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Found 3 results

  1. cinder_darkskys

    Alpha Omega

    Hi all i just wanted to say thank you for setting up this new site. I am currently AFK do to massive hardware problems. She an old rig. I look forward to catching up. And fighting in the next rounds of battles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much love Sky's PeaceLovesAll
  2. cinder_darkskys

    United Nations

    United Nations https://www.un.org/ ACTION speak louder then words. Skys
  3. cinder_darkskys

    The Fisher of man

    The Fisher of man This placed here for the of disruption the Global market Dead Kennedys – Jesus Was A Terrorist Lyrics https://www.lyricsfreak.com/d/dead+kennedys/jesus+was+a+terrorist_20638307.html Dead Kennedys – Jesus Was A Terrorist Lyrics Jesus was a terroristEnemy of the stateThat's what the Romans labeled himSo he was put to deathHe died for his beliefsWhat's changed today?Today bible-thumping cannibalsReap money from his nameBuy cable networks & powerWith old ladies' checksIf Jesus saw Pat RobertsonWhat do you think he'd say?Tax free then re-write our lawsAnd sick 'em on youWomen don't control their bodiesTv preachers doCensor everything from bathing suitsTo science booksFrom the schoolroom to the bedroomThey want our thoughts - or elseThey treat us like the RomansUsed to treat the ChristiansEven some church-going folks are scaredModern catacombs of fearBuilt with money, power, and threatsRock 'n Roll is labeled pornSell a record, you're under arrestInstead of fighting aidsThey try to stop us having s**They brag that they won't quitTill they take dominion over our livesIs freedom of speech such a terrorist actIs spiritual peace such a satanic threatBelieve what you wantBut we'll fight to keepOur heads from being cemented in your sand http://john-f-kennedy.net/executiveorder11110.htm Skys