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    Lui is banned
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    Greta Thunburg

    with this kind of precise planing (i don't buy it for a sec that its coincidence)elite ensures that climate message gets to the people who have seen through gretha bs plus the ubiquitous divide tactics is always welcome
  4. Screamingeagle

    Greta Thunburg

    i'm suprised that she didn't make public(or i missed it)appearance with david de rothchsield.....you know that climate change survival expert 😂😂
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    Humor Thread

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    5GREZOTONE is banned
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    Humor Thread

    i think that people who don't do it in one day are more enlightened .....😈😂
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    The concept in this video can not be disputed.

    Oz is high on Carl M,the rest isn't worth it 😏
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    Word association thread.

  12. "God's Final Message to His Creation:'We apologize for the inconvenience" SOL you haven't pay attention 😁
  13. Screamingeagle

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    i think he had to.....a marionette has to follow orders
  14. Screamingeagle

    Who fancies a road trip?

    i'm in if you can arange a 99.9% discount on a new McLaren 😁
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