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  1. How many weapons are there, from street lights, to LiFi, to cell phones, we need to focus on the amalgamation of these AI devices not just the singular.
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    Chat Room

    Just hanging around, oh boy, the guys think they are tough,
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    Lord Mountbatten Exposed by FBI files

    This is how humanity has always seen others who will readily kill and control you whilst wearing a smile, as Lennon rightly sings in his song, A working class hero. If you hanker back to what were the earliest writings or the spoken word, or what was known as the Ammonian Radicals/Codex, which we a collection of two and sometime three letter words you can trace all language back to these basically control mechanisms, An Nu Na Ki, all have different meanings and not a whole word but four words, David Crystal has a good book and language encyclopedia on language worth buying if your interested in these sorts of things. My studdies show that the traits often mentioned by others are definately not alien of off planet orientated, we might like the notion but I simply do not believe it after studying history through the eyes and word of mouth passed down through multi generations, sometimes myth leads to the truth of what is otherwise fanciful imagination of how things might be, and totally unproven unto this day, thus cannot be relied upon.
  4. I did not say there would be no implications Dec, but not on the scale that the idiot up North pushes it across as, he is like everyone else being used, surely you must see it. There will be several system running side by side to back up the others in motion, this is a multi prong attack, not just a single attribute that each factions is trying to get us to concentrate upon, If one goes down there will be at least two others watching in the background, and where is the best place for information, in the home of course, this is where the people will be gathered recieving the programming in live time. So are you going to work with me or against me fella, sock puppet or a truly concerned member of the public who can put all of the pieces together.
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    Cell Phones and WiFi Dangers

    The human brain does not stop developing after birth, it take about 7 more years before it has all the whereabouts to function normally in a society.
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    Cell Phones and WiFi Dangers

    Brzezinski said eons ago that we were soon going to be given something that will change the way we think, Alan Watt also mentioned this a few years ago, so Dec, I know you are watching, so who is a sock puppet now, watch and see. Way back in 2011, they knew where we were to be steered, https://archive.org/details/HaraldHaas_2011G Today they are gearing up to enter every home with a scanning device that can map every room it has a bulb fitted, live tracking using the IR spectrum. The constand fear porn on 5G is what will eventually bring in the newer or not so new LiFi, the people themsleves will demand it happen to save us now from the killer tech, eventually many will see what goes down here, egg on face is what some call it. How blind do we need to be before the writing is on every wall in every home. There will be no option for an ethernet cable using this system, when the old phone system is obsolete we are completely trapped. To see the end result we need more than just the parts to obtain the sum of things, or internet of things. If I am wrong on this I will forever hold my peace.
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    Lord Mountbatten Exposed by FBI files

    There was a joke going around at the time this was happening it went something like this, What has Lord Mountbatten and A famous dandruf shampoo got in common, They both left their head and shoulders on a beach in Ireland. But it was not the IRA who topped him, but his own kind for being involved in yet another Canterbury type conspiracy to overthrow the then government for his Anglo Freinds.
  8. LiFi, bin your 5G contract, LiFi is here to stay, no radio signals only IR.
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    Music You Like

    Did you know that the old Joe who used to sit by the piano has just died, he was a really good Accordian and piano player form Malta, he will be sadly missed.
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    Music You Like

    Saw them live at Lancaster, definately better days back then, more for your money, I remember buying my first brand new Suzuki GT 250 X7, during my apprentiship.
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    Be Grateful - Be Happy

    Life is what the individual can make of it for themselves, yesterday we planted around 200 leeks in out allotment, saved seeds for next years crop and made the garden ready for next years season in advance, I also made this for my engraving equipment, saving the need to slave for someone else to pay taxes in order of obtaining what we need to function at another level of modernity. Am I happy am I grateful, of course, happy I listened to my peers who made this possible, grateful I listened to my peers who had the same gratification bestowed upon them also. I made the entire engraving system from raw materials and second hand items saving well over 2K. Happy, grateful and secure in the knowledge that the elite did non of the work or the thinking behind my dint.
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    Who do you consider to be a genius ?

    When we think of the jenius in modernity we tend to forget those in antiquity who were the forerunners of what we see today as power houses of knowledge and creators of their own inventions, here is a couple who superceded what we now call modern science. Archimedes Marcus Manillius Check out the book called, The Ancient Engineers by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._Sprague_de_Camp There is one name that comes to mind immediately and a genius who was responsile for inventing something that many others used to drive their paticular systems and or inventions. George Stephenson.
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    Owen Jones victim of 3am preplanned drunken brawl

    He looks like,
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    Lord Mountbatten Exposed by FBI files

    I remember Alan Watt mentioning him in a talk well over 20 years ago, they called him Tricky Dickie.
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    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    The little fella in the middle reminds me of this film clip,
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    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    I would say she has already gone to see pops.
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    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Where could she go where nobody would find her, on another island perhaps, perhaps she is already suicided, another Lord Lucan Mystery.
  20. No need to laugh Dec, I said you were right about the radar, here is the data sheet, notice frequencies and distances involved, this is for trafic management, not in the lamposts of Gateshead, no killer tech on estates in Steele's area whatsoever, two completely different systems. http://www.smartmicro.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Documents/Automotive/UMRR_Automotive_Type_132_Data_Sheet.pdf This is a fixed passive system, designed predominantly for autonamous vehicles and traffic managment, low power. http://www.smartmicro.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Documents/TrafficRadar/EKTSDG-010101_Electronic_K-band_Target_Simulator_Doppler_Generator_Data_Sheet.pdf
  21. How long a a piece of Geordie string, giving there is any to pull that is, A carving knife, very handy for the sunday lunch and self defence, A car, very handy to get to work or run someone over. LOL, indeed
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  23. Spot on Jan, The military use wiring systems with all the same colour wires/black, in the main battle tanks/Challenger and other prime weapons you need dedicated equipment to be able to get things working again. Steele only knows one kind of weapon, his gob, anyone who folows in this guys footsteps is treading on crisps.
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    ThIs Isn't The Awakening

    The old salt water in the elite bloodlines, great for breeding imbeciles, underslung jaw syndrome and many more traits.
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