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  1. Change2

    Icke's View Of Homosexuality

    Christianity has made pedophilia what it is today in the USA. Christian men are marrying girls that are 12 years old or younger. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/26/opinion/sunday/it-was-forced-on-me-child-marriage-in-the-us.html?auth=login-facebook&login=facebook
  2. Change2

    Icke's View Of Homosexuality

    Soddom and Gamorrah was fake. A FAKE story about a FAKE god and towns that did not even exist but the story was not even about gays, it was about RAPE. "Every middle schooler is aware that to “know” in the biblical sense is to have sex with someone. But what happens in the Sodom story is *not* homosexuality. It is not about two men in a committed same sex relationship based on love. Sodom and Gomorrah is a story about rape." https://c-ucc.org/open-and-affirming-part-3-sodom-and-gomorrah-is-not-about-homosexuality/ "
  3. Wouldn't we have to see the demographics of all the people working at BBC already to know if ALL people are being represented or should we just accept that white people represent everyone?
  4. Sure the whites vote for the right, but that is because they are dumb whites. Most people that voted for tRump cannot even point the USA out on a map. Just like they didn't know that Puerto Rico is part of the USA. The USA was NEVER a Christian nation. Just because a majority of people were Christians does not make it a Christian nation, we never had a NATIONAL RELIGION. According to our constitution, we have freedom of religion, that means anyone can be whatever the heck religion that they want to be and it is about time that CHRISTIANS realize that and stop trying to force their religion down everyone's necks by claiming that Christianity is being victimized because it isn't. Just like tRump tried to tell people that now there is a war on Thanksgiving...why because people finally admitted the TRUTH, yet everyone still celebrated it, even though Donny Jr wanted people to start fights with their families. THEN somehow tRump claimed he won the "war on Christmas" two years in a row. There is no end to his stupidity. There was no "War on Christmas", it was people realizing that other people didn't celebrate Christmas so they said Happy Holidays instead and Christians threw a fit. In my opinion, Christianity is more of a threat to the USA than Muslims EVER will be. And this isn't because I have a thing for Muslims because I don't as I have said before, Christianity is Judaism part 2, Islam is Judaism part 3. It is because you all think that you deserve some special place in this world, like you should be treated like you are special. You all think you are GODS CHOSEN...Well, not everyone believes in that god. So fight about that among you people that believe in that god and leave the rest of us out of it. Also, they aren't bringing in people to vote for the left. That is totally ludicrous No one is "bringing in" anyone. These people are escaping their country because of their country is overrun with criminals due to US "interventions"... Every time the USA goes in and fiddles with their elections and government, it gets worse for the PEOPLE. DO you get it, these are PEOPLE that are wanting to come to the USA, most likely just like how your family came to the USA, as an IMMIGRANT.
  5. I am sure that is exactly what the Native Americans thought about Christians from England when they came to the US.
  6. No, I am saying my country is a 3rd world shithole already. Immigration had NOTHING to do with that...unless of course, you consider the fact that the people living here now are from Europe and are actually the immigrants.
  7. Change2

