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Found 6 results

  1. What happened to all the funny comments posted about Pizza Express Woking on google maps? When I tried to look at them, they had all been purged. Same for Little St. James Island. But then Epsteins Zorro ranch reviews are still up. Read 'em before they get censored. Some choice ones: Lilibet Windsor 1 review a week ago Long flight. Much too far from the Pizza Express in Woking. The weather was quite hot, but fortunately that was not an issue for oneself as one simply does not sweat. Generous showers and tubs. Lots of young ladies about the place, one assumes they are staff, like at Buckingham? Oh snap, somebody reviewed Great St. James Island.: Jeanne Farr 5 reviews 4 months ago I was in GSJ island in 2002 -- just beautiful. I was also there alot in the late 90s, however, why can we not view the 18 reviews for LSJ? Does that dead man still control Google as well? Justice must be served -- I have two children that are JE's.... we need answers! Maybe that's why they pushing Greta, transgender, and impeachment so hard on the news. Good distractions.
  2. I suppose that is one way of shutting down opposition. Official - JumpRogue has banned Ink, another moderator. That is wrong on every level. There is an unwritten rule, moderators do not moderate other moderators. Let alone ban them when they object to their handling of something. One step too far. Well hundreds really, but every dissenting voice is being shutdown. If I go quiet, you know why.
  3. Hi all There is a push for the only way to communicate with your Government to be via online forms! The UK is heading in this direction. Recently all business have been forced into something called “making Tax digital” A couple of years ago we were forced into paying company tax bills online only. I run a small engineering business and I have had to upgrade my accountancy software to allow my accounts to be 100% online.(Cost me about 2 week work setting up too!) I never asked or agreed to my government going down this route. I have set up one of the online Government petitions. For those not in the UK get 10,000 signatures and they have to respond. Get over 100,000 and they have to discuss it in the House of Commons (our Parliament) A recent “Halt 5G” petitons is currently just under 20K Any way I need 1 more vote to get it off the ground! My petition: Guarantee the right to correspond with the government via non electronic means. It is my fear there will become a time when using a computer will be the only means to communicate with our Government. Men, women & business should always be able to contact & submit payments or taxes via pen and paper free from incurring extra cost for doing so. Have a look and sign if it is something you agree with. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/267487/sponsors/new?token=MeEdELBxVvS3tF7y2Ah buddsy
  4. Rupert Ugo

    Censorship and Deletion of posts

    Regardless of what you think of my "behaviour", my occasional use of swear words and whatever else annoys you about somebody taking a stance against your claims.... Do you think it ok for there to be firstly one moderator and for them to go through the forum deleting posts that do not breach any rules? This morning, I responded to this post here: Now look at each of the quotes Peakgammon has made in that very long post. Put them together. There is nothing within my LONG post that justifies deletion. After PG complained at me not responding, I thought better of it and responded to his whole post. It took about an hour, which is why I couldn't be arsed to reply in the first place. At the bottom of my reply, I highlighted where @Screamingeagle had deleted my post(just above). My post was not abusive, no swear words (unless his poor sensitive soul doesn't like the words shite/bullshit - liberally littered all over this forum by dozens of other users). Yet he deleted it without warning or notification. This is blatantly biased censorship. Totally out of order. In the great scheme of things I couldn't care less....PG will probably respond and round it round it goes.....but this is all about principle. If any one of you had written a long post and had it deleted by such clumsy inept moderating, you would not like it one bit! If free speech is not allowed here, how the hell can any of you complain about what goes on in the real world.
  5. Copy, paste share via Social Media... Aleister Crowley ISIS Ritual-Continuation of WWII https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=305395 Scientific Illuminism - Aleister Crowley - Aldous Huxley https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=320466 Full Original Thread: Conspiracy theorist David Icke should be banned from Australia https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=323786 P.S. - After posting a thread and then making amendments to it, Bold content seems to want to change back to standardised text. This seems to happen sometimes, othertimes it stays as it should... This will become a pain in the arse. Maybe it’s a device based compatibility isuse.
  6. I made and art book showing what is on the space pictures, all countries and all affiliates. I paid a file dump to distribute. No matter how many times I went in to check the setting was changed. One big con was Iran being in the axis of evil. One of the affiliated countries handling the file. It was either set to not shared or share with members only.True what was in the text was aggressive. Imagine finding out what I found and how mad I was. I have a disk right here I can hand to anyone that thinks they can hand it out. Just leave me a snail mail box in my message area if those still exist. over 200 megabytes containing the original pictures and lightly airbrushed copies showing the artwork. It is a bunch of abstract humans made transparent. The rings are there and other stuff like ankle bracelets and belly buttons. Have found up to 7 layers of art on these, I refuse to call them photographs. I have a quick project for anyone that has time. Governments are even screwing scientist with this. Go to youtube and pull up Richard C. Hoagland's videos for February 2019 and screenshot the picture on the title screen. Ignore the print on it and study it for human shapes, there are 4 layers, you are going to see something.