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  1. Wamrage

    Humor Thread

  2. Wamrage

    How come nobody talks about the school system?

    I still from time to time have dreams about high school and college where i'm learning, taking tests and such. They are the worst type of nightmares. Waking up after such nightmares feels like 10 000 tons has been lifted of my chest. It's ironic that people who skipped school and literally ran away from classes are viewed as outcast/losers/rogues etc...These people were actually the most concious/sane folks out there.I'm glad i was one of them.
  3. Wamrage

    How come nobody talks about the school system?

    I agree with everything except your last sentence. Reading and Writing can be taught easily by vour parents.Beyond reading and writing there isn't a single useful thing you can learn in schools or as i call them Retardariums.
  4. Wamrage

    How come nobody talks about the school system?

    John D. Rockefeller set up the school system. David Rockefeller started and funded the women's movement. Both of them lived on average of 100 years! That alone should be a dead give away as the average lifespan is like 65 years.
  5. Icke mentions it, but besides him, who else? We have reptilians scum John D. Rockefeller to ''thank'' for public schools. Schools are like a mix of prisons and asylums, prolly more awful things. This topic is rarely mentioned yet is one of the most important! Rockefeller has a quote in which he states '' I don't want a nation of thinkers, i want a nation of workers''!! If i was 15 again you couldn't force me to go to school with a fucking flamethrower!!!
  6. Wamrage

    Why does Icke ignore sex in his books.

    I strongly advice folks against using psychedelics, even weed!! The reason people use mind-altering shit like that is because they don't take the spirit realm seriously.If you open the door via drugs demons will fuck you up! There are ton of books about ayahuasca, dmt, lsd, magic mushrooms, peyote,weed etc...People should avoid all drugs if they value their health and overall sanity.
  7. Wamrage

    greatest kickboxing fight ever

    Gotta love Michael Shiavello. That fight was insanely good.
  8. Wamrage

    greatest kickboxing fight ever

    Have you seen this one? Easily the funniest k1 fight ever.
  9. Around a year and a half i took a nap during the day and someone slapped me in the head...I woke up instantly but there was nowhere in the room. I actually felt physical pain, it hurt quite a lot for a while. This lead me to believe that malevolent entities are toying with us in the astral while we are asleep. I had more experiences, if you are interested i will write them here as well.
  10. Wamrage

    You ever use a ouija board?

    If demons get a chance you might get possessed and they will either wreck your life and you will go insane. Once a malevolent entity enters your body it's difficult to get him out. I can't believe people on this forum even ask if this practice is safe.
  11. Wamrage

    Is The Afterlife A Trap As Well?

    NASA's story about our Sun growing and eventually turning into a red giant is a lie. Everything NASA spews is a demagogy.
  12. Wamrage

    Humor Thread

  13. Wamrage

    Humor Thread

  14. Wamrage

    Humor Thread