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  1. MrA

    Tommy Robinson deleted from Facebook

    Surely this is a job for Antifa ?
  2. MrA

    Escalation with Iran

    So you think the EU is the better option for the UK then ?
  3. MrA

    Tommy Robinson deleted from Facebook

    https://marxismfestival.org.uk/ have a scroll down for this years proceedings it appears Kevin Courtney will be speaking at the event A man in every institution by now - and we wonder why things are in the state they are in The communists have hijacked the education system and we wonder why Universities are churning out activists and not citizens
  4. MrA

    Tommy Robinson deleted from Facebook

    Oh my god lol Did you hear the guy at 6.24 ? Priceless ! '' Your sort need to be driven off by trade unions power and it's only a socialist society that will get rid of absolute filth like you '' '' like communism ? '' '' YEH COMMUNISM '' and there we have it , hook line and bloody sinker man ! that is exactly what we are all up against and mr tweed suit laid it out flat well done to him for having the balls to say out loud ! and to top it all off apparently that guy is also a school teacher ! this is exactly what some of us are trying to warn of there is an alliance taking shape inside our nations between communists and islamists and they are NOT looking to create a'' fair '' society at all it's all smoke and mirrors
  5. MrA

    Tommy Robinson deleted from Facebook

    I never really went drinking much in Manchester the last time I did I ended up at some womans house she said she was going to introduce me to badly Drawn Boy and when I got there house was empty she tried taking me upstairs after telling me she was married to a police man lol I told her I needed a gentelmans wash and legged it out of the front door :)
  6. MrA

    The War on Venezuela

    Yep you lie about it every time communism fails and you are doing it right here
  7. MrA

    The War on Venezuela

    how else are they going to cope with loosing every day ?
  8. MrA

    The War on Venezuela

    There is a difference between blind support and not being a hysterical mess everytime the MSM rings pavlovs bell If you can work out the subtle difference you will find a close proximity to my position
  9. MrA

    The War on Venezuela

    https://www.pri.org/stories/2019-02-07/venezuela-was-once-richest-most-stable-democracy-latin-america-what-happened But you can obviously blame all that ^^ on Trump. Because Orange man Bad It looks to me like a south american nation got fucked by the IMF in the 80s much the same as the IMF has been screwing nations ever since it's inception it's part of the cabal , the banking cabal , the IMF , the World Bank , the Bank for International Settlements and ultimately the Rothchild's and their international network of lackeys what you are doing here is throwing a fire bomb at one man and as he scrambles to put the fire out you blame him for stepping on the ants and ruining the concrete this is all much bigger than Trump but you keep on pretending it will all relax if he is gone yeh right it will
  10. MrA

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    yay another video by the Young Turks with Chunk Fungi on the case it's destined to work out great don't hold your breath :)
  11. MrA

    The War on Venezuela

    Tell me what I said in the post above yours that is a falsehood. I will wait.
  12. MrA

    The AltRight Playbook

    Pretty funny to call.me unintelligent when you just had a verbal prolapse over a post that wasnt even addressed to you but toward the article regarding the Jew York department of education going full tilt racist towards white people. You carry on though bub. You dont come across as a JWO asset much at all
  13. MrA

    The AltRight Playbook

    Well there ya go. Merit is bad. Race is good. White is evil and must be removed. Now who gave them this idea ? I know who it was and so do millions of others. Every.single.time
  14. MrA

    The War on Venezuela

    Before they voted in a socialist govt Venezuala was one of the richest nations on the.continent. Im not saying everyone was happy because not everyone all ways is no matter what. But this is all ways what happens when socialism fails. 1. It was not real.communism. 2. We can try again and do better. 3. It was someone elses fault. 4. They lie about causing mass starvation. Every time. And dont even get me started on the fact communism is a jewish led philosophy. People.here.complain.about zionism because of what it does to people. But these same people dont understand or WONT understand its the same set of people behind communism. Epic cognitive dissonance.