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  1. I can tell you from first hand experience that it is happening in academy schools too. Children who don't conform to the agreed thought processes in class discussions are chastised for daring to think differently. Perhaps they are also put "on watch" too, but I don't know about that.


    Spot on. By his very action, or lack of it, he is proving to be part of the agenda... Or maybe he has just been leaned on rather heavily from people in high places? Thinking in particular about Robin Cook and Dr. David Kelly.

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    Just watched David's video posted by Muir... here's the clincher.... "The real background to why this teenager has been treated so disgracefully.... “Israel signs multi $BILLION DOLLAR gas pipeline deal with Cypriots only days after British tourist rape incident teenager was convicted” ....

    The fake right

    A number of people I know who have voted Labour all their life voted Tory in this election on the (misguided) premise that the Conservatives would actually deliver Brexit. I think this is a fair representation of what happened across the country. But as some of us know, the Tories intend to keep us locked into the Euro prison via the "defence and security" loophole which binds us into European Defence Union as this article illustrates perfectly... https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/eu-defence-union-command-and-control-smoking-gun

    windows 7 support ends

    Just remember Windows 10 was offered for free... there's no such thing as a free lunch, just ask yourselves why were they doing that? They want something in return... your personal information!!!

    windows 7 support ends

    Don't panic everyone. I only upgraded from Windows XP to windows 7 about 3 years ago at home and was still receiving XP updates almost until that time, though they were restricted to urgent security patches. I never had any problems. Also, be aware that most of the public bodies' computer systems are still running Windows 7 right now, and likely to stay that way for the next 3-5 years depending on hardware replacement programs. Microsoft generally have built-in agreements with these bodies to carry on issuing security updates until full replacement programs have been implemented. They therefore hit everyone else's PC's via Microsoft Update. I'll be staying on Windows 7 for the foreseeable future. Windows 10 is a bloody nightmare, vital elements of control are removed from the user and there are issues with data mining and compulsory "updates" which may disable certain device drivers within your machine. I've got bitter experience of this, I ended up having to reload Win7 to all the workstations at the company I work for, as Windows 10 was causing all sorts of issues which all miraculously disappeared after Windows 7 was reinstated... :-/ Bear that in mind!
  7. My thoughts exactly. what we are seeing here is the elites pushing as many buttons as possible in the hope that one of these "incidents" will be enough to tip someone over the edge to start a war. In my view what just happened there could be definitely be construed as "an act of war"... will the Iranians see it that way?

    royal predictive programming?

    Surprised it wasn't Andrew...

    RIP David Bellamy

    The establishment rounded on him when he chose to speak up against the chosen narrative. He knew what was going on and they tried to destroy him. We need more people like him to expose the truth behind these climate change lies, credit to the man for sticking to his guns. RIP - he will be sadly missed. :-(


    No, Tony Blair knows he is pretty much universally hated and will not come back to save the Labour party. I have heard however, that he is working hard behind the scenes to ensure his "foot soldiers" make solid progress in order to facilitate his preferred policies and that of the EU Globalist elite. Good call on EU President though. After much hand-wringing over the next few weeks / months Corbyn will reluctantly resign. Andy Burnham next Labour leader I reckon.

    Will Labour win the Election?

    ... And made a fortune ££££
  12. Agree! Particularly when it's (forecast) sunny in the morning and suddenly "clouds over" in the afternoon...
  13. Of course, no doubt they'll be wheeling Greta out shortly!
  14. Is it any coincidence then, that within days of the HAARP frequency being reported here on this forum, the North of England gets battered with torrential rain and currently has more than 100 flood warnings are put in place by the Environment Agency... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50341846 A case of organised chaos? And if so, what is the motive behind it?

    39 Dead in Lorry in Grays

    ...And in light of what I posted on this thread earlier is this a classic case of Problem, Reaction, Solution and therefore a "nudge" article to encourage mass immigration into the country?