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  1. Truthspoon

    Another attack in London

    I actually quite like Muslims. That's why I'm happy to live in their countries, it's like a permanent holiday. Can't say I feel the same way for the SJW snowflakes liberals and thought police who seem to operate in my own country and would try to bust my ass and fire me or put me in prison for saying the wrong thing. Why should I stay there and deal with that shit?
  2. Truthspoon

    Another attack in London

    THESE ARE MY KIND OF PEOPLE, WHAT DO YOUR PEOPLE SAY? https://www.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2009/jan/06/dubai-middleeast https://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Holocaust-denial-in-the-Arab-world-555903 http://www.projetaladin.org/holocaust/en/newsletters-3/uae-bars-private-schools-from-teaching-holocaust-books.html
  3. Truthspoon

    Another attack in London

    Well one of the benefits is that I can keep a blog and make comments on the internet without the fear that I will be arrested..... I lived in London for many years as a school teacher, then one day I realised none of the kids I was teaching were white or English. So why stay in London earning shit money to teach foreigners when I can work abroad and earn great money teaching foreigners? I can also deny the holocaust as well, at least where I live........ so there.... Can you? Why don't we discuss the Holocaust? It's a fascinating subject...... full of incredible bullshit.
  4. Truthspoon

    New YouTube rules and old videos

  5. Truthspoon

    New YouTube rules and old videos

    I stumped up 50 dollars and gold membership to help keep free speech alive. If you have the means they it wouldn't hurt to help Bitchute grow and challenge Youtube. Especially as Bitchute is run out of GREAT Britain. Let's put our mark back on the internet we invented..... Not especially jingoistic, but it's better to believe in your own greatness than let the bastards tell you you're worthless. There's a great Shakespeare quote from Henry V, and when I was a silly teenager suffering from depression this helped me learn to stop feeling weak and start feeling strong: “Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.” A literature based education is not such a bad thing. You can learn a lot about how to survive this crazy place from old books written by great men.
  6. Truthspoon

    Things the World should know Part 1

    Ahhhh. Thankyou....this explains the mystery of the boomerang which was originally an Egyptian hunting weapon.... https://www.truthspoon.com/p/sacredlanguage.html
  7. Truthspoon

    Another attack in London

    Are you serious? What is the point you are trying to make? What's wrong with skilled people earning their living abroad? Do you have a problem with foreign travel altogether? Doesn't make sense. What's wrong with you today?
  8. Truthspoon

    New YouTube rules and old videos

    Oh? Which videos?
  9. Truthspoon

    New YouTube rules and old videos

    Bitchute is waiting for you.....like the quiet girl who really fancies you but you were to busy to notice. Time to fall in love with Bitchute.
  10. Truthspoon

    Another attack in London

    It's what happens when your capital city is overrun with wild animals. You should be thankful that Italy is still safe for humans. You have had more sense than us English. We were fooled by our kindness and tolerance. Never again.
  11. Truthspoon

    Another attack in London

    London is a zoo.......or a jungle. It's beyond ridiculous. Why the fuck should we tolerate this invasion of barbarians? They dominate the streets of our capital city....and it will only get worse........ much worse because I don't think these people have any limits on their behaviour. The fuckers are wild animals.
  12. Truthspoon

    The Game

  13. Truthspoon

    Is David Icke Fake?

  14. Truthspoon

    The Game

    This is your game:
  15. Truthspoon

    The Game

    Your philosophy would be right at home with a flock of sheep in a field.... clearly you identify as an animal and praise the mystery of the grass you can chew beneath your hooves and the big orange ball of hot magic that wakes you up and dries the night's cold dew. No doubt you'll be flattered...... But I'm something else. I am a being made of light, with an electromagnetic field which has taken up a temporary residence in this ape body. I enjoy my life very much and am deeply appreciative of the clever mechanism of nature, but I know there is a realm of pure light and energy which transcends this realm and is the source from which all the energy which powers the cosmos originates... I have perceived many mysteries in my life and found a solution to them I can support my findings with evidence in my writings and the amazing catalogue of wonders I have experienced in my life....... Maybe I'm unique....but I would like to think I'm not the only one.... There must be others out there who have glimpsed the truth and are not trapped in animal consciousness chewing the grass and giving praise to an empty mechanism without acknowledging or even being aware of the source of power which drives the machine.