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  1. Amunet

    Possessed by a psychic reptilian

    Remain at a higher vibration. I understand this may be difficult when you may feel lower frequencies and conflicting thoughts are accumulating within. It's very interesting because even when one knows their inner truth and experiences the divine, when out of balance/possessed/controlled, regardless of the aspect of us aware of truth, we no longer feel the truth within us. It becomes a belief rather than a genuine inner state. I know this may be worrying, but it is in worry, resistance, questioning, that we simply plunge ourselves deeper into lower frequency; essentially we feed it even more. I feel like it is important in these moments to maintain inner observer presence: if your mind is conflicting, simply watch your avatar self, and allow the watcher presence to grow as a means of reconnecting with higher self: the self which is trusting, operating from light, is fearless. Eventually, as you simply watch both positive and negative thoughts, you will be able to disassociate with both, you no longer become an identified self, but become the whole. At the end of the day, reptilians are just as much creations of god as we are. They have simply wandered away from their souls and fed too much to lower frequency. They are powerful, this is true, but as long as you remain in tune with truth: which is that everything is one whole; as long as you remain forgiving and compassionate even towards dark entities, your higher vibration will naturally outweigh any deception, manipulation, control over you. How can someone manipulate you if you inherently do not view it as manipulation? A lot can be done to us, Reptilians have insane power, I do not deny this (shapeshifting, psychic abilities, telepathy, manipulation) but if you react in a way that is still out of love and trust, out of understanding, you are immediately placed above. The reptilian setback is the very thing they feel is their power: lower vibration. They cannot reach you if you genuinely reconnect with the higher self, it is now simply down to you to recalibrate/rebalance and increase your vibration. This should not be forceful, it not a belief system or goal you are trying hard to attain, no...It is your nature, so all you are doing is simply recognising the light within you once more. The light never leaves, the truth never leaves, your divine power never disappears, it must simply be felt and realised once more.