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Found 2 results

  1. This is BIG news! Most of you will not be aware of the amazing news regarding some of the recent progress in our solar system that relates directly to Earth’s Ascension (humanity’s shift from 3D to 5D consciousness) and its effects on humanity. As far as Ascension goes, we are currently at the 12th hour, and we had the first ‘Ding’ on the 7th of July this year, and we’ve just had the second ‘Ding’ on the 15th of August!! Unfortunately, very few people know about it as it is not mainstream news. Much of this news comes from our very close and dear friend, Joanna Fay, from heartstar.org, who is fully awake and aware and in constant communication with Star family. I’ll explain what all this means. The Saturn-Moon control grid has finally been dismantled and transformed back to high light transmissions. This control grid has been sending the vibrations of limitation, separation and lack into the collective consciousness field of the earth for aeons. Saturn (and its moons) has gone through a massive clearing of 4th dimensional technology that was created and mis-used. Some of the moons of Saturn that have very cold vibrations have been used as network hubs for this remnant 4D tech. This is Maldekian technology, after Maldek blew up (it was between Mars and Jupiter, its remnants forming the Asteroid Belt), with tethers to the Earth via various points. Humanity, under the influence of this 4D tech network, has been prevented from connecting with the higher vibrations of Saturn, which are extremely beautiful and light, instead connecting with the network that projects Saturnian energy as cold, controlling, isolating, separationist and alienating. This has kept humans in the struggle mentality of ‘no pain, no gain’. The control grids are actually generated by Mars, Saturn, Pluto and their moons. Mars was cleared back to high light transmissions in 2018. Pluto was cleared on the 7th July this year (7-7) and transformed back to high light transmissions. It was vibrating the death programme – ‘transformation through destruction’, and has been constantly sending these energies through the lower matrix here on earth as future dystopias, whether in movies, global warming, future catastrophes, alien invasion hype, war, dying planet Earth, mass extinction crisis, new Ice Age, etc. Pluto-Saturn together are now sending beautiful rebirth frequencies. With the success of the 7th July mission we entered the 12th hour. The 11th hour began on the 11-11-11 (11th November 2011), so we have been in the 11th hour for almost 8 years of Earth time. As everything is accelerating so much now the 12th hour is looking like it will be a lot shorter. A clock chimes 12 strokes at the 12th hour, and we have just had ‘Ding 1’ on the 7th July. The reverberation of Ding 1 resounded through the earth field, the grids, the nodes, the pyramid network, the solar system, after which we have 11 Dings to go. Now we have just had ‘Ding 2’ which completed on the 15th August. The 8th August was the peak of the Lion’s Gate energies and the 15th of August was the ‘Closing of the Lion’s Gate’ as well as a full moon. According to star family, the 15th August was a ‘reset of the planetary field’. This was the completion of ‘Ding 2’. There have been attempts by earth-based groups to reinstall the ‘old’ Saturn hexagon control programme’ within the Moon. The ‘old' Saturn control network was transmitted to the lower 4D grid that was around the Moon, as a transfer station, from which it radiated into holding points/vortices around the Earth. At this stage of transition between the ‘old and the new’ in the human collective consciousness, certain parties are trying to keep generating the old matrix programme, ie. keep it looping in the collective psychic field, so that even though there’s now nothing ‘behind it’ holding it in place from Saturn, Pluto or the Moon, they can use human collective focus to keep the illusion of that matrix active and apparently ‘real’. Ironically, it is the mental focus and emotional charge of many in the ‘awakened’ (awakened to conspiracy) community that is being used to keep elements of the programme looping, as many believe in the Saturn-Moon control scenario. And as they have attached to it, their beliefs and emotions keep it energised as an active illusion within the collective energy field. As the light frequencies continue coming in and stabilise, strengthening the New Earth vibration, that looping will gradually fade out, becoming redundant in individuals and then the collective. We’ve been in a particular ‘window of grace’ since late 2012 to allow for this shift/Ascension, and this time window is now accelerating. A few years ago there was a slowing of momentum, but a lot has changed and there has been much acceleration last year and this year. Many in the ascension community called for an acceleration in 2018 and again this year, and this call has been answered and met. The third Ding is not far away. Each Ding will be noticeable vibrationally, building upon the vibration of the one before. Through the 12 will come the 13th Dimensional Ascension spiral!
