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  1. MrA

    Samoa measles outbreak.

    And from all available evidence the number of cases that make it to the vaccine injury.courts are a.serious under representation of the actual.cases.of.vaccine damage The whole thing.needs.to.stop I notice there is a.kennedy bro on the case.in the states He isnt getting.much media traction though
  2. Morgenthau Plan They say it was never fully implemented but actually it.got worse than what was initially suggested Also try reading some of General.Pattons diaries He led the occupation of Berlin and quickly realized something was seriously wrong with the orders he had been given
  3. MrA

    Icke's View Of Homosexuality

    Make the guillotine great again
  4. MrA

    Icke's View Of Homosexuality

    Yep im.completely off the tolerance bus now Im never standing up.on their behalf.until they back the fuck away from other peoples children Islam is right about gays
  5. MrA

    Icke's View Of Homosexuality

    I draw the line at demanding access to other peoples children in an attempt to gain acceptance that they will not get from the adult population
  6. MrA

    Samoa measles outbreak.

    Safe and effective
  7. MrA

    Icke's View Of Homosexuality

    yeh and we have gone from '' don't label us '' to '' label us or get fired !! reeEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee '' and also '' we just want to get married like everyone else '' to '' let us teach your children to be gay or else '' in less than ten years I'm completely off the tolerance bus at this point I do have family members that consider themselves gay , one of them can't stand any of this HDBLT crap and the other one is a fking lunatic who just hates everyone now
  8. MrA

    Samoa measles outbreak.

    how you sleep at night is a mystery to me probably with some tablets ey ?
  9. MrA

    Samoa measles outbreak.

    what will happen is in a few years they will admit that it was all caused by the vaccines but they wont stop giving them out same as a case I highlighted on the DIF of Polio outbreaks in Syria a couple of years later they admitted it was because they had given Polio shots to people whom were both malnourished and did not have access to clean water these bastards should be in jail I don't care how well intentioned they are it's a fucking human experiment and nothing less our children are the test subjects !
  10. It's not just the BBC though , it's everything The new Labour Party Manifesto promises to establish what they call a BAME banking system and you know the only race that will not be allowed to access this brand new banking system ? yep , that would be white people because obviously as we all know , white people don't need any extra financial assistance at all they are all swimming in credit cards , cash , BMWs and second homes
  11. So you go ahead and call me a racist anyway So lets' ask again , since indigenous British people ( who are white ) are now the ethnic minority in London UK what measures are being put in place to ensure they are equally represented in positions of power ? I all ready know the answer and you do as well The answer is sweet F A Because that isn't the plan and never will be Are you OK with the long term consequences of that ? Do you understand what that means for the children and grandchildren of white people ? These are all genuine concerns that are never discussed by those who are writing the agenda You know why that is ? I do
  12. I dont see that at all I see a forum discussing a global agenda which includes but is not.limited to demographic replacement Part of that discussion is based upon who is creating those conditions and part of the discussion is the evident consequences of such a move Me personally Ive been called every name under the sun for having these discussions which to the best of my knowledge are based upon facts and not wild conjecture Again I just provided a current example of how it is now perfectly legal to discriminate , openly , against white people based upon their race Still feel.like.telling me Im a racist ?
  13. Here is a recruitment advert for the BBC How cool is that ? Whites need not apply I am guessing @Vancity Eagle , @Change2 , @alfredo79 , @I am I are happy with this ? Not that you will see an issue here at all Because of course we should not be hiring based upon merit or skill , or dedication but instead we should be hiring based upon race and thats not racist at all is it
  14. Are you lower class vancity ? Do your parents own their own home ?