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  1. megatron3

    Global meditation! It's time to take action!

    No, this is about taking their power away through positive thinking & energy!
  2. megatron3

    Is the Queen struggling to hold her human form?

    Could be, I wonder if for example with each new royal simultaneously a new reptilian entity takes over or is it the same few reps just jumping bodies ? Very interesting topic, each time I see her royalty I get shivers.😀
  3. megatron3

    How do you deal with the bullshit?

    Zionist fear-mongering at its finest !
  4. megatron3

    Is the Queen struggling to hold her human form?

    In which one of his books does Mr. Icke describe how the reptilians renew themselves out of old body parts (to live forever), if I remember this correctly ? Forgive me if I'm wrong, I read those a long time ago (perhaps I should visit the library again!).
  5. No hate here luv, we are all just sharing our opinions. Of course only time will tell how this ends. xx
  6. megatron3


    You only work with those strangers for a few hours per day, maybe more, and it is a not so stressful situation. And in my opinion, the happy quotient would be higher for financially secure people (higher up). Also, how would we take care of womens sanitary products on a farm ? A much easier option would be to 'invent' your own country by force.
  7. megatron3


    Any sort of shortage or a stressful situation would bring out the worst even in people you might consider calm and peaceful. Good idea, but I think impossible to actually follow through with it.
  8. megatron3

    shopping queues are a lie too

    What is the point of only letting a few people enter the store, when they might as well all infect each other while standing in a 10-person line infront of it?
  9. Things will not end well for our oz here, because fear (that he claims he doesn't have) drove him to move (escape) in the first place. Also, not really a smart idea to invite people from this forum there, but I hope they enjoy their little paradise they have whipped up, while it lasts lol.
  10. Much like their murderous ancestors involved in colonialism, too many brits nowadays are sadly moving to countries where they don't belong. It's not brave at all, and in a public unrest those foreigners would be hit first. I don't have a proposal at all Anniebee, just here to expand my horizons.
  11. Not jealous of living in a 3rd world country at all, no 😀 Moving and forgetting is the easiest option. Looks like oz just couldn't handle big city life. I do wish him luck too, don't get that wrong. xx
  12. Good for him, yet I don't see how it is helping us find a way out of our crisis..
  13. You would be surprised at how many people still enjoy meat,.. And I am glad to say they did not manage to 'trap' me in this state of fear and never will, and my location does not matter as long as I keep that peace. We need actual effective solutions oz, not praying to whatever deity you happen to choose. Nothing is 'holding me back' from fighting politicians either, right now I just value my freedom, but when all hell breaks loose,I guess law will be easier to break.
  14. And that is the difference between some of us oz,...you escape to Thailand like a coward, while I will gladly fight politicians with my own fists. Great diet advice, though, as I think that in a shortage situation, meat would dissapear first.
  15. megatron3

    Humor Thread

    So cute, I wish those existed on our earth.