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Found 3 results

  1. With the relentless attack on Davids work, it appears there are a number of alternative video hosting sites, I just wonder if the staff at DavidIcke.com are looking into these alternative video hosting sites? I totally understand that facebook and youtube have a huge reach and youtube allows monetization, but its more than evident youtube is no longer the place to hear and see the information we want and its the place to hear and see the information they want us to see. I have not personally looked into these sites but it appears there are video hosting sites which appear to utilize the blockchain. Please, I urge you to look into these decentralized blockchain platforms. I have noticed some icke videos are appearing on lbry.tv I am sick of youtube and despise having to watch videos on there @garethicke
  2. Metal Matt

    WAKE UP!

    My song inspired by David! Very honoured he likes it and put it on his website. Ironically Facebook and Instagram have blocked the link from being shared! Cheers, hope you enjoy! Metal Matt