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Found 2 results

  1. A brother


    Shalom aleichem, In this thread I will do my best to summarize information from earlier ones, and to explain about a coming Event, and a time of Tribulation that lies ahead for the world, and how to prepare for it. In previous threads I spoke about the Nephilim (Fallen Races), their sterile condition and need for humans to perpetuate their existence; the Nephilim deal with the foolish U.S. Government to exchange their technology for our human DNA and to receive facilities for creating Clones and Hybrids; the degeneration of human bodies in outer space and how that led to the fallen state of the Nephilim races; the Cloning of world leaders and other influential people to infiltrate governments as part of the Nephilim agenda to create a global world order under their control; The Real ID Act, digital cashless society, and “chipping” of the people; the importance of the sequential Time we have on Earth that allows our evolutionary progress, verses the Divided-Time of the Nephilim who lost their home worlds and can no longer progress; Freemason and other Secret Order Time Travelers serving the Fallen Races; Israel's involvement in the theft of billions of dollars in Gold from beneath the Word Trade Center during 9/11, among other things. Be prepared for a worldwide announcement that aliens are among us, and their claims to be our Creators, Gods, Angels or anything else that will allow them to manipulate us. Beware of False Flags using advanced technology meant to trick you into abandoning the Earth. There is a coming Event the Nephilim know about which they are using all of their money and influence to keep secret. Something is going on deep within the Earth (and other planets of our system), affecting world climate, storms and geo-activity (falsely ascribed to human activity) that like the advancing birth pains of a human mother, will increase in number and intensity leading to great fear. The Nephilim will use that fear to manipulate people into following where they lead us, not for our welfare as they will no doubt assert, but to provide them the humans they need. Hard to believe? Wait and see. The Tribulation I mentioned is different from the Event: the Event is natural and when understood is a joyous occasion when life advances; The Tribulation will be a horrible period of hardship we will all have to endure, when we will need to live off the land, bartering together for survival, as our ancestors did. READ ON.
  2. Shalom aleichem, This post will be long, but what it presents is immeasurably important for you to understand. It is long because I am doing my best to go step-by-step in presenting what, to most of you, will be new and unexpected information. I am one of your brothers who only offers this information to you; it is up to each of you whether to make use of it, or not. If there are any questions after reading this, I will do my best to answer. Many indigenous peoples know what is causing Global Warming-Climate change and have been meeting together to discuss these matters-- I have been involved in some of those deliberations, and am assisting a holy person who wishes this information, we need so badly, to get out. Many tribes do not want to share their knowledge with the violent countries that have been disrespecting our Mother Earth. A few tribes, such as some Hopi elders, have been openly sharing their knowledge about the Earth and how, from deep within her, she is bringing about Global Warming-Climate Change as well as the increasing number and severity of storms and geological disturbances. The core of the Earth, and the cores of the other planets of our system, have grown larger and larger over time, according to the process geologists call differentiation-- heavier metals and minerals migrate down to the core, enlarging it. When the core's weight exceeds the rest of the planet it is ejected-born through an opening in the Antarctic the Hopi call her Sipapuni (birth canal). The emerging cores become what we know as moons. When the blistering, bubbling, molten cores meet the cold of outer space, the blisters collapse becoming craters. If you look closely at photos of the moon you will find molten bubbles that never collapsed into craters. Growing heat and radiation from our core is affecting the Antarctic atmosphere and ocean currents, which, in turn, are causing changes in the world's climate, warming, and worsening number and severity of storms and geo-disturbances. There are aliens on Earth who know how the Earth is laboring to birth her core, which will soon be undeniable, and will engender tremendous fear around the world. These aliens will use that fear to help take control of our world they have long been working toward, to enslave humanity, and drive us where they need us. These infernal aliens have already infiltrated governments, and using stooges, have managed to control banking, mainstream media, and entertainment (movies and TV). Many of you have been writing and discussing the creation of an evil NWO, but do not understand that these aliens, who cannot tolerate light and must use henchmen to do their dirty work, are at the top of this dark pyramid. There is much more related to this subject that can be told, about who the aliens among us are, deals they have made with governments, and why they need us, that will help you connect the many subjects you have been discussing. But the most important point to remember is that the Earth is your nurturing mother who has carried you through many past stages. If you hold fast to the Earth once more, she will take you home.