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Found 3 results

  1. Have you ever gone back and watched movies you thought you'd seen, after your awakening? I'm just starting the process. During the most intense period of my awakening {which was a 4 day period, 3 months ago} I saw a childhood friend of mine, who is high up in the Mormon church make a tongue in cheek comment about Birdbox to a friend of hers. Then I realized, Birdbox was actually meant to be viewed from the opposite perspective it was told from. Yes, it had the formula of a typical horror flick and we can't help but root for America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock, but if you look a little closer.. The people who took their blindfolds off were soooooo happy and they just wanted others to see the light. Sandra Bullock and her children "Boy" and "Girl" were the miserable ones. They refused to see the light and they ultimately took refuge in a school for the blind. I think that is a pretty cool double layer in itself, but I guess it depends on who is defining the light. The mental asylum escapee in Birdbox used photographs to wake himself up once he had been let in the house. The most prominent photo is of an Octopus face guy, Cthulhu, one of Lovecrafts Old Gods. {Looks just like Davy Jones in Pirates of the Carribean}. And remember, the asylum guy is obsessed with the children, "Give me the children!! They need to see the light". Now the reason I was combing my old friends social media pages is because I had made a troubling connection. The short of it is that I was looking into a pedo ring I found on Instagram and I started to see that the pedo code was evolving. A lot were still using the pizza and ice cream lingo and imagery to advertise children, but others were using a camping code. Camping, smores, {Flash}light, Bears etc. I had found a video on Backyard Camping by Mormon propagandists Cam and Fam, where they say; It's sure hot out. It's 90 degrees and our air conditioning is broke...lets go camping in our backyard! {With our baby} And then it hit me, I remembered my friend's posts a week prior about cooking S'mores in the backyard with her boys and then another that said, it's sure hot out. It's 90 degrees and our air conditioning is broke. Lets go camping in the basement. My friend was sending out the damn code. In rewatching Birdbox, there was indeed a scene where the kids were indoor camping. They even labeled the tent "camping". The head scratcher was this had all started with me following the trail of a Hollywood occultist pedo and his followers. At the heart of Mormonism is Satanism? Both Mormons and Occultists are working with Zionist Hollywood? ..We've known about the Catholics and their unhealthy interest in children for a long time... My brain was and still is swirling at the scope of this. Some of them think child love is the purist form of love and the quickest path to the light. For others it's just a way to get rich, high off adrenochrome, or to please the old gods with sacrifice. But everyone seems to want kids. I know I need to read more of David's stuff on these connections. There is just so much to look at. The same writer that gave us Birdbox, gave us Arrival, a movie that teaches us that we can time travel if we just learn the ancient language. I know I need to rewatch all Disney films. I just saw Maleficent for the first time. Ha! Sleeping Beauty told us that Aurora=Dawn=Light can only be awakened with true love's kiss. Now Maleficent comes along and tells us that the prince's kiss won't work. True love can only exist between a somewhat evil adult wearing the horns of Baphomet and a pure beautiful child. What other movies have you noticed seem to promote the pedophile or occultist agenda. {That don't appear to at first glance}
  2. Shalom aleichem, David, According to a holy personage I assist what you are saying about recent government-military disclosure about UFOs, after years of covering it up, having an outcome they desire is correct, but it is not a false flag operation regarding an alien threat, but preparation for an upcoming, worldwide disclosure of their presence among us for which the aliens have been preparing us for decades. These alien outcasts are liars and deceivers that have infested our world for millenia, and, as in the past, want to control our world and enslave us for their needs. Once their presence is disclosed globally, they will claim to be our friends, saviors, angels or even our creators in order to get us to go where they need us. They are a fallen race without a world of their own and need us to prolong their existence. They need our DNA because they are infertile and in the 1950s made a deal with the U.S. government to provide their technology for our DNA. The U.S. government also provided some of their military bases for the aliens to use for cloning and hybrids-- alien knowledge includes human cloning, some of which has been used to replace world leaders as difficult as this may be for some people to accept-- there is much evil secretly going on in the world, more than I can say here. The global warming-climate changes and increasing number and severity of storms is not due to anything humankind is doing, it is part of a natural process that periodically goes on throughout our solar system to progress life; that is why our space probes have been seeing similar changes to the poles of the other planets as are occurring on our world. The evil aliens know the storms, earthquakes, and volcanic activity will increase and worsen causing worldwide fear. After the alien presence has been disclosed they will use that fear to help drive people from the Earth to where they can continue to use our DNA. In order to get us to follow them they will likely claim our world is about to be destroyed (a Lie) and that they will save us. If we desert the Earth and follow them we will be losing the completion of our evolutionary progress that depends upon our always holding fast to the Earth. As given in scripture: “...hold fast to what you have (the Earth)...and I will give them the Morning Star...”
