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  1. The Apprentice

    Hands and minds thread

    Your welcome my freind, https://www.bitchute.com/video/9WzpZxelQY6M/ To get cheap tool steel buy some of these, green version only, no nasty addatives in these, they come in various sizes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10pcs-TIG-WELDING-TUNGSTEN-ELECTRODES-RED-WHITE-GREY-BLUE-GOLD-GREEN-1-6mm-2-4mm/273623448894?hash=item3fb53a7d3e:m:mjljhtDF7CsztZsYqj3gDnA Do you know how to harden and temper 01 tool steel?
  2. The Apprentice

    Hands and minds thread

    Hi I am I, I'mno expert in this field yet, but what I do recommend is, getting a decent setup for sharpening if you have'nt already, I made my own as you can see on my video blogs of the machine, here is where the goodness eminates from, really sharp tools. I also went down the route of making my own equipment but now wished I had gone fror a commercial pneumatic setup, even a cheaper brand from China would get you going, there is tons of video's on the web where guys are making their own but none are really up to scratch where ease of use in concerned. I'm currently experimenting with hand gravels and have found that a 106 degree V is the way to go, you can get one of these manual jigs if that is where your at with doing it purely by hand, they are inexpensive and do work once you have mastered the adjustments. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CROCKER-STYLE-GRAVER-SHARPENER-ENGRAVER-TOOL-HOLDER-SHARPEN-GRAVERS-OILSTONE/192911526674 Video here of one being used, I have been told by a local shop that once you get the hang of it, its not the difficult to master. I am currently finding out how easy/hard it is, and will be doing some more video's and making more tools like the ones you see in the video. There is also this route for manual engraving, I'm trying both methods and tools,
  3. The Apprentice

    Hands and minds thread

  4. The Apprentice

    The Secret Beyond Matter

    Here is the same kind of rhetoric from Leonard Susskind, which is yet another new age religion in the making, to replace all of the othe religions eventually, many of the leading alternative thinkers are pushing this today, and whi i think it could well be controlled opposition.
  5. The Apprentice

    Why are all conspiracy theories right wing?

    It is the believing in what we do not create ourselves, and leaving things to the propagandists who do nothing what so ever and create zero, other than a smorgasbord of word magic backed by nothing physical.
  6. The Apprentice

    Five G – (2019 Documentary)

    I think by now people know who and what Steele is, my point is perfectly clear here, where he as a person is concerned, not the subject matter. If you have other sources to turn to then why the insistance of promoting a fraudulant entity who is out for financial gain, maybe you can see that, what is of benefit to humanity is not a money avenue but the truth behind it. The things he says about the equipment he has shown is a lie, people here with electronic knowledge have tried to point this out to you Dec, but it seems you do not like being told so.
  7. The Apprentice

    Five G – (2019 Documentary)

    The link you have just shared is taking us around in circles Dec, leading back to the same rhetoric from Steele, here is a faction that is very persistent and working right across the spectrum of fake news itself.
  8. On the theme of chemicals/trails, weather/food control, a wider perspective of what is modern agriculture and mans messing with the weather is doing to the immediate environment. There are a group of chemicals called, Neonicotiniods which are a systemic group of agri chemicals, where as the older pesticides were topical, meaning they had to be mixed with a wetting agent or type of oil to get them to remain attatched/stick to the host target for longer, so they were not washed or blown off of the plants etc, it is the systemic model that creates a whole new scenario where half life or neutralizing properties is concerned. These systemic and or persistent poisons take over 200 days of sunlight exposure to break down the building blocks they are made from, and here is where the conspiracy begins. If you take what we are seeing recently with weather patterns, you will see that the chem trailing lets call it, are producing clouds where there would be less natural clouds and thus sunlight is also being blocked, or also known as Global Dimming by unatural means. This means the trails have a triple effect to what is happening at ground level, ground effects from unatural and persistent chemicals which will remain in the environment due to the lack of sunlight being able to lessen the impact of what are unatural and or unbeneficial compounds. Are you seeing what I am saying here, we are being deprived of our natural Crytochromatic or blue light spectrum/sunlight and being slowly poisoned in the process. We are being culled basiclly from both spectrums, by lack of sunlight and by persistent chemicals that our bodies have not evolved with or will have time to adjust too. This is what I think the elite are doing, whilst they are eating food that is free from these every day poisons, while we are being poisoned at ground level, while the ability of natural sunlight and nature to create a balance is being removed by design. Listen to the following interview from 11.30 onwards, I have said it many times before, it will be nature that will show us the direct signs of what natural traits and or mans folly is doing to show what is happening to our immediate environment. If we are really going into a solar minimum so be it, but the elite in their wisdom will also know this by having long term weather records and also use other means to gain complete control that work together with the natural elements to gain that power, this is who they are and what they do very well, but keeping the esoterics to themselves. Watch this space and what nature tells us.
  9. The Apprentice

    Hands and minds thread

    I would say we are concentrated by design, not trapped. To be truly trapped means an inibilty to achieve the alternative actions, to be prevented from doing so, as we are today we are being trained to think we are incapable of doing this, not physically prevented. We can still go where we want to by and large, but that window of opportunity is being closed fast.
  10. The Apprentice

    Humor Thread

  11. The Apprentice


    How about having to street lights at all, let the night be the night and the day the day, natural.
  12. The Apprentice

    British Culture

    I get this thought when ever I go into someones house and see those air fresheners pluged into the wall.
  13. The Apprentice

    British Culture

    What if the inuit did not want to be shipped and or redistributed to where-ever, You do realize that culture is humanity is the gravy train don't you? It is culture that brings diversity and product which any self reliant system thrives upon if left to develope on its own terms.
  14. The Apprentice

    Trudeau black face

    Malcolm X was a high level Masonic operative and part of the great works, he was a paid counter revolutionist of the elite who always fund both sides.
  15. The Apprentice


    Gateshead council like any other in the Uk today is a Company which are registered as they all are on Dun & Bradstreet, they are multi million pound companies and no longer in our service nor our servants any more, infact they have not been for quite some time. https://businesscredit.dnb.com/intl-search/?country=GB&recaptcha=&api_key=5ZQdbHqkcAFmbERsDp2kIim0edSV7oMb&companyName=gateshead+council+united+kingdom The reason they repalce old lamp posts with new is to make money, they are a profit making organization, so profit from replacing as much of the infrastructure as possible. You are tracked from being born, this is what being a member of the state means, your whole life has always been means tested Dec.