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  1. the goal is to stop/slowdown developing from the start so they grow up into a perfect sheeps and any extream cases(death,illnes ) are welcome to spread panik and propaganda about vaccines and more control into hands of corporation and the elite
  2. left logo is from a video game "resident evil" which is about zombies and a few survivers who try to bring down corporation responsible for the mess
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    news behind the news, tintin

    that will remain the case
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    news behind the news, tintin

    as far as i'm aware they didn't make the transition....
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    here's the one thread we have Alisa2
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    Music You Like

  7. we have a closed info thread about banned members.... but i don't post info about users who are bots, trolls with a few posts or socks acc of banned memebers
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    Music You Like

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    Electric Universe

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    if you didn't get it thus far,either you don't want or never will they will almost always say what is expected and then proceed to do as agenda requires ie. the oposite..... you can trace that pattern of actions before any war was started...(and you don't need to go far back in history,about 20 years will give you 3 or 4 major conflicts)
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    What alien races do you know about?

    i think that is the main reason why history is buried ,distorted and hidden..... when you conect the dots its clear that we came from space to earth that's why the elite is pushing for wars in east their main goal is to destroy museums and aincent sites
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    608 Members Why do you not post? Only approx 25 do!

    i read some interviews of high positions peoples in auto industry and some kind projection is that combustion engine will be produced for another 30 years however none of them gave any data about what ratios ,CE vs electric