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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, So I am trying to heal my disabled child through sound (as well as other methods outside of sound). We are listening to loads of Hz frequencies Oms and Releases (528 Hz, 432Hz) though you Youtube on my laptop.... now my concern is can YT and my laptop replicate these frequencies, or is it just a sham? I love this music myself, but I want it to benefit my daughter.... I do not want to be a dog barking up the wrong tree.. She has had loads of BioAcoustic feedback done in the clinics we visit - and I really need to understand these results, but this is my failing So how can I ENSURE that I am replicating the right frequency for MAXIUMUM healing? I think headphones may not be practical with my daughter (she has autisim, possible CP, she is 2 years 7 months) and developing but as slow as possible i.e. she can not walk or talk at them moment - her expressions are limited, she can not communicate, but can identify basic signs and symbols. i.e. orange cat, green frog - she has hand clenching issues as well as dribbling and balance/coordination problems.... but anyway, I am not here to pour my heart out - I am just looking for as much information as possible to heal her as much as we can... with Frequency So how can frequency help her? How can we PLAY the right sounds to her? I just have heard that YT and laptops/mobile phones dont work? I would like to know why and how we CAN make it work (if we need to buy amps/gear not a problem)... Thanks for your helps guys and gals Love and peace
  2. Shalom aleichem, I am going to use this thread to present health and healing information, including medical evidence to support it. I will begin with the dangers of modern technology, especially to children, and progress to natural treatments and cures for various diseases, including HIV, Cancer, Autism and others, many of which are being hidden from public awareness. The information and evidence I provide are meant for each person to research for themselves and ONLY THEN decide what to believe, and do with it. If, and when, this knowledge becomes meaningful to you, please share it everywhere that you can.