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Found 5 results

  1. https://www.infowars.com/bill-and-melinda-gates-foundation-others-predicted-up-to-65-million-deaths-via-coronavirus-in-simulation-ran-3-months-ago/ @muir This is not going away any time soon, so how about a 'Coronavirus Megathread' or something to keep it in one place?
  2. EnchantedLifePath.com Independent News & Media - Articles | Videos YouTube Bitchute Periscope 153.News DLive
  3. Here is an excellent lengthy and well researched bit about 5g and the beer virus (corona) from Annie Logical (she good!) https://www.vigiliae.org/virus-link-to-5g/ "As far as I am concerned this whole thing is a hoax, another fake pandemic on the way. The usual players are involved, they claim to have a vaccine in 2 hours, there is a mock up of the very same thing just a couple of months before involving the US CDC and the Chinese CDC as well as representatives from all the usual agencies and companies such as the Gates foundation, it gives 5G the opportunity to be showcased and seen as a great asset, it also gets a lockdown at a time when the public in that area were protesting against the incinerators that were causing respiratory problems, what better way to make use of the situation than to use it against the people.I also think that the pulsed waves of 5G have the same actions as that of the electroporation method perfected by Dr Weiner, the same man who has been given the contract to create the vaccine so it would appear that 5G pulsed waves would enable any pollutants to penetrate the body more easily and give the appearance of a viral infection." a must read, there is much more in there including did you know there is a military world olympics every year? Guess where? "How many people are aware that the epicentre of the reported ‘Corona’ virus, in Wuhan, held an Olympic type games ceremony just months before the reported outbreak? Yes, exactly, probably none! All kept very much quiet despite the extensive and grandiose games. This was the 7th Military World Games held in Wuhan, the first time they had come out of the barracks and in the public domain! With attendance by 103 countries and an opening ceremony that not only competed with every Olympic games ceremony but was a clear depiction of a military world under the UN, yet no main stream media even touched upon it!" There also a couple of vids which I am about to watch. Maybe someone else can have a look and them on here?
  4. I covered Arrow Park hospital and the Operation Faraday Field military exercise that took place in January 2019 on Merseyside and the hospital had a blackout on day 1 of the op. We now have the hospital involved in this coronavirus fiasco. I have tracked that hospital for a year and now I connect the dots… There is so much info and so many angles in this 35-minute action-packed video that you won’t want to stop watching it as I make it as catchy, informative, funny, and interesting as ever on Enchanted LifePath TV. I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe to my website and my YouTube channel so you can get notifications of new articles and videos from Enchanted LifePath. I am glad you visited this page on Before It’s News and helped the website to stay popular. Be Enchanted We Are The News Enchanted LifePath Website Article Coming Soon: Coronavirus: Crisis Actors, ID2020, Event 21 – China Mother Of All Hoaxes