He wanted to stop their usury party and stop Israel being a nuclear power. Next thing his head gets blasted off. There are so many deliberate red-herrings in the JFK case.
  11. Truthspoon

    Coronavirus is BORING

    It's just going to give them even more to play victim about.
  12. Truthspoon

    French fans here ?

    Perhaps they don't speak French. Affiche ouverture..... that's a good one. I couldn't figure that out for a while. I knew that affiche was like a display advertising, or something you would put on a wall..... Like a poster..... ahhhh! Then ouverture....opening.... So opening poster..... You riddled me good there.
  13. Truthspoon

    French fans here ?

    Merci bien!
  14. Truthspoon

    French fans here ?

    Oui, mais moi je doute qu'ils soit 'reptilian'. Plutot demonaique.
  15. Truthspoon

    French fans here ?

    Peut etre il faut bien parler d'autre choses plutot que les reptilians qui probablment n'existe meme pas. Parle des Franc Macons, ou alors, des Juifs, ou meme de la Satanism.... Ca c'est des choses real et qui peut etre demonstre. Amicablement... TS