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Found 7 results

  1. Currently, straws are public enemy #1 in Seattle. Cuz... turtle? Since when do corporations care about sea life? Do you know what a miniscule percentage of our non-recyclable waste is comprised of plastic straws? So what's the real reason Starbucks changed their cups overnight and started stink eyeing you if you ask for a straw? I took a cursory look and the Hoffmaster group looks like a big time beneficiary. They acquired Aardvark, one of the only manufacturers of paper straws in 2018, right before the war on straws began. So I think Hoffmaster has some juice.. But other than that, looking for insights.
  2. On this episode of Alfacast we spoke with Grand Solar Minimum expert David DuByne from the Adapt2030 channel! It was a powerful talk that covered everything from self sufficiency and cold weather growing techniques to the nature of our reality and how this knowledge will empower us to thrive during this cycle change. We hope you leave feeling empowered and excited for the times come!!
  3. Shalom aleichem, This post will be long, but what it presents is immeasurably important for you to understand. It is long because I am doing my best to go step-by-step in presenting what, to most of you, will be new and unexpected information. I am one of your brothers who only offers this information to you; it is up to each of you whether to make use of it, or not. If there are any questions after reading this, I will do my best to answer. Many indigenous peoples know what is causing Global Warming-Climate change and have been meeting together to discuss these matters-- I have been involved in some of those deliberations, and am assisting a holy person who wishes this information, we need so badly, to get out. Many tribes do not want to share their knowledge with the violent countries that have been disrespecting our Mother Earth. A few tribes, such as some Hopi elders, have been openly sharing their knowledge about the Earth and how, from deep within her, she is bringing about Global Warming-Climate Change as well as the increasing number and severity of storms and geological disturbances. The core of the Earth, and the cores of the other planets of our system, have grown larger and larger over time, according to the process geologists call differentiation-- heavier metals and minerals migrate down to the core, enlarging it. When the core's weight exceeds the rest of the planet it is ejected-born through an opening in the Antarctic the Hopi call her Sipapuni (birth canal). The emerging cores become what we know as moons. When the blistering, bubbling, molten cores meet the cold of outer space, the blisters collapse becoming craters. If you look closely at photos of the moon you will find molten bubbles that never collapsed into craters. Growing heat and radiation from our core is affecting the Antarctic atmosphere and ocean currents, which, in turn, are causing changes in the world's climate, warming, and worsening number and severity of storms and geo-disturbances. There are aliens on Earth who know how the Earth is laboring to birth her core, which will soon be undeniable, and will engender tremendous fear around the world. These aliens will use that fear to help take control of our world they have long been working toward, to enslave humanity, and drive us where they need us. These infernal aliens have already infiltrated governments, and using stooges, have managed to control banking, mainstream media, and entertainment (movies and TV). Many of you have been writing and discussing the creation of an evil NWO, but do not understand that these aliens, who cannot tolerate light and must use henchmen to do their dirty work, are at the top of this dark pyramid. There is much more related to this subject that can be told, about who the aliens among us are, deals they have made with governments, and why they need us, that will help you connect the many subjects you have been discussing. But the most important point to remember is that the Earth is your nurturing mother who has carried you through many past stages. If you hold fast to the Earth once more, she will take you home.
  4. Hi guys, I recently started following David Icke's work and I am truly amazed by it. I was talking about climate change with my brother and one of his professors has done 7 years of research on it. he agreed that modern climate change agenda has taken records from industrial age and earth's temperature has surely risen. But he said I am ready to believe your guy if I get the following information 1. How did David get temperature data from medieval age? how it was measured? 2. How did David get data about the rising temperature of the sun and how it was measured? If David got data from the scientists that he has connections with then where is all this work published. He also told me that in research work it is true that whenever you find out something, politicians want to meddle with it and show it to us the way they want. He agrees on that part of David Icke but he said never believes on anyone's words unless you get the full data. So is there any way I can find all this information?
