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  1. Screamingeagle

    Membership Query

    this is new forum,it has nothing to do with the old one....thus you had to do a new acc
  2. DECA you're ok with this,i hope
  3. you may only continue with a F word 😈
  4. Screamingeagle

    Humor Thread

    brilliant, fucking awesome......😎
  5. Screamingeagle

    Good tunes that were warning us - please add your own

    pretty much any song from Epica
  6. Screamingeagle

    Good tunes that were warning us - please add your own

    People are in big confusionThey don't like their constitutionsEveryday they draw conclusionsAnd they're still prepared for war for the rest of the lyrics you'll have to hit play 😈
  7. Screamingeagle

    Word association thread.

  8. Screamingeagle

    Coronavirus is BORING

    it's not maybe.....econmic brakedown and negativity(low vibration) are the two reasons that share place on the top spot....imo
  9. Screamingeagle

    Word association thread.

  10. funny he(or his sources) didn't tell there will be a few day of national tv darkness.....😎
  11. Screamingeagle

    Word association thread.

    i 😁
  12. Screamingeagle

    Based memes for normies

    let see where it goes,i'm fine with the curent placement of the thread
  13. Screamingeagle

    Music You Like

  14. Screamingeagle

    Based memes for normies

    you decide..... or if it goes "to general" i'll merge it with the humor thread