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  1. Aratron

    What is Satan?

  2. Aratron

    What is Satan?

    Sounds like a lot of Empty waffle tbh
  3. Aratron

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    His photos of a child making him look like he has high functioning autism when asked what he liked doing last year he said he liked making and painting buses with people in them.
  4. Aratron

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    Probably already had it and got rid of it just like any other cold flu virus
  5. No I think he was killed by intelligence agencies
  6. I dunno maybe she realised he was batting for the other side
  7. Aratron

    Caroline Flack DEAD at 40

    And that’s why she was killed?
  8. Aratron

    Record high ocean temperatures

  9. Aratron

    Record high ocean temperatures

    Nice one how much does a post like that pay?