  5. 'A belief in catastrophic man-made global warming should hinge on a couple of key factors. First, it must be shown that in the recent past the Earth was a cooler place. Second, temperatures in the present and in the future must show a dramatic increase in times of increased carbon dioxide. These facts would supply evidence that scientists could use to show that our planet is getting quickly warmer. Such a graph would look much like a hockey stick. But weather hasn’t always cooperated with the climate-alarmist version of events. And when temperatures don’t cooperate with climate hysteria, too often we find climate alarmists manipulating data. History — even recent history — gets changed to reflect what should be happening according to those “in the know.” Geologist Tony Heller, however, isn’t one to rely on what the mainstream media and climate scientists tell us is happening. Being a scientist, Heller is keen on reporting facts instead of hysteria. And Heller is telling us that global temperature data is being manipulated before our very eyes. According to Heller, NASA has manipulated historical temperature data to show a dramatic increase in temperature, especially since the year 2000. Comparing NASA charts from the years 2000, 2017, and 2019, Heller shows data has been manipulated multiple times since the year 2000. Heller shows, with NASA’s own data, that the space agency has been adjusting temperatures from the past — temperatures from as long ago as the mid-1800s — downward, while adjusting current-day temperatures upward, and those changes are responsible for most of the claimed global warming during that time. In the year 2000, historical data showed a .5 degree Celsius increase from the mid-1800s to the year 2000. In 2017, the same agency’s historical temperature data showed a 1.5C increase and just two years later a 2.0 C increase. In each of those time frames, older temperatures are pushed slightly downward. The 2017 to 2019 rise in temperature is especially confusing when you add the fact that satellite temperature data shows a global decrease in land temperature for the last two years. As well, satellite data adds to the case of fraud in another way: According to satellite data, since the year 2000, land temperatures have increased by .2 degrees Celsius, but NASA's latest chart says that temperatures increased by 1.5 degrees Celsius since 2000. So more than 80 percent of the change in temperature since the year 2000 is the result of temperature data manipulation.' Read more: Climate Alarmists Caught Manipulating Temperature Data Yet Again
  6. Shalom aleichem, I've posted in another thread that there are very important truths that are being kept from us, like needles being hidden within a haystack of lies and misinformation. When I posted that earlier, mentioning that indigenous peoples and world scriptures remain the few remaining sources telling us of the importance of our Mother earth, and that few were listening to them, there was no response. People cling so tightly to what they've been led to believe that it is very difficult to receive the knowledge they need. To find the truth we must keep open minds, like children, as we patiently search to find the pearls of great price. As a brother, I am presenting knowledge you need to safely progress through the coming times, but it will be up to you to make use of it, or not. In a nutshell, here's what trustworthy sources are telling us-- There is a natural process that periodically progresses life upon the planets of our solar system, it is a “birthing” process happening again now and is the true cause of Climate Change-Global Warming, and the increasing number and severity of storms, earthquakes and volcanic activity. The Hopi call these times of great changes “Purification Times.” The Earth is our nurturing mother who has carried us through six of these past evolutionary changes, as seen in the fossil record. If we remain immovable from the Earth one more time we will receive our perfected life. One of the Hopi's highest Spirit Laws, or Pootskwani, is Tutskwa I'qatsi, Land (the Earth) and Life are One. NASA has been suppressing knowledge that when humans go into space their bodies begin to degenerate. Many of the aliens infesting our world were once like us who degenerated into their present forms (not the ones they wish to show us) because they lost their home worlds and were forced to live in the abyss of outer space. The terrible choices they made that led to their present predicament is coming to the people of our world-- To remain immovable from the Earth and progress to our crowning forms of life, or desert the Earth, when fear and lures are used to drive us from her. Soon, these fallen aliens will announce their presence on Earth through every media source and will claim to be our friends, saviors, angels, or even our creators (have you not noticed how the onslaught of Ancient Alien programs have been strongly implying aliens are our creators). These alien outcasts squatting on our world will claim our world is about to be destroyed (a lie) and if we follow them we will be saved. They will use lures about how wonderful their world is with amazing technology and very long lifespans. But advanced technology does not mean they are advanced biologically. They are liars and deceivers who need our DNA to prolong their existence. They need us, we do NOT need them. If we follow them we will be horribly used and will forever lose our chances to progress. Events to come are given to help you believe when they occur, and to make wise choices when it's time to make them. Please choose wisely. THE EARTH IS YOUR HOME, TRUST HER.
  7. Shalom aleichem, David, According to a holy personage I assist what you are saying about recent government-military disclosure about UFOs, after years of covering it up, having an outcome they desire is correct, but it is not a false flag operation regarding an alien threat, but preparation for an upcoming, worldwide disclosure of their presence among us for which the aliens have been preparing us for decades. These alien outcasts are liars and deceivers that have infested our world for millenia, and, as in the past, want to control our world and enslave us for their needs. Once their presence is disclosed globally, they will claim to be our friends, saviors, angels or even our creators in order to get us to go where they need us. They are a fallen race without a world of their own and need us to prolong their existence. They need our DNA because they are infertile and in the 1950s made a deal with the U.S. government to provide their technology for our DNA. The U.S. government also provided some of their military bases for the aliens to use for cloning and hybrids-- alien knowledge includes human cloning, some of which has been used to replace world leaders as difficult as this may be for some people to accept-- there is much evil secretly going on in the world, more than I can say here. The global warming-climate changes and increasing number and severity of storms is not due to anything humankind is doing, it is part of a natural process that periodically goes on throughout our solar system to progress life; that is why our space probes have been seeing similar changes to the poles of the other planets as are occurring on our world. The evil aliens know the storms, earthquakes, and volcanic activity will increase and worsen causing worldwide fear. After the alien presence has been disclosed they will use that fear to help drive people from the Earth to where they can continue to use our DNA. In order to get us to follow them they will likely claim our world is about to be destroyed (a Lie) and that they will save us. If we desert the Earth and follow them we will be losing the completion of our evolutionary progress that depends upon our always holding fast to the Earth. As given in scripture: “...hold fast to what you have (the Earth)...and I will give them the Morning Star...”