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Found 1 result

  1. Soma Many dystopian novels and films have been created in which a drug played a central role in controlling the population. One of the best examples of this occurred in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. I did a search for "soma", and this is what came up: "Soma is a governmentally provided drug for the people living in The Brave New World. It represents a way to escape pain, discomfort, embarrassment, sadness or anger, and to enhance joy, arousal, and an overall sense of well being". What is the soma in our world? Soma is anything that is given to the people to prevent them from acknowledging and experiencing true reality, and to prevent them from experiencing true consciousness and their true potential. Soma is the mind-numbing pharmaceuticals given to us to hide our depression, conceal our anxieties and encourage our apathy. It's why the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) has been greatly expanded to include almost everything as a "mental disorder". And it's why so many people today, especially children, are being drugged (with soma) Soma is the television programs, sports and entertainment that is directed at us 24/7 Soma is constant manufactured political drama that occupies our attention Soma is the ridiculous mind-numbing celebrity gossip that consumes our time (and our brains), when we could be using that same time to become more knowledgeable, aware and conscious of important issues that are affecting us Soma is social media and the incredible amount of time and attention that it consumes, and the dopamine high that it creates Soma is alcohol and drugs (both prescription and illicit) Soma is the reason why when two videos are placed next to each other on youtube, a video of Justin Bieber has 12 billion views, and a video titled 9/11 and the Road to Tyranny has 500 views Soma is the bread and circuses that feed us, stream us, distract us, consume us, and destroy us Soma is 5G. What? Did you know that Russia (and the former Soviet Union) have known for many decades, that millimeter microwave radiation (in the same frequency band that 5G will employ) actually has many beneficial applications with regards to health (when it is used in a *limited* therapeutic manner)? In fact, Russia has actually been using this technology, with great success, to treat many different types of health issues. One of the applications of millimeter waves (MMW) is pain management. It has been demonstrated, both in the lab and in practice, that exposure to MMW encourages the release of endogenous opiates in our bodies. Endogenous opiates are natural substances that our bodies release, in times of need, to address pain. They can also be released in relation to other activities as well. For example, during exercise, they are released with a phenomenon known as "runners high" and also during laughter, which is why we feel so good when we laugh. In small quantities, these substances serve a very important purpose. However, what happens when they become addictive? I've already spoken about this many times before, so I won't go into it again in much detail here, other than to say that, by design, social media was created to addict us, blind us, and keep us numb via the dopamine (soma) high that it creates. Opiate addiction is a huge problem in our society today. However, it's not the opiates themselves that are the problem, it's the abuse of them that is the real problem. Natural endogenous opiates in small quantities are beneficial. However, what if those same opiates were encouraged to be artificially released on a continuous basis? What would that do to our minds and our bodies? If this was a known or possible effect of the 5G rollout, do you think that they would disclose it? Did they disclose the addictive aspects of social media when it was first rolled out? Social media requires a certain amount of our interaction in order for those dopamine highs to be realized. But what if those highs could be realized simply by way of proximity to the devices in our hands or by way of the communication network that surround us? Due to the unique properties of millimeter waves (MMW), 5G has the potential to negatively affect us in many significant ways (which I will discuss in the next post). Why are they trying so hard to rush this technology out as quickly as possible, sidestepping and eliminating discussion, debate and examination? Emotions such as anger, pain, anxiety, sadness, discomfort and depression are there for a reason. It's how we know that there is something wrong. And it is how we know that there is something that needs to be addressed. Why is there so much apathy in the world today? Why can't people see what is happening to them? Why have they become so blinded to their loss of freedom? And why do the people that can see what is happening, often do nothing about it? Soma.