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  1. G13

    Harvey Wankstain found guilty

    Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today. Fuck u david icke forum!
  2. G13

    coronavirus mega thread

    lets hope these hollywood peados die off their own shit.
  3. G13

    coronavirus mega thread

    murica should just fuck off to murica. europe sold its soul.
  4. G13

    Harvey Wankstain found guilty

    what a surprise... a small dicked jew who raped woman!
  5. he probably got molested (like all hollywood children). but now he is just milking it to make some bucks. doesnt mean these sick murican zionists hollywood punks need to be brought down.
  6. G13

    Tommy robinson daughter touched

    Nice going shill. Fuck off to israhell already.
  7. G13

    The Greek border situation

    turks are scum
  8. G13

    coronavirus mega thread

    so satan in peoples form isnt even safe. good
  9. This new forum makes me sad. The old forum had so many great threads and users. It seems like most off the users died off with the new forum. No new daily threads, no replies in new threads. Same old people hijacking every thread with their propaganda. I miss the old forum...
  10. G13

    Mundane Irritations That Drive You Crazy

    Smart phones everywhere. We used to have conversations with people like when your waiting on the bus or something for example. Now every zombie is busy with their shitty smart phones and cancerous social media. Plus people in help with all these zombies filming what is going on instead of helping our fellow humans. Let the solar flares come already!
  11. G13


    I know for sure your not.
  12. Sweden sucks! So the schools are now confirming that school is just a big brainwashing propaganda machine. I would take my kids out of school the minute they try that shit around here.
  13. maybe tried to ship some Kenyan kids to some other jewish pedophile?