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  1. Screamingeagle

    The propaganda of World War Two

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    Humor Thread

  3. Screamingeagle

    WAR - what is it good for?

  4. Screamingeagle

    Rockets cannot propel in space.

    You have been given answers numors times in this thread alone by at least three members why do you keep repeating same questions without counter argument.....?
  5. Screamingeagle

    Gravitational Waves and the Jews

    maybe......but he is well known by his "less important" inventios..... "bigger "ones are,well swept under the carpet or label as conspiracies...... Srbija has a Tesla museum and most of the stuff is locked in basment.
  6. Screamingeagle

    Politically-Incorrect Comedy

  7. Screamingeagle

    WAR - what is it good for?

    that just a tip of the iceberg..... just think of the amount of fear/negative energy released (on and off the battle field) control of the society(economics ect.) and the list goes on
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    Music You Like

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    Music You Like

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    Music You Like

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    Renegade - why now?

    imo Icke information is free.....if you want fine details you buy the books,dvds atm we need money because its the only way to operate in this society money is just tool ,you can use it in positive or negative way
  12. Screamingeagle

    Arrival Film....

    that makes two of us....
  13. Screamingeagle

    Forcing the [Hidden] Hand

    I'll try with a quote "by my self,but not alone" he is not alone,nobody is alone(but that is more of a philosophical approach )......
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    Music You Like

  15. Screamingeagle

    Politically-Incorrect Comedy