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    Hi. I hope you don't mind my post, it's intended to be a positive one but if not allowed please delete. So who am I, simply someone inspired to be a Free Thinking Person and someone who having read thousands of hours of material simply believes we can help each other change our world for the better. So how. www.karmacise has been created to update The Master Key System which is a system created to help people gain control of their thoughts, then use that control for the benefit of themselves, our planet and those around us. Karma = An action we complete in this life to affect our next. Cise = Exercise, an action complete to train our mind/body to be that which we seek to be. I've pulled bother together to form karmacise and have created a 30 day training program, website, book and course to help people. I'm a former taxi driver, nightclub bouncer, postman, labourer, bricklayer, hod carrier, etc... now a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors so have gone from being homeless in Manchester to having my own business, how through positive approach to life and not being controlled by the system. I'm a maverick who likes to question convention. Your thoughts, support, criticism, guidance or in fact whatever you think about www.karmacise.com would be very much appreciated. Thanks.