  3. Incrementalism - A Slow Burn with a Big Bonfire at the End Social agendas that are forced on a population all at once can result in rebellion or even revolution. However, social agendas that are spoon-fed (incrementally) to a population over an extended period of time results in acclimatization and acceptance of those ideas, without a realization of what the ultimate goal is. As long as this is done under the guise of being something good or beneficial for the people, then there is usually little resistance to it from the bulk of the population. Adolf Hitler was once quoted as saying "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future". This why children are the most targeted with regards to psychological manipulation, trends, technology, social movements, celebrity influences, etc. Before I go any further, let me first say that I have no problem with the way that people choose to express themselves, through art, or otherwise. This is an essential part of freedom. The only caveat that I would add to that, is to express ourselves in a way that promotes no harm to others. How do you get people to warm up to the idea of implanting technology into their bodies (that will be used in the future to control us in ways that will be beyond scary)? Do it incrementally. In this video (linked below), Regina Dugan (managing director of DARPA at the time), talks about how cool it is to apply technology onto and into our bodies. I thought this presentation was really creepy, not just because it's coming from DARPA and Google, but because it is being targeted specifically at the youth. In the video, Regina Dugan, makes the following points regarding wearable and implantable technology: It's cool and trendy "everybody is interested in wearables" It's a way to get "superpowers" It's a way to be rebellious and piss off your parents You can conveniently ingest your "authentication" (control) technology. It's so easy (clapping from the audience) At the end of the clip Regina says, just take the pill. Here is the incremental road to total control, total loss of freedom, total loss of self and collectivism: 1) Get a tattoo, it's cool and trendy. All of the celebrities have one 2) Get a "wearable" (fitbit, apple watch, etc). You can "track" everything that you do, all day, every day 3) Get an electronic tattoo (get rid of that big bulky watch). Now you can wear tech directly on your skin all of the time 4) Take an electronic pill. What could be more convenient than that? 5) Get a brain chip. Now you can be connected all of the time without having to carry around a phone (and we can be connected to you all of the time) 6) And so on Do a search on Amazon for "tattoos for children". You will get pages and pages of such products aimed at young children. Why did this trend suddenly explode about eight years ago? Perhaps this is one way to get children ready to accept the idea of putting something foreign on (or in) their body. Just trust them. Trust us, it's just "temporary" (remember incrementalism) We would never use this technology to try and manipulate your brains or psychology (please see the post on 4/10/19) We would never use it to "stream" anything directly into your brain or body that is harmful (what do they stream at us today?) It will be totally secure. No need to worry about any security vulnerabilities, "update" glitches, or software/hardware backdoors like there is with present technology Regina Dugan has worked for DARPA, Google, and Facebook. These companies are of course completely transparent, value our privacy, and have never demonstrated a desire to do anything unethical. Google's "code of conduct" used to include the phrase "don't be evil" (from around 2000 to 2018). However, in 2018, they removed it from their code of ethics. Why was that? Why will most people probably eventually adopt this technology, despite the drawbacks? It will be trendy. All of the celebrities will have it, and all of their friends will have it It will be so convenient and efficient (and probably less dangerous than looking down at your phone all day) Now that everyone is fully hooked into social media, once it transitions into a brain/machine interface, people will need to make the switch or lose their connections with "friends", their perceived self-worth and social status, and the addictive dopamine high that they are accustomed to Forget about old school controllers and bulky head gear, now you can play video games and control virtual reality right in your head. How cool is that? It will be needed to stay competitive in the workplace with others that have been chipped It will be needed to stay competitive in school with other children that have been chipped It will be needed to keep pace with the intelligence of the coming AI. But of course that AI will be benevolent, well programmed and will only "interface" with us in the most positive and beneficial ways. It will never see us as a threat, even if we come to see it as a threat Video Regina Dugan and Implantable Technology Links DARPA – Information Awareness Office. Check out their creepy logo and stated objectives. Also check out DARPA in general and some of their other projects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Awareness_Office Stargate "Revisions". This episode illustrates quite well some of the potential pitfalls of "brain tech". https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0709158/ Mark Zuckerberg sells nearly 30 million shares of facebook (about 5 billion dollars based on today's stock price) to create CZI, an "initiative" that will study and develop brain/machine interfaces. Of course it will be for the benefit of the people (remember how incrementalism is sold to us). http://theweeklyobserver.com/mark-zuckerberg-finances-research-for-brain-chip-implantation/65597/ Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with AI - https://www.theverge.com/2017/3/27/15077864/elon-musk-neuralink-brain-computer-interface-ai-cyborgs The Road to Dystopia - https://pbase.com/olybob/roadtodystopia The Bus Trip - https://pbase.com/olybob/bustrip