  2. The Psychological Control Grid In the image above, Poppy is programmed, caged and wheeled around (controlled) by her handler (programmer). This is not unlike what is happening in the world today. In the last post, I discussed the Technological Control Grid. In this post I will focus more on the Psychological Control Grid. At first glance, these two control mechanisms might appear to be separate, however, they are actually deeply connected. Each mechanism opens the door for the other, and each mechanism reinforces the effects of the other. Because of this connectivity, I am going to use a few computer analogies here to help explain things. The significance of this will be more apparent later on in the article. In order to accomplish effective psychological programming, the target has to first be wiped clean so that new "programming" can be installed. This is similar to how a computer hard drive is wiped (deleted) in order to install a new file system, operating system, and new programs. The most efficient way to organize data on a hard drive is to break it up into small pieces and then allocate it to different areas on the drive using a file system. The data that is accessed often, is normally in plain view and can easily be found. However, other data may also exist on the hard drive that cannot be found, either because it is difficult to access or because it was forgotten about. There may, in fact, be very important data there, however if we don't have the proper tools to find it and decode it, then that data remains hidden from us. Our minds are very much like a hard drive in that they can be wiped, accessed by other users, reprogrammed and can often contain all kinds of data (and malware) hidden deep within the file system (subconscious) that we are unaware of. Malware is undesirable because it can be used to manipulate and/or reduce the efficiency of the computer and operating system without our knowledge. Likewise, hidden data in our minds may contain malware or it may contain beneficial information that has been hidden from us. The military is good example of how "basic training" (programming) is accomplished. In "boot camp" they attempt to "reboot" your operating system (mind) and install new programming on it. First they wipe you clean of your identity (isolate you from familiar people and surroundings), then they shave your head (so everybody looks the same), then they psychologically degrade and/or traumatize you (to remove self-identity and self-worth), then they install new programming and designate it as secret (hidden), then they teach you to blindly follow so-called "superiors" without question, and finally they give you a uniform (uniform = "same") to wear so that you look like everybody else. This is essentially the same process that takes place in cults, schools, and society in general. What are we seeing in society today? First there was a breakdown of the family (to isolate children and remove them from their core foundation), then their was a breakdown of the culture (mix everything up, confuse identity, and make things more uniform), then there was an agenda introduced to confuse gender (remove another core aspect of self and make things even more confusing and "uniform"). Once the target has been wiped clean and made uniform, it can now be more effectively programmed with new software (belief systems and identity) that can be installed onto the hard drive (mind) into unknown locations (compartmentalized) so that they are difficult to consciously access. The key word here is "consciously". Programmers want their "programs" to carry out their instructions (coding) without thinking about it or being consciously aware of it. This process has been cleverly woven into society, so that it is not easily recognized by the majority of people who are being programmed. Fail safes are often programmed into programs to help protect the installed malware from being detected. On a large hard drive, it can take a lot of time to do a "deep scan" and find hidden malware and eradicate it. The same is true with hidden malware (infections) in our psyche. The reason why I chose to use a computer as an analogy here is because the programmers of society view human beings and the brain very much like they do a computer…something that can be programmed to accomplish certain tasks and provide expected outcomes. In the video linked below (and in many other music videos) the programmers of society are providing a "disclosure" of what they are doing and basically saying that if you don’t take the time to read and understand the "fine print" contained within the disclosure, then you have given your consent, by way of agreement, to be bound by what is contained within that disclosure. In other words, in their view, their responsibility and liability has been indemnified, and it has been transferred to you. Poppy is a youtube celebrity with some very strange videos. In most of these videos she appears to be very robotic, controlled, unemotional, repetitive and drone-like. This is, in fact, the objective of the programmers of society… to create programmable drones that behave like obedient robots. The lyrics of Time is Up tell the story of MKUltra psychological programming: In the music video, Poppy says that she was made in a sterile "factory", wiped clean, and is dizzy (confused) from all of the programming. She dosen’t know if she is a prisoner of the programming, or a deliverer of the programming (this is a state of mind common to many traumatized and programmed celebrities). The programmers (through the programmed) believe that they are the "deliverers" of humanity that are creating a new and better world by replacing human beings with programmed androids that are