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    Lets face it, the commercial and pasenger flight corridoors would be the idea way of carrying out legitimate experiments in weather control, due to their exact timings and or flight paths,not only would it make easy to navigate, record, it would be the ideal opportunity to do this for free, seeing as the passengers are paying for the planes journey and fuel, thing is would the corporate mindset like to do this, well of course they would if they were going to gain from it. But are they actually doing it is the question? Are there and records of these experiments taking place as we speak?
  2. We have all seen and or read the conspiracy theories of the men in the moon, but here is one I never heard of before and it involves a 12 volt radio and thousands of miles of space between us and a time in history long before the internet. https://www.bitchute.com/video/eJvQYyG5TIM/
  3. The Apprentice

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    https://www.watchtheyard.com/deltas/first-black-general-military-delta-sigma-theta/ 858 Shares Share855 Tweet3 Did you know that a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc was the first Black woman General in the United States Army ? Hazel Johnson-Brown became the first black female general in the United States Army in 1979 and was the first black chief of the United States Army Nurse Corps. Gen. Johnson-Brown was born in 1927 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. As a young woman in the 1940s, she applied to the West Chester School of Nursing but was rejected because she was black. This did not stop her from her dream of nursing, in 1947 she moved to New York City, and enrolled in the Harlem Hospital School of Nursing. In 1955, right after President Truman banned segregation in the armed services, Johnson-Brown enlisted in the Army. By 1960, she had become a first lieutenant and joined the Army’s Nursing Corps where she served as a staff nurse in Japan and Chief nurse in Korea. https://abcnews.go.com/US/female-general-woman-lead-us-military-combat-command/story?id=39091580
  4. The Apprentice

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    While one sleeps scheme do they,
  5. The Apprentice

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    And for the interest of all that is good and decent the hammer needs to fall firmly where the head of the nail resides. Let the viruses find another host and see how long they would last on them.
  6. The Apprentice

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    Wrong again foul mouthing till the cows come home, all this does is grind away any progress we might have gained, it is purile nature at work, debating could be fun and jovial but not with your kind of temprement. You people, Hmmmm. You do see me for exactly who I am, profile of the person, not an avatar, but still an apprentice. Who are you really?
  7. The Apprentice

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    I lick no boots, but I do make my own and choose to be who I want to be and with, as long as it does not hurt anyone directly, still the ban hammer for bad behavior for you Van the man. Like I said put me in charge and I will say and do things in the it open, not like a traitor within the avenues of banter who hides away and throws stones from behind an electronic bush.
  8. The Apprentice

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    I'm cool with that, good banter does not need to be full of diatribe about a persons personality or what think they know about an avatar, those who hide behind one that is, I was the same apprentice on the old forum and saw the journey from Nazi to Shill to Racist, its like an unbroken melody which never changes only the title, ignore or ban are the only options for me.
  9. The Apprentice

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    For their perpetual foul language and disrespect towards others they should have been sanctioned yesterday, how can a family unit let their youngsters or teenagers surf the flotsam they spew upon our shores.
  10. I will be getting no brain chip Dec, I don't intend to go live off grid either, but I will carry on making my own system within the system, probably set up my own museum as a freak show of an old codger still doing things the old way, might make a killing in digital donations to keep me alive, LOL.
  11. Then stop interacting with me.
  12. Ditto, many places in the dales where we are never got power unil the late fifties, there are still a few dwelling without mains power. The internet has enabled me to gather what I need to know, that I never could not collect manually before, but it does not create my creations, I have to or choose to do that, and there in are far more secure that a millennium holding a cell phone.
  13. The will probably call in The Third Eye, the elites ultimate internal app.
  14. I am Dec, but I have first learned to live without it prior to its inventions, and could easily without it today and or empower others with my practical knowledge for free, if it was suddenly powered down, could you?
  15. I simply do not trust these idiots, they may turn a few on again, but the majority of perfectly functioning people off, and their man aim.