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Found 1 result

  1. Shalom aleichem, In earlier threads I've explained that since the 1950s the American government has made deals with aliens to exchange their technology for our human DNA. To that end, the U.S. has provided these lying aliens (the Demons, Beasts, Nephilim, etc. of the world's scriptures) the use of facilities at certain military bases for Cloning, a technique they perfected long ago. These devilish aliens have degenerated to a form that is sterile, they need human DNA to continue their cloned existence, and to use to help them gain control of our world. Clones have been used to infiltrate governments, gain control of banking, media, industry, and entertainment. At every opportunity the fallen aliens clone important people, who they replace with clones specially trained to take their places, while the humans they are impersonating have been quietly killed. There are certain signs that giveaway a clone (bodies can be cloned but not the inner qualities of a human being), in their imperfect duplications, lifeless characteristics, and unfeeling, uncaring behavior. The Rothschild family is a series of alien clones who have managed to gain control of many of the worlds Central Banks as they obey their alien masters. The few Central Banks that remain free from the Alien-Rothschild control are those being targeted for war, so their Central Banks can be taken over-- countries such as Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. Besides the Rothschilds, political and world leaders that have been cloned include Mohammed bin Salman (who was mysteriously named Crown Prince following the sudden disappearance of the Saudi King who reemerged to unexpectedly name him), Vladimir Putin, and other influential figures. Donald Trump became aware of Cloned leaders at the G-20 Conference, but so far he has chosen to remain silent. All of this has been kept from general knowledge through control of the mainstream media, which do not allow any stories that jeopardize the alien takeover agenda. Because this subject is unbelievable to many people, I've made this thread longer than usual to allow more evidence to be presented. Because of the length of this thread it is made in two parts-- PART 1 and PART 2. HUMAN CLONING, HARD TO BELIEVE? READ ON.