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    I had to go watch him talk just to see what you mean about ADHD/Autism and I think if I had to guess it would be ADHD or a bit of brain damage. I do not see any autistic features in him that I have seen in my son or any other autistic child, but I do not know any autistic adults besides my nephew, who is almost as high functioning as my son is. I do know many grown people with ADHD and BJ reminds me of one of my cousins sons who was diagnosed with adhd and was on ritalin and adderall. He was all over the place when he spoke, as you said above about Boris, he was also unable to handle stress and dealing with people. He was only 33 when he killed himself this last February. Honestly, I think the ritalin and adderall is what did his head in.
  8. Do you think that could be due to the fact that England decimated, controlled or colonized the countries where those immigrated from? I've been to London, it isn't a shithole, there are areas that are, but let me explain what a shithole is in the USA. Drugs are rampant to the point where at least once to twice a week, someone has overdosed or gotten killed by someone on drugs here in the town that I live in, with a population of less than 5k. More kids that graduated in my sons class are dead, than mine due to drug overdoses and suicides. 75% of the population in this town are on foodstamps, there are no factories here anymore, they all shut down, there WAS a grocery store, it shut down last week but we do have 5 bars. They built a jail cell that is the biggest in the state in our county seat because we have the most drug related crime in the whole state, the murder rate here is crazy high due to drugs. In one weekend we had 9 murder/suicides after the police let a boy off that they had stopped for drunk driving and that boy crashed into a car full of kids. The accident killed 3 in his car, and 3 in the other car. The kids that didn't get killed that were in the cars had a shootout about 3 months after the accident and then the one that did the shooting killed himself. I know multiple families that have killed each other. Most kids are not raised by their parents here, they are raised by their grandparents, their parents are either running drugs, on drugs or in prison for drugs. Kids are selling meth in jr. high. Pot is sold in elementary. My brother and his wife are both school teachers and they said that they have been trained on how to spot kids that are being raised in meth houses by how the kids smell when they come to school. Of course they cannot do anything about it, but they can be aware and help the child if needed. There have been several times where kids have brought weapons to school, so far, no school shootings have happened yet. The majority of kids are not able to read or write when they get out of high school, to the point that surrounding schools have a policy to check the students for placement if they transfer over and colleges make them do PRE-college courses before they can enter the college itself because proficiency has been so low. The schools "grade book" which is a website that does statistics for schools says that only 2% of the kids go on to college after graduation from this school corporation. They have failed standardized testing for so many years that they were put on probation by the state, which is why kids can transfer to nearby schools now. Teenage pregnancy is the highest in the state here also. Some girls have 2-3 children by the time they are 20. I knew one girl that had 4 by then, but she started at 13. Our local church provides clothes for most of the kids in the school, the police station just donated money to cover kids that could not pay for their own school lunches. The school building themselves are so run down they look like 3rd world factories because the money that was paid to the builder to do the roof repair was stolen by the people that it was given to, to do the repairs. The Sheriff in town that taught the DARE program got so drunk he wrecked the Sheriff car into the bar, his daughter was just let out of prison for drugs, she and her brother were caught bringing it here from another state. Our local politicians have been put in jail more than once for stealing money from the taxpayers. The population in this small town is 99% white and has been since I was a child. THAT is why I say that immigration isn't causing the problem in the USA....
  9. No, I think it is a realization of the people that I am surrounded with, seeing as how I do not know any sabbatean-jewish hollywood people and I do not watch tv. I do not know how they could sway my perception of people I live next door to that hang their Nazi flags in the front yards and whose teeth resemble that of a jig saw puzzle and their jaws are so far distended, they look like a horse. I do not think "white people" are inbred. I think that white supremacists are inbred or at least the ones that I see daily and who I KNOW are actually inbred. So no, Kenyans aren't white supremacists, neither are Chinese.
  10. LOL I don't know why, as soon as I think of white supremacists I think inbred. Family trees should branch out, not go straight up.
  11. Yeah, that isn't how it works dude. I have explained it already, but if you want the title, go for it. I don't care a bit.
  12. The outline of this video speaks volumes " A simple immigration issue spins wildly out of control for those involved, ranging from the President of the United States, to a news producer." tRump used immigration into the USA to rile up the white people...but he was the one that caused the problem to begin with. This is where "problem, reaction, solution" was used by republicans to act as if they are the "savior" of the white people. Again, the ruling elite are caught, using white supremacy/racism to further their political agenda and is no different than the left using reparations to get the black vote. As Icke says, they all come back to the same ruling elite, whether left or right. "Despite the administration’s attempts to shift blame for the chaos, make no mistake: It is Donald Trump himself who is responsible. Through misguided policies, political stunts and a failure of leadership, the president has created the conditions that allowed the asylum problem at the border to explode into a crisis. The solution to our current border troubles lies in reforming the U.S. asylum system and immigration courts and helping Central America address its challenges—not in a “big beautiful” wall or shutting down the border. Yet effective action on these issues has been missing. And the president has now so poisoned the political well with his approach that there is little hope of meaningful congressional action until after the next election. Unless the administration changes course, the immigration crisis will only continue to worsen."
  13. Change2

    How poor people survive in the USA

    To answer this question "I don't know if unemployed Americans receive help towards accommoation or not..." It depends, if they have enough unemployment insurance built up, then they can get unemployment, if not, then they get nothing. They could get TANF as long as they have NO money or assets basically. Heck, even if you have a newer car, that counts against you, but I am not sure how. This is why the whole "welfare queen" is a myth. On top of the whole public housing aka affordable housing, you have to deal with things that no good single parent should have to deal with. I lived in an apartment after getting out with my ex that was in the same apartments as affordable housing, meaning some the government subsidizes, some aren't government subsidized. My next door neighbor was constantly getting banged up by her partner, meth permeated the buildings, and a meth head crawled in my bedroom window while I was sitting in my room. I had to knock on my neighbors door more than once to save her, once I had a bat with me because I was afraid he would attack me. He started to yell at me then saw my oldest son step out in the hallway. He didn't look cross at me after that. lol I took their kids in more than once also because the she was hopped up on something or another. Half the time I lived there, she didn't have electricity or water in her apartment and was stealing off the hallway outlet.
  14. Change2


    Just saw this and I thought it should go here. https://abc6onyourside.com/news/nation-world/contaminated-vaccines-distributed-in-kentucky-ohio-and-indiana?fbclid=IwAR31_FM_SA73B0qkKHZb0S6z_iQM0BihdetFPMmTD9zLE03S4StWJroqrWo
  15. Change2

    The Game

    To most Christians, it doesn't seem to matter what Jesus said to do. They do what they want, for it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.