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  1. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    Communists can.kiss my ass btw Im going to die on.my feet not live on my knees Pinky promise *edit* they can do a lot to my physical body but they cant touch my spirit All they will get out of me is a big fuck you
  2. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    Im living in a nation where the fed govt have done NOTHING to stop this other than further destroy their own industry and follow CCP talking points But then again they have done the same thing for the past 4 years so no surprise there We even have a Chief Medical Officer who is a Chinese dual.citizen telling people masks dont work and theres no need to wear one That was yesterday btw They want things to get bad here for more than a few reasons Not least of all globalization and the move toward handing power over to the UN Jesus I doubt theres many other posters here who have been so vocally opposed to all of this pre corona and I mean the actual.in your face UN / communist take over of our planet Bit late in the day to start complaining now tbh Lol it was only a couple of weeks ago someone was calling me a.Nazi on here And thats one way this whole thing has panned out Anyone who was in vocal.opposition to.globalism ( UN NWO Shit Libbery ) was branded a.racist nazi Nice work assholes
  3. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    https://www.businessinsider.com/chinese-military-deploys-armored-vehicles-to-europe-for-first-time-2019-7?amp From july 2019 The Chinese military has deployed armored vehicles to Europe for the first time as Chinese medics train in Germany Scroll down further in the article to see the real reason ..... The PLA in the future will need to go abroad to protect China's overseas interests in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative," he explained. "If there could be some basic mutual trust and understanding with NATO forces, the risk of potential conflict could be greatly mitigated."
  4. MrA

    Based memes for normies

  5. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    Deep state skullduggery again The British Crown and the CIA are the largest drug cartel in the world Good luck with that
  6. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    Well Ive now been officially laid off work for 2 weeks Awesome And thats what I meant when I said shit is getting real The company I work for is forced to take it seriously through pressure from.above and so regardless of what we uncover around places like this the machine grinds at people and it has real.world consequences Its just surreal it really is I knew they would be using it as an excuse to demonize the politics of certain leaders as well " bolsonaro might end up in the hague " Fuck me No room for actual war criminals in there ey
  7. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    IDK I havent spoken to anyone from work since last week They are all under 30 and in good physical.shape so I imagine they are like me wondering why they are forced to take 2 weeks off work for a runny nose As for the neighbor IDK that either
  8. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    Well I fell.for it because who would be surprised at that kind of thing lately
  9. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    Clearly attempting to curtail everyday people from.communicating with each other
  10. Are you surprised that such a.programmed.mind will fall into line with " authority " ?
  11. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    100% agree Motley And while we are at it attach the Event 201.material to it because they bloody well knew what they were about to do is cause.mass hysteria for the purpose of destroying individual.freedoms and national sovereignty
  12. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    Btw for anyone wondering I came down with something last week and had the symptoms of flushed face , shortness of breath , sore throat and runny nose Anyway Ive just been out for a run in the park because I started to get a pain in my lower ribs but I ran and its fine I got my breath back in a sensible time and actually feel fuck of a.lot more energised now Still got a sore rib but whatever its just a BS ache that I.probably got from lifting something
  13. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    It also clearly says in that PDF " last year China launched the CoVid19 pandemic " So again , true to form Orban is not fucking around with political correctness " launched " may be a translation issue and the Hungarian word might not.mean launched as in WHOOSH but still He is clearly stating China is responsible for the pandemic Is it any wonder the " civil society " types are complaining And as much as I want to believe in human rights Im also aware that the human rights courts in my location are full of shit and exist for the sole purpose of harassing normal everyday people
  14. MrA

    coronavirus mega thread

    The only thing I see in there is new criminal prosecutions for purposefully creating and disseminating fake news or purposefully giving out misleading information to the public which may cause further damage to an all ready ( in theory ) stressed system So its no wonder the shit libs are up in arms because thats their entire industry in the spotlight Jesus its not like he just declared himself leader for life like Xi Ping did a year ago