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Found 1 result

  1. Shalom aleichem, I mentioned in another thread that NASA has evidence that being in space degenerates the human body but has been largely suppressing it. I will present some of that evidence below. The importance of this evidence is to show what happens to people when spending time away from their planets in space. It also explains that when aliens lost their worlds (by horrible choices) and were forced to live in space they degenerated/fell into spindly, fragile, infertile forms that now need human DNA to survive. They hide their true forms with hypnotic induction (producing false images of good looking men and women), padded clothing, prosthetic noses and ears, and wigs. The same choice that led to their fall is coming to us. The above fallen races have been with us for millennium and known in world scripture as Nephilim (fallen, cast out, rotten), Anakim, Emim, beasts, demons, and other names. You have been conditioned to believe there are a variety of good and bad space travelling aliens, but that is a lie. Terrestrial beings, like us, are meant to remain evolving upon their worlds until they reach the culmination of their evolution, when they can wisely and safely travel in space. The aliens we are encountering are fallen from their natural, terrestrial state, to where they must find worlds they can use to survive. To that end they have been covertly taking control of our world to make use of us (enslave us) for their needs. We have not yet reached our crowning point of evolution, but we are on the verge of getting there if we hold fast to the Earth through the coming changes once more (we have gone through these changes six times before). When this knowledge becomes meaningful to you, please SHARE it with your brothers and sisters of the Earth. Read the below posts for further explanation.