connected to a "mainframe" (AI Grid) that they have created. Poppy then goes on to tell listeners that their lives are meaningless, that they are cockroaches on the earth, that their time is up, and that they will soon be gone. Who is Poppy's target audience? Children. Why are children targeted by such programming? Because children are, in many ways, open slates that are often looking for role models in their lives. These celebrities are used as role models to program the past and the present (children) in order to create a desired outcome in the future. If you can control the past and the present, then the future simply becomes a continuation or "product" of that process. This is just one song and one message. However, it is one song among many similar songs with a repeated message. Through repetition, reinforcement and the implantation of such ideas (programming) in the subconscious mind, behaviors can be predicted and created. Is it any wonder why so many young people today lack self-confidence, self-worth, are apathetic, and have a hopeless view of the world? In the beginning of the video, it shows Poppy lying on a bed, with electrodes hooked to her brain, being programmed like an android. The video then moves to a scene with Poppy and her programmer symbolically standing on the world "stage" with an audience that claps with agreement and approval of what is happening. In the next scene, Poppy is popping pills into peoples mouths which turn their faces from that of human beings into something with a bunch of ones and zeros (binary computer code) all over them. The idea being presented here is to just take the pill (without question), accept the programming and technological enhancements, and in return you will become a computerized robot. This is very reminiscent of the Regina Dugan (DARPA) video from the previous post on 4/13/19 in which she encourages people to swallow electronic pills for "authentication" purposes. The whole time that this is going on, Poppy is repeating "your time is up" (as human beings...before we are replaced with non-human entities). In the next scene Poppy sings, "Exponentially, every day I'm growing my memory, you wouldn't believe". "Your life is meaningless, you're just like cockroaches, extermination's your only hope" (smiling as she sings extermination). Poppy is talking about the exponential growth of the AI that is occuring right now, and how the builders of the AI view humanity (as worthless cockroaches that need to be exterminated). Then Poppy sings, "I don't need air to breathe"…Oh, I will still survive when the plants have died, and the atmosphere is just a big hole". So after all of the crazy corrupted so-called elite have destroyed the planet, they and the AI will still survive because they wont need air to breathe (perhaps as AI non-humans, or because they will have moved out into space?). At the end of the video, Poppy is seen wearing a Baphomet dress, just to make it clear to the audience who the message is coming from. As she is singing the outro "baby your time is up", people in the audience (the masses) are completely oblivious and dancing to their own destruction (a way to poke fun at the slaves that the programmers have created). In the final scene, Poppy is "asleep" on her bed (of destruction), hooked into the "Grid" and accepting her programming, lying down, without offering any kind of resistance to it (another poke at the masses). There you have it, a short video with full disclosure of the programming of humanity...and the end result. The programmers are telling us what is happening right now, and what will happen. Just to be clear, Poppy is not an independent artist. She is a programmed tool and mouthpiece for the programmers and architects of this system. Sometimes it's easy to lose compassion for such people. But they are, in fact, some of the most programmed and traumatized people out there. I doubt that many of these celebrities, such as Poppy, knew what they were getting into. Some did, but I think that most were preyed upon by some very sick people and then subsequently had a hard time escaping from it once they had become controlled. I don’t believe that the people of this world are unintelligent, and I certainly don’t believe that they are cockroaches that need to be exterminated. Rather, I think that many (not all) are simply products of their programming, distracted and not well-informed (as a result of that programming). That is the purpose of this series…to help people become more knowledgeable, aware, and understanding, so that they can make more informed choices as to which direction that they want to head in. I often hear people say that knowledge of the truth is depressing. It certainly can be because true awareness usually destroys what we were programmed to believe was true and takes us to an uncomfortable place that is outside of our normal comfort zone. Things can change if we want them to. Personally, I don't believe that knowledge of what is happening is depressing because it gives us an opportunity to correct what is wrong in the world. However, what I do think is depressing, is knowledge of what is happening, combined with an apathy and indifference towards what is happening. Every single person makes a difference, every choice we make is relevant and every voice is important. Thank you to The Vigilant Citizen for inspiring this post. Video Poppy - Time is Up Links for Further Reading The Sound of Silence Satanic Influence in Our Society If you haven't read this post before, it is very telling. It outlines pretty much the same game plan as in Poppy's Time is Up (but described by higher-level Satanists in interviews many years ago). Welcome to the Machine - Mechanisms of the Matrix