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  1. No they only happened after HAARP. What can it all mean?
  2. Aratron

    London Bridge Incident

    Yes it’s all fake
  3. Aratron

    London Bridge Incident

    There is no such thing as isis they are mercenaries paid for by tptb
  4. Aratron

    London Bridge Incident

    So he got killed by Tptb for having liberal views on prisoners that’s really sad. Confirms how far right the UK has become.
  5. Aratron

    London Bridge Incident

  6. Aratron

    London Bridge Incident

    I’m only interested in whether those two victims are real people or not and if they are how they actually died
  7. Saw Gretas book of the year stacked high in Waterstones yesterday god knows how much high grade paper has been wasted in that endeavour
  8. Aratron

    London Bridge Incident

  9. Aratron

    London Bridge Incident

    Looks like there’s a new shill in town
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/nov/30/clutha-helicopter-crash-victims-spouses-call-for-fresh-inquiry do you think is really bizarre
  11. Aratron

    Garry Rhodes dead at 59

    Yeah their is a clue in the above fake news story to give the game away.
  12. Aratron

    Garry Rhodes dead at 59

    Seems weird he has just started shooting a cooking show for the uae and other gulf states and then this happens. Hit job
  13. Aratron

    London Bridge Incident

    100% fake
  14. Aratron

    Sheep and cattle stabbed to death and sprayed with Pentagrams

    Well we will have to disagree upon that... With respect that’s a very superficial wikipaedia point of view I’m not intentionally trying to insult you here btw