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  1. MrA

    Things the World should know Part 1

    The world and the this.forum should know im done with this place Have yourselves a nice life
  2. MrA

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    His defense is that he never took his pants off
  3. MrA

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    https://educate-yourself.org/cn/ciadrugsabusemurder.shtml And Andrew .... https://www.channel4.com/news/prince-andrew-cheerleader-in-chief-for-the-arms-industry
  4. MrA

    Where is the creepiest place you've ever been?

    London UK The whole place is crawling with neg energy and bad vibes Never understood what the fascination was Its like the.culmination of all the worst decisions mankind ever made 4.billion years of evolution and that stink hole is the height of the game ? Bring on the solar flares
  5. MrA

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Well their name is now dirt and if thats the only thing that can come.of this then.its.enough to keep.as a warning to others enamoured by the high life they.represent Even if their games cant be stopped entirely the least we can do is make sure they are forever remembered as the sick bastards they are
  6. I worked on a ladies house once who was not long divorced from her billionaire husband. She was a lovely older lady who had been replaced by a younger model. She asked me if I enjoyed my work and I said yes it will never make me a millionaire but its honest work and I get a lot of satisfaction from doing a good job for people. She told me I wouldnt enjoy being a millionaire.anyway because no.matter what nice things happen to them.all they.care about is whats in the bank. She said her ex was happier meeting his crooked accountant than his own grandchildren and that he had missed out on so much because he had to concentrate on his bank balance first and foremost. Its a.real scam this idea that.rich = satisfied I think the more material things you have the less value you place on human interactions This is all a.bit off topic but not really , as its clearly in the interests of the very wealthy to start dictating what the.average joe can or cannot do And they.wont stop at food choice either Given an inch they.will.attempt to.intrude on every human.interaction there.is in their attempt to.be better than the creator itself
  7. Im not a vegan but I wont be trying to extend my life beyond its natural course Im.going to.write.DNR on my own clipboard Its not that I dont like being alive its that I have no reason to fear death Its an irrational fear IMO and when I look into who is truly fascinated with extending human life beyond its natural course it becomes clear to me why they dont want to let go , they are truly terrified of what comes next
  8. I dont really know the particulars of what he is.most known for or what he recently said that makes.him.look crazy I do.know that in the past year alternative media has been decimated on popular outlets such as youtube The last thing the noahide world.order wants us to think is that we have allies and friends out there somewhere
  9. Its the bit about everything being one and everything existing at the same time that I recognise And its nice to have that kind of experience but someone still has to do the dishes and someone still has to get up.in the morning and make sure you have electricity to.start your podcast up
  10. Except when you get off the ride and start telling people you can talk to trees they think you are a lunatic The drug awakenings are.purely subjective experiences.for the.individual It doesnt change external.reality for anyone So.even if you are.convinced.you can now talk to the animals.so to.speak , nobody else can experience this with you
  11. Im of the opinion realisation can only occur through sober contemplation The drug trips take you on a wild ride but its like the Carnival rides They all ways take you right back to where you started imo
  12. Yeh ive never listened to the guy but from what people are saying here about his " realization " it sounds like he is having a false awakening via drugs And certain paychoative drugs allow you to function reasonably well but it will fuck your thought process up for years
  13. And im.pretty sure the rogue agencies have their.hands on some strange shit that they can drop in your groceries People on psychoactive drugs often think they are having a spiritual.experience Its much easier than building a big space weapon to beam.wierd thoughts into peoples.heads This thing about him having a realisation that everything exists simultaneously and in every dimension at once sounds exactly like the kind of thing you feel and see when you take the right amount of psylocibin for example
  14. You dont even need directed energy weapons you just need to spike the poor bastards drink with some bad acid and hey presto Lunatic time
  15. MrA

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    God help us all This will still be happening in other places Its demonic to the core